Spaceship Earth

Interviewed by Tim LynchFebruary 15, 2017
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“We travel together, passengers on a little space ship, dependent on its vulnerable reserves of air and soil; all committed for our safety to its security and peace; preserved from annihilation only by the care, the work, and I will say, the love we give our fragile craft.

We cannot maintain it half fortunate, half miserable, half confident, half despairing, half slave to the ancient enemies of man half free in a liberation of resources undreamed of until this day. No craft, no crew can travel with such vast contradictions.

On their resolution depends the survival of us all.”

Adlai E. Stevenson II - was President John F Kennedy’s United Nations Representative. He gave this Speech to the Economic and Social Council, Geneva, Switzerland, July 9,1965 and died 5 days later on July 14, 1965.

As we continue our revolutions around our sun, we on our planet 'Spaceship Earth' have never felt so concerned as to what is happening to our craft and crew in these very tumultuous times.

Not so long ago we entered the 21st century thinking that a new millennium will favour a peaceful future - yet - days, weeks, months and years seemingly
whip past us, as we, the 7.5 billion human inhabitants of Spaceship Earth continue our journey, silently and effortlessly among the constellations
to a galactic destination we have yet to determine.

In looking at this marvel of life and magnificence - we on our planet - spaceship earth see that our ship is a miracle of profound proportions. That over
eons has created and evolved a diverse array of living phenomenon - of biota of flora and fauna of - animals and vegetation.

Set in scenic grandeur of such picturesque beauty - it makes one’s heart melt …

Yet our planet spaceship earth actually lends us bodies - all of us and includes a free air supply of pure oxygen, free water that is pristine, and food
of fruit and vegetables that are exquisitely varied - nourishing and tasty. And it is only recently that the crew have had to pay for these last two.

For ‘today’ - closing in on the second decade of the 21st Century a so called calendar of time that has emerged from the most predominant crew mindset
- things are changing exceptionally fast.

For in truth, there are no passengers on Spaceship Earth, for in fact we are all crew - all participants. Yet, we have come into being with no idea or
reason for being. Having no manual or ships charter for us to learn of our true inheritance and even know why we have been born on board ship!

For untold millennia we have been born, to live, reproduce and die. Not even knowing if there is life after death. Though historically there are stories,
legends, myths and folklore - that say Yes we do live after death!

Meantime we have been endeavouring to divine where we have come from, why we are here and where we are going to. Yet it appears that a large percentage
of crew inherently believe in something greater - for instance a soul, but very few understand what it means.

So where we spring from, we just don’t know but there are certain cosmologies that over the millennia segments of crew have argued and fought and warred
among each other as to who was right and who was wrong. Such has been the emotive power of such a subject - that crew could lose themselves, resulting
in huge losses of life, causing much pain, sorrow and trauma affecting them over generations.

For some unknown reason we as a species have emerged from our mother to take our first breath, - and that every single one of us have all been born
of a mother. We also don’t know how our family tree or bloodline has come about other than this lineage connects us across the ages via an umbilical
cord that entwined within it - is a spiralling DNA, a codex of the makeup of our physical body. Yet, we have all emerged and coming from the past recognise
that we are intimately connected to the very fabric of our ship - endearingly named Mother Earth - Spaceship Earth.

However no one is sure. The majority of the crew actually believe:

1) That there is a greater being that created them and their ship, though they do not really know how?

whilst another viewpoint is:

2) That a greater being - ‘set up the situation’ prior to - a single expanding point that allowed the universe and eventually them to evolve into being.
And yet another viewpoint:

3) That we are ‘all here by fluke’ or chance and that we are as a result of the big bang - the universe rapidly expanding like 2 above but everything
is instead by happenstance and just emerged.

4) Some crew think that other Extra Terrestrials from other ‘unknown’ spaceships and star systems - have secretly intruded and come on board and either
seeded the ship with certain DNA or somehow manipulated the situation.

And intertwined within all these other cosmologies, others saying that ‘we are spiritual beings having an Earth experience and that we may be living in
a steady state universe.

In sorting through all these situations, there is a common denominator that possibly 85-90% of the crew believe in, that they all have within them an essence
or soul and this connects them over time and space to a greater being, many call God, Allah, Brahma, great Spirit.

This also brings in yet another viewpoint which is saying that when we awaken to the realisation that we are spiritual beings having an earth experience,
it somehow triggers an arousal of something deep inside our being that is both cosmic and personal and we realise we are part of ‘all that is’ often
resulting in a rapid awakening into the now … however to perceive and recognise the truth in what is happening - is the challenge of the moment.
However this leads to us into the awakening and recognising of our ‘Captain’ within.

Nevertheless, back on board our interstellar spaceship there is a gathering momentum of crew who are dissatisfied with so much that’s going on board, yet
they still remain unknowing of who the Captain is!

In so doing, they are not feeling empowered and being insightful enough to realise that we are our own ‘Captain’ and so they continue to give away
their power to ‘outside entities.’ These being clever people with connections, purporting to be Captains, who by smart crew manipulations have funded
crew cliques called ‘political parties’ as fronts to enable them to do (in their estimation) their best to ‘run the ship.’

But, to be very frank, the majority of the crew possibly 95% have been caught up in ‘a matrix’ and become spell bound - even hypnotised as to what's real
and what is not. This is the overarching quandary.

For down on the surface of our planetary spaceship, on nearly every deck - and station, across many zones called countries there is a subtle, yet invasive
‘onboard mutiny’ by ‘other’ crew members. They are in many cases unelected, and have conspired together by working behind the scenes and ‘have taken
over many key controls of the ship.’

These are extremely deceptive pirates, who surreptitiously even have the Jolly Roger as their global flag …… you know - the white skull and
crossbones on a background of black. They are cunningly manipulating many things that are affecting vast numbers of crew, making it more difficult
to live.

For on Our Planet Spaceship Earth’s living quarters - compartments - and complexes, reality is becoming starker by the year, because the crew the so called
99% have major challenges remembering that they are crew. So mesmerised and captivated by the matrix - an illusionary yet debilitating reality - that
they continue to become unknowing of their station in life.

They have also been caught up in the mantra - money makes the world go round - the default setting for success … of ego - prestige and celebrity.

Yet, some are realising ‘the game’ has been rigged against the many.

For a good number of years they have inherently known that the diamond markets have been rigged, and now they learn gold and silver markets are manipulated.
Same for oil, including the LIBOR scandal and interests rates, that the stock exchange aligned with bankers has been engineered, and that a private cartel on board - the unaccountable Federal
Reserve in America has been printing a trillion dollars a year, setting off a spaceship-wide printing frenzy from other divisions throughout the ship.

Recently, ‘certain’ crew from China, the EU, Britain, Switzerland, Japan, and Brazil have involved themselves too, with ‘quantitative easing’ a sneaky
description, of ‘printing more money’ - by hiding its true meaning. And the supreme onboard duplicitous controller is the US who over the last years
has printed $80 billion per month, this being fraught with danger, and alarm bells are now ringing throughout most sections of the ship!

Jim Bolger the ex New Zealand Prime Minister and US ambassador who may have an inkling about the machinations on board ship, when asked about America’s
quantitative easing, stated mystifyingly - “that's led us to printing, printing and printing money, in the hope that something will turn up. I'd love
to tell you we knew exactly where it was going to end, but that would be misleading you”.

The printing of this ship wide currency has not led to the improvement of ordinary lives, but instead continued supporting an immoral elite of ‘officers’
whilst causing a greater division towards causing crew to become homeless and starving to become refugees.

They have been fleeing inter crew fighting that has given cause for spaceship ‘pin up’ girl, Angelina Jolie - Special Envoy and former Goodwill Ambassador
in furthering despondency, exclaiming recently …. “We're lacking in leadership in the world in general, I don't think there is an example of
extraordinary leadership that will breakthrough the stalemate of what is happening in the world.”

Her forthright statement that there is a huge lack of leadership globally, is correct - across the board. We have in so many situations, ‘unconscious crew’
in leadership roles, who are perceived as cardboard cut outs, mostly hollow to the core - a shadow of their imagination.

Today’s operating crew in leadership positions in nearly every instance are not ‘conscious’ and are lacking ‘mana’ - presence, and vision or even the ability
to talk truth to power, (or just speak the truth). They appear deficient as well - of any semblance of compassion and connection.

This can be clearly seen in the English speaking five main global players in the inter-deck security and intelligence spying network … the Five
Eyes Echelon Surveillance System …. most are run by conservative administrations - with Republicans controlling the US Senate and Congress thinking
they are ‘the ship’s control tower.’

These crew turned pirates and money men - an old boy network, with compromised female mouth pieces are still grimly extending control over critical sectors
of the ship like energy, banking and communications - on behalf of a corrupted agenda.

Meanwhile, within the teaming biosphere of our planet Spaceship Earth most of the biota are under stress, as all the natural life support systems critical
to producing air, water and food are under increasing pressure - being pushed to the limit, due to overuse, over extraction of raw fuel and rapidly
increasing pollution. This is due to burgeoning numbers of multiplying crew - most of them still being unconscious that they are aboard ship and who
are now just doing their best to survive - many trapped and struggling in a mode of persevering - unknowingly under the rubric of ‘winner takes all'
- the pirates - ‘corporate agenda.’

Whilst the air conditioning continues to behave more erratically, the refrigeration is running hot and cold, drinking water is at a premium with the covert
pirates infiltrating so many areas of the ship, controlling many areas of crew quarters that house and billet the crew. Especially corrupting the inflight
media, particularly most news services - by broadcasting negative daily news - and with propaganda from vested financial interests many crew have become
fragmented and dysfunctional - whilst the pirates increasingly listen-in and record crews conversations and intercom communications with other crew.
This has resulted in unconscious crew reacting and now become so enraged and even dysfunctional - that they have turned to terrorism thinking that
this is the only way to fight back!

Worse still - the pirates who are causing these problems are so disconnected from their own heart as well as to the crew, they are increasingly selling
armaments to warring factions of dysfunctional crew, whilst drug and alcohol addictions pervade a large sector of the ship and the threat of weapons
of mass destruction increases, be it chemical, biological or nuclear - are now a constant danger.

There is even nuclear radiation leaking out on the ship itself from one of the ships contentious energy systems in the Japanese quarters, with unforeseen
consequences of what this continuous discharge is causing to the ship’s air conditioning and waterways.

This now is being aggravated by violent agitation and insurgencies in Middle Eastern crew quarters with traumatised crew vacating their posts and seeking
refuge anywhere they can - over running and bursting in on especially ‘well off’ sections of our ship. Whilst elsewhere, tensions keep building up
by belligerent NATO military forces - ‘in breaking an agreement’ (Hyper link See Malcolm Fraser) pushing up against the bulkhead of the Russian crew
quarters - which has the largest crew area on the ship.

There is a stupendous need for super conscious crew (who are becoming aware that they are Captains) to make themselves known by bringing about peace through
conflict resolution and reconciling this strained and escalating relationship. Particularly as there are now threats that nuclear projectiles are going
to be lobbed into each others sections of the ship, and that tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of crew could instantly be incinerated and
lose their lives, in a vast, inter-deck wide holocaust and conflagration - with needless suffering of innocents.

As a result of so much conflict - some crew have basically given up, as they think that it’s written in an ancient text that a coming super war is prophesied
thus they do nothing to creatively stop it. Thinking that when it is over their saviour a super gifted ‘admiral of all fleets’ will mysteriously reappear
and save them and them only - for all of eternity.

Such is the thought and thinking process of the various crew that reside on the ship.

And even overlaying this, the toxic waste of unconscious crew’s actions and indulgences are starting to build up in the water supplies and holding tanks,
whilst in certain sections and complexes of the Chinese and the Indian quarters air ventilation is deteriorating causing major breathing problems.
However air is steadily becoming worse throughout the whole of the ship’s ventilation systems. And even more critically - many of the provisions are
being perverted by raiders, manipulating the DNA of the food supplies or spraying the food with chemicals - before selling it to crew to be eaten.
Whilst not advising crew what they have done!

There is a moral malaise that is infecting the whole crew throughout the ship.

Yet, unknown to most of the crew on board, is the profound notion that not only is our life support a spaceship, in reality it is a mother ship, from ‘her’
all things have issued.

Our Planet Spaceship Earth is a Mothership!

Fortunately, more and more crew are awakening to this realisation, that our planet is a living, self sustaining super organism, and embedded in her ‘web
of life’ - are all the mechanisms , tightly coupled, and majestically supported - ecological systems - from which all life grows.

They are realising that our planet spaceship earth has actually lent us bodies …. and the call is going out to all crew … to awaken from
a dream-spell of self forgetfulness.

And fortunately, more crew have come to a realisation that they have been Absent Without Leave.

Are you one of them?

They are realising that they are becoming their own Captain.

These so-called awakening crew are returning to their posts and communicating with all those who choose to listen.

Are you listening?

They realise that:

  • 1% of the crew Control our Planetary Spaceship.
  • 4% Are sell out puppets
  • 90% Of the crew are asleep!
  • 5% Know and are striving to wake up the 90%
  • The 1% don’t want the 5% waking up the 90%

These enlightened personnel are engaging in benevolent change by calling for co-operation and a halt in violent conflict- feeding, healing and housing
their many starving crew members, and eliminating toxic waste and poisons from the waterways - the atmosphere and food supply.

Are you assisting?

This is only the beginning.

They are announcing over the airwaves, satellite, intercom systems, and the recently deployed super connectivity of the World Wide Web:

"The wellbeing of Spaceship Earth has to be improved!"

Things have to change for the better and it is critical for us all to begin now!

So why not? We have the capabilities, the knowledge and the initiative to solve all problems.

Team spirit being paramount!

We the crew have to commit, then organise and come together in cells and clusters of cells like small bubbles across the all quarters to then keep increasing
our commitment to join with other clusters of bubbles until we conjoin in an ever greater connectivity.

By coming together- locally, collectively, in our neighbourhoods and countrywide compartments by - interacting and coordinating our loving and learning,
we, the crew, can maintain our Spaceship correctly.

So why don't we?

"Let's start with ourselves" is the directive!

Continue this change in our rooms and compartments, our complexes and relationships.

Finally, let’s integrate our Spaceship's regions and northern and southern hemispheres, its prosperous and underdeveloped sectors.

We must create harmonious social order by learning conflict resolution, focusing on values at all levels and by developing benevolent self-governing systems.

This will allow us to retain the virtues of our own richness of local cultural creativity, plus our own distinctive heritage and our inherent diversity
of self expression and uniqueness...

At the same time some very awakened crew who are becoming even more aware of their Captaincy - have found that by stilling themselves for a time, with
quiet periods of contemplation and meditation, they're able to tap into deeper states of knowingness and insight. They're finding that encoded in their
own being are answers to not only our Spaceship's current dilemma, but - why we are here, where we have come from and where we are going.

They're expressing the virtues of intuition, imagination, inspiration and nurturing - illuminating their understanding of how our Spaceship is truly a
Mothership and a super organism the ancient Greeks- for a moment in time-understood, and from her, all life has sprung forth. They are very excited
with the possibilities and potentialities for our common future.

A transcendent quality capable of unfolding and flowering into being, for all crew! A conscious incandescence shifting our frequency to a possible omega
point, and what we at heart know as the noosphere, where global group mind reconnects into a holistic knowingness that we are all one crew in unity

The ramifications being:

That awakening to one's Self, as a Captain and one of the crew of Spaceship Earth, is synonymous with awakening to our mission in this life.

Taking action helps to maintain our voyage through time and space and establishes the harmonious energy required during this time of great challenge, change
and transition. As a result future generations of conscious crew members will all become Captains and that due to today’s continuing conscious actions
all will inherit an atmosphere of both inner and outer beauty in which to unfold, to grow, and to Love - fulfilling a deeper quest to understand the
universe and our mutual destination.

You are being called, what is your assignment?

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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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