Billy Te Kahika: NZ’s Social Media Phenomenon, Fastest Growing Political Party in Nation’s History

Interviewed by Tim LynchSeptember 16, 2020
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This has come about because we know that our planet, and the biosphere are in crisis. We are intuitively recognising that our freedoms are being constantly
eroded. Not only this, but mainstream media is either censoring by omission or only feeding us information that may not necessarily be true. Especially if espoused by the Government - who are elected to be our representatives, and expected to debate and clarify every point of view
in an open forum so that both they, and we, are fully advised of all pros and cons.

This interview tells of the emergence of the NZ Public Party and Advance NZ via social media, why so many people have been drawn to it, and illustrates a common thread that connects so many concerned citizens of today.

Yes, there is a metaphysical strand passing right through this narrative and it all revolves around either control or freedom. Not freedom to do whatever
we want to do, but in having ‘Freedom’ - we know that we have to be self-disciplined when given such an immense responsibility.

This interview is about the soul of humanity and its impact on the soul of our civilisation.

The best way to understand this is by watching Robert F Kennedy Jr in Berlin 28 Aug 2020

Robert connects so many dots that it brings Billy’s focus into perspective. To such a degree that within the next 10 days Robert and Billy are going to
engage in a live video discussion, together.


In this interview I asked, Billy can you please start off with a little karakia - as prayer is important as it supports clear, good thought, correct statements,
and right action.

We talk of his wife Corrin and his three children, his Tamariki, and also of his surname Kahika being short for Kahikatea - this being the tallest native tree in New Zealand!
Taller than our mighty Kauri - As these trees can grow up to 60 metres high and given time - higher. So I say that he comes from a very important family
tree, pun intended - or shall I say whakaapa. (laugh) He says it has many meanings - the expression to be a warrior and the expression of a leader
- but quickly advises that he has no desire to be a politician or in Parliament and now he finds himself in front of a movement that he says is really
not about being hungry or lustful for power - he at heart just wants to get on with his life, with his business, being a musician, having a little
ministry with his wife and helping people. However these times that have come about now have compelled him to take a stand and air the concerns of
many, many people of what we are seeing in relation to the behaviour of the present NZ Government. (but of previous Governments too.

He says he stepped forward as he found that there was no-one in the political landscape articulating what was happening and this compelled him to make
a stand, not knowing that it would lead to the formation of the NZ Public Party.

Early Childhood

Billy grew up as an ordinary kiwi Maori New Zealander living in South Auckland in a ‘state house’ with his beautiful Pakeha Mum and Maori Father. Saying
that he never really wanted for anything yet did not have a lot either. He says many people are still highly skeptical of how he could come from obscurity
to leading the fastest growing political movement in NZ. Something that has never been accomplished before. That it is all about the message, the timing
and what needed to be expressed in the public arena.

That a growing number of people have been in distress quietly thinking the same things but not having an outlet for their concerns, their thoughts and
thinking. Some were upset, thinking that this lockdown situation that we are in - just could not be and Billy was able to amalgamate and aggregate
people from across society that share the same concerns - and Billy was able to put a voice to it and unite it all and thus have such a message stream
out across not only NZ but globally too. Because in his words - it is a true peoples message and a true peoples movement.

The Status Quo do not like Billy calling out the ‘system’.

As a result all the political parties, be it the major ones and the small independent ones in Billy’s words - hate what he is doing. Because he has noticed
that NZ has been losing its sovereignty and independence over a long period of time. (This subject will be dealt with at another time.)

He tells of his COVID 19 experience and because as a family man on a little farm went into lockdown a week early, because he genuinely thought this the
prudent thing to do with what information that he had at the time. However over this period he started to see cracks in the Government narrative. Listen - it is best hearing it from Billy direct. (It is only a 50 meg file - equivalent to 12 photographs).

Because what he started to notice were incongruencies with what the authorities were talking about. Remember, he had had some experience as a military
analyst and viewed information in a holistic way of thinking and as he said - he was seeing that these authorities had differing perspectives that
as team players they did not add up to one coherent story.

Contradiction in the Narrative.

So being at home with more time on his hands he put a lot of effort into research and assessing the information and found too many contradictions to the
degree that when during the course of the lockdown they deemed to say that there was the potential for people to be arrested and detained and face
charges. He states that this changed the narrative - that we were dealing with a highly deadly disease - he says that we understand that if it was
a highly lethal disease - everyone would happily lockdown. But, earlier on Billy had been hearing these other narratives from Stanford University in
the USA and their Department of Epidemiology.

This was headed by Professor John Ioannidis - and Billy noted that this was from an exceptionally well-qualified Professor who had ‘broken ranks’ with
the corporate, health and educational world. His detractors said he misled the public and the US Media in lockstep all condemned him - because one,
‘he was his own man’ - and two the media, and universities are all part of the one mindset and that they need to follow the same ‘controlled’ narrative.
Because he said that Governments globally need to relax - that it’s an overreach - saying don’t panic and it is not going to be millions and millions
of deaths - that it is going to be within the range of the annual seasonal loss due to bad influenza.

This to Billy says is confirmed by the courageous Auckland University epidemiologist Dr. Simon Thornley who stated the prolonged lockdown is likely to
cause greater harm than the virus to the nations long term health and well being, the social fabric, plus economy and education.

Agenda21 and Agenda2030

So Billy took this all in and then studied the United Nations, which he had been doing for over 10 years and all of its many different agendas and realms
and he had himself visited the UN and met Helen Clark when she was number 3 there and to cut this short - that Agenda21 and Agenda2030 were in his
eyes, problematic - because those that have made an in-depth study, as well note the buzz worlds of sustainability and green initiatives and the very
catchy phrases of due care and the future of children living in peace and harmony - something just did not click for him.

NZ Prime Minister Commits NZ to Agenda21 & Agenda2030.

But what spiked Billy’s focus was that last September at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in New York at a presentation called GoalKeepers - NZ’s
PM Jacinda Ardern had made a public commitment to the audience that she was going to commit to the full implementation of these two Agendas right across
NZ and yet she has not made this statement on the front page of the NZ Herald or the first news slot on TV ONE, or TV3 or the lead story at Radio NZ.
So there was one short story for overseas consumptions whilst the hobbits back home in the Shire in NZ learned of nothing but a quick news brief, on
TV to the acclaimed silence of every NZ Member of Parliament to this day. Hence NZers' growing suspicion. You must remember Agenda21 was signed in
Rio De Janeiro in Brazil in 1992 under the watchful eye of George Herbert Bush, US President, Ex Chief of the CIA.

Billy maintains that these Agendas become a totalitarian agenda were without prior consultation with the community from the grassroots up, we are not being
told what they are being implemented. Because, it’s a top-down mechanism from the top of the pyramid to micromanage our planet - country by country,
region by region, from villages, towns and cities that programme humans to be eventually asked, and ‘encouraged’ to shift from the rural sector into
‘smart cities.’ Yet this has not been discussed in town hall meetings across NZ or better still on a two hour TV slot with both TVOne and TV3 ‘simulcasting’
it to the whole country - calling on all citizens of NZ to tune into this nationwide debate and discussion as to what is Agenda21 and the best future
possible for us, especially our children and grandchildren's future.

Told to obey, and not encouraged to consciously participate?

That our society would come under the aegis of protocols from above about where a human can live, breathe, drink, eat, watch etc. Would the United Nations
declaration of human rights apply?

But aligned with the World Economic Forum inclusive of the Fourth Industrial Revolution - humanity will be herded into smart cities wherein Auckland for
example saturated in a cloud of escalating 5G wireless frequencies we would be drinking water piped in from the Waikato river - being only tested for
100 different chemicals whilst upstream the catchment area brings in 10’s of thousands of farm, factory and urban roadside chemicals. Would we be allowed
to grow organic food in both the back and front yard of our homes? Or, if not allowed, does that mean having to eat factory food and industrial food
- devoid of nutrition, vitamins, minerals and ‘life force?’

Cashless Digital Society to be implemented.

In a cashless society which we are entering as you read - all transactions are tracked and everything is transparent. Agenda21 clarifies what we can and
can not do with our land, what we can build, how we can build - what permissions needed. How we educate our children, ‘medical sovereignty’ to make
decisions for you and your family what water we can catch, or pump up from the ground.

Billy maintains all of the above is entwined in Agenda21. Yet, there are also many concerned people, and plenty of lawyers and learned people currently
in litigation against the UN’s rollout for this.

Why the Secrecy of Agenda21 and Agenda2030

Why are our leaders not talking about this and then asking for feedback?

Why does the community at a grassroots level know essentially nothing about this? (other than they are too busy surviving and keeping a job to learn more
about this. etc etc.

When Billy collated and pulled all this information together and then went on FB and called to all who wished to hear - it went viral and here we are today
- with a rapidly growing educated population - connecting the dots and realizing that there are two narratives running. An overt one and a covert one.
That when Billy started talking via social media - it went like wildfire - and people started sharing and liking and responding and NZers up and down
the country realised that this was how they saw it too … and were ecstatic that someone had come out and courageous said it for what it is.
That there have been over 2.5 million people on Facebook sharing, discussing organising and as of now there are 65 party candidates and the list is

The feedback to Billy, is that NZers - these being lawyers, doctors, media professionals - business owners - wealthy people, poor people - every level
of society are very concerned with the secrecy of what is planned for the country.

So today we are wanting to know about the Prime Minister's implementation of an Agenda that she has not gone to the NZ people to inform and appraise them

He said that the AdvanceNZ team has been working on all the policies that need to happen - that they have very qualified people organising and overseeing
what needs to be accomplished.

Needing a New Constitution

Personal Sovereignty as a God given right.

Get our over priced housing under control - take an entrepreneurial approach to it - not a bureaucratic approach.

Address our everyday problems by encouraging ordinary people who see these challenges and address them and who are not groomed politicians - who are also
not groomed to take the corporate line either …

He mentions not only our PM, but also the Minister of Health and the Minister of Finance as working for another Agenda.

There is so much in this interview for you dear reader, if you wish to know more you are encouraged to please download and listen. Yes it is long - but
not as long as having to sit down and translate it word for word - believe me 🙂 ta - Tim

Other Points

The Government is closing down localism and grassroots endeavours - especially in the rural sector. Notice that they never mention organics and how we
can become healthy. During COVID lockdown the PM did not encourage us to eat healthy non-sugary food, drink good pure vital water (which you can not
get out of the tap.)

Were you encouraged during the first lockdown to grow your own food to become a little more sustainable and resilient as well as fit and being in sunlight?
No, because the current Government is in lockstep with corporate food giants who only want you to eat chemically sprayed factory food. It would be
no different if it was the National Government, they have been infiltrated with the neoliberal discourse as well.

Because Labour is very engaged with centralisation of power out of Wellington, in wanting more Nationwide control. Then we have Regional Control = Australia,
Pacific islands and certain areas within South East Asia and then ...

Full planetary control?

Labour is going about this systematically. The National Party would also do the same - if in power.

But, Billy states we have to have a strong middle class - and this is being eroded.

What is stated here is that the Government is collapsing our economy and in doing so is racking up more debt, getting our country beholden to overseas
bankers (who print money out of thin air) and so with the majority of Labour MPs not being business people and have not put their savings on the line
- they have no understanding of the challenges and risks of owning and running a business - and thus have very little connection to small business
and the responsibilities, etc .

Over reach by the Government?

The COVID19 Public Health Response Bill.

The NZ Govt states it is the only single source of Truth that we had the NZ Police use their Facebook page to say - exactly the same thing.

The NZ Herald article last week stated NZ has now debt of over $800 billion from a population of 4.8 million people - and that we could be forced to sell
off the NZ communities remaining few crown jewels - the Ports of Auckland and whatever percentage of the Airport we still own.

We pay around $45 billion dollars in interest alone without paying off the principle - to keep our debts at bay. Covid has cost us $240 billion already.

The internet censorship Bill that Tracy Martin of NZ First put through - why did NZFirst want to do this? The hate speech Bill has to be re-examined as

That Chris Hipkins Minister of Health stated that action could be taken against people who spread lies and misinformation about Covid 19.

Turkey and Switzerland - Switzerland followed the global lockdown and Turkey followed suit - but they kept the workforce at the jobs - that anyone 20 and
under stayed home and 60 and over stayed home too.

They were able to keep Turkey running at a high percent and both at risk groups were taken care of. When compared with the Swiss their statistics were
comparable - but Turkey was able to keep their country running and not depend on loans, to bail them out.

Look at 6hr 25 mins onwards re covid statistics - very revealing

And Sweden - they went for herd immunity and after a very traumatic starts with a large amount of Covid health problems and deaths (the elderely) - they
have now gained herd immunity and the initiator of this unique process has been sent to work with Dr. Tedros of the WHO to shape them up.

He went against consensus realitys buy into the fear and the course that Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates trumpeted and came out of this to end triumphantly.

He said very early in the situation that essentially this covid was a very nasty winter flu and they have come out the other side and their economy is
intact and taken not had to be bailed out by intentional banks etc - They did not buy into the Who and Its Ceo..

Billy Talks of a Trojan Horse and the Bill of Rights in relation to a national emergency that the NZ Bill of Rights can be suspended. He states that should
never be the case - because the elected politicians in Parliament are our elected representatives - to represent us - we the people.

He also queried why John Key paid $15 million to the discredited Clinton Foundation and that Jacinda Ardern donated $5 million to them in what has been
found out to be a ‘pay to play’ racket. What is the procedure and checks and balances to allow a PM to make contributions of NZ tax payers money to
an overseas foundation. Who gives the ok?

There is much in this interview when more questions could have been asked, but lack of time prevented this.

Finally - when we set up this interview - Youtube generated a random number sequence. This is what we got back. What was even more interesting was that
for the first time in my 17 years in radio I asked an interviewee to say a karakia - a prayer.

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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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