TV & Radio Dumb Down hits New Zealand

Interviewed by Tim LynchMarch 14, 2007
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Owned by or influenced by corporate interests in most cases in bed with governments, world media keeps us uniformed as it sensationalises the macabre and
the violent - and trivialises the important and meaningful.

Here in NZ the dumbing down process is full steam ahead. The three major TV corporations generally open the News with violence and war or a police
report from the courts or a disaster from somewhere.

All three TV stations consistently stream daily trash into our living rooms where our sensitive and open hearted children sit, watching and absorbing
it all. The impact of horror and pain insidiously traumatises us by consistently eroding our faith in the higher virtues of humanity, so that we finally
become so inured to it all, that we feel its actually normal for the world at large to be gross, grey and violent.

With a daily blitz of detritus and crud, we are witnessing an orchestrated attack on the sensitivities of the global human population.

The result:  We walk away from watching the news totally disillusioned with what's happening on earth.

And we take this brainwashing into the community at large. (Though if our local sports team has been successful we go away with a temporary warm fuzzy,
until of course the team suffers a loss.)


Who is the person responsible for the selection of news items as well as other violent programs? 

Why do they hide behind anonymity? (News papers and radio are the same in NZ.)

Is the prerequisite for choosing the news items to be broadcast or published, that you are an isolated silent psychopath?

We need to see their name and picture and the whites of their eyes, as the buck stops with them. The bottom line ... aren't they the ones initiating
/ perpetuating this BS and negative propaganda?

What's the Answer?

The optimistic and positive side to all this is, there's a universal archetype that enables humans to peacefully dialogue with fellow humanity.

This is: Say something pleasant, then say what needs to be said, and then finish with something warm and positive.

International Toast Masters use this same archetype / philosophy at all their meetings.

The New Zealand Maori have since their emergence used the same procedure. Their method;

Sing a song (waiata), say what is needed to be said, then finish again with a song.

Positive, (maybe) negative, positive. The 2 good qualities overrides the 1 negative.

Is it that difficult ... to get it?

In other instances, when there is apparently no interesting news to broadcast, the media instead seem to go to the courts to find the latest grizzly
or morbid case to continue the orchestrated mass demoralising of the human populace.

Where is the Good News?

Where are the success stories?

The latest business initiative that offers sustainability at all levels?

Solutions to climate change?

New renewable energy systems coming out.

Peace initiatives by NGOs.

Solutions for children, education, new health enterprises, why holistic preferences are gaining acceptance.

Socially responsible investment successes.

Cultural break throughs.

Maori initiatives, organic gardens on all Maraes?

New geometric architecture and city plans and layouts.

Art, music and drama that inspires.

Prison reform

People with special needs.

There are hundreds of unique, interesting, newsy items in every city and country just waiting to make their accomplishments and successes, known to the

These news items would in turn encourage the community to be more pro active, optimistic, positive, bringing society together and validating affirmative

Yes, we need to know the bad news, but we dont need to see 75% of the program slanted towards it. On TV it could be just read out, and the ghastly
pictures not necessarily be shown.

So why is the present orchestrated litany of garbage and refuse being used to microwave the community ...?

1) Don't we the people, via our elected servants the Government, collectively own the air waves in our respective countries?

2) Then the government on our behalf, rent these frequencies of both radio and TV - out to corporations and interested parties?

3) Then to earn a license the corporations have to have a coherent strategy, however it seems to be based around the lowest common denominator,  that
they then broadcasts crap at us ... as entertainment and make a truck load of money from selling advertising in the process?

4) As 'we' the citizens of NZ  own these radio & TV frequencies, why is there no 'social responsibility' clause inserted in the selling of licenses to these commercial players - that they have to broadcast a certain amount of 'socially responsible' content every day, or they do not get a license. It is this easy.

The children of today, have to have the opportunity to learn things of value. Like history, the natural world, about other peoples, communication skills,
about connection and personal responsibility. Also, these educational/documentary programs have to be played during daylight hours. Not at 1 or 3am
in the morning. Ordinary people have the right to be able to be educated with up to the minute, professional productions that stimulate us to question
everything and then work towards drawing the community closer together.

The media needs to focus on how it can bring the community closer together as a cogent and dynamic whole    

In a participatory democracy we the people need to be encouraged to participate and meet, talk, phone, email, write, and communicate with our elected servants to empower them to do our bidding.

Why have we become comfortably numb?

Lights on, nobody at home ...

and ....we went out to find the enemy ... and what we found was ... that the enemy was us?

Post Script:  Mid May 2016

We need to be like water and flow our information to as many people as possible, by going around MSM, just like water moves around a rock. We have to find
all the unique ways to get information out to all other human beings we share breath with. We have one major opportunity that really can benefit us,
and that is the world wide web, use it wisely - because the 3 waves of ecology, economy and societal are cresting as of this moment - and we have to
create solutions to this major aberration. We also have to factor the future of our children and grand children into every decision we make. Arohanui
- Tim

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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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