Sue Grey & Robin Kelly: NZers awakening to the implications of 5G, as Grandparents become involved

Interviewed by Tim LynchOctober 16, 2019
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It is becoming obvious that there is no recent ‘independent’ research coming out giving 5G technology - a clean bill of health. That undue health effects
could arise from increased wireless frequencies have not been allayed. Meanwhile, having a little more time on their hands Grandparents across NZ are
showing more interest in this recent technology and they are researching as to what 5G might portend.

Why have there been no ‘independent’ health tests completed on 5G wireless technologies? That due to the NZ Government not requiring evidence of such tests,
many of the NZ public are becoming concerned. Yet, highly qualified independent overseas scientists are saying that this new fifth generation technology
‘ups the frequencies’ markedly. So where is the research for its safety and veracity?

In the meantime the elders, the older generation, who over their lifetime of experience and disappointment at the ethics or lack of them within both Government
and industry are rallying for the future of their children and grandchildren. As it is not only a health risk to humans, but also to pets, insects,
especially bees as well as vegetation and trees in your garden and neighbourhood. The whole ecosphere could be unduly affected.

As a result New Zealanders are asking where is the evidence for its safety. There are also more doctors than usual speaking out, as we hear in this interview
of Sue Grey a lawyer and specialist in emerging issues and Dr Robin Kelly a General Medical Practitioner who is seeing more patients who are in some
way being affected by these emerging technologies.

So why is it when new technologies are invented and new substances are formulated that in so many cases, there is no Law that states that these have to
be independently tested and seen to be safe for the public to either use or be safe around.

With the steady increase in telephone frequencies from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation until the one we have now the 4th - these have been seen to be relatively

benign - however the game has changed markedly now as 5G breaks through a new threshold and this is where the frequencies become more intense.

Imposed Upon

Sue says 5G is being imposed on us without any explanation being given to the public when it is only assumed that it is safe - when the evidence is that
it is not safe. Why are we not able to see this evidence published in MSM? Why are they so coy in keeping this information under wraps?

Yet Safe, Fast Fibre-optics is being laid out across the Nation.

That a little over two years ago the Government spent $2 billion for laying out a safe fibre optic cable system that has multiple high speed uses - and
now they are imposing upon us 5G with so many unknown influences - that are virtually all not understood - or even known about?

Robin, said when he started as a Doctor he was told that the most important person is the one in front of you. That we should study all the science in
the world and then adapt that to the person in front. We are not working for a third party - we are actually working on that one person in front of

This also means being an advocate for caution - which comes from the perspective, he had drummed into him early when a student Hippocrates statement that
said - ‘first do no harm.’ Which is the cornerstone of primary care practice.

But also to really examine, not only the science - but who is telling us the science - what is the motive behind those scientists and what is the funding
behind those scientists as well?

Because over the last 20 years numerous senior editors of science journals have been increasingly stating their concerns about ‘conflicts of interest’
as many scientific papers may have big money and other ‘vested’ interests quietly pushing - in the background.

As a result, Robin is now very cautious when reading and assessing this information - and in particular the motives for such new medications and drugs
and also technologies being ‘rapidly brought to market.’

Electro Hypersensitivity.

He has also seen an increase of people experiencing electro hypersensitivity to many things electrical. For example offices full of computers and linked
technologies many of them wireless - so he understand that certain people become stressed or suffer headaches etc.

Lack of Informed Consent?

Sue also mentions that there is a serious issue about the lack of informed consent even around trees being felled throughout the neighbourhood to facilitate
wireless signals getting through without hindrance.

Usurping Nature?

Robin - explains that for the modern day human - nature is our healer - walks, rests, stress release - is the best form of healing our being. He sees time
out in nature as our rehabilitation, but now he says there is a different ‘counter culture’ coming directly across our society, the complete opposite
of natural wellness and well being that essentially says ‘eliminate nature and instead, live in an electro magnetic virtual reality.’

Feeding our Addictions?

Which is essentially saying - let us feed your addictions, plus let’s feed your dependence on technology to such an extent that you are going to do 5G
at the expense of your health.

And as a doctor he finds this idea quite disturbing … stating he is not saying no technology, like most of us he likes technology too, but …
it has gone out of balance completely. For example nuclear weapons. To the point that it is affecting the health of our young people - and it is influencing
younger and younger children.

Children First

He says there are many very concerned physicians around the world who are advocates for children first and this is one of the drivers for his advocacy.

Sue says that science appears to be putting robots before people.

As people we have feelings and needs and we want to be able to choose certain outcomes in our life and not be classified as units of currency - as a convenience
for people who want to make money from us. Yet, our whole system seems to be being driven down this path.

That it’s only those with the money who can choose and it doesn’t really matter what people want and it is not really surprising that more and more people
are experiencing mental health and anxiety problems and she says it is really concerning …

Living in an Airport Security Area 24/7

Tim chimes in saying that airport security systems are an example of intense radiation.

Note that workers at these stations only are in these concentrated radiation fields for 8 or so hours a day - but whole cities and towns will be immersed
in them 24/7/365 - where everyone is saturated in non ionising radiation. This includes insects, birds, pets and vegetation.

Our Bodies Are Already Under Intense Stress.

That our body systems are already close to tipping points - all variety of things are loading our immune system. Mental health - of worry, unresolved grief,
chemical toxins, emotional toxins … are cause for concern - as our ‘free NZ health’ system is already overloaded.

Accumulating Over Time

It’s a slow but steady accumulative assault on our immune system and our unique human body and the ‘wireless field’ is becoming more extreme and Robin
says that when someone tips over through all manner of accruing circumstances - then comes the denial from the status quo - who will say - well it
has nothing to do with us … it’s to do with some other problem in their lives … - however it is to do with all of that - and everything
has to be looked at in total. Yet, so many people will be running for cover - as people become more unwell and sick. However - the medical drug industry
may actually be there to alleviate whatever ails them - as he says, that once deployed this wireless technology will become a tipping point (into deteriorating
health) for many, many people.

The Law Society wanting to understand ‘causes’ in relation to the Law of the land.

The Law Society Sue says, always looks at causes so as to get a greater understanding of Law. But, with so many inputs that have invisible energies - it
is extremely difficult to pin, say a disease to any one particular technology or situation.

In ill health what are the technologies that may have caused your tipping point health collapse? Your cell phone? The cell towers outside your home - or
the smart meter outside your bedroom or a number of computers in your office … or a combination of all those things - that coincidentally ties
in with your dog dying last week. Or all the different factors that are going on.

And the Law just cannot cope with that at all.

We need a whole new system of assessing risk - and science too is not very good at assessing risk either. As it was not designed to assess risk. It was
designed to helping develop hypothesis’s as to how things worked.

And like the Law, it has it’s limitations - (Nikola Tesla) “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade
than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

But we are not doing the research!

No Insurance Payouts?

Lloyds of London and the big reinsurers have stated that they will not pay out in the case of health problems as a result of 5G technologies. As the risk
is far too big to quantify and assess. This has to be a wake-up call for the community at large.

Then Sue says if this is the case with the big insurers - why has the Government not come to this same conclusion?

In NZ because of the ACC law (Accident Compensation Commision) we can not sue our telco phone company - or the company who has a cell phone tower outside
our window. Listen

But ACC doesn’t seem interested in checking this out so as to make sure they are not liable either!

Doctors, who take on this profession in most cases do so because they have an affinity to want to care and endeavour to stop something happening before
it happens.

After studying this for a number of years - Robins is now concerned about the accumulative affects over the years … of increasing radiation. He
says 5G will ramp everything up, however prior to 5G coming we are already experiencing damage - when we see the accumulated effects on health.

Acting Minister of Health Julie Anne Genter of the Green Party, comes in for not wanting to look at the health effects, especially on children and the
unborn etc - she essentially washes her hands of the subject of 5G as just a new application of radio technology. Listen

Sue says we have to stop now with a ‘moratorium’ until we have proof that it’s safe - as against rolling out until is is proved harmful.

Advisors telling the NZ Ministers - in many ways are controlling the narrative and withholding information - by … omission.

What comes over in this interview is that Government advisers seem to be following an agenda to roll out 5G and not acting in the public interests and
protecting fairly the community that they are supposed to be acting for.

Other subjects covered:

In Cypress there is a committee on environment and children’s health Listen

They are taking wifi away from pre schoolers as well as taking wifi out of children’s hospitals.

Ericsson, the telecom giant’s future vision is a $76 billion dollar industry based on health surveillance - and everyone in their game will be on tap 24/7/365
- and your data will be accessed continually - every cell will be identified, plus every fright that you get from reading information like this - will
register as a racing heart on their computer systems somewhere overseas - even whilst you hide under your bed.

MSM = Main Stream Media - are now the tech industry - moulding minds with images and flash graphics now being a propaganda arm.

Laws in NZ need to be enacted to put onus on corporations deploying technologies and substances.

Why is the burden always forced upon the public when new technologies etc are introduced into the environment?

Why is not the proof of health and safety enforced by law on those deploying new tech and or substances ?

Let's see it is safe until it is proven to be dangerous is a farce … Cigarettes, asbestos, thalidomide, has caused so much harm, yet we the people
have failed to vote in people as politicians to safeguard the public interest.

It is all back to front - putting the burden on the public. It has to be they who have to prove through an independent authority that their technology
and substances are safe.

The EPA Environmental Protection Authority in NZ have abandoned their post … Why is the Environmental Protection Agency not protecting the environment?
- why is the Ministry of Health not protecting our health?

The NZ Health Act 1956. When you search up the function
of the Ministry in relationship to public health and this shows you in Section A … ‘the Ministry shall have the function of improving, promoting
and protecting public health’.

Why is the NZ Health Department not ‘protecting public Health?’

The fact is that we the people have lost control of our Government Agencies.

Robin says that there is a lack of unity of head and heart.

Artificial intelligence - is just that - it is Artificial and we have to recognise it is not real and will not be in our best interests as it does not
have a duty of care.

That we have to stand up and say things Now

What about the younger generation? how are they going to negotiate this technological electronic zone - especially with increasing suicides?

Dr Mary Redmayne in Wellington PhD completed her thesis on youth - intermediate age children and mobile phones. She was horrified by the amount of exposure
they were receiving Listen - re, brain tumours.

Also a recent 5G talk she gave.

Not covered in this interview is once 5G is established globally there are to be 20,000 geostationary satellites put up in orbit to then beam down to our
planet radiation to microwave all sentient life with data - this is so insane that it has to be halted.

We learn that all children born after the year 2,000 are called ‘digital natives’ - yet what is their future to be?

Sue - mentions that Midwives could talk to Mums to advise them of the challenges ahead.

This is a very important radio interview for NZers to listen and share ...

Share, share, share and lobby the NZ Government for a Moratorium - thank you.

Nuclear Free New Zealand - Why not 5G FREE New Zealand as well? - FaceBook: 5G-Free New Zealand



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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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