Tom Campbell PhD: We humans are individuated units of a vast 'greater consciousness' that's an eternal information field

Interviewed by Tim LynchMarch 1, 2017
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Tom Campbell - Part Two of his cultural tour of New Zealand

Tom Campbell PhD - from the US has an impressive career in applied physics. Having worked in military intelligence, reverse-engineering foreign technology,
as well as in missile defence, including working on huge engineering projects for NASA - the US space agency - up until very recently.

Tom was brought up and graduated in science within the mainstream university system and then by chance found himself living only 45 minutes drive from
a person called Robert Monroe. Monroe had been experiencing situations where he would randomly shift his awareness to where it would be outside of
his body and he would be ‘on the outside looking in’ and able to float and project his awareness to different locations.

This has had some people labelling it soul travel, astral travel or plain ‘out of the body experiences’ and Monroe could not understand it. So he looked
for some young scientists grounded in reality who had been basically educated that we live in a soulless and mechanistic world and that we are only
a body with a mind that is inside the brain.

Monroe, who had now spent a lot of time experiencing these differing states of being of - out of the body - and shifting his consciousness to other realms
cut a deal with Tom and the other scientist. “Study what I do and make sense of it in a scientific context and I will show you how to do what I do.”
This started a relationship right up until Monroe’s death.

In this interview Toms says that at a subatomic level below the quantum reality we have to understand that everything is at its most basic level - is Consciousness.

That Consciousness in turn is basically information and where does this information come from? – It turns out that consciousness - is an information system
and we humans are individuated units of consciousness (like you and I).

We are chunks of consciousness that share information. That’s what you do if you are an information system – so we pass information back and forth. As
animated chunks of consciousness – we are aware – we know what we are doing - but, what about this physical reality – what is it here for?

This is where I mention :

The four basic forces of nature are gravity, the strong force, the weak force, and the electromagnetic force. The theory of general relativity explains
gravity, and quantum mechanics explains the other three forces. Right now, no one theory that everyone accepts can explain all four forces.

String theory is a theory that could become the "theory of everything”.

And questions like:

  • How large is the universe and how eternal? The steady state Universe …
  • 528 hertz is supposedly to be the frequency of Love
  • No accidents in the universe ? Correct?
  • Where does sound come into it? Because sound vibrating on liquid or sand particles can bring form into being …
  • Is our universe part of a multi verse like how a V 8 motor sequence works.
  • Akashic records?
  • Karma - the law of return?
  • Why can you not contact Robert Monroe now?

There is so much to the makeup of reality

What’s its purpose? And the logic goes like this … If you are an information system - you have to continually reduce entropy … entropy is
a scientific word that is a measure of disorder. Entropy has a way of just happening – like things have a way of … like decaying, falling apart
– things tend to become unorganised. Disorganisation happens over time – it just naturally does that even eventually those molecules will breakdown
- that’s called Newton’s 2nd Law of the Thermodynamics it says the entropy always increases, that taken to its final conclusion has - from the scientific
mind set - that if we wait long enough our universe will end up only with hydrogen atoms and elementary particles - that is what science says that
this is what will be left - as everything will disintegrate.

However when we units of consciousness realise that we must slow down entropy we can consciously come together in a growing mass of shared consciousness
and make a choice – follow the path of love or go down the path of fear. However, when the individual units of consciousness care about each other,
are cooperative - they share – it’s about service to the greater whole - it is not about self.

Fear on the other hand is that you trust no one, it is all about self and you are always protecting your back. Because everyone is looking to take your
piece of the pie. However even in these situations they may strategically come together to group and then start to plunder the ones that are alone
– then they may work together to corner the market – (so to speak) and with them having turf wars it finally ends up with conglomerates merging together.
That when we see what’s happening today with the giant mega complexes – corporate raiding etc and what has happened on Wall St, in the USA - we see
the down side of reality not serving the whole.

Where as the units that work together we have more trust – goodwill, shared success and growth and creativity. Like how can I help you – how can I help
to better the whole. Which side is the better to involve yourself with? Especially for the future of children and it has to be the love side. The logical
conclusion is that if you are an information system you want to survive – you need to lower entropy – the best way to do that is through cooperation
it’s through being - Love. Caring about others.

Also covered is the feed back mechanisms - consequences, learning … and we are in a entropy reduction trainer for consciousness – just like pilots
go to an inflight trainer to learn how to fly an airliner. Whereas we are also in a simulation - a virtual reality and Tom sees it as our mission to
become love. To decrease the entropy of our individual consciousness and by doing so we reduce the entropy of the whole consciousness system – and
we are a part (albeit small) here to evolve the larger consciousness system and to keep evolving …

Tom also states that Relativity and Quantum Mechanics can not work together at the level it is endeavouring to be understood. But when you see everything
from a standpoint of consciousness being embedded in virtual reality - you are able to pull it all together.

See the double slit experiment.

This shows that our reality is not materialistic and not deterministic – it is probabilistic and particles don’t really exist – there is potential particles
that obey the laws of probability – and that is how this world works .

Tom has devised 6 experiments that he wants University physics departments or any institute world-wide that do research on things that are ‘impossible’
as in minor miracles as they crack open the old thought form and bring through a new reality of possibility and that consciousness is behind it all.

What is happening today is the emerging consciousness that has been seen to be on the fringes of science and reality is now moving very quickly to the

Tim brings up other subject matter such as:

Timothy Leary coming on stage in Los Angeles in 1988 and telling the audience that we are totally surrounded by information. That we decode this information
and make sense of it. He was an early up taker of seeing everything as being bits of information and data and frame it in those words

Captain Edgar Mitchell 6th Man on the moon –of The Noetic Sciences was also at the same Expo where he mentioned he had had synchronised experiments with
telepathy between him whilst on the moon and people here on earth and the results were very promising.

Tom says that throughout most of the universities today, any with a strong Physics Department you will find up to 20 - 30 % of the all physicists there,
will be saying we want to look far more deeply into virtual reality and consciousness. Because that is where our next evolutionary step is taking us.

Today at Cern in Switzerland they are now looking at electrons as having the properties of charge and the properties of mass - thats the way you represent
an electron in a computer – it’s a point with the attributes of mass and the attributes of charge – if they look at an electron that way – there math
will predict correctly how experiments come out. If they think of it as a little chunk of mass with a charge – they can’t get the right answer – because
it’s just information and their experiments will not come out correctly. This is where we are today.

Also mentioned in this conversation is NZer Brian from Massey university who too is
on the leading edge of the consciousness revolution – talking up ‘virtual reality’ very early in this millennium.

Covering mystics talking about reality from Shri Aurabindo to the Buddha seeing that this reality is illusionary – and Tom says this is about as close
to saying that the reality we live in is as close to as you can get - to saying that this is a virtual reality.

Yes, mystics have understood this, for millennia and it is available because we are an individuated unit of consciousness and we can have unlimited access
to this … because the internet has connected us into one simultaneous web of interrelationship.

That virtual reality is also sub set of something larger and must have behind it a greater consciousness – and when we surrender more and get out of our
intellect and into our intuitive field – we see a larger consciousness as well as the wholesale emergence of spirituality and love making itself known.

Also covered

Holon’s Arthur Koestler that everything is nested in another archetypal system.

This can be demonstrated in the holarchic relationship (subatomic particles ↔ atoms ↔ molecules ↔ macromolecules ↔ organelles ↔ cells ↔ tissues ↔ organs
↔ organisms ↔ communities ↔ societies) where it expands …

Eco systems ↔ biosphere ↔ planetary ↔ solar system ↔galactic ↔ universal ↔ multiverse ?

each holon is a "level" of organisation, and all are ultimately descriptive of the same set (e.g., a particular collection of matter). The top can be a
bottom, a bottom can be a top, and, like a fractal, the patterns evident at one level can be similar
to those at another.

That had Alfred Russell Wallace been able to get his theory of evolution out to the world before Charles Darwin it would have shown far more cooperation
within nature where animals and plants found certain non confrontational niches. Our culture today would not be so programed as in this - semi dog
eat dog program we have been inculcated with.

This is how Elisabet Sahtouris sees a differing kind of evolution.

Internationally known as a dynamic speaker and media personality, Dr. Sahtouris is an evolution biologist, futurist, professor, author and consultant on
Living. Show’s that within evolution there is a lot of co operation.

Bruce Lipton too signals that cooperation within nature
is seen to be a way through for the human race to solve its many challenges.

Covering minerals evolving from 12 major minerals not long after the big bang to 4,000 plus today.

Civilisations evolving and devolving especially when there is fear involved.

Unity Consciousness:

Using the information that Tom is bringing here to NZ and spreading it across the nation - through fibers of light across the web that covers our country
– to stimulate peoples interest in unity consciousness – and that we are seen as important energy bundles expressing our inter-connectiveness and aspirations
for a far better future for all biota and in particular our children and grandchildren …

Tom mentions that we can not achieve it appropriately from the intellect – we must move our understanding down to our chest cavity and that is has to be
fully embraced and felt from the heart – if we really want to initiate the much needed change that at soul level we have all been calling for.

Tim mentions that we are nearing what Teihard de Chardin the Jesuit Priest (that did not find favour from Rome) called an Omega point – where at heart
we as a humanity transform into a type of global group mind where we retain our own identity yet are able to surrender into a greater consciousness

And that this momentum that we are in at present - is in Toms’ words – our destiny as a humanity.

The larger consciousness can also for reference – be called God, the Divine, Source, the Creator and we are an integral part of it. This larger consciousness
system is also finite, (which I Tim found is a very interesting statement) its not perfect, it’s a real system that is evolving. It’s not a done thing
- it’s an evolving system.

By expressing it this way – that is is a larger consciousness - it misses some of the dogma that we have either been programed with or held too zealously
in our thought process.

This way you do not get tied to the dogma, nor the ritual. The larger conscious system just keeps on evolving so as long as it keeps on growing it will be eternal – making us as eternal too - this is a cosmic win win – forever - and is our destination.


Two-Day Cultural Connection Workshop


Dr Robin Kelly from Auckland author of The Human Antenna and The Human Hologram will be part of the panel on Sunday along with Marla Frees a psychic from
the US - both representing different aspects of Tom's Big TOE. Tom will incorporate their views of reality within the context of a physicist's science
view of our reality in addition to showing the similarities between the ancient traditions and culture of NZ and his MBT theory.

Where: Auckland University of Technology

When: Saturday March 4th and Sunday 5th March

Cost: $400 US with lunch included on both days (US$250 for GreenplanetFM radio listeners - use the discount code: RK250


There will be no ticket sales at the door so all bookings must be in advance on Eventbrite.



"The Universe is immaterial — mental and spiritual. Live, and enjoy" - states Richard Conn Henry, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at The Johns
Hopkins University, Maryland.



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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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