Anita, Anand and Jenny from Kawai Purapura talk about the Voices of Sacred Earth Eco Festival

Interviewed by Tim LynchMarch 2, 2016
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From the microscopic and invisible to the macro-captivating mega fauna, from viruses and bacteria to the great blue whales and kauri and redwoods. To the council of all beings - all breathing in concert and growing and surviving within the seasonal cycles of a fecund yet increasingly stressed mother planet.

However - what of the future, where are we going as a human species? What is the destiny of our planet in these rapidly changing of times? And who best can speak to these challenges, other than the races and cultures who have held onto the old ways - the indigenous, the first nations - the ones who keep the soles of their feet firmly planted on the surface of the great mother, Gaia, Papatuanuku, our profound sustainer.

Listen to an inspiring introduction to what the weekend ofthe 11, 12 & 13th March will share. This engaging discussion with representatives of this forthcoming event is persuasive and captivating. Knowing that there are devoted people, 'being the change we want to see in the world' is heartening. Let's support them by furthering this notion as we mobilise to care for our individual and collective future - for all biota.  

Wisdom keepers who hold life as sacred are still today found in indigenous societies whose closeness to clan and kin is also mirrored in their perceptive seeing, hearing, and especially their acute sense of smell and taste including that of touch. Out in the wilderness, the last realms of quietness they have not become desensitised as we have become in our Western cities where we exist in air conditioned, glass tinted isolation, looking out at the environment beyond the building, separated and disconnected instead of ‘being it’ and immersing and breathing in the pulse of nature - in the ever present moment.

Some say that the greatest pollution on our planet is situated between our ears and if we were able to clear our thoughts of all our wounds, divisiveness, loss and separation and become far more heart centred a wave of change emanating from us-all, could lift not only our own aspirations but that of the localised community that radiating outwards would encompass the larger global community and planet as a whole.

 Eventuating in reconnecting with the sacredness of our great sustainer  - our planet Mother Earth.

This interview calls on our deeper self to think, feel and intuit, what is our connection to self, family, community as well as to life nature and our great planet.

Talking of Australian first peoples, possibly 80,000 years of story of immersing with nature.  

That from India we hear the urgency that it is high time to discontinue our disconnection and come together. That it is high time we dropped our arrogance and escapism and unify as individuals, community and as a society and take a deep look as to what is to be human on our planet. We have more and more technologies and tools yet more people are finding themselves exceedingly lonely and alone. Festivals like this one allow for organic connection of people in a delightful natural setting.

This is about the importance of really acknowledging our connection to mother earth and having deep reverence for what we have inherited.

The Elders – if we do not honour our elders and listen to their accumulated knowledge and know how, in a few years from now they will have all gone, and we will lose the vast repository of ancient training and knowing that these elders embody, and hold close to themselves. It will be too late as one of main reasons is, because theirs is an oral language and not written down.

At present there are around 200 similar festivals hapening around our planet celebrating our connection as a vibrant community as well as committing to revere the earth for sustaining us with the requirements to life – air, water and an earth based tasty food chain. However, when these gatherings align with the right intent to increase the harmonic of peace and connection, new possibilities present themselves. New potentialities of community peace can spontaneously spring forth with innovative and novel expressions of the moment. This innevitably shapes our conversation and ushers forth new contextual opportunities never thought possible until their immediate emergence.

This is how a new paradigm presents itself.

This could be classified as punctuated equilibrium or a new intelligence that we create by tapping into global group mind … and all it needs is a change of heart.

Communities coming to share are from Te Henga community on the West Coast of Auckland to to tell of their success,

From Auroville in Pondicherry in India as to how community can bring about a positive vision for tomorrow, by building a spiritual city at peace within nature.

Film feature called Ever the land’ in the setting of the forest region of Te Urewera and T?hoe and their making of a building they call a living marae.

Plus a sweat lodge as performed by the First Nations of North America and an opportunity to participate in what it is to join an experience what has been a catalyst for psychological change for accessing our own consciousness as well as interacting with group consciousness.

Children today are more open and receptive to story from native and indigenous people as it relates to nature and the earth that supports them – they a exceptionally quick to pick on concepts and integrate information into their being …

We are transitioning from being able to manufacture and manifest from out of chaos into creators and co creators where we consciously choose how we create and shape our future, one that is cooperative by nature and that will benefit the whole other than to service to self.

When we surrender to the deepest connection - to mother earth – we open ourselves to another way of seeing our relationship with our planet – many people experience life changing moments when they let go of their past conditioning and spontaneously receive information or manifest a mystical experience some could say - from the earth mother – that can change their life for ever and for the better …

Some of the presenters at this Voices of the Sacred Earth:

Jonathan Evatt and the Colombian Kogi Indians of South America

Graeme Sait  World renown on the sacredness of the soil and its health on both planet and person.

Water Man River ecologist storyteller Mike O’Donnell from Paeroa

Elder, healer and leader in the Maori community Dr. Rangimarie Turuki Rose Pere

Ojasvin Kingi Davis and Waimaania Davis     Healing / Facilitators

Richard Wallace on garden care and composting

Makuini Ruth Tai on Maori Cultural Wisdom Keeping

Tibetan Monks and esoteric life from the rarefied atmosphere from the top of the world.

Tim Lynch on Gaia and conscious action, (Sunday)

The message from the indigenous world and first peoples.

The heart has to lead first and have the mind as a servant. The heart is a supreme master, if we have the opposite - civilisation will eventually diminish and lose … as it is today.

There is an urgency to change our education system as it is based on the past of an industrial, colonial mentality as we have industrialised our planet and extracted gigantic amounts of resources and it is not in our favour to take and take and take … and we are training our children to become part of this industrial machine and it is not serving us.

Life is an in-breath and an out-breath, just as the tides go out and the tides come in, the moon waxes and wanes.  We cannot take an in-breath and hold it in, reciprocity is such that life is based on give and take.

Today's dilemma in the Western World:

We are  engaged in a life of having more but experiencing less to having so many choices that we cannot make up our mind.

This is not expanding our horizons as we close off the bigger picture to focus on our limitations.

By coming together in cells and clusters of cells we build up a synergy that is more than the sum of its parts and this is what is actually happening as the emergence of conscious choices makes itself known. When we commit to organise - to find a new evolutionary pathways we energetically create a higher level of being and  … escape to another highly evolving magnitude of being.

Covering awakening to change and ‘near death experiences’ and ‘out of the body experiences’ and that what ‘happens’ to oneself are so life changing and extraordinary you want to share this occurrence  – which is a natural outflow of love and more  …

Voices of the Sacred Earth intends us to ask the question, how does a human live on a planet, with kin, in community - in accord with Nature's process?

Are you growing every day?  Has life become a homogenised daily trudge or uneventful grind?  Or is life opening you up to wonder, and curiosity and magical enquiry?

The choice is available to courageous truth seekers who have empathy to all beings.

Friday 11th March, Sat 12th March, Sunday 13th March 2016, a symposia of the Earth’s humanities will assemble to share breath, story, methods, wisdom and actions to take care for our individual and common future of this gigantic experiment called life.

At Mills Lane, Albany Auckland NZ       

All Welcome.  

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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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