The 2nd take on NZ 2010: Democracy, Governance and Sovereignty at Risk?

Interviewed by Tim LynchMay 19, 2010
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Will the possums wake up in time and do the correct thing by taking action to control their own future, ... or ...?

Plus, what is the table talk at cafes, restaurants, bars and lunch times around NZ? Is the populace happy and even ecstatic with how we the people are governing ourselves? (Yes or No?) That in fact the talk of both town and country people is that there is nothing at all to be concerned about, with our Democracy, Governance and Sovereignty? That we can safely leave everything in the hands of the Act Party who in this escalating drama of tension, play the bad cop in the National Party scenario of being the good cop?

Listen to young independent voices talk about the need to be exceptionally alert to what is happening and the necessity to NOT get our news from mainstream media that is intent on jamming sensationalistic insular drivel into our homes 24/7.

But instead, be adroit and astute by accessing our own news via the web, uTUBE, videos, DVDs, network parties and spontaneously showing up at events and friends places.

Starring Vincent Eastwood ... who is Mr News and part of the NZs very independent alternative media. His web site:

On You Tube at:

Vincent has been doing this media for over 18 months and he is about to launch a syndicated radio show from New Zealand but also heard in America. He has a natural talent and can take complex issues and simplify them.

Dana Louise Stewart ...Researcher of Raw food, our polluted food system, planting fruit trees and the future of New Zealand. She is very up on what is really happening in this country and is not afraid to speak the truth in an eloquent way.

Dana is the Producer of the independent film Real N' Raw and is also the founder of a charitable trust called Fruit for Our Children. Web:

Martin Adlington an environmental artist and fast becoming an expert on "consumerism" and on the massive waste of consumption.


Martin has developed his media presence and now has Auckland University supporting him to make an independent film about recycled art and dumpster diving.

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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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