Joe Rifici: With Middle Earth Under Covid Siege - Is NZ the ‘Ring Bearer’? Will We Scour Our Shire?

Interviewed by Tim LynchApril 14, 2021
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Where it has been tried by the Romans, Attila the Hun to Hitler but they never achieved a truly global conquest. Well, today this is the latest ambition
of globalists: the 0.001% and they have technologies that reach deep into peoples homes and by using psychological means are able to monitor all differing
contingencies within the soul of all nations. Not only that, they have a level of centralisation of wealth and power - and corruption that has enabled
an unprecedented attempt to destroy freedoms and rights - globally.

The pretext for this 'has been in the works' for quite a long time - this has been a result of decades of 24/7 (well paid) think tanks and strategies
and planning. (e.g. supercomputer scenarios). What we are seeing now is a culmination of the most ambitious tyrannical project to be conceived
by human aspirants to totalitarianism. And the pretext for this is which is the perfect pretext - basically it’s so much better than the terrorism
bogeyman or some nation as a bogeyman - it's a microbe -

Joe says that it is pathetic - that fear has been unleashed on the global population and that it has been ramped up to such a degree it is causing
psychological havoc among the human population. That they are giving up their rights and freedoms and that using as the pretext - germs as a disease
on the human race. So as to be cowered at this moment to be controlled and become servile and allow the removal of democratic freedoms and human
rights. It is so easy - especially when you have the total corruption of ‘mainstream corporate mass media’ - and he says let's face it - they are
the linchpin - saying that none of this would be possible if we had a shred of real journalism left in widespread mass media.

Robert F Kennedy Jnr is mentioned as a world beacon to sanity

Del Bigtree on the highlife

Dr Andrew Kaufman

Dr Judy Microvitz

Rasheed Buttah

The World Doctors Alliance

Joe says that when you see a famous figure who is being savagely attacked and being discredited by the establishment especially by MSM - that alone
is a signpost that - that person is 'over the target' and is standing up for truth. That they have everything to lose and nothing to gain - so
why would they be saying it as opposed to those ‘shills’ who are on the payroll and are in the establishment ladder of promotion and perks and
grants etc - which are attacking them.

Tim asks for bravery at this moment of time - asking for New Zealanders to stand up and have the spine to be the 5 million to take the time to research
and see what is really happening and Joe says that he feels that in NZ there is a lot of possibility for us to come through this - due to the fact
that the Health Department is not going to be deploying the full force of the vaccine program for some months into the future. This gives us a
very unique situation because we can assess what is happening globally. Especially we can see what is happening in the UK as around half their
population have been injected and also in Israel it is the same. Facebook still has some very compelling stories about what is happening in these
countries. We can also look at NZ as things are really heating up with the death of Pauline Hanna of Remuera on the day of her (supposedly) second
Pfizer jab and the NZ media taking her off the front page and censoring all information relating to this.

This is like the smoking gun - it proves totally what Joe is conveying about our sell out media marching to the beat of a (very) different

NZ Border and Health Workers to Take the Injection?

Also, the NZ government, attempting to force border workers and other public (health) servants to take the vax with a ”No Jab, no job” policy.

(Tim, we can not have our border security officials and personnel being used as guinea pigs - same for our soldiers who are here to protect the integrity and sovereignty of our borders. We have to protect our protectors. If they all become unwell - who will then take their place? Plus, who would want to?)

Once enough people become aware - rapid ‘conscious change’ can happen.

Joe intimates that when enough people become more knowing and receive more uncensored but ‘truthful’ information, there will eventually be a flip and
change will rapidly unfold. Citing the fall of the Berlin Wall virtually over night and the fall of the Soviet Iron Curtain - (and even Apartheid
in South Africa) - that seem to fall instantly - and rapid change can happen when the people are ready for a more transparent paradigm.

Saying this change has been building incrementally over time - until it reaches a critical mass - and he thinks it is just a matter of time - be it
globally or in each country in their own time - but certainly in NZ we have been blessed in NZ with some extra time. So as to get a better handle
of the dynamics and lies relating to covid and the vaccine rollout.

You can see patients in the US in hospital beds, on FB and Telegram - in one case a Johnson & Johnson injection one day - blood clots, seizures
and aneurysms in the brain the next day - and our government has all New Zealanders lined up for this - and we are being herded somewhat like down
a cattle chute to a destination no one ever in their wildest nightmares would believe - especially what a 'kind' government would do! What is the
blatant hurry - when we have contained whatever it is?

Let's wait and see what is happening world wide and check up on the people who have been injected and see how they respond over the next 6 months or
so. At present we in NZ are still able to export food, and yes, we are not producing to the amount that we would like - however when it comes to
the health of our citizens - can we not wait this out?

REMEMBER - not one baby, or infant, child, teenager or twenty something has died in NZ from Covid. So let us wait for a little longer.

We must be aware that NZ’s indigenous people the Maori have already been overridden at so many levels by British colonial power and if they are coerced
into having their physical sovereignty breached by injection they may very well rebel - (this is what some Maori are muttering) and anyone in the
know - realise that for the last 60 years plus, many Maori have been trained as soldiers and are still wise in the ways as to how military operations
are deployed. Therefore if ‘ordinary’ Maori are neglected in the decision making process and decide to ‘not comply’ in mandatory vaccinations this
could very well overflow and instil courage in the young into how to resist being vaccinated.

Also mentioned, is the elderly - many who have lived long enough to have witnessed enough lies and betrayals in the political arena over their lifetime
and have seen tyranny before and they will not be so easily led as more ‘concerning’ information comes to public knowledge due to social media
skirting MSM programming. Plus, a lot of immigrants have seen tyrannical regimes far more than any New Zealanders - so they too will be on edge.
So 'taking out' those most dangerous groups first would be an obvious campaign strategy.

Joe also says that where we have found ourselves today, is in essence a result of us allowing the system to roll on without any direct participation.
Voting every 3 years is not participative democracy. We have in so many ways just stood by for decades and watched our governments and the elites,
the wealthy and powerful corporations run away with their own game plan. From the larger context, virtually abuse and disempower Third world countries,
taking over and playing power games over them. See Latin America, South East Asia and Africa, especially the Middle East - we the Western countries
have interfered for too long.

Joe goes on to repeat what happened in Germany in and around 1933.

Remember These Famous Words.

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

That we today are culpable at this point because we became complacent, lazy, distracted and eventually thoughtless ... like acquiescent and apathetic
.. and by us not involving ourselves we have eventually come to this point.

And it takes what it takes to wake us up!

So he says it is all perfect - we are now in a situation where we can re-right the ship of state - we now have an opportunity to involve ourselves
and to even take another meme from America - drain the swamp!

That by involving ourselves we have to take the high ground and surmount what is being diabolically projected on us and take the required legal action.
By cooperating together we can take the required action to stop this adulterated evil that has the world in a tightening vice like grip. So we
have to rise to the occasion or we submit to being a casualty and that is precisely what is lined up for us.

NOTE: the noble path is that 'the means justifies the end' - whereas the darkened shadow side goes by 'the ends justifies the means.'
Both Fascist and Communist will adhere to this power play. This is what the burning of the Reichstad in Germany in 1933 or the 911 'Inside Job'
in America - evil never believes in goodwill, honesty, truth, principle - basically power comes out of the barrel of a gun that will be used on
you - at will.

We in NZ have been far to spoilt and complacent and now that we in our oversight mode - we can see that the Government is being prodded by unseen powers
and vaccine manufacturers - and are herding us down a cattle chute and there is becoming less and less wriggle room and as we put our head up and
look further down to where the authorities have set up an injection station - we see the writing on the wall - and we realise that we never ever
read the small print - we have let 'eternal' vigilance fade away ... so ... what is it to be?

Joe says now ... everyone will face a line in the sand. Listen - Subrogation or your Sovereignty - your choice - LISTEN

A defining moment and a very necessary moment.

Joe mentions this in the first few moments of the interview and didn’t elaborate - and I omitted to have him explain about the Kali Yuga. It is about
the Hindu calendar, telling of the 26,000 years cycle and we are in the darkest of this cycle at present. ‘Where the shadow gets its chance to dance and matter becomes its densest.

Taking the Children’s Attention Away

We are having to see our children mesmerised and hypnotised with screens and super edgy everything on devices.

He questions subliminal activities on the screens and events happening below conscious eye level with frequencies that are unseen. Thus going on beyond
their overt propaganda as to what is really happening via these screens;.

Joe has lived in NZ since1985 and when first here he saw a certain depth of thinking and general awareness of average New Zealanders - today 2021 -
he sees a deep deep sleep and a lack of common sense or willingness to put 2 and 2 together - or willing to see the obvious when put right in front
of one's eyes. So he is very suspicious of the ‘screen age’ especially since the year 2000 technological prowess has created this sensation, leading
to virtually all children by 10 having access to a phone,ipad or tablet of sorts

Controlling Mechanisms Being Deployed in Plane Sight.

Our Natural Support Systems

This includes our air, water and food and chemtrails and the full spectrum attack on body, mind and spirit and blocking the pineal gland with substances
such as fluoride - that this is all basically the most evil attempt he has ever been to prevent human evolution - the spiritual evolution of humanity.

Bill Gates is mentioned - the billionaire and the Bilderberg group, the Trilateral Commission, the Council of Foreign Relations and the Club of Rome
and all the elite secret organisations that have been planning depopulation for a very long time - see the Georgia Standing Stones.


Unbeknown we are to be surrounded by frequency assaults - millimeter waves within the 5G spectrum - beyond just mobile phones - because they are criminally

World Economic Forum and the Great Reset

For example, Klaus Schwab - the Davos - World Economic Forum - a Rothschild Agenda - and they are 'programming us with the thought that in the near future we will not own anything and we will be happy!

Joe says that the government no matter what party - are servants to other masters and he says that they actually know it. They are not really our servants
any more ... such is the way all governments around the world are today - they have all been infiltrated and are not really answerable to their
constituents any more - hence wanting to fluoridate all NZ water that affect children's intelligence negatively and that also calcifies the pineal
gland - (something thing that mainsstream health professionals don't really know about anything of its existence).

That ‘they’ - especially in little recent New Zealand - are now corralled and are in ‘way over their heads.’ Especially small countries like NZ - They
are in essence - being pushed around and if things go 'south' - and Government collapses due to an awakened electorate and society - they will
be classified like the French Vichy collaborators of Germany in the 2nd World War.

A POSITIVE OUTCOME FOR NEW Zealand and the future of Children.

Joe sees NZ as being a land of opportunity and innovation and creating a new bio harmonic holistic society. That NZ can still be the
emerging microcosm for the planetary macrocosm - because we have basically good infrastructure in place and a wealths of knowledge from the past
as well.

New Zealand has so many Superb things going for it as a Country

We here are still not commercially growing genetically engineered food - BUT the higher ‘monetarist’ echelons want to dilute our natural
seed and crops with GE and GMO’s and if they can sneakily weasel their way through NZ’s biosecurity, they will do it. That we are also
still a Nuclear Free Country and no super power can bring a ship with nuclear weapons on board or be nuclear propelled - into our territorial waters
- especially our harbours, is a position of both sanity and a better future for children.

Joe calls on the movie Lord of the Rings to learn from its message.

An Extension of Lord of the Rings

NZ can become a beacon and a light for the rest of the world.

That Joe draws from left field the fact that the movie trilogy Lord of the Rings was filmed in NZ - and that Tolkin the author was a special human
who understood many aspects and qualities of human nature. But more so, that Joe had a reaction to this trilogy because it was left out of the
film. Hence the heading.

This Joe thinks is a tragedy because the ‘Scouring of the Shire’ was not included by NZ director PeterJackson - (I agree) - because
it is all about cleansing and the rebuild - the flowering of their civilisation once again to bring all people together - to be free, and honest
and experience joy and allow life to flourish - and they they lived happily ever after ...

What happened in this deleted part is very analogous to what is actually happening now - that we need to roll up our sleeves and bring about a new
NZ and with entrepreneurial vigour and team spirit and save the day. The pity that this segment of the book being left out by Peter Jackson sadly
did not show us this mirror that could have empowered New Zealanders to co-operate more and come together as a dynamic and synergistic, holistic,
family of creative beings. Supra Hobbits 🙂

Joe states that this was one of the most important and satisfying chapters in the book !! And a very important closure of the whole book.

Because the small team of Hobbits came back to the Shire to see that Sauron’s minions had taken over the Shire and essentially sucked the life force
and light out of it. Trees were being cut down and factories were replacing them - but upon their return - they were so empowered and had transcended
fear, that when they entered the deeper part of the Shire their courage and shear brilliance in being, inspired the Shire Hobbits to overthrow
these empty pretenders and then the the Shire became free once again - but even more so.

Joe says that it was a major pity that this was missed out of the book - because it was a metaphor for NOW - it was such a critical juncture in the
history of the Hobbits and the Shire - the success of this, had it been filmed would have put Nuclear Free NZ and (nearly) GE FREE NZ blazingly
out these on the world map - but ... you can think your response here ....


Kudos to Sue Grey and her growing team and the High Court case against the Medicines Act - and that what the Government is doing is essentially against
the Law.

Joe is confident that critical mass is already encroaching and that NZ will be one of the first to turn the illegal vaccinating of NZs - around.

We have to be patient and only empowered - the system is unwieldy - because it is driven by ideology and not love - especially for the human species

Joe says though he wants to help and he does - ‘we can not be our brother’s keeper’ and that we can be too attached to results - knowing we are all on our own journey. Everyone has their own karma - everyone has their own lessons to learn and we can not judge lessons that might be for someone else. That we have compassion but also a certain level of detachment.


There’s a serious pandemic sweeping the globe. It’s called the Propaganda Virus. It’s affecting billions of people around the planet every day.

The Propaganda Virus is a neurolinguistic pathogen created by humans as a biological weapon for mind control. It is comprised of language, cultural
symbols, and memes designed to manipulate the masses toward a particular point of view in order to control opinions and behavior. The virus is
transmitted through all forms of media communication and is particularly prevalent during political season.

The Propaganda Virus spreads by getting others to accept a proposition without challenge on logical, factual, or judicial grounds and to act in service
of those false beliefs, side-stepping critical response in favor of emotional reaction. Repetition of suggestion and/or insinuation is one of the
most effective means the virus uses to infect the masses.

Those affected may experience loss of personal agency and/or rational, independent thought which can lead to hatred, delusional thinking, severe depression,
extreme emotional volatility, and in some cases deadly aggression toward self and others. Since the advent of the internet and social media, the
Propaganda Virus can now spread like wildfire through the airwaves to the entire global community in real time.

The Propaganda Virus is highly contagious and can survive undetected in the human brain disguised as personal conviction. Protect your immune system
through a build up of critical thinking skills. Do not consume and share media from biased sources with an agenda, and be sure to cleanse your
brain daily with meditation while cultivating a positive mental attitude as negativity, fear, worry, and stress is a breeding ground for infection.

If you believe you’ve been infected by the Propaganda Virus then stop ingesting mass media immediately, pet a dog or cat, and consume a healthy dose
of Nature until fear subsides and rational clarity is restored. All is well. 100% of those reading this will probably die anyway, eventually. In
the meantime, it is advised that you live happily and spread love instead of fear.

Thank you! "Donna Trousdale, M.A. Linguistic Psychology

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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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