Peter Bacchus: After 95 years, Biodynamic Farming is now positioning for a global uptake. Why now?

Interviewed by Tim LynchNovember 14, 2018
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This farming method, initiated by Rudolf Steiner is more than a profound holistic farming modality, as it includes organic produce, energising water, halting
soil erosion, building compost heaps and especially its far reaching ways in pest management and control.

But more so, human health and well being opens up spiritual qualities that allows us to recognise a deeper connection to existence.

Peter Bacchus has been involved in biodynamics for over 65 years with an uncle going to Europe in 1924 to learn of this system, and then his father
travelling to England to follow up on this in 1938.

After the war his father returned to NZ, where he incorporated it into his own farm. So having been embedded in Biodynamics all his life, Peter has
a wealth of information and knowningness as to its efficacy.

At heart we all know that the present global ecological situation is precarious, yet governments are not focussing on the seriousness of the planetary

With huge swathes of tropical forests still being logged with now, barely a murmur.

We are learning of habitat loss, acid seas, weather patterns gone awry etc - that if we want to initiate change, we are obliged to make this happen
at the grassroots level.

100 year anniversary of Biodynamics.

In 2024, it will be 100 years since Biodynamics was introduced to the world by Rudolf Steiner.

Peter posits the possibility of Biodynamics engaging in a large global promotion to educate the public of the many modalities that are embedded in
this unique and sensible farming method.

Main Points:

With Biodynamic farming, not only is Co2 sequestered into the soil, but so is nitrogen pulled out of the atmosphere to supplement plant growth.

That the use of natural methods to pull down nitrogen, which comprises 80% of the atmosphere, is far superior to the current ‘manufactured’ methods
of nitrogen fixing.

Burying Cow Horns

In this interview Peter talks about the use of cow horns which are filled with cow dung and buried for a certain period.

He goes on to say that with exact measuring and the addition of other refinements, this dung is added to water that is also quantified and then continuously
stirred for an hour.

After which, say for a local garden, one can take a brush, like a hearth brush dip it in the solution and then ‘flicked’ over the surrounding vegetation.

Where tiny droplets land all over the foliage and begins a certain affect. That over time translates to healthy, abundant growth of said plants, vegetables

This ‘preparation’ is called 500 and there is another called 501 that is made of ground down quartz until its density is that of for example, talcum

It’s applied to the plants surface area early in the morning as it encourages photosynthesis - preferably with morning birdsong in the background,
as songbirds subtly vibrate the soil encouraging earthworm movement. Listen

Water Energising

Using flow forms to oxygenate water. This is a natural means to oxygenate water and entrain frequency back into the water.

The water vortices in one direction and then the other. Covering memory of water etc.

Flow forms are excellent for bringing back to life, stagnant water, and re energising effluent ponds and sewage waste. Listen

Soil Rejuvenation

Earthworm activation that occurs after the 500/1 ‘preparations.’

Peter tells of worm castings that were so thick they were like a sheet over the ground, to actually likening it to spreading of marmite over a sandwich.
It was so effective, he said.

Soil bacteria and fungi are imperative components to building up living earth. Biodynamics is fundamentally premised on including all microorganisms
of the soil as being the foundation of all land use. Listen

Having a Secure Financial Base

Financial Reward and the viability of growing and selling healthy vital premium organic biodynamic food.

It is a proven fact that biodynamics and the organic food sector bring a far higher monetary return than ‘industrial factory’ food that is chemically
laden. More money can be made because quality healthy produce fetches higher prices.

Branding and Trading Name

Demeter is the the Greek goddess of the harvest and presides over grains and the fertility of the earth.

Although she was most often referred to as the goddess of the harvest, she was also goddess of sacred law and the cycle of life and death.

What is Demeter in NZ?

Demeter is a world wide certification system, used to verify to the consumers in over 50 countries that food or product has been produced by biodynamic

The Bio Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association is the certifier in New Zealand. (The Association registered Demeter as a certification trademark
in 1984.)

Inspectors visit the operators (farmers and processors) annually to collect information about their methods.

A committee of assessors then decides whether to grant certification. Most committee members are experienced biodynamic farmers and/or processors.

BioDynamic products from New Zealand


Weleda produces health-enhancing herbal and homoeopathic formulas and exquisite body care products using ingredients from biodynamic and organic farms.

The word homeopathic comes up regularly in this interview as the use of it can be found in so many of the holistic methods that biodynamics embrace.

We also learn from this interview that John D Rockefeller and his recently deceased son David, who died at 104 years of age, totally relied on homeopathics
to maintain their personal health. * Heidelberg University Clinic Dept of Psychosomatic Medicine, chief consultants (Professor Mitserlich and Dr
Ruffler) opinion on Bruno Groning (24.10.51) BG-A 18

Potentising homeopathic preparations can be applied to plants that in much of the year you are able to double the intake of photosynthesis Listen

Sequestration of Co2

Peter talks about sequestration (taking down from the atmosphere) of Co2, to the degree that if the world farmers embraced biodynamic principles, that
in 10 years we would be able to pull down out of the atmosphere, enough Co2 that it would be like it was 100 years ago. That so much carbon would
be sequestered - that we would instead experience a carbon deficit. Listen

This means that we would not have to take on risky endeavours like geo engineering.

Other interview references:

  • Composting, the importance.
  • Our planet is living
  • Our planet is an energetic organism - just the same as we are …

Plus Rudolf Steiner and Waldorf Schools are still expanding globally and also into China where biodynamics is also gaining in acceptance.

This is a very informational interview. That gives a very useful overview of some of the many virtues of biodynamics.


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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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