Steve Papps: What shapes a 'Once Were Warriors’ child into a man who serves others?

Interviewed by Tim LynchSeptember 7, 2017
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From those days, they have cemented a firm friendship. Steve has helped many people who are in challenging life situations and unsure about how to find
a way through, and how to blossom again as people.

A very harsh childhood

Steve Papps has three businesses - Papps Nutrition, Papps Consultancy, and LifeForce Water. All of this from a man who grew up in a home that by his own
admission was a “Once Were Warriors” household. Liz asks him about the early challenges he faced- an unavailable father, an alcoholic mother and a
house where parties, violence, police being called in the night, and dire poverty, were the norm. Yet he found bright spots - the good foster families
who took him and his brother in at times, a love of learning and of his schooling in Remuera thanks to the state housing in which they were lucky enough
to live.

Steve talks of having to have a pillow over his face and ears as a boy ( and he still does this) to be able to go to sleep. With that pillow over his face,
he would make internal resolutions that he would be a father who hugged his children and was connected with them, and also a man rich enough to provide
for his children so he could give them the kind of childhood he was not enjoying . These were the early days of his unknowingly developing his ability
to create a different reality for himself.

Determined to excel at school and in sport

Steve was determined to excel at school in sport. With his bright mind, he also soaked in the good learning. But at 13, that state house was pulled down
and the family were moved to a much rougher area and to a school in Penrose. From there, the two brothers started getting involved in drugs and alcohol
and his schooling suffered .

When he was 16, he found out he was to become a father. He had an innate sense of what is right. He chose to stay with the mother of his child and sought
out work. By 19, he was the father of three children .

Being responsible as a young 17 year old

At 17 he took on a commission job. He realised he could make in one day, what he was making in a week in his other job. He followed the advice of his Maori
mentor exactly- “ I didn’t out think it. I did exactly what he said “ . He had to keep a positive mental attitude and never give up. He simply never
gave his attention to the negative thoughts. His first day’s sales were a record. “ You see Liz, I had to sell ( or ) my son didn’t eat “. By 18, he
had risen to assistant manager of NZ for the company, and he was running a whole team.

Steve then alluded to the second company he began - a security company which became extremely successful for him.

Using certain Principles to focus on Success

Liz and Steve discuss the principles behind success, by looking at Papps Consultancy’s aim-to help people with their consciousness, to help people understand
how the Universe really operates . Everything is a reflection of the internal world, the internal thoughts.

He took these understandings in to Papps Nutrition and into body building. From coming last in his first competition, after studying the nutrition to help
him win, he ended up representing NZ at the most prestigious amateur championship Mr Universe . “ I became passionate - I outsmarted the bigger guys
in nutrition and I studied how my mind works “

Steve now gets up at 4.30 am and does a 12 to 14 hour day at work plus his workout . By the end of the day, he still has the same level of energy as at
4.30, and he says it’s because he knows how to eat, how to drink water, how to think and how to breathe .

Combating poor health and eating choices

Steve talks of the growing levels of poor health in society . One example is the epidemic levels of diabetes - 9 people a week in NZ losing a limb because
of diabetes - and yet he has seen evidence that it is able to be healed. “ Obviously there’s evidence that as a population, we’re doing something wrong
. And it’s the way that we’re shopping, the way that we’re eating “

He says that most people are overfed and at the same time are starving- starving of nutrients.

Steve tells the story of a client, Colin, who had Type 2 diabetes. He was addicted to drugs and alcohol when he met Steve. He was very depressed. Steve
did a nutrition plan for him . 8 weeks later, he had an appointment with the doctor and he was off all medication. His own doctor said to him “ Whatever
you’re doing, just keep doing it” . The doctor added a follow up comment to that, which may surprise you when you listen to this interview. Steve was
bemused- and he and Colin were both confused by the doctor’s comment.

Colin’s life story completely changed with his better health, his diabetes healing, his drug free life, his weight loss from 124 kg to 82 kg, his fitness
programme, but most of all , with the different thinking patterns he developed through his talks with Steve, and the coaching he received. Thanks to
the shifts from that different perspective which Colin developed, he is now in a happy relationship, has a young child, travels around the world ,
and is on his way to getting his own home.

“Discipline gets you started, it’s just like turning the key in the ignition. What is required is awareness. Discipline will get you started but awareness
keeps the change”

Discipline but more-so - it’s Awareness

Steve and Liz discuss the idea of awareness, and the difference of that from just positive thinking. He tells the story of Rene, his friend who now runs
a successful business . But he used to have a false sense of “ NEXT week I’ll get my business started” ( and Steve talks about how people do that with
fitness too - and in many other areas - “NEXT week I’ll get around to that “) . Steve tells the story of how he challenged Rene’s desire to stay within
his comfort zone. Liz asks what happens when that human being takes that leap off the cliff.

Steve says every successful person will tell you about the failures they have had. It’s part of the process towards success. You can’t succeed without
failures. And they’re not even really failures. They’re part of the refining of your consciousness.

Consciousness and Energy

Everything is energy, vibrating - protons , neutrons, electrons… but in their most refined form, it’s just one energy expressing itself in many
forms. There’s actually only one energy vibrating on different frequencies.

When it comes to money, it’s all about the vibration we hold - it’s nothing to do with how smart we are, how many hours we work , or even the product itself!
It’s as if there is a mirror. The mirror will reflect back to you the essence of the energy at which you vibrate. Ask -for example- how do I truly
feel about money today ?? Steve has found that every wealthy person has one thing in common: they truly expected to be wealthy.

He takes a further common example- the woman who grew up in a home seeing her mother abused and now, as an adult, set at that frequency, she will tune
in to an abuser, just as an abuser will tune in to a victim. It’s not from her conscious thoughts. What she needs is an awareness of deep subconscious
energy ." Everything in your external world is a reflection of your internal world “

That person - that behaviour- can only stay in your life by you giving it attention.

Tuning in and becoming focused

Steve gives a powerful metaphor for tuning your energy, by likening the 'tuning in' to changing the frequency of a radio.

Reality is happening inside of you. It’s only your attention to something that makes it ‘exist' outside you.

Changing from within

Everyone is trying to change their external world, not their internal thinking patterns and beliefs. That is where the misunderstanding lies.

These are shifts in fundamental understandings. "Reality happens on the inside and the story we’re playing out on the inside, we’ll see hardened into physical
form on the outside. But that’s not reality “ .

It all starts from within. Someone who is vibrating from frustration will manifest frustration around her effortlessly .

Our bodies consist of trillions of cells with their own intelligence

In each of our bodies are 37.2 trillion cells. That’s 37.2 reactions per second ! That’s an incredible intelligence flowing through us every second. Life
flowing effortlessly. There are laws that operate this universe. The influence you have is tremendous and these laws of the universe are exact. The
laws of the Universe. You can apply them in each area of your life. You can have a totally different life . But if you don’t even understand them,
it won’t open up for you .

Awakening to possibilities

Liz asks Steve about that little boy with his head under the pillow, daydreaming of a different life. Living it in his imagination. Steve talks of Einstein
saying that imagination is more powerful than knowledge. Imagination is Image- in-action.

Liz refers to that third company - LifeForce Water - and the book on water which Steve has written. And she asks him about his successes making millions
in a security company. And how he also misapplied the principles which had helped him build up wealth and success, by saying to himself “Don’t you
mess this up”. Liz says she will discuss this with Steve in greater detail in their next programme.

Learning from mistakes 🙂

And Tim Lynch, who was sitting in the studio waiting to edit the interview, later edited in the reaction of Liz when she thought they were all off air!
It’s a spontaneous, heartfelt reaction to a man Steve Papps, who helps others from his own heart.

Papps Nutrition - YouTube

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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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