Jacques Windell: Is New Zealand a Corporation of the City of London?

Interviewed by Tim LynchOctober 14, 2020
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At the start, Jacques prompts me to say, have a pen and paper ready, stating not to believe all that he says. That he too, is endeavouring to work it all
out, through intense research into old records and books on the web etc all about the ‘forgotten past. Saying that we have no understanding or even
knowledge of what has come to pass.

Because things are not as they are and as a researcher of both historical events as well as new technologies that are released on today's society, we can
not necessarily believe the status quo.

It starts with Tim mentioning his interview 5 weeks ago of Dan Hermansen - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guzOgNpZn1k - and the United Tribes flag of 1835 in early NZ, keeping Aotearoa NZ ‘as a free country’ and that King William the lV would have Great Britain protect
it. However that flag was cunningly displaced by the Union Jack at the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, in 1840 - that contrary to what the Maori
chiefs were aware of, New Zealand basically became a colony of Great Britain. Hence Hone Heke, the first Maori chief, to sign this Treaty, cut down
the flag staff 4 times due to his disgust in which this Treaty was being administered.

That then, in the comments field of Dan’s interview was this - ‘The Auckland City Council is a Corporation listed on Dun and Bradstreet - So Tim
did a web search and we find it in Wiki’ - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dun_%26_Bradstreet

Also mentioned early in this interview was the British East India Company because it was an overseas extension of the British Government and was in many
cases a ‘law unto itself’ where it cunningly introduced opium into China in 1825 that soon after, the Chinese addiction to opium expanded (to 4-12
million people). So this opens the question who was this Company and who governed it? As they had no apparent conscience. Yet, its flag was an ensign
that was accepted by the British Government and Admiralty. Adjusted for inflation, at its height, the company was worth $4.1 trillion. (Oct 17, 2018)
other searches suggest $7.9 trillion.

Jacques, says he has worked for the Central Government in South Africa and in Local Government here in NZ and is horrified at what he believes to have

Stating there are 2 fundamentals that are universal as it relates to the Law; in this case British Law.

They are:

  1. Contracts &
  2. Jurisdictions

Fundamentally all law is a contract

A contract aims to control the behaviour / actions of two or more parties.

Shortly after Jacques was born, the legal system in South Africa impelled his Dad to sign him away as a bonded surety to a ‘bankrupt franchise.’ Note that
South Africa was part of the British Commonwealth until 1961 and rejoined again in 1994.

Unbeknown to his Father, while he thought he was doing the right thing, apparently registering Jaques birth, and signing the birth certificate, was actually
signing a contract;

He made Jacques the surety to a bond in the ALL CAPITALS fictional name that the corporation had created to enslave Jacques for the rest of his life.

This Corporation? This will come later …

ALL CAPITALS you ask? Yes, they use what is called Dog Latin, which is capitals or block letters. By the way, Dog Latin was used to trick and deceive back
in the days when serfs could not understand what the more educated were able to control how Law was administered. Note The Latin alphabet started out
as uppercase serifed letters known as Roman square capitals. Ancient Greek started off this way too.

And it seems the legacy continues to this day;

In the English language all capital writing is not a proper noun;

A proper noun is the name of a man or woman, place or physical thing;

That all capitalised name is not a proper noun and therefore not a name;

For example, a name used for an individual person, place, or organisation, spelled with an initial capital letter, e.g. Jane, London, and Greenpeace. Often
contrasted with common nouns.

Is it a lawful contract? No, because his Dad was never given full disclosure of what he was actually signing;

So the birth certificates of everyone are traded on the capital markets and heaps of money is made from them, according to Karen Hudes, former World Bank
lawyer. (do your own research).

‘Everyone includes people who are born in countries like NZ, Australia - and very possibly Canada, and the USA plus UK. Is India and Pakistan? Research

The Corporation establishes how much tax the child will pay over his or her lifetime and that birth certificate / bond is then traded on the capital markets;

Who is this Corporation and why does it trick parents into doing this?

The answer to the why question is easy; control and trillions of dollars;

But there is also a sinister reason, which he will come to later.

But who is behind the Corporation?

His research has shown that there is one massive Corporation;

All the others are subdivisions of the main one;

The biggest sub-division is the United States

The corporation is known by a few names; Triple Crown; Tri-Regnum, Triple Tiara and Three-times Royal

The Triple Crown was started as a testamentary trust in 1302 pursuant to the Papal Bull called Unam Sanctam, the Holy Singularity / Sanctified Unity;

Pope Boniface VIII announced that he would depose King Philip IV of France if need be and issued the bull Unam Sanctam ('One Holy'), the most famous papal
document of the Middle Ages, affirming the authority of the Pope as the heir of Peter and Vicar of Christ over all human authorities, spiritual and
temporal. (Bull = Decree or edict)

Underlying the trust, is a global estate. The Pope claimed he owned all land, all flesh and all, wait for it… souls!

All being part of the global estate.

But surely the Pope had no say over the affairs of England?

So did the Pope have control over King William the 4th when he said he would protect the NZ Maori Chiefs Freedoms in 1835? - even though the British were
a Protestant country and had the largest seafaring Navy at that time.

Well, this is where things get interesting.

So let’s go back to 1215 when King John was forced by the barons to sign the Magna Carta. What happened two years prior to that? Early on the 15 May 1213
King John went to the church of the Templars at Dover and there he knelt before Pandulph, the legate of the Pope, placed his crown in Pandulf's hands
and took the oath of fealty to the Pope in Rome.

Fealty is a feudal tenant / vassal’s sworn loyalty to a lord, in this case the Pope.

King John also handed the legate a document stating that for the atonement of his sins against God and Church that he surrendered into the hands of Pope
Innocent and his successors forever, the kingdoms of England and lordship of Ireland, to hold them henceforth as fiefs of the Holy See - the Pope.

Many believe that John ceased being King when he laid his crown at the feet of a foreign priest;

So this is how the Pope claims he owns all land,

But how does he own all flesh and all souls?

Well, the ‘birth certificate’ is a contract remember? It is the commercial vessel which is floated upon the ocean of commerce. We are made to believe that
that fictitious ALL CAPS name is our real name and as such we are made surety for the bond. But actually, we have nothing to do with it and the so-called
birth certificate contract is invalid because no full disclosure was given at the time it was signed or any time thereafter.

So they are tricking all of us into believing we have to pay taxes and fines and rates when really it is all deception. But, because we pay it we contract
to the Corporation. When we vote, for example, we are contracting with the Corporation and giving it legitimacy. We are given the illusion of a democracy,
but there is really no democracy. It is simply another deception.

How many believe that the Queen of England has anything to do with assenting to Acts of Parliament? Her title was changed and the Roman numeral of II removed and
replaced by Queen Elisabeth 2nd If you don’t believe go and check out the NZ Governor General’s website. If a monarch’s Roman numeral,
as appears in Queen Elizabeth II, does not appear in her name, they are no longer referring to her, but some fictitious entity.

However, due to the fact that no full disclosure was given to our parents when they signed the birth certificate, the contract can be rescinded, which means the Pope does not lawfully own all flesh and ‘souls.’

The key to remove ourselves from this contract is to understand exactly how it was constructed, so we don’t get ourselves into trouble when we rescind

The Triple Crown Corporation is made up of:

  1. The City of London in the City of London, which holds the land, law and banking and or monetary system. (Kensington and WhiteHall).
  2. The Vatican, which deals with the religious side of things and;
  3. Washington D.C. which was the completion of the Triple Crown, which is the enforcer / military might behind it.

All the established nation-states were trans-migrated into corporations, which are the subdivisions of the Triple Crown. That he believes includes NZ &

This was all supposedly done in the 1700’s - do your own research - it’s a quagmire

Jacques says if you go to the Securities and Exchange Commission website you will find the NZ and Australian governments there, of which he has screenshots.


In NZ, most of our ministries, like the Ministry of Justice, NZ Police, Defence Force, Treasury, Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment, etc
are all listed on the biggest business website in the world; Dun & Bradstreet as companies, with sales revenue. I have those screenshots too. So
New Zealand and Australia seem to be very much part of this greater Triple Crown Corporation.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dun_%26_Bradstreet - but do your own research as Wiki has
been compromised for years.

Jacques sent an Official Information Act Request to Justice Minister Andrew Little asking if the Ministry of Justice is a company. He has 20 working days
to respond. It has been 2 months and still no response from the Minister. Why?

He has now referred the matter to the Ombudsman but found out that even the Office of the Ombudsman is listed on the Dun & Bradstreet website as a
company with sales revenue of $6m.

The reason Jacques is making such a fuss about this is because in our legal courts he is convinced they are not practising Law. He believes they are controlled
by the Corporation to monetise we citizens (or the slaves) - because last time he checked the Ministry of Justice sales revenue in one year was $395m.

Also if the Ministry is in fact a company, how can they administer justice, when there is a huge conflict of interest? How can a company or corporation
be in charge of a country’s Justice system?

If the NZ Treasury is a company, how can it control public funds?

Our only saving grace, one would think is the old English Common Law but in 1986 the Constitution Act removed most of it. One has to wonder why?

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constitution_Act_1986 - But, was this the
full account of what happened?

And then in 1988 the Imperial Laws Application Act brought it all back. Since then many amendments have been made.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imperial_Laws_Application_Act_1988 - Again this is so messy - what can we believe?

As Jacques has not had the time to investigate all of this yet - He has brought together a few bright minds to assist him - this is ongoing.

You see the English Common Law includes Magna Carta which was designed to protect individual rights. But, the Corporation does not want its slaves to have

Is that why when one becomes a barrister or lawyer or solicitor one has to swear an oath to the NZ Law Society and at the ceremony all have to bow to the
judges? When you bow to someone they become your master. How can a lawyer fight one’s case properly if he is subject to his master. Some believe that
lawyers are there to ensure you contract with the court. As soon as you contract - you lose your English Common Law and inalienable rights as man and
woman. Then they can do to you as they please. Ask the Ministry of Justice about that and they refuse to comment.

If any of your listeners would like to support the work that Jacques is doing, or want to be released from this system, you can contact me on [email protected]

So the point that Jacques has been endeavouring to make here, is that a system was created to enslave us for our entire lives; a system which subtly robs
us of the life God (or evolution) (or both) - gave you and your inalienable rights. Jacques mentions it is also a system which now believes there are
too many people on this Earth and that we need to be culled, through unsafe technology like 5G, vaccines, nano tech, chips that includes ruining the
income of billions.

That he has never consented to be controlled by this system and he does not consent now. Nor should you. He is preparing to throw off the shackles and
so should you.

People Around the World are Waking Up to this Deception.

Jacques reminds us, if we don’t stand together the 1% will totally control us, because currently we have no rights. Look at Victoria in Australia. Do they
have any rights? Look at how people are being grabbed by their throats. They have caused no harm to anyone, but are being treated worse than animals
by the so-called police and no one lifts a finger. So Tim says - “NZers get serious and savvy and start to challenge the authorities on this and similar
issues. This is what a participative Democracy is.”

We have been conned into looking after the ‘I’ when the ‘WE’ is our safety.

The Corporation does everything to isolate us from one another, so they can control the WE, because they fear us. They are after all the 1% and we are
the 99%.

Jacques says … do yourself a favour and switch off the mainstream media. They spread what they are told to spread and will brainwash you into their
narrative every time. If you want to get out of the system, you need to get rid of the propaganda.

In South Africa the Zulus refer to Ubuntu.

For me it means we are all connected and we all need each other to thrive and survive. We have to stand against those that want to harm us or rob us of
Ubuntu. If we don’t we, as the collective will be taken, one by one, like the protesters in Victoria Australia and lose everything our forefathers
fought so hard and died, for us to have.

In NZ we have Aroha and this too is a major statement of Love and unconditional Love that is the building block of Maoridom.

Other points in this interview:

Sovereignty -

Australia has ‘Australia Day’ on the 26th January every year - this is when they ‘supposedly broke away from Britain.

America has Independence Day - the 4th of July when the became independent of Britain

Where is NZ’s day of independence from Britain? Some say it was sometime in 1947.

On 26 September 1907 the United Kingdom granted New Zealand "Dominion" status within the British Empire. New Zealand became known as the Dominion of New
Zealand. The date was declared Dominion Day, but never reached any popularity as a day of independence.

In 1948 New Zealanders became New Zealand citizens – before that they had been British citizens. New Zealand gained full legal independence when Parliament
passed the Constitution Act 1986. In 2003 a new Supreme Court was created, replacing Britain's Privy Council as New Zealand's final court of appeal.
June 20, 2012

When is NZ day proclaimed in NZ? We do not have one …


Gag Orders - In NZ Local Councils will not let you speak out about certain information. Does this mean that even if you are a Member of Parliament in NZ
that you are not allowed Parliamentary Privilege - to raise points that you think are of national importance? What are Gag orders - do you sign them
when entering Parliament?

Please look at the back of the NZ Passport - the North Island has printed on it NZ - whilst the South Island has nothing.

Maps of NZ for the last 70 plus years have always had an even spread of ‘New Zealand’ across both the North & South Island , but not so on our passport.

NZ IN 1967 changed their money from Pounds - to Dollars - a $100 bill was printed, yet though we have eliminated small coins we have not made a commensurate
change by printing a $500 note - because NZers have forgotten that the $100 bill now is only worth $20.00 in 1967. That is an example of how docile
and slumberous we have become - the bankers will most probably frog march us into a cashless society - sooner rather than later.

That people are encouraged to research Jordan Maxwell - Matrix of Power and what is Admiralty Law? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-cb1P-lZ_4

That so much is happening that it is all hidden in plain sight. Yet, NZ society as a whole - seems blissfully complacent and unaware.

In 2003, I (Tim) took my class of language students to see Queen Elisabeth 2nd at America’s Cup Village in Downtown Auckland. That I then found myself
in the middle of a loud beseeching by two middle-class men dressed in suits calling and addressing Queen Elisabeth ll of England. They honoured her
as the Head of the Church of England and Defender of the Faith. They politely but forcefully asked her to outrightly condemn the Pope in Rome as the
Anti Christ and in league with Satan - and that here I was 5 meters from the Queen and 5 metres away from the two men standing on some seats. (this
was more than astounding. Here they were still fighting the war between the Roman Catholics and the Protestants.)

That Treasury here in NZ has a direct line to the US State Department - Why?

That Donald Trump has recently taken over the US Federal Reserve - which is a private Corporation - asserting US Independence from the City of London?

When Donald and Melania Trump visited London in June 2119 they both broke a major royal protocol rule by shaking hands with members of the royal family
instead of curtsying and bowing. To top it off, in a ceremony In London in front of the trooping of the colour and pomp and
ceremony Donald Trump walked out in front of the Queen - which signified that he was in command and that the USA under Trump had made a major break
with the City of London.


There have been whispers recently that Prince Charles in the last months has been crowned King to replace his Mother Elisabeth 2nd - so there are plenty
of assertions flying around at present, that signify huge change is upon us.

Also that all the Lord Mayors of London have been Freemasons for something like the last 200 years, until Ken Livingston from the Labour party broke that
spell … from 2000 to 2008. What does this portend?

When In NZ you receive a traffic infringement it is addressed to you in CAPITAL LETTERS - why? See above.

The Pope says we individual humans can not have a direct relationship with God - that we have to go through the Catholic Church? Why? Because this is how
the Church funds itself.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4svTOrMREA Where does this leave Protestants?

The United States Isn't a Country — It's a Corporation!


https://wwwsolutionsempowerment.com - if you want support against having to comply and
have enforced injections against your will. Click

This was more than an intriguing interview. It was also a call to waken NZ journalists who have become so distracted by political in-fighting that they have become profoundly lost in their own drama.

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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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