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Interviewed by Tim LynchDecember 4, 2019
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So having evolved out of the flower power generation of the 1960's I ask Will about the town he lives in - Ashland in Oregon that has a general population
of about 22,000 people.

A Conscious Community Oriented City.

The reason why Will ended up in Ashland was that 17 years ago he was sitting in a hot tub at the local YMCA and overheard a conversation between some others
'soaking up' that was expanding on quantum physics. He said he learnt so much about the nature of reality in that short 10 minutes he said to himself
- this is the town for me.

He says that there are so many people there who are immersed in the study of consciousness - and the network of 'conscious' people never ceases to astound
him. That there are many teachers of so many 'disciplines' as well as holistic health professionals - retired diplomats and that there are numerous
people who could become very famous, but prefer to remain quietly silent, and just do life, integrating into and being in community.

Many renown authors like, Neil Donald Walsh, (Conversations with God) Gary Zukov (The Seat of the Soul) and Jean Huston (The Search for the Beloved) -
live there. That the town has a huge organic food-op that has over 20,000 members - that there are more members than people in the town ... that they
are innovative and in the world of today - these people are aware - and as a community they are deeply concerned about the state of the world - they
are active as well as 'participate in the community' and at the same time work to bring joy into their lives - other than despair ...

Not only that, Oregon, in which Ashland is situated, is the only state in the US that has a deposit on soft drink bottles and cans ... and Ashland's Police
Cars have an insignia on the side stating 'Peace Officer' - not Police Officer - this is very recent ... a rebranding - actually Will says that the
Police Chief could easily be at home listening to our conversation and would without doubt keep up with this discussion ... as well as 'contribute
a lot to it' - saying that he is a wonderful man.

They have a citizens group that are very active around any abuse or violence in the area - and that do not have much ... there is a lot of attention being
put on the homeless issue and poverty. They are a very proactive community and there are people who are retired who have a good amount of money - including
giving and a lot of philanthropy and receive a lot of social support within the community.

In many ways Ashland is a 'microcosm' of how we would like it to be in the world.

A view of what is happening across America today.

I asked about the larger story of what's happening across the USA - he said what we are seeing now is the full extent of what is happening behind the scenes
- invisibly. It is now out in the open - saying it's not as if corruption has just started - and dishonesty in high places ... manipulation, deceit
and lies and all we are seeing - is so obviously out in the open ... that this has been going-on for decades ... and even though a lot of Americans
are embarrassed, disgusted, alarmed with what has been happening - they are also grateful that it has now come out in the open where they can now see
it and now perhaps have a chance to deal with it.

He said that he had been to a concert that day - and a musical piece had lyrics that were grappling with the turmoil of the world. These rang so clearly
to him when they san - "a mind at peace with all below ..."


"a mind at peace with all below ..."

He then said that it's not sanctioning denial - he said that he keeps up with the news and has various sources that he studies every day ... he feels that
there is a skill to develop and be able to witness what is going on - and then develop our own activism to help - without having a disturbed mind ...

The Quantum World and how it plays out in our daily life

Regarding Wills insights into the quantum world - it is really about exploring energy - Listen - sorry - regrettably I do not have time to write this all

The observer effect - that at a sub-atomic level - if you are observing a situation - your are also affecting it -listen ... so what you look at - you
will influence what you see ....

Also covered is - spiritual bypass and especially anger and rage .... Listen - very illuminating ...

Covering Barbara Marx Hubbard and her statement that today - 'we humans are in the birth canal to another reality or paradigm' ... to find that Will had
lived in the same house as Barbara for a year and of the inner growth that took place during this time ... That she was an important world teacher
around so many aspects relating to life.

Will talks about our shadow - and the darker side of our nature that has us saying and doing certain things in our life that in so many ways is incongruent
with who at heart we truly are ... Listen

He talks about Ursula Le Guin - author of the Earthsea chronicles ... gist ...being frightened and always running from the darkness of our own shadow -
and then stopping and taking a courageous stand and facing it. (I won't tell you what happens :))

Covering Anima Munde Latin for - World Soul - we are all connected - Namaste the Hindu greeting - ‘I honour the light behind your eyes - I honour the God
(Atman) within you.’

What is the saying - ‘I know where you are coming from’ ... what does that correlate to?

I sense that where you are coming from is basically - in essence ...

Question can we stop what we are doing partly through our day - at any random time and ask the question - ‘how much love do we have for ourselves and the
universe/divine as of this moment?’

Can we discipline ourselves to not be caught up in the daily drama of our existence and separate ourselves momentarily and see that we truly are connected
to a greater realm that is eternal and that we can be 'present' with?

A recent poll in the USA found that 50% of the people who were polled did not have anyone to confide in. Will found this information heartbreaking. How
have we come to this?

He further stated that we, he and I (Tim) were indeed very fortunate that we are surrounded by networks of people whom we could seek solace and share love
with, of whatever is concerning us. This is very important.

We have to get back to being 'a human being' and not human doing ...

Will also talks about time travel - and that we are becoming time travellers - being present and then travel in the quantum field. listen

Within the quantum field - Will talks to dreams and the dream field and synchronicities ...

That our reality could actually be a dream just a different type of dream ....

That we are exploring a mystery or even 'the great mystery'

That ultimately Life is a mystery ...

Though a teacher, Will states that he never sees himself as an expert - all he wants to do is draw out the genius that is within all students.

"The purpose of existence is to find out the purpose for existence ..." - comes up as a question that we need to be aware of through out our life.

What is required is 'to culture a field that inspires the genius to come out in everyone who is there ...'

To be able to listen

To be very good listeners - Will talks to this - we have to be able to listen and show our intent to learn from the young ones.

"Noon day club" - pausing every day at noon for a short prayer or a mini meditation.

Will encourages us to set our smart phone alarm at 12 noon to give us a friendly reminder to remember who we are and that to give thanks and for-want of
a better word, offer a blessing to the world.

This idea has been around for a while - but is has somewhat tapered off and Will is resurrecting it again as a centering mechanism or a homing ...

He said more and more people are setting there smart phones for noon and when the alarm goes off - are taking time out to refocus ...

Some people have a little declaration.

Wills is - "This is the moment - something wonderful is happening - I am creating the future with love ..."

He says this silently to himself, however if he is with someone and if they are willing - he says it out loud.

It is just to share a few moments of silence together and to feel ones energy broadcasting into mass consciousness.

Wills intention is to have millions of people to do this at noon every day around our planet in every time zone when the sun is at its zenith.

So that we get a pulsation of energy ...

And Will feels confident this can make a difference.

We all need to slow down to the speed of life - Life is not frantic ...

Simply slow down and enjoy being alive ...

And remember 12 noon ...

Thus was a wonderful relaxed interplay. Will is a very easy to relate to having a vast life experience of teaching, writing and conversing with people
from all walks of life. Being gregarious and amenable - he is committed to our world, its people and especially the children of today and tomorrow.

You can bring peace on earth, in one minute a day.
Join the Noon Club

Know that Love makes life worthwhile.

Imagine a life without love. Sadly, so many people feel a despairing lack of love, even some who are successful and surrounded by friends. Over 50% of
Americans report they have no one they can confide in. 25% live alone. An epidemic of loneliness is sweeping the world, spiking suicide rates.

What can we do about that?

We can discover and begin using a secret weapon that we already possess. “Weapon,” of course, is the wrong word. Let’s call it a secret super power. I
won’t make you wade through twenty torturous paragraphs before I reveal what it is (while trying to sell you something along the way … don’t
you loathe that website technique?).

We can express love.

This is a massive subject and will be the topic of an ongoing series of articles I’ll pen over the remaining weeks of 2019. You’ll receive them as part
of your free subscription to The Noon Club. My objective? To educate you in what I’ve come to believe is the most effective technique for bringing
deep, positive change into the world, benefiting ourselves in the process.

Education is one thing, application is another. As you read, you’ll also be experiencing the three-phase learning process I’ve discovered for translating
new understanding into new action. Ultimately, unless we act on what we learn we’re just swelling our heads.

So, how can we help those who desperately want more love in their lives? This brings us to our first lesson in love and from this point forward I’ll use
the “you” voice because I want this to be a real conversation between us, rather than a theoretical discussion about a vague “we.”

So, pour yourself a cup of tea, settle back in your chair, and enjoy this deep dive for the next 5 minutes or so.








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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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