Tim Lynch: Will crew of Mothership Earth, awaken to their destiny, to regain control of their craft?

Interviewed by Tim LynchJune 5, 2019
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Of the 7.7 billion humans who inhabit ‘our planet spaceship earth’ - more and more are rapidly recognising that ‘we are Crew’ - who have
been ‘absent without leave’ - AWOL. Now the message and command of the moment is for all crew to return to their posts and consciously cooperate
and collaborate to stabilise both the ship and its complement - and save the mission! But more so, they are finding out that their
ship is a Mothership - a ‘super living organism’ that science is belatedly holding back in recognising.

Tim says that back in 1996, when living in Australia and the www was still in its infancy, he met a web savvy youth who helped him immensely in building
a site and to register Ourplanet.org At that time ourplanet.com - was registered to the United Nations. So Ourplanet.org was the only option. He was
happy with this as our planet is an organism - in actual fact, a super organism - whom the Greeks called Gaia, which was
the basis of how Tim saw our planet. To him it was not a ‘com’ or anything to do with commerce - it was an organic unfoldment.

How it all started:

Liz coaxes and finds out about his upbringing in a remote farming community in the rural sector of NZ, surrounded by many impoverished Maori - and his
realisation that there is a lot of inequality in the world.

First Breath on Earth.

She starts with some history of Tim and his place of conception Te Poi (the Ball) and his emergence in Matamata (point, summit, bluff) now known as Middle
Earth where Hobbiton is situated where scenes from the movie Lord of the Rings took place - So Tim admits to being a hobbit.

Rural Upbringing

Liz draws Tim out on his early life, that there were many Maori living as neighbours and the extremely poor living conditions that they lived in. Living
in two room shacks, no power for lights, hot water, stove, plumbed toilets etc and he recognised early how fortunate that he was being a dairy farmer’s
son. (Albeit a cowboy).

One of the more profound experiences in 1972 and 73 was driving 16,000 kilometres through Africa and hitch hiking and catching trains throughout East and
Western Europe and then from London travelling overland back to NZ, hitching, bussing, plus trains (boat to Perth Australia and Sydney NZ by air).

That having witnessed so much suffering in his journey at the age of 22 and 23 that he thought that it was too difficult to bring about change - so ‘let’s
have a good time instead.’ However, not far at all from where he was acting out ‘being a party animal’ - he met some Auckland people who made him think
... What was it that nothing living was permanent? Why are our bodies continually breaking down? Who built the Egyptian Great Pyramid? Why are we here
and why now? What are UFO’s and ET’s. Who was Apollonius of Tyana - and how did he de-materialise his body in front of Emperor Domitian in Rome. These
were some of the subject matter that came up that he had not given much, if any thought to or knew anything about.

This situation - this tuning point - where he hit ‘critical mass’ and experienced and realised a spiritual awakening that over a profound few weeks - changed him forever.

This was a major epiphany that in a matter of days - turned his world not only upside down - but inside out as well.

This was when he realised that ‘we are spiritual beings having an earth experience.’ This metaphysical overhaul was so transformational that daily he was
recognising that we humans had all been conditioned by hundreds if not thousands of old outmoded stereotypes - especially the financial power controllers,
politics - the war machine - but more so we were destroying the ecology and biosphere at the same time. That the destruction of nature had to stop
- hence Tim had to make a stand.

That since this time in the Christmas of 1974 - he has continued this quest to both further his questioning whilst at the same time saying - if I, a fairly simple human can experience a major epiphany for want of a more defined word, then everyone else can. We just have to find the will, search for truth and be courageous and honest.

However at the same time, with no job or income - his name came up for an interview with Air NZ - and he was accepted as ‘a trolley dolly on a big tin
budgie’ - As a steward, later called a Cabin Attendant - flying on DC 8’s DC10 and 747s and 767’s. Budgie - a native bird of Australia and an Aussie
and Kiwi slang term for wide bodied planes - especially 747s. Also, in those days it was not commonly known that aircraft were burning off huge amounts
of C02, and there were nowhere the number of aircraft in the sky at that time either.

Perceptions of Flying in Low Earth Orbit

This shift to long distance air travel opened him up to the whole planet, to what he called ‘open university’ where he eventually flew Trans Pacific, Trans
Continental North America and Trans Atlantic into Europe - plus Trans Australia and up into the Near East.

Tim describes his perspective of flying as always ‘flying around the curve’ - he saw our planet from the outside looking in - Like the Timothy Leary, Moody
Blues song - “He’s outside ... looking in.”

That (we, living in) NZ could be perceived as being situated - tucked around the underside of our planet and that when a flight takes off from NZ - the
plane after gaining height of 10,000 metres would hour after hour ‘claw’ its way ‘up the planet wall’ over the Tropic of Capricorn then after numerous
hours pass over the equator and eventually the Tropic of Cancer and down into Los Angeles, 11 and half hours later. That during this long haul flight,
our planet would be also rotating on its axis towards our eventual landing.

This planetary overview allowed Tim when he was able to, to study all the ancient civilisations that had come and gone, and what caused their eventual
demise - usually corruption of the psych or self caused environmental, for example cutting down of all the forest.. He also studied the various world
religions as well, to see that at their start they offered so much for the human spirit.

Visiting Global Centres of Holistic Learning

Tim also visited many ashrams, communities, centers of learning, going to festivals like the Mind Body and Spirit Expositions, Whole Life Expos - as well
as visiting gurus, teachers on consciousness and metaphysical scientists and experts in their field. Also checking out new technologies, like the solar
farms in California and the large windmill farms there as well. This led him on to follow up on hydrogen power and free energy devices among many other
things as well.

Liz asks; What can we do to become Empowered

Tim talks to the metaphor that we are all seeds and we are have been underground and in darkness that when a certain timing occurs - that with an impulse
- moisture, warmth etc - that seed can sprout and put down a tap root and push up a stem - that breaks out into the light of the sun and ... not being
surrounded by blackness any more. This is a huge transition for a seed - to be in the light.

Then with photovoltaic leaves growing until the plant grows many - that eventually a bud, and then a blossom - to flower - petals open up - a fragrance
of perfume may unveil itself - where does this essence go? (this process includes pollination).

Can the perfume of a flower be seen as a metaphysical analogy for something beyond the physical?

Is the essence of a flower a hidden message for us all?

If we were deciduous as a tree for example, this could happen year after year after year … and in another way … an egg, a caterpillar - chrysalis
- butterfly and a metamorphosis.

The cycles of life …

That we are also an energy field in a greater universal energy field.

“That every baby born into this realm is an energy bundle of exponential potential.”

So what can we do? Liz asks;

Doing good in the world.

*Lifting up people’s vibes

*Pay it Forward - very easy to do -

*Random Acts of Kindness

*Being a Volunteer -

As Volunteerism is the glue that is keeping our planetary society together.

Lia and Tim volunteer for GreenplanetFM.com

Tim plants voluntarily plants trees to sequester C02 out of the atmosphere.

Ask yourself daily during a quiet time. How much love is in your heart at the moment?

Remember that all of humanity shares the same breath

The holy breath … connects us all.

Our Inner Candle

That we all have an inner candle inside of us - that Tim shares this thought with children all the time and that we have to keep our inner candle burning
- and strongly - that there is one thing that flames like - and that’s oxygen and by breathing deeply - as in Tai chi and Yoga - or meditation - we
can feed our inner candle with the rich breath of oxygen, albeit 21% of our breath.

We are a Global Family

That we are all a global family that are slowly awakening into being - that we need to innovatively and consciously find ways to connect with our society
and community.

Grass Roots Change

Connect as cells and with other cells and then clusters of cells to initiate localised ‘grass roots' change - together we can be the change that is so necessary

We are a global family awakening to our connection through the sharing of the invisible breath. All 7.7 billion of us.


This below is the 1996 web site.

The graphics have gone a bit awry and the population figures are old - but the idea is still very relevant today.


https://www.ourplanet.org/original-site/spaceshp.html - Part One

https://www.ourplanet.org/original-site/wakeup.html - Part Two

https://www.ourplanet.org/original-site/gaia.html - Gaia

Gaia sees us as flowering jewels of our planet and that as the petals open up towards the sun - we can realise that we can also grow into the light of
our own true selves - and in essence realise our spirituality - as extensions of God.

Our Planet

Lends us bodies

Lends us free air

As well as free rain water

And until recently - a free food chain

What do we do in reciprocity?

Hence Ourplanet.org and GreenplanetFM.com

A work in progress.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-j_aGdMinIM 5 minutes Star Trek - The Transfiguration

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OibqdwHyZxk Thrive movie 3.40 minutes

Our Planet Spaceship Earth


"We travel together, passengers on a little spaceship, dependent upon its vulnerable reserves of air and soil, all committed for our safety to its security
and peace; preserved from annihilation only by the care, the work, and, I will say, the love we give our fragile craft. We cannot maintain it half
fortunate, half miserable, half confident, half despairing, half slave to the ancient enemies of man, half free in a liberation of resources undreamed
of until this day. No craft, no crew can travel safely with such vast contradictions. On their resolution depends the survival of us all."

Adlai Stevenson, John Kennedy’s US Ambassador to the United Nations,


A message to Crew of Our Planet - Spaceship Earth

Calling all crew …

All crew to 'Action Stations'

the ship needs you like never before …

For eons she’s bequeathed us with her holy breath -

Same with her sparkling waters - baptising our being to a

higher frequency …

And nourishing us with her tantalising foods.

All within her overarching sun and moonlit vista’s, with

eye quenching panoramas of her majestic biosphere and pulsating life.

But, pirates have infiltrated the ships systems and leveraged

into critical areas of control. These marauders have their

hands on virtually all levers of power.

Crew quarters have become expensive to live in - air, food and water quality are questioned.

Inter deck fighting, wars and violence are throughout the ship, whilst drugs and alcohol are rife

Now propaganda has become the norm. Fragmentation, dysfunction and separation are causing alarm bells in more and more areas of our ship.

At many levels, we are forced to give away more and

more freedoms, whilst unknown agents snoop on every

message and call.

YET, there is a stirring throughout most decks, living

quarters and compartments. A holistic notion - or knowing -

that our spaceship is actually a mothership,

that she is a colossal, living, pulsating - super organism

from her - all life has issued.

That we are here on board to be part of a greater galactic symphony - in a movement premised on team spirit, cooperation, creativity and fulfilment -

of the potentialities of an unheralded, but exalted future -

where a new human emerges …

as a supra human

the message being transmitted …

that we at heart …

are embryo gods

and our time is now.

We … are being compelled ...

to wake up.



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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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