Unhealthy Unconscious NZ Hospitals?

Interviewed by Tim LynchJune 3, 2007
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Over a period of 6 months I had the opportunity to visit the NZ public hospital psychiatric system for the elderly, twice and some times 3 to 4 times a

I can gladly state that the care and goodwill of the staff, was excellent. The nursing staff treated their patients superbly. In a clean and pleasant
facility all paid for by the state due to the foresight of previous NZ governments who put the welfare of the populace as a priority.

With regard to emergency procedures and life support, Western medicine is by far the superior system. If injured, wounded, or suffering from an instantaneous
ailment, modern medicine is second to none. I have over the last 25 years had two surgical operations and they have been 100% successful, my care -

However, when it comes to preventative medicine and nutrition Western medicine suffers from ‘arrested development.’

The medication of patients in todays 'allopathic' pharmaceutically driven corporate realm is a scandal.

Plus, the food that is dished out to patients in hospital is abysmal. It is dead molecules, masquerading as food, that is urgently required for healing
ones body.

Under the present system, boffins in some pharmaceutical corporation, experiment with chemical combinations, (it's a numbers games) most probably
using animals (vivisection) to test for efficacy and cures plus observing for adverse reactions and pain and what side effects may result.

Usually there is written up by the drug company a long list of side effects from taking these drugs; from nausea, head aches, sleepiness, drowsiness,
irritability, high / low blood pressure etc. The reason being that every human body has different tolerances and that in all cases will never have
encountered such chemical combinations before and so react accordingly.

However, these narcotics are eventually used to medicate patients, usually with only 10 years of research of use since their actual creation! With
no long term prognosis as to what they will do to the human body. ie slow poisoning.

The general consensus is, that Doctors are persuaded to use medications from drug corporations, who have since the 2nd World War penetrated 'medicine'
be it into universities and through their vast laboratory systems plus alliances with financial institutions throughout the Western world to put their
own converts into positions of power. This process has in turn repressed the use of alternatives like herbal ‘natural and traditional’ treatments,
which in truth, there is still today, a huge repository of effective cures that are successful remedies and antidotes!  

This is where present day 'allopathic' medicine shows moral bankruptcy.

We know the Western world is going through a phase of stress and psychological depression, and anti depressants like prozac are prescribed for a vast
number of the populace.

These are prescribed to lift people out of their downward spiral, and I feel that this maybe a good short term ‘intervention’ in the meantime, but
once they are on the up and up, after a couple of weeks, this is where other alternative holistic modalities can be introduced and a detox then take

In talking with one of the doctors at the NZ hospital I frequented, a good hearted psychiatrist, I asked him if he was looking at other health alternatives,
such as acupuncture and herbs, as I had a friend who was being treated for low blood pressure by a Chinese specialist here in Auckland, who flies regularly
between NZ and Shanghai China, where he performs open heart surgery using only acupuncture needles and no drugs.

The psychologist replied with a pleasant, "well when I completed a duty at the London homeopathic hospital, I saw acupuncture being used and I witnessed
some very interesting results."

What's this !!!, Here was a Doctor medicating and dispensing pharmaceuticals in a NZ hospital and he was experienced in working in a homeopathic hospital
in England!

The challenge here is that when patients are seen from a non-holistic perspective, i.e like a mechanical soulless machine, modern medicine, disregards
anything metaphysical, refusing to believe that the human body is fully interconnected with acupuncture meridians. And that after being bed ridden,
and given copious amounts of drugs, plus lifeless food, the body becomes devoid of life force, (or ‘chi’) and becomes extremely sluggish. Which in
turn can stifle the healing process and their body can again deteriorate and possibly die.

By holding a patient’s wrist an acupuncturist can feel and count on the inside of it, up to over a dozen different pulses (not heart beats) connecting
to different organs throughout the body and determine what the energy prognosis is, such as in the spleen, gall bladder, large intestine, kidneys etc.
This is a 3,000 year old methodology, that is still being ignored by orthodox allopathic medicine today.

Now, it’s also common knowledge that the British Royal Family have a team of the best homeopaths to take care of them and that Prince Charles has
been the patron of the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. As you know the Royal family are always meeting people, shaking hands and breathing closely
with many in the global commonwealth and yet they never seem go down with an illness. They are extremely healthy as a family.

Why are we not emulating them?

When we come to food this is where hospitals continue to feed patients with nutriment that is little better than what is dispensed in NZ prisons.

I wrote specifically about this in a publication Paradise Rising that I produced back in 1980. Very little has changed.

In particular, the food is mass cooked and usually over cooked as well. Air NZ economy passengers fare better than our patients in NZ hospitals, who
are supposed to be there to become healthier and healed.

On the 26/10/2006 the NZ Herald published that Eating vegetables each day helps keep brain fade away. This was published in the latest issue of Neurology,
the scientific journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

It stated that vegetables are brain food, according to a new study which found that eating veggies can help cognitive decline in the elderly.

Compared to people who consumed less than one serving of vegetables a day, people who ate at least 2.8 servings of vegetables a day saw their rate
of cognitive change slow by roughly 40 percent, study author Martha Clare Morris of Rush University Medical Centre in Chicago says.

This decrease is equivalent to about 5 years of younger age.

Researchers followed the eating habits of 3,718 senior citizens over a six year period and found that consumption especially of leafy, green vegetables
were linked to a slowing of cognitive decline.

They also found that the older the person, the greater the impact of eating more than two servings of vegetables a day. However they were surprised
that eating fruit showed no link to reducing memory loss. (fruit instead helps clean and flush out the body Ed.)

So here we are, with thousands of years of evolution behind us and we still spurn common knowledge and instead become addicted to processed foods
that have no chlorophyll or life force and en-mass we become dis-eased as a consequence.

It is obvious ... That we have become separated from nature, the source of where we have originally sprung.

Science has become mesmerised with its own power.

When will we ever learn - when will we ever learn?

Ohhhh ohhh.. I have become ... Comfortably Numb! ... Pink Floyd

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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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