Roy Harlow: You don’t have to fight the System - you just need to abandon it - and set up your own

Interviewed by Tim LynchSeptember 23, 2020
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Saying, let’s take it to the highest aspiration of the human level - where we do not see any differences - other than we are human beings living on a planet.
Therefore, what is it that we have in common with each other? When we have more in commonality than we have differences.

Roy’s been living in NZ for 45 years, is the owner manager of the radio station and will
be launching a renewed website in December - saying it’s imperative that we in NZ realise that we have huge amounts of possibility and potential, if
we only realise our sacred connection with a greater reality.

I open up by mentioning last week’s interview of Billy Te Kahika as it’s the fastest growing political party in NZ and is getting much traction over Facebook
and also our own YouTube,, and the web site. Roy then says that we want to express our high divinity and ideals, but we are forced to work at the
coal face struggling for fairness - struggling for awareness and sharing - our what we are and what we are facing - but he says that as a single human
being and spokesperson for a growing movement - it is a daunting task for Billy as a newcomer of lifting the consciousness of the people out of the differences and into the similarities and the unity - that is actually already here.

Roy says that we do not have to form a movement ‘because the human race is the movement’ - and we are all part of it.

Saying it is a matter of understanding of what we are going through and who we are - and looking at - what is our contribution - he says that
we come into this world with nothing and we leave with nothing - so what is of value is what we contribute.

So our contribution is going to be relative to our perspective of life - and the current perspective of life that is being propagated - is the perspective
of selfishness - Consumerism, and having ‘things’ etc. That we are constantly being forced into the survival concept = nobody else has enough money,
nobody has enough time - no one has enough friends, nobody has enough … of anything. This feeling of having a restrictive standard
of living - when the earth is abundant (by God’s Grace) - and where there is plenty for everyone - but it has been stolen by the few at the Top - to
leave us with the concept ‘I have to look out for number one’ (An emergency siren goes off in the background of Roy’s house and neighbourhood - How synchronistic?)

As opposed to ‘what can I contribute to everyone else?’ If you want to hear some words of ‘tough love’ - have a listen - there are heaps of insights and learning in this interview. But, we are in a society that’s teaching us selfishness. That we have been conditioned and programmed to become selfish because we lack a deep connection to ‘self’
and to warm caring family values, as well as a spiritual knowingness.

He says we can look at the whole situation that is happening on our planet, geologically etc, our financial system - we can look at a host of different things plaguing society - or under inspection by society - or altering right in front of society - but, all of these are temporary issues.

Listen - because he talks about what is developing in your consciousness? Are you getting above you or are you constantly worrying
about your survival?

Are you actually endeavouring to help others reach their divinity and become better beings? Are you supporting people with truth and acknowledgment and
encouragement? ONLY? Or are you guilty of passing on information that is not knowledge? (think gossip and trivia).

He goes into the fact that there is a very small group at the top of the global heap and they are rewarding themselves at our expense as they are farming us. We are being played …and this will continue and become more constricting - unless we break out of our self imposed - dream spell. Have a listen and become active …

Then we have ‘us’ …and our attitude is of co-operative compassion … However - this cooperative compassion is being discredited, it has been
abused, it’s been neglected, its been marginalised - at every turn - by those who control the food, the money, the gas, the communications (media)
the information …

So it’s leaving people going - I don’t get it, because in their heart they see that they are being constantly on the back foot…. Have a listen … Because an awakening is happening …

There are 50 or so different issues - that are all part of the same issue … it is imperative if you want to be freed up to connect the dots …

He goes on to ask - are we going to be divine selfless beings and care and share and help …. or are we going to fight and struggle and hassle over
what we perceive to be as differences …

He says at present humanity's consciousness is changing … we are in the birth canal to ‘a great awakening’ - and Roy believes this …. and
changing for the better …

But, huge segments of society will have to give up on what they have been trained to respond to or to do and let go - surrender … and accept what they knowingly and intuitively feel to be right.

That we cannot break up the family unit, as our education is teaching us to obey and not to be curious and to question … they are trying to inoculate
us with poisons - now working hours per day have been extended for many - including half of Saturday - pushing rubbish and ignorance on TV - causing
more people to become dysfunctional and the community more fragmented - pushing contamination of the food and the water and the air - ‘they’ are doing
everything contrary to healthy human life and this is the Awakening that has to take place … this is the awakening that we can all agree on.

We do not have to fight the system - we just have to abandon it …and start a new one.

We have the capabilities and resources to reconstitute society on a natural sustainable platform - but we are being told by officialdom - no you can’t
- you have to follow our system …

Because by following the system that is presently in place - leads to our demise

Roy says that when we are young enough we need to know that … we are spiritual beings having an earth experience …

But, the system we now have, has lobotomised this statement out of our vernacular - and the Churches have totally failed in this …

He also mentions that people have such poor memories they can’t tell you what and where they were a year ago - we have entered a time of forgetfulness - because in so many ways we are filling our minds with empty chatter and confounding trash. Roy says that this is the goal of ‘the system’ - to keep
us all in irrelevance - with junk TV - macabre images of death and slaughter - and then we go to sleep and have all these images eat away at our psyche
- and have a bad nights sleep - because we have programmed ourselves to let in dark images - hence the depression and with the youth - suicides it
doesn’t need a ‘wheelbarrow engineer’ to figure this out.

This is not an accident - this is a deliberate program to stultify you and turn you against yourself. The system has a plan that is anti-human
development and as we realise the air we breathe is contaminated, we’re drinking sanitised water with fluoride added, there is all sorts of chemical
sprays on vegetables and fruit being factory and industrial food that we shop for in the supermarket, there is glyphosate now in the Auckland harbour.
5G wireless being enforced on us - and the list goes on - that 1080 is being broadcast over huge areas of NZ, that injections into our bloodstream
are planned for all New Zealanders and once we tie all this in and do the research - but not via Google we come to the inescapable conclusion
that we are under assault by an anti human system!

The last 70 years has been an upping of the programming of us to not think - that is if we see an actor on TV wearing a white coat telling us to microwave
our food and eat white sugar - this person is not a doctor - it’s an actor - we are being brain rinsed to believe everything on TV - now they
are selling soft medications for headaches and the like - because we are not eating, fresh, vital organic food that has ‘life force’ and we are drinking
chlorinated water and very possibly fluoride and we wonder why children are suffering from everything from immune deficiency syndrome to allergies
and comorbidity of numerous sickness cascading over each other. Because our bodies cannot cope with a multitude of toxins flooding the system. So we
either shake ourselves out of our slumber and do something ‘mindfully health wise’ or wait until our health becomes so serious that we are weakened
by habits and our unknownness, to allow ourselves - to snuff out our inner candle and pass away ...

Other Subjects Covered

In NZ we have been miss-educating our children for two or three generations now hence more parents homeschooling their children as well as the increase
in private schools most being Christian based.

Normalising Our Daily Life.

We are being homogenising society through media and education.

Think this - and everyone thinks ‘this’ - then think that and their attention goes to ‘that.’ Buy ‘these’ and people reach for their plastic card.

Whereas Socrates in ancient Greece - use the Socratic method that up until recently in the Western world was to question everything. Today we are educated
and schooled instead, to ‘obey.’

So that people think the way we live in suburbia and go home and watch the 6 o’clock news, microwave our processed food etc - that it's normal - they think
it’s natural - because ‘so many people’ are now doing it ‘that consensus reality’ believes TOTALLY in the program.

Americans will go to the doctor with a sniffle and have been taking antibiotics for generations and now their immunity systems have deteriorated to such
a degree - that they are on multiple medications - keeping Big Pharma bloated with financial earnings - because sleepwalking to a burger of pizza parlour
for a coke and fries is the programmed thing to do.

But what is it that makes me feel good inside? This is what Roy asks.

How much Joy can I experience?

When was the last time I loved life?

Saying - this is the most momentous time in history for us to come together.

Showing respect for mother nature - by going and immersing yourself in the beauty of what nature offers … This is when the healing takes place.
Being bathed in grandeur and splendour. Breathing it all in.

However we did dip into the waters …

The NZ Government, right at this moment is doing its best to control all water across NZ and taking it away from all Councils - why? Agenda21 - Agenda2030.
He says we are being deceived by the way the Government is dealing with water in all its manifestations here in NZ. They are not addressing the NZ
Public - there are no town hall meetings to address this important resource and its allocation.

Roy says that we in NZ do not have leaders that are protecting us and our resources. We just don’t have them - they have been programmed to obey don’t
rock the boat - as well as to essentially hide and blend …

Saying Billy Te Kahika has a huge job on his hands to get ordinary New Zealanders mobilised - because they have been disempowered by years of TV programming
drawn-out political processes and on the physical level - eating lifeless dead food and drinking municipal water devoid of life force …

Listen Roy discusses talkback radio, as it unravels across the airwaves yet easily becomes contaminated with no heart fulfilling conclusion … and
especially the addiction of anticipation - that talkback is going to share some important knowledge and they draw it out and extend it - you
go to the advertisements and come back and they change the subject and you end up being drawn out into a dead-end situation - so what people are addicted to is the anticipation, but you do not actually really get any knowledge … and resolution. A lot of it could be perceived as basically
a bitching session.

It’s like hanging out for a hit of heroin - and the system sucks and sucks and nothing comes that fills your being with hope, joy … or knowledge.

You May get a little information - but you don’t get any knowledge that will change your heart - change your awareness - change your values -
give you support. Saying it is a type of hypnotism …

That after 20 or 30 years now - people have little understanding of knowledge these days - yet, they are awash in unknowingness - having zero connection to history …

TV Radio and Written Media

Shortland St , Coronation St, Neighbours, Close to Home SOAPS - are mind control TV programming basically based on betrayal and revenge - it is a program
to strangle the minds of viewers to become lost in a lost world - yet pay the advertisers handsomely for being the suckers that watchers are. There
is no continuous stories of virtues, values and love or on open one's awareness of a greater reality.- just a cycle of wash, rinse - spin-dry and repeat
of so many various crooked dark attributes peppered with titillation and clever camera angles.

We are programmed towards lower desires and base thoughts and feelings. To those who are aware - the human species is sliding down the chakras away from
the heart and higher mind.

The riddle of the Sphinx on the Giza Plateau In Egypt, is mentioned. It’s an animal body with a human head. Signifying that the ancient pre Pharaonic civilisation,
in a time that goes back probably 10,000 years plus - left a reminder for humans - that we have to evolve from the lower animal mind to that of the
human higher mind.

We also talked about ‘Out of the Body and Near Death’ experiences - to realise that we are not our body … that we have
another spiritual quality that is eternal - like the soul. That people have to research this - because it is life-changing for the better.

All is God and Nature - that the human race in many instances have become disconnected from …

Being warm and supportive with each other … and this connection helps us to awaken …

That the Bible has been rewritten so many times that it has lost its meaning at some levels - and that it has been sanitised.

Tim speaks of an early St James Bible that his friend has that says in (Matt. 2:1)

And three Astrologers came from the East. Then it changed to

And three Magi came from the East to now it is …

And three wisemen came from the East

Will the next re-write be

And three coca cola salesmen came from the East?

The Redline BIBLE - This bible supposedly
has words that are written in ‘red’ as being spoken by Christ. Though the context in which it is written is somewhat removed.

The Scofield Bible

The interview continues about the great deception that has been happening in banking + all religions - so that many movements globally have now been infiltrated

‘Infiltration instead of Invasion’ - through all institutions especially in America and the English speaking world - ’sleepers’ have been put in place
be it Justice, Education, Health, Agriculture, etc etc They are not here to lift us up to be inquisitive, curious and to ask questions. Do your own research.

What To Do

Walk away from the system … start your own.

Communicate with your friends and neighbours.

Farmers markets are good places to go to ‘get a feel’ for working and cooperating with good people.

Don’t buy fizzy drinks - Cola etc.( haven’t bought any for myself since 1977)

Source good fresh spring water.

Don’t buy fast foods. (I have not eaten at McDonalds or Burger King in my life) - so it’s possible.

Grow as much of your own organic food as possible.

Consider Homeschooling your children.

Join a TimeBank, Green Dollars or a Savings Pool.

Find reputable local products to buy.

Clothing - I buy quality second hand but occasionally from a new retail source (Farmers) - but no major labels.

Yes, we will still have to purchase petrol and all fuel stations are the same. This is a loss/loss situation

Buying computers and phones - just buy the best and most robust. We cannot win here. Apple is relatively reliable.

Furnishings - there are superb 2nd hand deals.

Purchase a good used car - Japanese are usually the most reliable.

Housing and land - it’s challenging. Build in mud brick and alternative local products.

Work within their system to build an independent system … this is where we need to start talking with our friends whanau and family …

Remember that there is a greater intelligence embedded through the universe, that a higher being exists and we have been programmed to forgo and forget
our connection to Source to the Creator or as Roy openly states - to God.

Roy’s Radio Station Website - with a new website in December 2020.


American Chris Hedges, Pulitzer Prize Winning Author.

“We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals,
and our banks destroy the economy.”

Once we understand this is a Western World Phenomenon - we can start connecting the dots.

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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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