Truth to Power for the Month I am in the Northern Hemisphere. 2014

Interviewed by Tim LynchJune 27, 2013
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On 4th July 8am-9am

Will be broadcast Dr Mike Joy. On cleaning up water & soil in Aotearoa

Dr Mike Joy who is one of our most courageous whistle blowers in a long time and is a professor from Massey University, who against 'massive resistance
from the status quo' has called out the national and local governmental authorities for acquiescing to 'pollution as usual.' That both our water ways
and land in clean green NZ are being both polluted and poisoned as we turn the other way in the quest for unbridled money, growth and profit.

If you really want to know what's going on hidden from public view and the media of this country, especially of how it is to show bravery under withering
criticism, this interview with Mike Joy will show what it is like to speak 'truth to power.'


11th July 8-9am

Graeme Sait - Soil, Animal and Human Nutrition

Graeme Sait originally from Taranaki, is one of the most potent presenters on earth today, languaging health of the land in relationship to our human
health and well being. His focus on the bacteria and minerals within the soil and its parallels to our gut and intestines rapidly crystalizes our understanding
that we can not have one without the other.

Healthy soil and earth, equates to vital food, to radiant human health. His revolutionary presentations have taken South Africa by storm and his inroads
with 'biological agriculture' is transforming millions of acres of land in South Africa, Australia and North America. His recent discourse in Matamata
to a hundred dairy farmers suggests that transformative change not only with chemical free healthy farms, but the eating of healthy food, is bringing
human health to the forefront of farming families and the wider community. This interview is informationally packed with profound knowledge that will
make you reassess your life.



18th July 8-9am

Michael Roads, from Australia. Natural Philosopher and Spiritual Teacher on choosing Love!

Listen to a potent man in his mid seventies, who previously was a farmer, show his total reverence for nature and powerfully articulate what it is
to be human and able to access latent qualities of the inner self.

He onnce taught whole tribes of people how to `talk' with Nature. Then, all of a sudden there came the discovery of Love with a capital 'L' . . . Unconditional
Love. He describes this Love with inspiring enthusiasm. An evening with Michael Roads is an empowering event. At the end of the evening you also want
what he has, you also want to participate in his outgoing joy of life, to take the radical step into the beautiful inner world that he 'describes.'

This non stop interview pushes the boundaries of anyone who wishes to be still, relax and take it all in. Very good for men who are adept in the outside


25th July 8-9am

Jane Kelsey Professor of Law Auckland University.

The TPPA the 'secret' Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.

Why would a Professor of Law, want to spend over 15 years of her life to awakening society of the downside of this Agreement? Does she who has an understanding
of the intricacies of LAW know something that we do not?

As you are most probably aware, both the main political parties in this country have totally brought into the neo liberal agenda, with its emphasis
on growth, globalism and corporate takeover, with virtually no emphasis on social, cultural or environmental considerations.

This is resulting in secrecy across the board, with an agenda based on control that when finally signed will not be debated in our Parliament here
in NZ, but will be just quietly agreed to by Cabinet, which is hand picked by the Prime Minister, to essentially carry out the agenda of the PM and
is our PM not a banker with inroads to Wall St and US Banking and the Corporate sector?

The fact that you dear reader are unable, in our supposedly open and democratic country to find out what the current negotiations are about, proves
that this agreement is not in the best interests of our society and especially our children and grandchildren's future.

During the entire length of ongoing negotiations--now in it's 17th round, even the US Congress was locked out of any meaningful discussion or investigation,
while over 600 corporate chieftains and advisors have all but scripted the entire document down to the last punctuation mark.

This agreement is a money and law based 'contract' that is configured around 'free trade' but is in fact - the opposite.


1st August 8-9am

Wayne Hope Associate Professor at AUT in Communications Studies here in Auckland.

Media Ownership in NZ. The Control of NZers Thoughts and Feelings?

On who owns and controls media in NZ, which basically 'programs NZers' to think less and less whilst simultaneously making us become more and more
distracted with titillation and risque subject matter, whilst stifling us not to question, or research anything outside of gossip and sports pages/programs?

Why do NZers not want to know why off shore media corporations dominate 'consensus reality' and subtly and adroitly herd NZers to vote for virtually
anything that promises a 'brighter future' whilst cunningly locking down huge numbers of future generations into continuous debt as well as very possibly
not being able to ever afford to own their own home?

With digital media via the web, being 'our' only real outlet and hope to 'enlighten' humanity, will we 'awaken in time' to en mass use this mass communication
to pull the various threads of family and community together? All in which to empower participative, citizen democracy to instigates the urgent solutions
to a more localized and regionalized way of living, that is in accord with the ecology and our society as a whole?

When we as a community find out who in the media are subtly calling the shots, the only outlet in the meantime is the world wide web and the imperative
for us as a free society to use it now to mobilize consciousness!

However, the digital age has morphed into having 'all communications monitored' and recorded, with the capability of being copied, re-spliced (out
of context) and used against us or hijacked that in the case of both mobile devices being turned off and locked down completely, shutting us off from
instantaneous people powered media and action.

Serious. Yes. Very! This interview covers the historical roots of media in NZ to the ending and climax of how power corrupts and how media is pivotal
in we the people, not allowing the loss of the 4th Estate to happen in NZ ,which has always been our given right to openness and transparency.


So I sincerely trust that you are able to either listen or forward this email to your network and other sub networks so as to 'be the change that we
wish to see in the world.'

As you know, change is happening faster than ever, and we need to be of strong and warm heart, that though very concerned, we not have any anger in
our being. We need to be breathing very deeply and consciously into our lower abdomen, be centered and have much love in our heart. Only when we are
in balance can we attune to a greater reality when our intuition jumps into the game and that synchronicity engages with us from now on, in the way
we live our daily life.

That's when innovation and novelty presents itself.

Miracles are possible when we become a 'dynamic participant in life' and … not an observer.

Wishing you a potent and enjoyable month of July 2014.

Naku Noa and Aroha

Tim Lynch in Mobilising Consciousness

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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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