Tim Lynch: 2020 in Review. That Ancient Greece and NZ Maori have a similar view of Mother Earth

Interviewed by Tim LynchDecember 17, 2020
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I was scheduled for a final year interview but at the very last minute - it didn't happen, so this is an adlib broadcast which asks us to become mindful
of that which surrounds us and to become conscious of the force that sustains our being.

In today's broadcast I remind us that:


A biosphere.
A complex - subtly balanced
Life - support - system.

Et turtur nidum,
Ubi reponat pullos suos
Altaria tua Domine virtutum,Rex meus, et Deus meus

(You will understand the above when you listen to the broadcast.)


Greetings to you all, from GreenplanetFM.com here in Nuclear Free New Zealand -
and nearly GE & GMO Free NZ* - situated little over over 2000, kilometres from Australia in the South West Pacific Ocean and only 2.600 kilometres
from the South Pole and the last major country to be colonised as well.

So here we are in many ways isolated from the rest of our global kin.

And what a year it was - and note … There is so much possibility … even in these tumultuous times and believe me - we can initiate conscious
change and this opportunity is going to unfold all through this decade starting in early 2021 next year - that we are a global family awakening into
being - but I am getting ahead of myself.

So Kia ora and a warm hello to you dear breathers of the one breath that envelops our magnificent biosphere and home planet - mother earth - our great
sustainer …

Trusting that I find you warmly inner resourced, that at heart you are able to feel grounded and still. Being able to remain focussed yet fluid in your
response to the winds of change buffeting the collective consciousness of the 7.8 billion of humanity - sharing the invisible breath at this moment.

2020 - sure has brought our perspective and vision into focus as humanity dealing with fragmentation and disfunction to realise the imperative that we
have to come together as a species and a global family - because looking in at the earth from outer space - that is how we are being seen. We have
to raise the platform of our viewpoint like that of the astronauts who journeyed to the moon 50 years ago.

Remember what they said - we live on a floating blue and white pearl surrounded by the so-called emptiness of space. It’s home for us all.

So every morning as our planet turns and the suns rays kiss the faces of us emerging from our sleep to engage in our daily tasks - as Mothers engage in
caring for their babies and children and fathers go out working to bring in the cash for another day - (sorry about the stereotype) we must ask that
there has to be something better for children for today and tomorrow - as we learn that every breath we take comes from the plankton of our oceans
and trees and forests and grasslands of the vegetable kingdom of our biosphere.

We also have to be grateful that it’s our planet that lends us bodies in which to live. This is so profound that Mother earth lends us our body, yes …
and it’s our planet that lends us free air to breathe and free rainwater to drink and until recently a free food chain in which to eat and nourish
our being …

That we are taking in the three elements of air, water and the earth in the form of minerals - that there is also the 4th element and that is that of fire
- and the sun which our planet orbits annually has another name - the Latin word - Sol - so there is an extension of light and fullness that shines
24/7/365 for millennia and eons - thus showing us that there is so much majesty in this world - that we have found ourselves surrounded in literally
a garden paradise that to some remind us of a long distant mystery and story that we were once in another garden - one that was absent of anything
that was not positive, optimistic of light and love …

So in recognising ourselves - we are one species of many colours, creeds & cultures that for millennia has slowly evolved from tribalism to city states,
to nations and empires … and now we are in need of both a change of heart to unity consciousness to jump the divide and realise that we are
all intrinsically connected - as a planetary species. However … that to be conditioned and homogenised by the present global institutions (MSM)
into the same swamp of sameness is not the answer to a free spirit.

Remember we in Aotearoa NZ we used to have an educational system that encourages us to ask questions, and to be curious, to wonder. This goes back to the
earlier times because NZ is an extension of the British education system which in many ways itself was founded on ancient Greek thought and knowledge,
and I wish to focus here for a moment as I had the good fortune to go to Greece last year.

Ancient Greece

For such a small gene pool, the Greeks made very important contributions to life, especially philosophy, because Greek philosophers were "seekers and lovers
of wisdom". They studied and analyzed the world around them using logic and reason. Although we often think of philosophy as religion or "the meaning
of life", the Greek philosophers were also scientists, they studied the makeup of both nature and matter. They were also adept at mathematics and physics;
they brought us the word atom - plus geometry, astronomy, and medicine, extending into anatomy, athletics and of course the Olympic Games . ... The
Greeks were known for their drama and plays in their amphitheatres as well as sophisticated sculpture and architecture as well. More so, it was the
birthplace of Democracy - and yes, they had slaves as well. Possibly one third of the population were slaves. The Greek culture influenced the Roman
Empire and many other civilizations, and it continues to influence modern cultures even today. Note that the Greeks did not descend into the Roman
darkness of humans killing humans in the Coliseum.

Aotearoan NZ Maori

However one of my main reasons for going to Greece, which was my third time, was that I have been a student of our living planet for 38 years, and it was
the early Greeks who understood this - and they called her Gaia, the Earth mother - that’s over two and half thousand years ago and I wanted to see
if their understanding, was similar to the Aotearoa New Zealand Maori - who here in this country have a very sacred connection to the earth - calling
her - Papatuanuku. Recently, they have successfully engaged and secured the NZ Government to recognise a river, the Whanganui River (awa) as being
a living entity that is embedded in the landscape of this country. Having a catchment area of 7,308 square kilometres. Furthermore, Maori have also
worked with the New Zealand Government to have them bequeath, due to its geographical isolation Te Urewera of Tuhoi, the regional tribe or iwi - a
national park that is essentially all forest that covers 2,127 square kilometres in size. Bestowing on this land to be a legal entity that has the
rights, powers, duties and liabilities of a legal person. These are world firsts …

Having lived near on 72 years of my life in New Zealand - hanging out on the underside of the curvature of our planet, and spending 17 years as Air NZ
flight crew flying from the Southern Hemisphere up over the equator into the northern Hemisphere - I had also spent time with Dr Elisabet Sahtouris
- who is a geo biologist (among many of her other scientific attributes) and she has studied our planet as a super organism - but I have also had the
good fortune to interview Dr James Lovelock - a polymath, who through his research with NASA, the US Space Program - gave us a hypothesis that is now
a theory - that our planet is a colossal living superorganism. That, in so many ways, has birthed life and as the ancient Greeks say - “from her -
all things have issued.”

And so I landed in Athens and set out walking to breathe in the magnificence of this ancient city and see the ordered splendour that they endowed to their
civilisation. Yet, with one thing ticking over in my being - how did they come to an understanding that our planet was a living being?

Then it hit me … A cat has kittens, a dog has puppies, a cow has a calf, a sheep has a lamb and a goat has a kid. Also, a bear has a cub and a horse
has a foal … and they all come from a Mother.

Then when I looked around me - in the street - I saw all of these people - men, and women, elderly, and teenagers and children - and they too - all came
from a mother … so then the Greeks must have looked at their navel and their belly button and remembered that this is where they were connected
to their mother, their grandmother and great grandmother …and in their mind traced back through the family tree and finally they must have deduced
that in the mists of time - somehow, somewhere - their bodies must have come from mother earth - because - as in the introduction of this program I
mentioned that we are made of the 3 main elements with the sun representing fire to show the four forces of nature.

Now when I relate this to the Aotearoan Maori - a great many of them revere Papatuanuku. Quite astounding really - because when in their company all I
have to do is mention Papatuanuku in a context of food, water, wind, fish whatever - I manage to get their focussed attention and a wonderful conversation

And to anyone who understands Maori Lore - the belly button and umbilical cord to them is one of the most sacred connections they have back to source.
They call it Whakapapa.

Maori who have an oral language - have another unique way of singing their connection to source and so they sing their lineage - or bloodline to their
babies - pe`pi and children, tamariki - that by the time the baby is 4 or 5 they know their lineage perfectly - completely and this takes them back
via the 7 canoes, their waka that they sailed a thousand years ago - from Hawaiki - their mystical departure place within the Pacific ocean - (moana)
and at a very basic level - they have a greater sense of belonging and a connection to a/the source.

So this was part of my journey into Greece.

I also visited Delphi - where the oracle was a very significant part of how the Greeks divined the future - This is where the rounded temple of Athena
sat with the rectangular temple of Apollo. Two very different structures.

Also, Delphi is known as the navel of the world - the navel of Gaia, such were the clairvoyants of that day able to see clearly - and for a certain amount
of time - they nearly brought about a golden age - one that talks of Pericles and Athens.

Also over a very small aperture of time so many great beings incarnated into the small Greek landmass that also straddled Western Turkey where the splendour
of the 2nd Acropolis only to Athens was built at Pergamon during the Hellenic period and just 170 kilometres further south is the ruins of the once
majestic splendour of Ephesus and one of the 7 Wonders of the World - the Temple of Artemis and the Sacred Feminine.

Note the ancients knew about subtle energy. Our planet has energy lines and nodal points just like with acupuncture meridians. The British called them Ley Lines - Stonehenge, Glastonbury, the Great Pyramids of Egypt and many Cathedrals of Europe are situated along these Universal Lines of Invisible Force. They are in all countries, here in NZ too, right in Auckland.

I would like to finish this little Greek, Maori discourse by mentioning Pythagoras one of the more mystical philosophers of ancient times when it is purported
that when we sit really still and are in a quiet meditative state - we can hear the music of the spheres and the planets all spinning. For it was he
who originally intuited that our planet was round. That some planets are larger than others - and all spin and hum to a series of musical notes - and
thus when sitting and listening to all these planets are part of a musical sound system - a symphony if you will … that we still today are not
aware of.

We are beings of this planet awakening to a higher consciousness

So here we are today living on our magnificent turning, living world atlas - of 4 seasons - that every 6 months tilts away from the sun until 182 days
later - incomprehensibly turn back to another season of warmth and light - all in ordered splendour - whilst below on the planet floor and at sea level,
the vegetable, animal and human kingdoms draw sustenance from the 4 elements of earth, water, air and fire that keeps all species proliferating whilst
hidden within the web of life, our planet’s mysterious temperature thermostat embed in the atmosphere and connected to countless other physical conditions
keeps this giant super organism in stasis - and balance - enabling all life to magnificently stay homeostatically alive in relationship to a tightly
coupled sublime - life support system.

So yes … we have to reconfigure our consciousness - our awareness of who we are … for there is a saying that the purpose for existence is
to find out the purpose for existence … as to who we are - and that we are spiritual beings having an earth experience - here to fulfill our
need to live gracefully as a global family awakening to our unknown potential, whilst in a world that is heaving in anxiety and un-fulfillment.

The Awakening Earth

This is our time and our incarnation to divine who we are and look within - knowing that we are surrounded in all 6 directions by infinity, coiling with
suns through deep dimensions of time. It’s also our time to storm the inner self and recognise that we have been like dormant seeds nested under the
ground and being like Gods of limitation, awaiting a new metaphor for ascension and to now burst out of our dark cocoon of unknowingness into the sunlight
of a totally new day. Even more so - to ignite our innermost expression as embryo Gods and realise that every baby born into this realm is an energy bundle of exponential potential and love.

If there is one thing that we’ve learned from global mainstream media is we’ve been conditioned and desensitised at the same time - being boxed into something
like a self-limiting 6 sided cube or more precisely a rectangle - when at soul level we need to increase and extend our aura of consciousness that
surrounds us all - to that of the fullness of an expanding sphere and see more degrees of arc and dimensionally as well … with 360 degrees of
perspective in every direction, both horizontally and vertically. Pushing out the barriers.

As we simultaneously - look deeply within as well.

Sure - from our first breath in this lifetime we came in full of passion and imagination …

our aim … extend the invisible envelope that surrounds our being … our auric field.

But, that was for many of us during the last century - now we are realising that life for us is potent and full of possibilities …

Now today, with instantaneous connection to nearly every human on earth we are only a moment away from a family smile and of a loved one - we are only
a couple of degrees of separation and the way forward is to share the good and to spread that which will empower us as we realise our connection to
7.8 billion other possibilities - all endeavoring to find their way in life, where we can grow into the light of our own true self.


“Remember - when you were young … you shined like the sun - Shine on you crazy diamond …”

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd when he once happily wrote ‘Wish you were here’

THAT YES, we do need to learn much, more about inner discipline and what that signifies and even more about loving our neighbour. Also, to remember our
roots as sovereign beings yet realise that we are all neighbours and that goodwill has to flow over all borders in the spirit of cooperation and collaboration.
One planet - one earth - from the grass roots up!


You may wonder why there is no ‘recent’ emphasis on Climate Change and especially the so-called driver Global Warming on the front page of this web site. Well, originally when I started broadcasting in late 2003 I was very keen to be the Global Warming radio program for NZ. Those who remember will be aware that in 2006 icebergs could be seen from the eastern coast of New Zealand's South Island, even from the hills around Christchurch. However, we have had no such increase in icebergs since then. https://edition.cnn.com/2009/TECH/science/11/25/iceberg.newzealand/index.html

Yes - the glaciers in NZ’s Southern Alps are still receding and melting, the waters around the NZ coastline are warming especially in summer and as I always finish my hot shower with a cold shower every time I bathe - I notice especially this year that the water is not really cold but nearly lukewarm, because the water pipes that are in the ground coming to my home are showing that the ground is definitely warming. These three pointers are very serious. However, in this radio program, I call out that there are two other very problematic situations affecting the atmospheric envelope that surrounds our planet.

These are geoengineering that includes solar radiation management, or SRM, ... SRM techniques include stratospheric aerosols, reflective ... composed of metallic aluminum, aluminum oxide and barium titanate and strontium.

The other, is the use of electronic manipulation of the ionosphere by transmitting radio waves up into the atmosphere. It’s also called Weather wars and Frequency wars and also known as HAARP frequencies. The US is definitely doing this so are China and Russia. This is very serious - however you will never get Ecologists and Environmentalists to sit down and go through the science of what is happening with these two terrible technologies that have been forced upon us - the human species. As for academics and intellectuals in our universities - their job seems to come before any other moral or ethical considerations. https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/

These two subjects are covered by this radio program and you can access them by looking at the ’slider’ on the front page. This state of affairs is a very
sad and serious indictment by those in power and until ‘the swamp’ in the higher echelons of Governments globally, are collectively ‘drained’ - these
deceitful and insidious acts will continue to the detriment of the biosphere, all biota and especially our children of today and tomorrow.

I played this wonderful song:

Lost in a Lost World
The Moody Blues
Seventh Sojourn


I woke up today, I was crying

Lost in a lost world

'Cause so many people are dying

Lost in a lost world

Some of them are living an illusion

Bounded by the darkness of their minds

In their eyes it's nation against nation, against nation

With racial pride sad hearts they hide

Thinking only of themselves

They shun the light (Some of them shun the light)

They think they're right (Some of them think they're right)

Living in their empty shells (Some live in their empty shells)

Oh, can you see their world is crashing? (So many people)

Crashing down around their feet, angry people in the street

Telling them they've had their fill (So many people)

Of politics that wound and kill (So many people)

Grow the seeds of evolution (So many people)

Revolution never won, it's just another form of gun

To do again what they have done (So many people)

With all our brothers' youngest sons (So many people)

Everywhere you go you'll see them searching

Everywhere you turn you'll feel the pain

Everyone is looking for the answer

Well, look again, come on, my friend

Love will find them in the end

Come on, my friend, we've got to bend

On our knees and say a prayer

Oh, can you feel the world is pining? (So many people)

Pining for someone who really cares enough to share his love

With all of us, so we can be an ever loving family (So many people)

Have we forgotten we're all children? (So many people)

Children from a family tree that's longer than a centipede

Started long ago when you and I were only love (So many people)

I woke up today, I was crying

Lost in a lost world

'Cause so many people are dying

Lost in a lost world

Lost in a lost world

(So many people, so many people)

(People) Lost in a lost world

(So many people, so many people)

(People) Lost in a lost world

Songwriters: Michael Pinder

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and an empowering and fulfilling 2021

After this 1st half on the sacredness of our living planet, I then reviewed the last years radio interviews that went to air on GreenplanetFM.com

The best quick synopsis of the interviews can be seen here:


I then went on to mention the important issues that each interview covered, when I realised that if I gave each kernel an in depth insight that was expressed
- all these together, would be so staggering for the listener to absorb that I instead ‘pulled my punches’ and - toned it down - so that for the first
comer to the program to not be blown out with this information - solely because the ‘diluted’ MSM has not honestly educated the planetary public of
the issues and challenges that we face.

I wish to exhort and implore you to take some time out to play this below video. Because, what is happening is that the controllers of the City of London
are endeavouring to lock down all of the disunited Kingdom as they see that Trump in America is slowly and methodically taking down the Deep State
in Washington DC and it will not be long before he crosses the Atlantic and takes on the England and the EU - and drains the corruption there too.

Check 27 minutes in and 40 minutes as well - but please take your valuable time to become savvy of the distortions that we are living around.


I finished by calling All Crew of Spaceship Earth to ‘action stations.’ That we have to take care of the ships embedded operating systems like air conditioning,
refrigeration, water and food producing facilities and that in the days and years ahead ‘Unity Consciousness’ is the only way we can take care of today
and tomorrow.

Meanwhile, we at GreenplanetFM, wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and especially 2021 - because, we will have much to do to freely live as
heart-centered beings - navigating time and space.

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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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