Alan Simmons: ‘The Outdoors Party’ - Reclaiming our country and nature back for all New Zealanders

Interviewed by Tim LynchSeptember 4, 2019
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That the only course of action to halt this decline was for him as an ‘out doors man’ - was to finally be impelled to start a political party to exact
positive change.

Hence the birth of the Please Note this interview mentions: DOC = the
Department of Conservation - MPI = the Ministry of Primary Industries and - ‘Winston’ = the leader of the NZ Party, which in the last election - 'held
the balance of power' and that he was able to forge an Alliance with the Labour Party and the Green Party which enabled Jacinda Ardern to become the
Prime Minister of NZ.

In this interview you will hear the timbre of Alan’s voice as he warmly articulates his love for our nation, our warm national character, our countryside
and the magnificence of our scenery. However he also voices his disappointment of the Governmental agencies tasked to take care of our cherished
environment and do the right thing for the future of generations to come. This interview was very enjoyable from the standpoint that Alan talked
about a duty of care - that I as the interviewer became far to involved and talked far too much - when I needed to just ask questions - so I wish
to apologise to Alan and listeners - for too much talk time.

The essence of this interview is on this web page and basically says it all.

Walking and climbing many areas in the hills, ranges and mountains of NZ and specialising in being both a fishing and hunting guide. Alan has a very
intimate relationship with the land and nature. This is where he has been able to dwell and think-through what needs to be done to restore our
environment and bring through the old New Zealand values of yesteryear.


Healthy land, clean water, rivers and lakes and seashores

Regenerate fish in both inland waterways and along our coasts.

Speaking for hunters and fishermen and all activities of the great outdoors.

Low impact, high value agricultural production.

No more trawling of our coastal fisheries.

Establish environmental limits to economic growth

Focus on quality, not quantity in everything we do.

A society where health, happiness and compassion are our measures for success.

Major Platforms

A moratorium on 5G Technologies.

Halt aerial toxins of 1080, clean up the rapid decline of our inshore fisheries, and the importance to clean up our streams, rivers and lakes. Including
hunting, land use in the public interest.

That all of these back into a healthy environment and ecology which equates to land, forests, and backcountry areas. Hence the name ‘Outdoors Party.’

Also realising that many people leave the cities on weekends and holidays to spend much needed time in the great outdoors.


Dairy Farming

Alan mentions that the dairy farming industry, which is the backbone to NZ’s economy has to be challenged - especially on the Canterbury Plains where
the irrigation sucks so much water out of the rivers and cows waste leaches so easily back down through the fragile soil - that contamination is
escalating beyond the ability to control. He states that the industry has to take responsibility for it actions as it is majorly undermining our
land and waterways as well as our future.

Dirty Dairying Exposed in the New York Times

Fish & Salmon Farming

Salmon farming in NZ - is the cause of a huge amount of issues - from feeding low quality food to salmon, use of antibiotics, to the fish becoming
diseased and that below the enclosure - high amounts of pollution that looks like a desolate lifeless wasteland.

Commercial fishing is taking from the NZ ‘Commons’ - which belongs to the NZ People - 'We the people own this resource’ - however it has been essentially
taken over by an exceptionally small number of players. This is resulting in a huge waste of other species of fish, caught as ‘by-catch’ that are
injured and returned to the water - but many end up dying - floating on the surface to eventually sink to the bottom of the sea. See further down
this posting.

Hear about how the 'Recreational Fishing Reserves' that the National Party promised for the people, that were never taken up and followed through when
they were in power. That there was no intention of this being actioned - and the National politicians breaking promises - year after year.


The word kaitiaki in Maori is mentioned by Alan - a very good word Kaitiaki is a New Zealand Māori term used for the concept of guardianship, for the
sky, the sea, and the land. A kaitiaki is a guardian, and the process and practices of protecting and looking after the environment are referred
to as kaitiakitanga.

It needs to be adhered to.

Aerial Toxins - 1080 poison

Halting the aerial toxin 1080 being dropped by helicopter over large areas of the country which causes huge collateral damage to other animal species
eating and taking in this poison and dying horrendous painful deaths.

He talks about the spin doctors from the Department of Conservation and the Green Party saying that they are totally accepting of this poison as the
only option we have in this country. Yet, there are a number of small regions where the locals have used trapping and ‘targeted’ other poisons
and they are highly successful - because with 1080, vast numbers of birds are dying - such as the native kea.

SPCA - has come out against 1080. But the Forest and Bird Society of all organisations, are so pro 1080 that they will not engage in finding other
alternatives - other than continue supporting of ‘carpet bombing’ the bush and dropping tonne’s of poison green pellets where it gets into bush
covered ravines and waterways - as they have no control of it - and as the poison pellets are made of cereal, birds are drawn to it.

Listen to Alan talk about 1080 - he will give you a graphic understanding by a witness who has seen deer that have eaten and taken in this poison and
of the long horrific, agonising, torturous death these poisoned animals undergo that in Alan’s words is - unspeakable.

Also talked to, was that 1080 is an extremely emotional issue - that has ferocious arguments coming from both sides of the ‘debate’ - because this
issue is fervently being fought to actually save our fauna - however the process is so vociferous that after the 1080 argument dies down - the
opposite actually takes place - silence and quietness throughout the entire area of the bush where 1080 is dropped.


With the coming planned roll out of 5G technology across NZ - the Outdoors Party ‘is out there alone’ in comparison to all the other main political
parties. They are calling for a ‘moratorium’ on the deployment of this technology. Especially as there has been no independent health studies that
have been peer reviewed by independent scientists and doctors free from industry ties. At the time of this interview all the other main political
parties have shown no interest in the health effects that this technology can/may cause. They are all pro 5G.

Even though there are rapidly increasing numbers of very courageous scientists and doctors who are prepared to call out the industry for not doing
‘due diligence’ on the intensity of the frequencies that will be saturating all areas. This includes the rapid escalation of transmitting tower
numbers being ubiquitous along all streets and neighbourhoods everywhere - many nest door to homes of families, schools and children’s preschools.

Who benefits from this tech? Alan says, 4G is quite ok for most of us. To take action people in NZ are talking about switching phone companies - Vodafone
is going to be the first to deploy 5G across the country and so many Vodafone customers are changing to '2 Degrees’ - as they say their company
is not going to 5G. This is one way to boycott the big guys.

People are starting to organise in local groups across NZ and they are happening as this is being read. Sue Grey also belongs to the 'outdoors party'
and was interviewed 3 weeks ago with much more info here.

NZ Coastal Fisheries being the 4th largest in area on earth

Alan talks about these fisheries needing to being in the care for all NZers. Called the “commons.’ That they belong to the people of this country,
and have to be managed for the people and our collective future. However large commercial interests have claimed 94% of the fishery and are taking
huge numbers out fish of the sea, and virtually dumping these fish at low prices overseas. (Not adding value.)

So the perennial problem of the commercial sector is the continued netting of ‘by-catch’ - not the targeted fish that they have been given quota’s
for - and then when caught - are dumped - most die due to being out of the water too long or are injured in this process.

The name Scott Macindoe comes up as a revered and highly acknowledged spokesman on behalf of the recreational fisherfolk of NZ and the challenges faced
by them, especially against the commercial fishing juggernaut wanting to exert their need for more areas in which to fish. (listen).

Alan also wants NZ as a nation to focus on organics (not GE or GMO’s).

That we focus on value adding to all our exports as a huge number of logged trees are being exported from NZ without any ‘value adding’ to them. That
we are selling them just as logs and we could sell them as sawn up and dressed timber or even more innovative products.

That we place an organic emphasis especially around health and that healthy food and food growing be taught to children in schools throughout NZ.

Legislation and the 1956 NZ Health Act.

The Act says it is for - improving, promoting and protecting public health.

What does it mean 'protecting public health?’

In promoting a healthy lifestyle for NZers, Alan states that when we take ourselves out doors into nature it can heal us in so many ways, especially
from todays onset of stress and depression.

We also hear that being affiliated and going outdoors is spiritually good for all people, especially young people - with the result of far less health

In this interview Alan shows his commitment to NZ’s fauna and fauna and what he and the Outdoors Party are undertaking for the good of the country.
That is to exact change bygoing to Parliament to follow through on what their website manifesto states.

This is especially relevant to DOC whom he states - 'have lost their way.'

Alan Simmons

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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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