Ray Broomhall: SpaceX plans 40,000 more 5G global microwaving satellites, threatening life on Earth

Interviewed by Tim LynchJuly 29, 2020
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That in their thousands they are being launched into low earth orbit and particularly over Australia and New Zealand, why the hurry and this continuing
question ‘where is the independent health research?’

This was one of the most revealing yet shocking interviews that I have engaged in.

I talk with barrister Ray Broomhall from Tasmania, who is part of a group of 14 lawyers Australia wide. They have voluntarily come together to educate
the Australian public to the 5G ‘health dangers’ and also to advise them of a way forward to halt 5G towers and then bring a stop to this 5G deployment
across their whole country. That not until ‘independent research and studies’ give this technology a clean bill of health.

NZ is also experiencing this same 'imposed' roll out of the global 5G network - with Government, Media and Telcos all in lockstep, to deploy it across
the country.

Tim mentions that he had just come off the phone after speaking with Steffan Browning Ex Green MP who 'by chance' early one evening very recently happened
to witness up in the early evening sky the deployment of a whole number of satellites and at first he was in awe of them as he gazed at this spectacle
- and then he went into shock and realised that this was a violation and that this was not right - and so I asked Ray about this procedure of having
40,000 more satellites in near earth orbit constantly raking us with their wireless frequencies.

Ray says that Elon Musk is connected to even another company and he has just got approval from the International Communications Union as there was a world
radio communications conference in Egypt last November in 2019. That NZ and Australia were party to this conference - and all agreed that Elon Musk
now had approval to operate at the 60 gigahertz band. Which basically means it is a Free license type of arrangement where at the moment for wifi in
homes - you can have it at 2.4 - out to 5 gigahertz - and the authorities have now increased it to the new wavelength band to 60 gigahertz.

You will find that all smart technology will now have chips in them which will compliment the 50 gigahertz frequency that satellites will operate at. And
you will find that wifi modems and mobile phones, laptops etc will be operating at 60 gigahertz as well. However Ray believes that Musk is actually
going to add another 20,000 satellites and increase it to 60,000 in total.

Tim mentions 'they' are using the 'global commons' which is the upper reaches of the atmosphere to do what they are doing - but they have not got permission
from both myself and Ray so how do they get this license to be able to 'overrule' the people down here on the surface of the earth?

Ray says this is what people do not realise, that there is legislation - particularly in NZ as we have the 'Outer Space and the High Altitude Activities
Act of 2017 - which he says provided some sort of reassurance for NZ in regards to not only satellites but also in regard to high altitude platform
stations and he say that listeners need to know that there is more than just satellites that are a concern - up in the heavens so to speak.

There is a thing called high altitude platform stations or HAPS or High Altitude Pseudo Satellites. These are not actually satellites as such but they
are actually drones - which are about 80 metres in length - they fly around the 20 kilometre altitude mark in the stratosphere - so they are well above
the clouds - they are solar powered but they are designed as part of the 5G roll out with all these 40,000 new Elon Musk satellites.

What they do is that they are each the equivalent to 1,800 towers and they operate in a 200 kilometres radius (and our Government and especially the 4th
Estate our media TV, Radio and Newspapers in NZ are exceptionally quiet about sharing this critical information.) (No surprises here).

They are actually launching them from Australia from a base in Wyndham as well as from Hawaii and he says the corporations are 'rushing' to put up
these high altitude platforms and that every 200 kilometres there is going to be one of these circling up in the air and they remain for about 3 months
up there - then they are replaced with another. Whilst they then come down and land - get overhauled and revamped ready for the next assignment.

So it’s More than just Satellites

They are going to be operating at a whole conglomerate of frequencies - both high and low - from the one signal - from 60 gigahertz all the way down to
your mobile phones etc like 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G - all combined - but not only sending data - but wireless power transfer as well. He says listeners need
to know what this means. He says that in essence they are sending electrical energy down from these high altitude platforms ... so that our phones
will not need to be plugged into the wall to be powered up. They will be charged automatically - by the airwaves - the electricity - like autonomous
vehicles, plus other devices in your home thus eliminating power cords to the wall. Everything is eventually going to be powered, via the air.

So 5G is far more than what people realise. Our phones are going to be transmitters and receivers - and our modems meshed into the network that will be
totally integrated into all the small transmitters on power poles outside on your street across all towns and cities - they will be ubiquitous - and
basically the whole atmospheric envelope that envelops our planet will be one vast electronic 'cloud' of electronic data pulsing at increasing frequencies
...all at the same time - they will also be integrated into the macro system of the larger towers that we see dotted everywhere which he says they
are erecting them in the thousands at the moment. So with overhead platforms and in a higher orbit satellites - this is all part of one integral unit
- this is what 5G portends

So where is mother nature in all of this?

He encourages you to do your own research.

Ray mentions that the WHO in 2002 in a report on Microwaves and cancer said that Children should not be exposed to anything over .3 of a micro Tesla.

Now this is a magnetic field (we are surrounded by one of many).

Especially anything over.3 of a micro Tesla becomes problematic.

Listen to this broadcast as it is imperative that you make the effort - especially if you love your children and what could cause lymphatic leukemia.

Some mobile phones operate at 6,200 micro Tesla’s - then things become very serious.

So there is a huge disconnect between what the WHO says and what is being put into children's homes.

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency

ARPANSA in Australia is the regulatory authority that NZ is part of in regards to standards. https://www.arpansa.gov.au/about-us

Listen to the conundrum of different standards between ICNIRP the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection Icnirp.org - that Basically says that 100 micro Tesla is the public safety standard BUT ONLY FOR SHORT TERM effects.

For long term effects the WHO recommends .3 of a micro Tesla - so there is a real problem here.

Yet in Australia and here in NZ, ARPANSA are following the ICNERP thus it's an issue here in relation to long term exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

That Ray's concern with his clients and his colleagues clients, is the huge exposure issue.

Oxygen depletion at 60 gigahertz - stating that when one gets exposed to 60 gigahertz research states it depletes 98% of the oxygen that it irradiates
into - which is a real concern. Saying this is not a conspiracy theory and that dormant viruses are activated by electromagnetic radiation.

For Example: The Epstein Barr virus is asleep in all of us and when it's exposed to non ionizing radiation - he says it becomes activated. Epstein Barr
virus is 'herpes.'

He mentions vaccinations that the antibodies etc for vaccinations are made in animal embryos rabbits, chickens, rats, monkeys etc and if there is a latent
virus possibly inside these tissues - in the vaccination, that is how it could possibly be transferred to humans. Plus we can see that the electro
radiation can activate dormant viruses - and he is not suggesting that this happened in Covid - but there is a real concern that by exposing the planet
and everybody to this radiation - that there could be more repercussions.

Listen. Wireless Towers in Australia - Doctors are now coming to the conclusion that these impose an extreme risk of harm to health and ARPANSA are aware
of this...

That the Telco industry is following ARPANSA and are failing to listen to the medical practitioners and Doctors are saying that if people are exposed to
this radiation. This is becoming a serious issue. Especially with regard to leukemia.

NOTE: There is not one medical practitioner that sits on the ARPANSA board.

They have a disclaimer - do a search and type up ‘ARPANSA disclaimer’ - you will find it says very clearly - that it is not set up to give health advice
on electromagnetic radiation and non ionising bands etc - you best go see your qualified medical practitioner. They state it is only for educational
purposes - ONLY.

Telecos - Being Held Up for Assault?

There is a Harassment Act 1997 here in NZ.

In Queensland the Law simply classifies that any person who applies force against another without that person's consent - that it's classified as assault.

In Qld applied force includes heat, light, electrical energy in any other substance or thing. So Ray says any electromagnetic radiation or electromagnetic
energy comes under that interpretation/criteria

So technically that can be classed as assault.

YOU can get restraint orders against Telcos ...

Listen how doctors in Australia are using common sense mechanisms that are actually in place.

Check out Doctor Bruce Hocking … in an ARPANSA document.

Hear Ray talk on the brain's synapse activity can occur at 0.75 volts per metre.

Nerves can be effected at 6 volts and that the heart can be affected at 12 volts and be a serious health issue

You just have to Listen to this interview to grasp both the seriousness and the scope.

What To Do

Go to your doctor and make a statement. If concerned about self and children re exposure from this tower etc then ask the doctor to assess the situation
and come to conclusion.

Ray says Doctors has stopped towers in their tracks

Listen to a case of 8 doctors who happened to be living in one street in Australia that were opposed to 5G - they had a community meeting with neighbours
with 13 doctors attending in all - saying No - and they got the tower removed.

Ended up that Telco stopped the deployment of 2,500 small cells installations across Australia Physicians for Safe Technology https://mdsafetech.org/

Have a peruse of their site.

Leukaemia is a big problem. Do your own research.

There are 250 different FB groups in Australia, discussing the deployment of 5G

Ray said that we need to Exercise the Precautionary Principle and have a Moratorium until independent research gives a 100% assurance that 5G is safe.
(which presently, it is not).

Go to your Local Council especially in towns and small cities and educate them.

In Australia now forming a political party called NO 5G.

Regarding Satellites passing overhead insurance is needed for rockets leaving and also deploying satellites.

Listen to the last closing minutes of this video about insurance costs in space.

This was one of the most riveting interviews I have done on technology and the imposition of it on the human race.

We have to become really aware that technology does not need nature to work. You can see that on the Moon and Mars. However, we are all born of nature
and that all biota within the biosphere require a balanced healthy ecology and environment for the web of life to homeostatically flourish and continue.

This is an exceptionally important interview for the health of the human race and all precious life on our planet.


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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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