Dr John Hinchcliff - World Without War: Action for Peace Conference

Interviewed by Tim LynchSeptember 16, 2015
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The necessity for New Zealanders and especially mothers who in nurturing their children need to strongly encourage their husbands to become far more proactive in communicating methods of curtailing and then disarming the escalating challenges of full spectrum warfare that is starting to dominate the news and media and that seeps into our consciousness on a nightly basis.

Inclusive of letter writing and rallies John says lets hit the military industrial complex in the pocket book. Lets follow up on any corporation or business what so ever that is making money out of armaments and warfare and target them at their finances by boycotting them and especially their subsidiaries and suppliers. Even a university that may be getting money from the arms race to further their research in hi tech design and electronic components.

Challenge the universities and challenge them on where they are getting their funding … ask for student boycotts of classes …. boycott paying fees - Now this is the Dr Hinchcliff a ”Companion of New Zealand Order of Merit” for services to education and the very first Emeritus Vice Chancellor of AUT University here in Auckland New Zealand and challenge them not just with words but with actions.

Where we have today people doing Phd’s on inane and innocuous subjects where they could be doing deep research at the many challenges that are facing we as a species. To the degree that one professor could be in one room writing an esoteric paper while next door you have another professor doing the same yet they both can not understand or decipher each other papers, such is the quandary and confusion in our higher learning institutions. Where education is becoming so focussed and tunnel visioned that separation continues to occur without an understanding of holistic concepts of connection and seeing it as relative. Only when holistic principles are understood will we see everything in connection to a greater whole.

With very little leadership at the top of the higher echelons of New Zealand society and also within Parliament the urgency of grass roots groups and organisations is becoming a necessity even as people and families across the community endeavour to hold jobs, educate their children and pay the rent and mortgage. We can not acquiesce to denial and or doing nothing

Though Nuclear weapons are an urgent challenge others weaponry such as biotechnology that can cause germ warfare and viruses that can spread through the world and animal population, plus the rapid escalation of drones that can carry a payload of nuclear weapons and stay in the air unto 82 hours, stalking its target.Virtually undetectable as they can travel at ground level.

Then artificial intelligence where machines and computers programmed to be put into robots or warheads that have there own way of finding the targets and the deep worry is that their artificial intelligence could be interfered with or go haywire and or turn their evil on to the world population, and also robots. What the US military calls 'full spectrum domination' and it wants to be in the drivers seat.

The Conference is looking at addressing these very pressing realities. Such as what can we do through education and through religion as well as communicating especially via delegations visiting our politicians?

And with this conference dedicated to raising the consciousness of everyone, the challenge is to get the attention of New Zealanders to realise the imperative that if we want a future for our children, we need to become activated and involved, and also to share this information with your family, friends and neighbours especially through email networks and sub networks … and as John articulates, how can we mobilise people to take an interest in our individual and collective future?

Dr John mentions that this means taking on the military industrial complex when even US Presidents have been unable to initiate change, Jimmy Carter failed after his presidency even though he has worked whole heartedly for this since his presidency ended in 1980. Dwight Eisenhower when he cautioned the American people to be aware of the military industrial complex did not get any traction, Obama can’t get anywhere with his gun control and even the politicians in America are stymied by corporate interests and the don’t care - don’t know attitude

The challenge of today is that media, the 4th Estate has continually lost ground, as well as their independence - where trivia, titillation, celebrity and glamour stream at us continuously. Thus, keeping the politicians out of our thoughts and allowing the status quo to continue unhindered by default. Anything of depth or soul food has been relegated to the back pages of the newspaper or the late late night news - yet media and knowledge and education are imperative if we are to propel ourselves into becoming more conscious as a humanity - living on a healthy planet … and media coverage as of this moment is shrinking as you read this.

Geoffrey Palmer an ex New Zealand Prime Minister has recently said that Government needs to be set aside because they basically are unable to do anything and instead - let the people come forward.

That the UN with all its prestige as the only body where all countries on this planet can have a seat and express their thoughts, has lost its power as any one of the ‘five great powers’ USA, UK, France, Russia & China, veto issues they have an interest in and stops any real change in the world.

John says that we need to change our languaging from I think therefore I am, I act therefore I am, I play therefore I am - to We are, therefore I am - and get away from the ego-centric me and that “We are ... there for I am,""needs to be embraced.

That with humility we recognise that we are all tied into that unity, that we are part of a greater whole.

John says that there are thousands of peace groups globally, if we could start co-ordinating and working together we could move mountains. Where he says that we in New Zealand do have that willingness and creativity to stand out, which is refreshing internationally and even be a conscientious dissenter.

Note that the University of Canterbury’s philosophy department at Christchurch, was the first conference attacking the use of atomic weapons on cities only a day after Hiroshima was obliterated. We in New Zealand have also been more willing to sail in yachts and boats to nuclear testing grounds and get in the way of nuclear submarines and nuclear warships (who would neither confirm or deny they had nuclear weapons on board) so there is is a standout quality within the fibre of many New Zealanders.

This interview covers religion, love and the lack of it - fanaticism and what the world religions are doing to avert war and bring on unity for our planets people.

It has to be up to you and the people to involve ourselves and the children and grandchildren of today. Why is it that our recent new Pope brokered the peace agreement with the USA and Cuba?

Connection - commitment & engagement.

John mentions the story of a snow flake that lands on a branch of a tree and that it took just one snowflake to land causing the branch to sag, letting go of its covering of snow that in turn fell to the ground starting off an avalanche. Just one tiny individual geometrical snowflake.

This is where we realise ‘everyone of us’ counts.

He is dearly counting on you and the virtues and values that you warmly express to take this message of peace and action your neighbours and to the world that is our home planet. 










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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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