Roy Harlow & Tim Lynch: Humanity should join the Alliance to separate from the Deep State

Interviewed by Tim LynchMarch 24, 2021
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No sitting back - but being sovereign within one's own being and 'consciously' encouraging all actions and initiatives conducive of right livelihood, neighbourhood
support and a fully active localised community as being imperative overarching acts to involve ourselves - 24/7.

Then recognising that this is a planetary event. We the people have to ‘consciously’ take our whole planet back for the betterment of our children’s future
and not Corporate dominance with Governments in lockstep towards totalitarian control over humanity.

That Roy's assessment of the present situation was the heading of this weeks interview: Humanity should join the Alliance to separate from the Deep State

We, as we read this, are in an undeclared state of war on the human species and all biota within the planetary biosphere.

When we take in all the elements that make up the web of life that embraces our planet - we witness the decline of air quality, see the ‘global dimming’
video as in - as well as the challenges around drinking water and that both the NZ Govt and the UK Government are pushing for
fluoridation of all municipal drinking water in both countries.

But also, the poor state of brooks, creeks, streams, lakes and rivers. Whilst the seas and oceans are continuously under threat. Just listen to the unrelenting silence leaking out of Fukushima into the Sea of Japan and the greater Blue Pacific ocean.

Yet, it is also the sacredness of the land that is taking the brunt of human impact too. The erosion of billions of tonnes of silt and soil that run off
our valuable countryside and farmlands globally. Not to mention what is flowing out of the Amazon basin due to unbridled deforestation. Plus other
river deltas everywhere.

But to reiterate, that is only another part of it. NZs government is in the grips of wanting to fluoridate all municipal water supplies as they endeavour
to take 'authority' away from Local Councils and put this all into the Department of Health's hands. That means Dr Ashley Blomfield who was trained
and enabled by the World Health Organisation (the WHO) - which is now virtually and forcibly taking away the democratic rights and governance from
we, the NZ people.

Notice that the UK Government is calling for this at this very moment too. Which begs the question is there a global coordination going on under the aegis
of Agenda21? Note that by 1984 almost 66% of the Australian population had access to fluoridated drinking water, represented by 850 towns and cities.

Now there is the chlorination of all water being pushed by our NZ Government too. (Note; I was with a Munich official in Germany recently whose was flabbergasted
that we in NZ are sanitising our water and wanting to use it as a means of mass medication). No wonder the dumbing down process is winning the race
to the bottom.

It is relentless - look at the chemicalisation of our food system - herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, 1080, now with the extra hidden dangers of 5G
wireless frequencies. No wonder children are suffering from allergies and autoimmune problems as well as anxieties that health researchers talk about
comorbidities of different ailments overlapping into one large undiagnosed disease. Because these are all new ailments.

We are presently on the back foot when we need to be on the front foot - that natural, healthy methods have basically got the human race to where we are
today over tens of thousands of years. Now we are being subjected to an onslaught of chemical attack with little long term testing. See how long the
testing of the latest vaccines have had? We are all guinea pigs now - or are we in Roys estimate - part of a larger plan called ‘depopulation’

With participatory democracy the only way we can come through this - it is up to us - all of us, to make an effort locally and set up cooperative cells
of ‘conscious’ participants and start connecting with other ‘conscious’ cells and continue with this process. Farmers markets are one of the best places
to start this initiative - especially to purchase organic food and get away from factory and industrial food that is in so many ways devoid of ‘life
force’ and freshness.

Then we realise that we are an Alliance of good-hearted beings that can see and separate ourselves from the un-human excesses of the Deep State. That is,
the Corporations who have never really been here for the altruistic benefit of humanity - this includes the Alphabet Agencies and the so-called ‘Great
Reset’ and the controllers behind them.

The intrusion into our lives of media that through ubiquitous 72 inch TV sets is hypnotising us, especially young and impressionable minds to not think but to obey - this war for the minds of the people of planet earth is being stepped up daily as MSM endeavours to program the very fabric of a society that essentially
just wants to love their children, give them a wide education that includes self discipline and allow them to have the freedom to travel and eventually
settle down in a healthy home and environment and experience nature and what it is - to be human.

In this interview, Roy intimates that in response to the imposition of the Great Reset from the World Economic Forum being promulgated by Klaus Schwab
the warm and cuddly spokesperson for the World Economic Forum, there is another more caring and conscious way forward.

The WEF is an extension of the Rothschild, Rockefeller clique who are using buzzwords to set their vision of the world of the future by not mentioning
the end game which is full immersion into an electronic wireless world of the Fourth industrial revolution. A world devoid of organic nature and the
web of life - ‘but its focus on - the means justifies the ends’ - with 24/7 surveillance, ‘no joy’ - factory and industrial food and water - abeyance
on multiple levels and though never mentioned - the imposition of computer chip implants and the transhuman agenda - where they will
lobotomise us of our spirituality and will shoehorn out of us - all connection to soul.

There is no Love or heart-filled stories coming out of the World Economic Forum - for every child to be brought up in a warm loving family and that all
can grow into the light of our own true selves - it’s not factored into their banker driven profit and loss controlled realty. Have a read …

Yet, whilst the WEF promotes their ‘cool’ agenda there is also another game in play and it is the new quantum banking system that is vying with the WEF.
This supposedly is a fairer system and will be more beneficial for the bulk of the human race.

It also is premised on new free energy systems, disclosure of previous civilisations like what they have found in Antarctica recently - as well as they
recovered spacecraft and that ‘they’ we have studied the bodies of this craft - per Captain Edgar Mitchell 4th man on the moon.

There is also the possibility of new healing modalities called Med Beds - where softer frequencies and plasma fields can heal our bodies on mental and
emotional realms. This is big.

This is what the Alliance is about. Good ‘conscious’ humans who are devoted to world service and not service to self. This is the emerging story whose
time has come - the new awakening of humanity able to finally work towards its full potential as an emergent global family of 7.8 billion beings.

There were many other subjects covered in this interview - so please, when you are at home, cooking or tidying the kitchen - this is a good time to listen.

Internet Connections

Search with -

Use these below, alongside YouTube. - (check covid) - it is VERY out there - so I encourage ‘higher’ discernment - Israeli - medical apartheid interview
with Ilana Rachel Daniel

Going Forward Together in Unity Consciousness

The key to going forward is to find other good people who are questioning everything - and if they are aware that ‘we are spiritual beings having an earth
experience experience’ and address this - because as we become more ‘conscious’ we also become more caring in how we relate to others and to nature
as well.

Never did we ever think that we would be in this chaotic and tumultuous of times - though many of us inherently knew that we would be seeing major change
and shifts in perspectives - it is only when it actually happens - as what we are experiencing now are we realising the seriousness of the transformation
that we are in.

Yes, we know we are in an evolutionary stage - which is painful and disturbing for most and we also are aware that there are certain forces who want to
control us - especially by electronic surveillance means. However, are these forces compassionate? Do they see us as a community of beings worthy of
sharing and receiving goodwill? Are they promoting participative democracy - are they willing to have open debates and town hall meetings?

Remember your neighbor's - team up and neighbour up and come together as conscious cells and conscious clusters of cells.

As Roy extolls - we have to connect and bring God back into our lives.

God has never abandoned us - it is we who have abandoned God.

You Will Know Them by Their Fruits

"Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves."

New King James Version

Roy Harlow -


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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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