Janice Priest: COVID19, the Flu Blues and the Outrageous NZ Government Vaccine Claims

Interviewed by Tim LynchApril 21, 2021
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They are calling out the lies emanating from our Government lock-stepped with big PHARMA’s Agenda.

Now, with the statement - “No jab - No job!” - in a democracy such as NZ’s, this for many - is a step too far.

Janice Priest has been a natural clinician for over 50 years and has witnessed the continuous transition from a more personal and natural healing realm
to that of ‘a chemical drug for all ailments’ regime as propagated by big Pharma. Which has in turn morphed alongside the WHO + to now a vaccination
for every human.

As a very experienced naturopath and clinician this interview leads with how to take care of our body naturally, by preventative measures that you can
readily access from your garden or local grocer. From 15 minutes in though - Janice talks about the larger picture in dealing with the Covid narrative,
the untruths of media with Government coordination and as in the heading - outrageous fear mongering by our elected representatives in an endeavour
to control the vernacular of spin.

We cover basic health challenges but more so to have us superbly healthy as we go into winter.


A glass of water when you wake up.

Vitamin C - our ancestors were strategic and stored up for early winter change of weather - honey, lemon, garlic and apple cider vinegar - plus fish oils,
omega 3’s - organic olive oils

Extra virgin flax oil as oils make you flexible - dry lips means your body is short of oil. Remember high quality oils, in green tinted bottles - not golden
oil that you can see in rows in the supermarket. Keep away from them. Cider vinegar a dash in water - or warm cider vinegar and honey.

If you lack oil your throat can become hoarse and your body may get stiff bones - plus you are more susceptible to colds and flu. Even hemp oil is very
good, but only for short bursts - not month after month as hemp oil is a calmative …so it is ideal if you want to calm somebody down …
because it has a certain relaxant in it. So it is best to have vitamin A oils - being fish oil.

Parents 60 years ago gave cod liver oil or halibut oil once a week to children.

Also 60 years ago when you entered a NZ hospital - Cod liver oil was one of the first things you were given.

You can make garlic oil - that soothes the mouth and kills bacteria on its way into the throat. Check out methods on the net. www.duckduckgo.com

Parsley comes in as an excellent herb to have in your garden or at your doorstep. So important to have this herb as it's rich in iron. Many homes used
to have a lemon or even a grapefruit tree in the garden - until the medical profession stated that grapefruit was interfering with their medication
- but lemon trees are excellent as a preventative action, as lemons are such a great neutraliser of acidity in our body.

Janice also encourages cinnamon and nutmeg - as they are great immune supporters - and they are so cheap to purchase from the grocery store and you only
need a tiny amount. Be it in your drink or on your food.

Eucalyptus oil is still very important and you just rub it into your chest - it’s a great preventive against a hostile environment.

Babies need to wear a hat or bonnet when going out into the cold and especially the evening. Plus prams - these days are built having the baby look forward
- where once all prams had the baby looking at its mother. Because, car exhausts and fumes at pram level come directly into that baby's presence and
they breath these particulates in, than their taller adult parents. So please, get a pram that allows the baby to always look at its Mum or Dad.

Natural clothing - babies today are not being clothed in wool undergarments or even cotton nappies - they are being dressed and covered in fabric derived
from oil and unnatural synthetic products. For children today - they need wool underlay and they need their wool hats over their ears due to the weather
changes here in NZ - because babies being so small have difficulty in retaining their body heat. So being wrapped in natural fibre is a plus. Remember,
alway have a pram facing the pusher - because of the eye contact and flowing supportive love.

Previously in NZ - patients when entering hospitals would be gently strapped in wool - if suffering from shock or trauma and-or severe flu, colds etc -
Including having hot showers - then wrapped in wool garments so as to sweat ‘it’ out.

Once NZ hospitals used to have their own gardens - so that they could supply fresh food for their patients - and even trade with local farmers for fresh
food, fruit and vegetables daily.

But today with a controlling sanitised medical and health system - they instead have taken the easy way out by buying in factory and industrial food which
has very little life force in the food. This food is usually over cooked by unconscious cooks who have had no training in both dietary understanding
and healthy food preparation. So we continue to have hospital staff feeding this ‘life-less stuff’ to people who are in hospital to actually become
healthy and well once again.

Note that patients were always wheeled outside each day for some sun, for a good 30 minutes to an hour every day to take in vitamin D and some sunlight
colour therapy …there was none of this covering them up so that they don’t get sunshine.

That Matrons and Sisters oversaw our hospitals making poultices - herbal tonics and what have we today? Big PHARMA and the Medical Association instead
- wanting to prescribe - drugs.

We learn from Janice who trained in the 1960’s that Doctors were not necessarily brought into the hospital, unless it was an emergency. In those days Sisters
and Matrons had more authority and they made decisions that stabilised the patient.Listen Janice tells it as it was. - it’s very interesting - especially
when compared to the ‘cooler’ more distant like treatment metered out today. There was an actual duty of care - one reason being that the community
in those days was smaller and that with a lower population there was more contact. Many people who found themselves going to hospital knew the nurses.
They were not overrun by a huge influx of immigrants in those days - and most families were closer due to a mother and father being present as well
as brothers and sisters plus grandparents etc.

Janice said that way back then - the nursing Sisters and Matrons stated that -

‘we will rue the day that we brought all these drugs into the health system.’

She said that she witnessed some terrible arguments around how to care for a patient due to new doctors with their new drug training …

Yet, she also states there are drugs that are very, very helpful - especially in accident and emergency …

Her message - get back to basics - don’t complicate your digestive system

www.mercola.com Very insightful regarding today's Covid challenge.

COVID - & Sue Grey Lawyer - putting the NZ Govt on notice!

We refer to our heading where Janice talks about the outrageous claims that our NZ Government are making (as the sole source of information that we ‘should
be’ following - per statements from our Prime Minister) Listen from about 15 minutes into the interview … this has given cause to NZ lawyer
Sue Grey to ‘put the Government on notice’ - that has at one level stopped them in their tracks - but only until they can wriggle around the law and
proceed to follow the Agenda that is coming to them from other external entities.

Sue and the Government - https://youtube.com/watch?v=la4ISvAGUnc&feature=share

Janice says this push back by we the people against our elected servants is snowballing and only gathering momentum.

Yet saying we need to wash’s our hands all the time - which she says was the best thing our Government has done - same for Plunket -

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plunket_Society - (In New Zealand the Plunket philosophy became 'parenting lore' and within three decades New Zealand had
the lowest infant mortality rate in the world.

They have been saying wash your hands for decades too.

Wash hands before you go out.

Wash hands when you come home.

Wash hands before you eat.

If we follow this regimen - we can halt the spread of this very potent virulent - non-virus. Saying - that this is going to shock people. Saying once we
do our research - that once a virus is exposed to the air - from 60 seconds to 2 minutes - it dissipates - it's gone. It’s the air that dissipates
it. On the other hand bacteria are contagious. That there are so many anomalies in this whole vaccine saga and she as an experienced naturopath makes
a statement prefaced by please - don’t take this vaccine - wait it out and observe what is happening with others who have especially had their 2nd
shot. Saying that it does not bother her that the authorities come and growl at her at her age as she has been threatened by all sorts of people over
the decades … for pushing natural health remedies and medicine and her book ‘Ocean of Drugs.’

Saying this vaccine is a change of your DNA. It is genetically engineered - a GMO - and it will go in and change out DNA structure and she says she knows
of no natural remedies that will be able to undo the damage that this vaccine may do, especially if you come down with any altered state.

So with the previous natural preventative as mentioned, olive leaf and Swedish bitters are important if you feel you are coming down with something …
she even mentions that the old people used to use whisky if they felt a cold coming on, as it kills bacteria.

The fact that the NZ Pilots Association have questioned the vaccine and a good percentage of them do not want to be forced to take it and even some Police
are of the same mind.

What we clearly learn from this interview is that the vaccine cannot be forced on any one or made mandatory. The Law states that it can not be compulsory!

This has been tried and tested in International Courts and as it is a medicine - it can not be forced on anyone.


Janice cautions - that if you take this vaccine - YOU WILL HAVE NO HEALTH INSURANCE COVER.

No ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) - because it is a clinical trial .

If you have a reaction to a proper - double blind tested registered medicine - then you have ACC cover. But, you don’t in this particular circumstance.
You are left out on a limb.

And to suggest that you might lose your job if you don’t take the jab has certainly got the trade unions up in arms.

The Covid was/is a flu variant - it was nasty one - that hit people in the chest … deep into peoples lungs … saying is is some ways like
a tuberculosis so she says if we get flu like symptoms - go and get a herbal lung elixir - run eucalyptus on your chest and look at all things as chest

But the extreme manner in which this Government is handling this situation is just turning people off.

You must listen to how the Government is forcing their will over the NZ electorate and we are awakening to what they are doing with - for example, the
fluoridation of all municipal water in NZ and also the chlorination of all country water and even water drawn from wells and collected rainwater off
roofs. They are also wanting people who put in submissions to have credentials or else they will not accept one's submission.

These are our elected servants that are telling us that we can do and cannot do.

Is this not an inverse democracy that we see happening here in NZ?

Here below is a letter that Janice wrote in response to a Governmental Minister of Seniors who is also the Associate Minister of Health.

She submitted a friendly letter to the Minister of Seniors, whose also Associate Minister of Health Dr Ayasha Varreli and that she had contravened the
Medicines and Advertising Acts by making claims in her article in the senior citizens newsletter. Her office replied asp. She sent it on to Hon Chris
Hipkins, Covoid Response minister. When we looked up his credentials; he has a BA in Art and Criminology.

Here’s what she sent.

SuperGoldcard Newsletter.

Thank you for your editorial in this, the latest SuperSeniors newsletter.

I have been pondering on your notes, which was all about the latest vaccine.

The people you have addressed have been through depression, pandemics, several epidemics, global recessions, petrol hikes, personal losses, fought for
the right to freedom of speech, fought in wars, lost families in wars, experienced high interest rates, different government policies, GE threats,
rise in junk food, rise in technology, were brought up on homegrown foods, lived on tight budgets, recycled items and raised families.

To address these people in the manner of a ‘vaccine’ to save their lives is inappropriate.

In researching this vaccine, our generation would never take or use untested goods without guarantees, you have, in your article, underestimated our practical
common sense. Why on earth would we want such a vaccine when there isn’t any pandemic, except the one the media are pushing, nor has this vaccine had
any standard double-blind vaccine trials. Besides, I spent 28 years in the media as an international magazine publisher and I can spot a corporation
bender a mile off.

In all cases of flu, NZ’ers in our practical way use sanitizers, wash hands, after all it kills most bacteria and the latest research shows antiseptic
nasal sprays work well to kill this flu.

Besides as an ex-staff nurse we know masks don’t last long as a deterrent to bacteria and pushing an untrialed vaccine is risky.

This flu the Government is pushing is not a virus based one. For those who haven’t done any research, viruses don’t last more than 60second outside the
human body, so viruses are not contagious, bacteria is. Common flu variants are. In the meantime we are watching families lose their business, their
jobs, their mortgages, their homes,

Some have had to watch families die from a distance, couldn’t come home, attend funerals, while politicians just spent more and more money on a falsehood

And your government says it saves lives. No income, no homes, suicide increases, separated from loved ones - is that the price of pushing a flu variant,
genetically engineered vaccine? Especially when vaccines are not compulsory by law.

We spent decades fighting to keep GE food crops out of the country and the Govt wants to inject this GE vaccine into our bodies?

Sure, we need to take flu epidemics seriously, the 'stay at home, wash hands' was sensible, like all flu’s we were raised to respect.

The extreme media focus over this subject is now having repercussions, there are legal actions taking place right now against the Government and several
Ministers for allowing such falsehoods and making advertising claims which contravene our Medicines Act and Advertising laws. Even you made false claims
in your article.


May I suggest, in your next newsletter you address us in a more even balanced manner, after all we know all about life and death.


"People believe I'm sending a political message when I use the word "experimental" in talking about the vaccine. That is not the case. All the vaccines are in investigational stages only. The trials will not be complete until October 27th, 2022, for Moderna and January 21st, 2023, for Pfizer. You need to be informed it is experimental, and it needs to be your choice!"

-Dr. Gold, American Frontline Doctors https://madmimi.com/p/ec62421?pact=5064013-162999063-13198610966-df5dadf9e18b925b7f7ed4b49552d796a876a636



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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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