With a radio presence in New Zealand’s largest city Auckland and a growing network of ‘conscious’ change agents, our aim is to put NZ back on the global stage as a moral compass for good and a force for fair play and cooperation. Though over the last 5 years it has been a lot of ‘hard yakker.’ More so now as we realise our present Government including the opposition parties have all been ‘captured’ and thus the imperative is to continue to educate, question and empower us free spirited, advocates.

Especially at a localised level as well as being global change agents and that at heart - we wish to bring ‘unity consciousness’ forward.

  • 41 years after the publication of the holistic, educational, ecological, spiritual magazine Paradise Rising, that connected all the various cosmologies and philosophies into a more unified whole.
  • 31 years after the ‘Handbook and Manual for Crew of Spaceship Earth’ that our planet is not only a spaceship, but a ‘super organism’ as in the Gaia Theory, and that of a Mothership. (Mother Earth) a giver of life.
  • 24 years after the initial web site www.ourplanet.org which embraced a whole planet wide view, reminded us that as crew of Spaceship Earth we need to take action and care of the ‘mothership’ - our planet - ‘from her, all things have issued.’
  • 17 years since GreenplanetFM went to air broadcasting from the top of Auckland’s sky tower - based on the premise of: Environment, Health and Consciousness plus sustainability, regeneration and renewal.
  • 12 years since www.GreenplanetFM.com started archiving the radio show as podcasts on the web and iTunes

Building on the last 41 years, it is envisaged a far greater website of a co-creative & co-operative enterprise based on goodwill be established here in Nuclear Free Aotearoa -New Zealand.

The aim, to educate, empower and inspire people, to be a dynamic change agent shaping the leading edge of the new paradigm - both locally and globally.
This being a holistic, ecological, metaphysical, peace oriented platform based on health, justice, a completely new economic system and a sustainable future for all biota.

Where members can at grass roots level - share ideas, post blogs, find out what’s on, learn about the news behind the news, engage in positive initiatives, strategic thinking, goodwill in action and become inspired with team spirit.

Tim Says:
“Ourplanet.org can be accessed to see that we live on this super organism called Mother Earth, or Papatuanuku - (that is what Maori call ‘her’).

Whilst Indigenous peoples globally have been saying this to European ‘white man’ for the last 400 or so years, it has only been recently that mainstream science has, with great reluctance realised that this is factual too.

We all exist on a giant living being that has blessed us with abundance, yet we have become disconnected from.
Hence our not realising our present day interrelationships nor actively correcting the ecological challenges and imbalances that surround us.”

Ourplanet.org was published in 1996 and was seen as a very early web art piece, using metaphor to focus on our planet as being a ‘spaceship’ and with all humanity - in essence - being crew members, who have forgotten that we are aboard ship.

But, today there is a huge awakening as alarm bells ring around the ship and aroused crew are called to ‘action stations’ to save the crew from themselves and stopping a takeover by secretive pirates who, like a virus want to take total control of the ship, even whilst there is a major disturbance in all the natural operating systems embedded throughout the ship.

This insurgency is so monstrously diabolical in its scope and audacity - that the majority of the crew, refuse to beleive such an appalling, insidious plan could be in play right at this moment. Like Now!

Hence this clarion call.

The other integral element - is that we are finding out, that our spaceship is actually a mothership, and from her all things have issued. This introduces the ancient Greek notion that our planet is a colossal homeostatic living - super organism that in Greece 2,500 years ago was known as Gaia. We are now realising that our bodies are composed of the air, water and minerals that constitute the elements of our planet. But more so, at a level of subatomic or quantum physics - every baby born into our realm/world is also known as an ‘energy bundle of exponential potential.’

This is resulting in an inner realisation that we can consciously transform ourselves into a potent, powerful loving human being. Where we reconnect into the knowingness that we are spiritual beings awakening to this earth plane experience.

But, even more so - a Global Family. That in awakening in unity consciousness, we can consciously be the evolutionary driver that chooses to shape our whole evolution and what this is saying - we are the answer that we have been looking for!

That we are energy fields in a greater universal energy field - oscillating in time and space.

This in many ways is our point of difference as we acknowledge that we have a connection to not only the whole biosphere and to oneness with it all - and the secret could be shared breath - the invisible breath and connection.

Following from this moment - all the way back from our belly button and naval, to our mother and our grandmother, back through the family tree, down through the lineage of species, back through the sacred feminine, and the spiralling DNA until we come to a gaseous and molten - early stages of the forming of our planet mother earth. That in turn tracking immeasurably back, comes from star dust and going back - finally to the Big Bang - the ‘supposed’ - first Act of Creation.

Fast forward up till today and here we all are - we, for want of a more lucid articulation have been squeezed out of the earth and are actually walking around the outside of our planet. That if we jump up off the ground, even just for a second - are we not part of Mother earth - ‘choosing’ to break away from that which we were once part of?

Which begs the question … is there a greater embodiment of where we come from?
For example: Genesis 2:7 - King James Bible

And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

So here we are - in a process that could be deemed - “the spiritualisation of matter.”

“As of now, we are all taking an action packed journey into shaping our planetary future and you are all enthusiastically invited."

At present, GreenplanetFM has a database of over 630 interviews of many leading humans, global scientists, practitioners as well as academics and those with hands on knowledge, working diligently at grass roots. These interviews are freely downloadable as we wish to make this information even more readily available.

Thank you and welcome.

Yours in Cooperation and Peace.
Kia Kaha and Aroha
Stand Strong & Love