Why IPCC scientists are unable to see the big planetary picture!

Interviewed by Tim LynchNovember 27, 2009
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Have they been the good guys all along and that global warming never did exist?And we just refused to side with them and their greater knowing?

As the saying goes, are we with them or against them?

Not in your life ... However no doubt there will be bottles popping, cigar smoking and slaps on the back as yet another sneaky reprieve for the dark
side as climate scientists fumble around making excuses endeavoring to link Co2 to continuous rising global temperatures.

The scientists in the recent emailing scam call it "a travesty" that they are unable to see a steady rise in global temperatures, as if what they wanted
was like a corporate wall graph showing a continuous rise in profits?

The "travesty" here is that it is the scientists of the IPCC and scientists in general who are totally at fault, because they refuse to see the planet
as a living organism.

Because everything about life comes through "in waves and cycles" it was in 1998 that we experienced the highest global temperature "spike" and the 
2nd, 3rd and 4th record hottest years were 2005, 2003 and 2002 respectively   (So " they" say).

Note it appears that temperatures are receding, does it not?  Hence the statement by the skeptics, that the planet is actually cooling.


Notice that nature and life embed so many anomalies. No life follows a perfect sequential order. When surfing, surfers will nearly always wait sometimes
for the 7th or 8th wave because that will be the biggest. You have numbers of small waves then comes the big one.

Notice how the pohutukawa trees come out and blossom at totally irregular intervals,

(they are doing this right now 29/11/09) even though they all appear to be the same genus of tree.

Notice that birds, whales and salmon, don’t migrate on the same day of the month each year.

We just can't second-guess nature.

James Lovelock of Gaia theory; that the earth is a super organism likens these variables to how the stock exchange works.  It goes up and down
very jaggedly.

And if we believe certain pundits it is most probably going to continue on a jagged journey - downward for quite sometime. It is impossible to second

He also says traffic on a motorway system goes in fits and starts too. Often the fast lane is slower than the inside slow lane and it just does not
make sense. Does it?

The same goes for global warming.

But because scientists do not study nature as one holistic, seamless living super system, they have been caught out by their own ignorance of nature
and in particular the rigid programming they participated in at University where they only looked at life from a mechanistic. reductionist model.

Sitting in their air conditioned, mirror glass buildings they have separated them selves from nature and are thus desensitized from being and quite
possibly becoming!

They are in many ways just well paid researchers of physical effects (and they may not like this statement) but can be likened to bean counters in
an accountancy firm or treasury. They are so left brained that their right-brained side can be perceived as atrophied and their intuition has thus
been psychically lobotomized.

The important issue here is there are scientists and scientists. The ones dealing with climate change and global warming are earth scientists or climatologists.
Now there are many other scientists and they are industrial, commercial and military scientists. They have less of an understanding of earth and climate

Most scientists today are very capable in their specific field, yet, in their one particular discipline their view in many ways, can become tunnel-visioned,
where as Lovelock and those right brained intuitive scientists, are poly-maths who are adept in multiple disciplines, and thus see everything and their
linkages in terms of oneness. Something most scientists detest, because it takes them into Gaia and a greater being!

To get a handle on Gaia there is a need to use and combine all the disciplines from ice and glaciology, oceanography, meteorology, vulcanology, geology,
atmospheric chemistry, climatology, microbiology, hydrology, botany, zoology, forestry, marine biology, and a host of 10 more or so other disciplines.

Lovelock does this with the final coup de grace by using cybernetics to lock everything into oneness!  By integrating them into one seamless system
the web of life, our living planet.

Yet there is hope, in 2001, 1400 earth scientists signed the Amsterdam Declaration that “The Earth System behaves as a single, self-regulating system
comprised of physical, chemical, biological and human components.” The evolution of knowledge fortunately is incrementally growing, albeit slowly.

Lovelock has stated that it has been “middle management” within the global scientific fraternity that has held back Gaia Theory or Earth Systems theory
(geophysiology) for 20 years because they loathed the term Gaia, because it was named after a Greek Goddess!  (You get the picture?) They are
fearful of matriarchy.

He also stated that a great many scientists were actually PROUD, that they knew “nothing” at all of any of other scientific disciplines   locked
away in their own silos.

The IPPC scientists denial of the planet being a living system has also helped cause this recent email mayhem, all except people like Lovelock who
factored a delayed response into his equations. He goes further than talking about global warming ... he calls where we are going ... GLOBAL HEATING.

So he goes far further than the International Panel on Climate Change.

Go on go out and read Lovelock’s early books setting out how he worked it all out, and the flash of inspiration when he pulled all the threads of this
concept together, 40 years ago!

Yet, I only trust that he is wrong about global heating and has been mislead by being given incorrect data that has lead him to his particular prophecy.
However he is so wily and knowing about the natural world, that only time will tell.

So when we have an understanding of Gaian systems or Earth Science Systems and lets face it, most people just don't want to research and comprehend
the new metaphysical science, especially journalists and reporters but we get a knowing of how the atmosphere was formed, that it is the micro organisms
coupled to the soil and rock weathering as well as algae and ocean plankton that are the huge players.

They set up the atmospheric mix to protect the planet from both the extreme cold of 150 degrees below zero and also the increasing heat of the sun
that over the last 3 billion years or so has gradually been intensifying by up to 25%. Yet our planet has been able to stay “livable” in a temperature
range that is a balanced state of homeostasis all the time, whilst this warming increased.

Lovelock likens the atmosphere as a protective blanket, much like a cat has fur or a bird has feathers or a snail has a shell.

Also, regarding Co2 out-put and global warming, we have not found an answer to the oceans becoming more acidic due to too much C02 in the atmosphere
the skeptics refuse to address the relevance of this problem and in particular, that 180 to 230 parts per million of Co2 in the atmosphere seems to
be the ideal state of how the planets vegetation want to live and breathe.

The plant kingdom worked it out million and millions of years ago what the right mix was. For example, pine trees that have been fed too much Co2 grow
very fast, but the wood has no strength. So we need far more research as to how much Co2 trees can healthily cope with.

At present mahi mahi fish found in Hawaiian and Tahitian waters are been caught in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf, so the temperature must be slowly warming
to have fish such as this in our waters.

As Jim Salinger said on GreenPlanetFM last week, weather is not climate; one cannot read a climate trend from a few years.  Many decades is the least time period needed to read climate

He also admitted that some scientists were slowly realising that they have to see the planetary system in "holistic" terms and when I pushed him he
said we are moving towards an understanding towards  ..."Gaia". But I felt I did not want to take it any further than that.  So this is a
big breakthrough for certain people within the scientific community.

Personally I have been waiting 25 years to hear the scientific fraternity utter this.

Yet, on the other hand what we have to be careful and watch out for is the money boys hijacking the show. Especially around the outskirts of Copenhagen.
They are moving in already. The only way forward is from a bottom up approach, from the grass roots up.

To have top down control being foisted on us is NOT an option - to set the agenda from the top of the capstone of the pyramid, locks everyone in and
everyone down. It is the antithesis of what the grass roots represents.

What we need is a huge NZ country wide forestry trust like the old Trust banks - where the people are the owners, (or mutual insurance companies) where
all owners of cars or motor vehicles pay into a public fund for the amount of greenhouse gases they give off when driving their vehicle etc.

And this fund becomes a superannuation tree fund that, sequests Co2 out of the atmosphere by planting trees that will live for 400 to 600 hundred years
and not one dollar to pay off carbon credits need to leave these shores for some cabal of money men overseas.

This system being a community method that keeps everything in the hands of ‘we the people.’ All that is needed is some public spirited civic wise ones
and elders to be the patrons and to enthuse and inspire the country to participate in the greatest cooperative project ever envisioned in this country,
where every person has the opportunity to be a stake holder in their community and countries future.

Grass roots is it!

Cynical climate-skeptics may say this article below is a desperate attempt to compensate in propaganda for the short-term 'cooling' which they love
to state with relish.

So the UK Met Office is sticking their neck out on this one, are they not?


Next year 2010 may be hottest yet, UK Met Office says

By Michael McCarthy, Environment Editor

The Independent

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

There is a good chance that next year will be the hottest year recorded for the world, according to new forecasts from the UK Met Office's climate
prediction and research branch, the Hadley Centre.

A new forecast for the decade from 2009 onwards suggests that "at least half" of the years up to 2019 will be hotter than the hottest year so far,
which was 1998. And it indicates that the first of the years to break the current record will actually be 2010.

The year 1998 broke all previous records for the globe, largely because of a very strong El Nino, the cyclical meteorological phenomenon involving
a substantial warming of the waters of the eastern Pacific Ocean, which goes on to affect the rest of the world.  The 1998 average temperature
was 0.5 degrees celsius above the long-term average of the years 1961-1990  -  an enormous leap.

Since then, temperatures have generally remained high, with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th record hottest years being 2005, 2003 and 2002 respectively, although
there was a noticeable cooling in 2008, thought to have been influenced by the La Nina phenomenon, the opposite of El Nino, when Pacific temperatures

However, the upward movement of temperatures is returning and 2009 is currently on track to be the fifth warmest year on record, helped by a new El
Nino which is now under way (but not expected to be as strong as that of 1998).

The new forecast for 2009-2019 shows a range of possible outcomes for each year but the "central estimate" for 2010 shows a figure of about 0.55C above
the average  -  clearly in excess of 1998.  The temperatures then steadily climb to a high of about 0.7C above the average by 2015.

A Met Office spokesman said: "The new decadal forecast indicates that there is a good chance that 2010 will be warmer than the current warmest year
on record."

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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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