Dr Robin Kelly: The Covid Syndrome: from a Doctor at the Coalface, to the 4th Industrial AI Revolution

Interviewed by Tim LynchMay 27, 2020
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As a GP working from his home clinic he was able to assess and help patients, but fortunately did not have any with COVID:19.

NZ’ loss of life has fortunately been low at 22 deaths. Life is slowly opening up again. But, Robin is now dealing with the fall-out from the lock down.

This interview starts quietly however it was not long before it ramped up and some very potent information was shared that reminds us that we are in many
ways, being overtaken by technology that far exceeds our knowingness. To the degree that those whom possess it and deploy it, lack the 'consciousness'
of what they are doing.

Thus the world has changed radically. Those with existing anxieties and depression - have increased and are overwhelmed. This situation has affected
our physical health and immunity due to delayed treatment which also causes more anxiety.

Younger people in general have not been affected by COVID although there have been rare cases. Medical and nursing staff have been affected especially
in close areas, where they are working with extremely limited social distancing.

Robin mentioned that due to the increased fear mode where we retreat into ourselves, even to child-like instincts - that this precedes the development
of our rational brain that oversees everything. Our frontal lobe or cortex, can take stock of our emotions and in the face of fear we are very,
very vulnerable - especially if we do not have a great say in our current situation and we are locked away from being in any proactive role. That
the majority of the population is very vulnerable, not so much now to the virus per see, but the control of the system and also politics and corporations. As we are watching this unfold on a daily basis.

We are also seeing contradictions - Donald Trump not wearing a face mask yet Dr Fauci and Dr Birx wearing masks. The latter being perceived as representing
big Pharma and big Medicine. So there is this incongruity going on. Robin said it is important for peer reviewed studies among peers to get to
the correct diagnosis and healing modality. We notice two days after this interview that the WHO has no interest in testing the viability of Hydroxychloroquine,
because the WHO is invested with Bill Gates and his Foundation and is wanting to vaccinate the 7.7 billion humans who inhabit our planet - and
to continue this for every other virus that may arise into the future.

At present there are a huge number of scientific papers coming out every day - especially in the US with contradictory statements and without complete
peer reviewed processes. As a result the global public are now being exposed to a confusing amount of information - saying, wear gloves, masks
and social distancing and another comes out equally - forcefully saying - that’s all wrong!

MSM Controlling the Narrative
It's by accessing all the incoming date Robin says is how we get the evidence and then peruse it to evolve the science - the problem we have is that MSM is presenting it in black and white terms. They are presenting it the way that 'their' narrative wants to present it. They are not converting this information in a particular adult way and that version can not be challenged via mainstream media - they in essence control the narrative across all MSM, locally and globally. That means any alternative viewpoints are not able to challenge them. Robin continues saying that they may think that they are protecting the public - but that is not the way to behave.

Professor’s Computer Model Gets It Wrong
Professor Neil Fergusson of London’s Imperial College ran a computer scenario - that freaked out the world - saying millions were going to die - in many ways, causing the world economy to shut off and go into lock down. The result is, we will be picking up the pieces for years to come, as an impact of his over estimation. But, not only that - we see people who originally were supporting the lock down, disobeying the precautions that were put in place and instead openly flaunting the so called lock-down.

So there were two scenarios - one for the ordinary people who were doing what they thought was right, whilst the authorities openly abused the situation
as per the NZ Minister of Health going on a cross town jaunt to ride his bike, as a local example. Same thing happened in Britain and even Barack
Obama out playing golf whilst Michelle was saying on TV - stay at home!

Entitlement and the Abuse of Power
This with NZ Health Minister doing what he wished is a classical state of ‘entitlement’. As Robin mentions is an example of narcissistic personality disorders and psychological disorders - and these people are being exposed … and people are quite rightly asking questions about this!.

Universities in Bed with Word Technology Corporations
It has also been revealed in the last two weeks that London’s Imperial College has a sponsorship deal with Huawei the giant Chinese tech and surveillance corporation to the tune of 5 million pounds and they are in collaboration with other world major offshore tech corporations. Plus, we also know that Bill Gates and his Foundation have granted Imperial College US$ 30 million as of March of this year. So we are seeing within academic circles the state of tertiary education - basically all around the world, being dependent on technology corporations. That their narrative is - how we are all going to be ‘guided’ and progressed into the 4th Industrial Revolution of AI and dependent on 5G wavelengths and above. etc etc. 

Huawei Enters £5Million 5G/AI Cloud Tie-up with Imperial College London

https://needtoknow.news/2020/05/bogus-covid-predictive-models-are-funded-by-the-bill-and-melinda-gates-foundation/    Scroll right down this

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being Enforced on Humanity
AI, the Internet of Things, Social credit surveillance, cashless society, mining of human energy and thoughts for cryptocurrency.

This is being done by using specific psychopathic seduction techniques.

Robin goes on to say that it’s a steady progression across multiple disciplines, platforms, modalities and areas into an artificially intelligence
controlled world. This is where both the billionaires of Silicon Valley and the Chinese from a diametrically different perspective are wanting
to herd the human race towards and they are now not wanting to wait for 2030.

Totalitarian Tiptoe Happening Now!

The totalitarian tiptoe is now a giant leap forward that has been sprung upon us over the last few weeks. In other words humanity
unknowingly are enveloped in a controlled ‘technical fog’ and we are on the receiving end of it all - Like it or not.

He quotes Naomi Klein who in dealing with a high tech corporation in Maryland in the USA , now sees humans as being ‘bio hazards’ where as (sterile) machines are not.

This is where it is all heading - and that is ‘human-less and contactless technology.’

It has become the Time of the Machines …

He goes on to say if you talk about the Corona virus and 5G in the same breath - you are shut down!

Yet, whilst this lock down
all the tech corporations have been making hay while the sun shines. Because they can still work remotely and all the systems are virtually in
place - plus fibrotic cables globally - so super fast media is at their fingertips. They have 24/7 ubiquitous global connectivity.

The Battle for the Soul of our Planet is Full On
Meanwhile the battle for the soul of our planet has ramped up. It’s a hybrid of what Biblical Prophecy is about - and instead of arsenals of armaments and nuclear missiles - it’s the invisibles - it’s about frequencies and viruses and fear - that, which can not be seen.
It’s hugely psychological too. The dark is extraordinary deceptive and it is being fought out mainly in the USA. The Deep State have also been in bed with China too. Heaps of deception everywhere. In the UK there is the 77th Brigade takeover of the UK Government.   https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/british-military-information-war-waged-their-own-population

We are in an Existential Crisis on a Global Scale
Robin says that those who are looking deep and doing the critical thinking - the serious homework and the serious research - are being gaslighted (another psychopathic trait) as being ‘conspiracy theorists.’

(You have to listen to this interview) - for as an Medical Doctor, Robin’s message is - we are being railroaded by huge tech corporations
that are shunting us all into a giant omnipresent frequency cloud that is global in scope and we will be relentlessly bombarded and fried by untested
frequencies coming at us from not only our ordinary surroundings like 5G towers, but from satellites from space as well. Not only this, but because
of our reluctance to look this challenge head on, we are also not able to get out in front of the narrative.

Because MSM shuts us out. As you will notice, we will never have this discussion on TVONE - TV3 , Radio NZ or the NZ Herald - because
they are all connected to ‘vested interests’ that do not feel any connection to humanity, or biota or the natural world as such. Nature in many
ways has no part to play in the world of AI other than as a dead backdrop to our daily drama.

This 4th Industrial Revolution is not just based on frequencies for ‘supposedly’ bettering our life - they are based on highly focussed data connections from machine to machine. Like the Borg. See Star Trek.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borg

The human heart and aspirations are not factored into this - other than to seduce the unwary to the table and then be ensnared
with this tech. Like your young ones with their flash new ‘smart’ phones.

Dr Robin say that when it comes out that these frequencies pose a danger to our children, our grandchildren and the unborn then it will be imperative
that people understand - because when the human race does … it will never ever allow these wireless frequencies be deployed or used.

Calling out the Lies
But also … that all the tech industry lies that are being promulgated, are not sustainable - so let’s keep going - let’s keep explaining and let’s apply the Precautionary Principle.

Governmental Double Standards?
As a result of this coronavirus we have seen enacted in the extreme - measures of closing down our country and confining us to our homes over the last two months. So why do we not apply the same precautionary principle to the ongoing increasing amounts of non ionising radiation of G5 technologies - to a whole population in a way that is impossible to isolate ourselves from?

That the powers that be - can not have it both ways. If we have the precautionary principle for the virus - then to be consistent we have to apply this to 5G as well.

Because there are increasingly more papers coming out exposing the dangers of this technology, than there ever was for the coronavirus.

We can note that MSM media have become very quiet about Elon Musk’s super status of putting up 33,000 satellites in geostationary orbit so as to rake
and microwave our planet with 5 G frequencies. That journalist and their ilk today have kowtowed to money over content as well and duck any controversial
content for fear of being pushed out of the gala tent. There are very few NZ journalists who will go hard against the government in power, for
fear they will never be invited to the many lavish functions that are frequently put on. Like, not wanting to be excluded from the revelry. 😉

No Journalists in NZ prepared to stand up?
Robin mentions Mike King, a NZ comedian who was fronting for the NZ Pork Board selling products made from pigs. Well, someone got to Mike and showed him the horrendous conditions that pigs were living in and being exploited here in clean green happy NZ. When he realised the slavery and inhumane way pigs were being treated he courageously said enough and resigned.

Now where is that ONE JOURNALIST in NZ who will stand up regarding 5G for instance and state that they want to produce a balanced article on the health
dangers of radiation of wireless radiation - we only want one of two to do this and why is this not happening? Hello?

Seduction & Virtual Reality

That virtually reality is coming. We have Siri from Apple and Samsung have Bixby…. plus Amazon has Alexa - sweet sensuous compelling voices
… Our young ones are vulnerable.

Holographic Assistants
The New York Times is working to have news readers that are holographic that will read the news (or their version of the news.)  These life like projections will do exactly what is programmed in them. Like have the correct intonations - show empathy in the right places, smile warmly when required - the timbre of their voice, sound caring - as this becomes the new normal. That this will be the reality and we will think the news reader is real and if she is pretty enough and he handsome as well - we will eventually fall in love with them - especially as they ever so subtly flirt with us and possibly sound more and more like our best friend.

We are entering a realm where humans are to be ever so subtly lobotomised out of the equation and artificial intelligence - takes over.

It has just happened!
This great leap forward has happened in the last 6 weeks - due to the virus setting the stage as to
how to communicate with a captured fear stricken audience.

Trans Humanism versus Soul
We are going to see a radical shift in the future for humanity if Silicon Valley and AI robots have their chance to get into the driver's seat, Trans humanism - where Soul is to be superseded by machines? This
will speed up the move into trans humanism they say, by 2030. But, they want to get it happening as soon as possible - the reason being ‘they’
want a captured audience who have lost their spiritual connection to a greater reality.

That with this AI tech, that trillionaires will emerge from this - hence the race is on …that 29 people even now, have more wealth than that
the bottom 3rd of our planet's population. Hello!

That Mom & Pop shops will disappear now in this post COVID phase and big tech will have its robotic warehouses filling texted orders and the shift
will be monumental. It has been semi like this for 30 years plus - in some countries.

Bill Gates vaccines for all 7.7 billion of us. Will we be further dumbed down with infotainment and ex-rated movies and subsidised cannabis? (Go and
do you own research on DuckduckGo.com

Hydroxychloroquine - the answer for COVID:19 But big Pharma does not like it as it is extremely cheap, even though it has been around for decades.

drug has a downside and an upside.

Trump when photographed wears no mask, whilst Dr Fauci and Dr Birx have masks and because they are the face of big Pharma, pull rank on Trump, because
they are doctors. This is how big Pharma control the narrative.

Falsifying Covid Death Statistics?

Over the last 6 weeks of this crisis, doctors in the field in the US have come out on social media telling that many people who die of other diseases
are being tested for COVID and if they find any trace of COVID are then pronounced that their death was attributed to COVID. Yet, they may have
died of a heart attack or cancer. For whistle blowing this information they are being banned. This is a huge scandal.* This has been found out
and exposed in Italy.  Do your own research. https://www.breitbart.com/health/2020/05/27/italy-96-of-coronavirus-fatalities-had-other-chronic-illnesses/

Also the medical model in NZ have Doctors consultations last about 6 minutes - when 30 minutes is not enough. This too is a scandal.

The Human Gut and our Alimentary canal
The Human biome - has trillions of viruses in our gut - but balance occurs - we are an ecosystem of viruses, bacteria and fungi. They all live within us and they mutate and we would not be alive without these viruses. They are part of our makeup. Listen to the story about the placenta virus - that without this virus - every mother would reject their baby.

We discussed that New York city in the US were having large losses people* Tim ventured because people are in a high rise city - there are very few
gardens and thus factory and industrial food is eaten and it is often devoid of life force and vitality. Hence city folk may have a more compromised
immune systems.

Regarding 5G and its effects there are so many cofactors and we need to be looking and researching all these things. But, so many are deferring to the WHO and WHO says 5G is ok.There is even a conflict of interest with the Prime Minister's Science Adviser - Listen.

The Cashless Society
NZ, Australia and Sweden, are very close to switching to cashless. What are the ramifications? NZ youth now just don’t carry cash and use EFTPOS and this is going to have huge adverse ramifications for ‘activists or anyone who goes against the Corporate and Government narrative.’YOUR CARD IS DECLINED. Please go to the nearest Police Station, Listen

AI - Universities in NZ are now eradicating the arts and philosophical departments, they are being cleansed of anything to do with
'higher mind' and values. We are losing the higher arts.

Massey University here too in Auckland. The classics are gone including pure science and health science as well as the biological sciences and marine
biology. All these to be replaced by an AI Innovation block.

Huawei are involved in this ….that NZ in the future will be AI run with the Internet of Things

 Robin says we are sovereign beings - we have to become super aware ASAP

We will not be able to elect anyone to save us - as the system has all been set up - not in our favour.

The 4th Industrial Revolution however - can be cured with goodness - love and compassion - and common sense.

We have to guide the machines to help us - also to not divide us … Robin says not the other way around but essentially we need a conscious awakening.

They - the tech world, are exposing their lies very early in the game - so being alert we can see their plans. 

Robin and Tim commit to educating humanity to realise their possibilities as human beings having an earth experience. 

 'Inner candle burning and lights on full ...'


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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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