Joe Camuso: Will a new paradigm of Tesla technology be the ‘electrifying saviour’ of our civilisation?

Interviewed by Tim LynchDecember 14, 2016
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For us to commute, keep warm and lighten our night and our life - make no mistake there is not another challenge that will affect mankind as much as this.

Electric Cars, Trucks and Airplanes, wherever there is independent transportation - are all part of this chain.


Recently with close to 400,000 pre orders for new electric Tesla cars with $1,000 down, equalling $400 million dollars this is enabling Elon Musk to adroitly
bring the components together to out flank the fossil fuel industry and their captive car manufacturers. This will bring a new era of clean safe energy
that will dissipate the dark shroud of toxic molecules from being the epitaph for our civilisation - by endeavouring to break free of ‘a sector’ of
the 1%.

This technology and knowhow is actually here today, yet 99% of our planetary population don’t know it. Yet the 0.0001% of fossil fuel corporations, who
do know it - don’t like it … because it is a disruptive technology and they stand to lose.

We need an educated planet with the will to make the shift that we so urgently require.

Who Killed The Electric Car?

Most probably, the best thing that ever happened was that the oil Corporations and their ‘compliant auto manufacturing’ Corporations, killed the prototype
1st Generation EVs “Electric Car” back in the late 1990’s. If this had not happened we would not have Tesla today as by doing so, this gave rise to
Tesla Motors that is now disrupting the car industry … their goal is not to make expensive cars for ‘rich people’ - but to transform the ‘transportation
economy’ to an electric fuel economy, powered by renewable energy.

The Nissan LEAF for example, is just a compliance car… a gasoline car converted to be electric. It complies with the laws in California, Europe
and Japan, but the LEAF is not a compelling EV, the Tesla Model 3 is a very, very, very compelling car…. that happens to be Electric and silent.

This engaging interview covers:

The various Electric ‘EV’ type vehicles that are available here in NZ today.

That Whangarei, having the highest number of EV’s per capita in NZ is positioning to be the EV hub of New Zealand with the installation of five DC 50 kW
Fast Chargers throughout Northland.

Why Tesla has got a jump on the field? Silent - power - (please listen to the free download).

Today, Los Angeles is seen as ‘a city of electric vehicles.’ A large growing market for EV’s.

The benefits beyond electricity and silence are:

The Nissan Leaf for example, has few moving parts, so less wear and tear and when it is service time, it has such a quick turn-around-time, that the company
servicing the vehicle cannot make money because of there is little to go wrong. Whereas with an internal combustion engine, there are belts, spark
plugs, filters, hoses, batteries, radiators etc etc. This is where conventional car service departments make their money. Nissan withdrew its Nissan
Leaf from sale in NZ last year, because it was not a money maker for them.

Driverless - This is coming - 10 to 15 years time all trucks and a large number of cars will be navigating themselves around a street
or road near you.

Compatibility of charging stations. This is still being worked
out just like the old VHS and Beta video recorder battle and Apple versus Microsoft. However there are ‘add ons’ and extra inter connecting cables
that you can easily be stored in the boot.

How long to charge? Fast charge on the road 30 minutes. The Tesla range is from 335 ks to 400 ks - with their batteries continuing to improve.

The battery pack on a Tesla can be changed if needed in around 2 minutes.

Petrol mileage versus electric mileage? To get where you wish to go, the cost is equivalent to around 33 cents a litre of petrol.

Education is going to be the big thing and Joe mentions how schools are getting interested in showing their students.

What sort of Governmental support so far - what more could they do? Please listen to the interview.

Air NZ has a growing fleet of electric cars with 76 as of March 2016. Saving about 65,000 litres of fuel per year.

The old fossil fuel lobby are very worried that electricity is going to encroach on their customer base.

What are the challenges?

Vector here in NZ has been a keen Tesla follower and are interested in large battery packs. Because power use in NZ’s cities, surges especially in Auckland
around 5.30 to 7.30 pm at night and other extraneous gas of oil generation is kicked in to cover this spike, now Vector are looking at deploying these
large lithium battery packs to cover this contingency.

Tesla has moved its factory to where the lithium mines are
in Nevada so that the supply chain is kept to a minimum. Note that lithium can be recycled.

What sort of future do you see here in NZ?

What sort of future do you see for our planet?

We end with Joe, stating that we have to really get out and support this clean, silent energy and both talk and use this technology. The fossil fuel dinosaur
is vehemently against it and like the electric car recall in the mid 1990’s where all but a few cars were were repossessed and crushed, the oil lobby
could still do it again.

Once we embed electric cars into the public consciousness - this will be pivotal in bringing a paradigm shift into being on our planet. Opening up a totally
new era.

A very intriguing interview with loads of optimistic and positive information.

Joe Camuso, originally from the USA, having lead a very interesting life for himself and now he with a family has started New Zealand’s first electric
vehicle (EV) taxi business and is a founder and shareholder in Blue Cars, NZ’s only 100% Electric Car rental company.

Electric Vehicles - Experience, Car-sharing & Rentals
Mobile: (0274) 384 639 | Toll-free: 0800 BLUE EV


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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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