Roy Harlow & Tim Lynch: Connecting the dots…to an awakening humanity and a sacred sovereign planet

Interviewed by Tim LynchMarch 17, 2021
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Exercising our humanity and protecting the youth and our common future.

There are layers of uncertainty warping across NZ today - people are time-constrained to get to the truth - the Government continues telling us that they
are the only source of truth - but 10s of thousands of doctors in their droves have signed the Barrington Declaration for example - stating that the
Covid 19 fiasco - has been completely overblown and that the truth is emerging that it is being used to enforce a lockdown strategy of the human race
- that we need to be all vaccinated that in Roys words is a depopulation program.

This is the first time in history when the world’s people have been quarantined - because it has always been that the sick people have been quarantined
- so this is a reverse standard imposed on us by the governing bodies. Roy says that he does not know if it has worked - because there are a lot of
knock-on contingencies that have appeared - that we are not aware of that have happened during the lockdown. Like how many people missed out on having
an operation and passed away - or died of anxiety. This has amplified the many suicides that have been, (and kept silent) plus how many divorces, family
breakdowns, and businesses have failed. That many people are now unemployed and traumatised - for the downside effects have been far-reaching especially
when we look at the statistics of who has died of Vovid19 in a country of 5 million people.

Suspicion is increasing rapidly in the public consciousness.

People are becoming more suspicious - they are seeing things not add up - other information coming from other sources - overseas family and contact from
Britain where anyone who goes to the UK Column - will see just how
profound the lies are. Especially in Germany, who knows what a police state does to a nation (more so East Germany who went from Nazism to Communism)
are now pushing back on the government and the WHO plus MSM who are totally in lockstep with their Government narrative. More so since the NZ Government
has given the MSM media here $50 million to 'smooth the narrative' going forward.

Roy says that as an outsider from another country now living in NZ he has witnessed that as a small country we have been trained to depend on the Government
and we have been trained to accept ‘so called’ authorities - especially in the medical sector as well as our education system which is also training
us to obey and these systems are not really 'up to speed' in times of turmoil.

Remember how slack our border security and biosecurity were - when it was exceptionally porous after 28 March 2020 for many months. It was a major fluke
that we were not overrun with Covid. Which most of the alternative press and many medical authorities are still today stating that Covid is a very
potent flu virus. That is where the battle lines are formed today right until this moment. We get all the Covid stats but no influenza statistics.
The status quo says that's 'because we have all been wearing masks and staying home - but we have not been locked down for all this time and very few
have been wearing masks. Look at the furor that continues due to them saying wear two masks now.

Anyone who believes Dr. Fauci these days hasn't looked at his previous history and who he is linked to. A very questionable character.

Same for Bill Gates - listen to what we say about his activities over the last few years

Also, that medicine is still a pill orientated system - established health authorities are using pharmaceutical drugs whilst at the same time are not understanding
that we - the human being are a component living in a seamless vehicle - of body, mind and spirit that has mental and emotional needs as well. We are
not just a 3-dimensional machine that can be tinkered with. Yet for millennia and centuries, we have used nature as our healer - Hippocrates stating
"let medicine be our food and our food be our medicine." Let nature and diet be the cure.

Note that John D Rockefeller and his son David who died 18 months ago at 104 years of age - that 'their healing modality of choice' was homeopathy and
yet they publicly decried it and instead became the largest corporate dispensary of drugs. Mostly made from oil (which they owned, Standard oil became

So the health game globally has been rigged - just like virtually everything else. i.e Diamonds, gold, silver etc etc.

We are being snooped on and censored at various levels.

Roy says that the most important pill to swallow has to be taken and digested. He says that humanity is now caught in a vast depopulation agenda and that
we have to do our own research ASAP - because Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets plus all the huge tech corporations from Silicon
Valley are in this too - and are censoring us in our tens of thousands - hundreds of thousands and millions - globally by not allowing the general
public to access information and knowledge that empowers us.

Here at - I have noticed the increasing censorship to the degree
I can ask a very direct question - questioning a corporation for example and Google will give me sanitised links, where by using - or it will bring up information that Google
deliberately hides. There are other web browsers that assist you against prying 'deep state' operators - but we can not guarantee the security that
you may require because they all pass through the NSA - military spy base of Waihopai in Blenheim in NZ's South Island - where all texts, faxes, phone
calls and web everything is syphoned up and stored and if there is a need to know - looked at over time etc etc blah blah.


However beyond this - Roy says that the unappetising truth is that there is an active depopulation agenda that is building up and it is increasing at an
ever-faster rate, because as was mentioned in last weeks interview - the Great Reset by Klaus Schwabb of the Global Economic Forum says when he and
his team of Rothschild bankers - that when they are finished with us we will own nothing and we will all be happy!

This depopulation program is stealthily being applied - and when dot-connecting becomes foremost in one's mind you can see ... how they all connect.

So I am asking you as a reader to mull this over and digest this information if your life depended on it - because in truth ... it does ...

With the present NZ government fast-tracking the chlorination and fluoridation of all water - in our once 'clean green' country - plus allowing farmers
to spray whole paddocks with Monsanto’s glyphosate and then allowing cows to come in on the fourth day to eat this 'contaminated' pasture - What is
the future of milk products in NZ and overseas?

To then have 1080 be dropped in thousands of tons across ‘once’ clean and green NZ. It is madness. Whilst the NZ Green Party kowtows to a hidden agenda.

Also, that the NZ Government still refuses to encourage New Zealanders to grow their own organic food and especially to want NZ to be the organic food
basket for the Pacific Basin - why? Because they obviously have no interest in human health and wellbeing - the Government's 'Wellbeing' budget though
sounding wonderful and world-leading - is not interested in anything natural and organic.

There is also geoengineering and solar radiation dispersal - using aircraft to 'spray' microparticles at altitude in an extremely risky experiment - of
deploying barium, aluminum and strontium into our precious atmosphere and environment. This then returns to earth and has a subtle increasing effect
on all biota especially microflora - that the NZ authorities have no inclination and or resources to do any research and check up on what is going
on. - what is happening to our atmosphere - the 'Dimming'
- is featured.

Roy gives a list if you would care to listen.

He further states that the old people are being targeted - as they in their 70's 80's and 90's have had the best education of our era. They were trained
in critical thinking and problem solving such as being drilled in arithmetic - mathematics. They did not need and depend on calculators These are the
people who have not been as deeply programmed to obey. Not only that they have a wealth of knowledge from becoming wise to all the pitfalls of life
and they have no one to share this valuable life information with.

Whereas our younger generations over the last 4 decades have been virtually lobotomised from seeing the increasing declines of our environment as well
as the ethical and moral malaise that we have found ourselves in - where 'anything goes as long as you do not get caught!' That ethics, principles
and values (even scruples) are seen as laughable - that 'get it whilst it's hot' seems to be the mantra of MSM in all their advertisements. It's a
total sham. You will notice that once universities were to study the universe - that is where the root of the word comes from. Now Universities are
just training and programming departments to indoctrinate our youth to become a faceless part of a huge global corporate machine - where one works
in cubicles as uncreative and obeying consumers - destined to a life of unfulfillment. Hence there are too many people on this planet so let's rid
ourselves of all the unconscious people before they twig to what is happening to them and their family.

Yes - Universities do some experimenting and research - however, it is usually at the behest of a corporation that has bequeathed them money and hence
the connection.

We need to teach self-sufficiency in our schools - but the bulk of academics and intellectuals are so disconnected from the environment themselves - they
see the environment and trees just as a stage backdrop, to allow them to live out their own drama. They are unaware of how many breaths they take every
minute. They are totally unconscious of the web of life in which they are enmeshed in. We now don't know how to be self-sufficient in food, medicine,
energy and shelter. We have lost the know-how to live at a localised level. We are now increasingly dependent on a planned obsolescent plastic component
from North Asia to solve our apparent dilemma.

If you push someone into a survival situation today they will become close to being traumatised not knowing where to start. Where once we had cubs and
scouts where we were taught to be prepared - same for brownies and girl guides - but the hip and casual cool elements of society -
discourages this - let’s just leave it to market forces. However - the skill to grow food, source fresh water - make temporary shelter may become very
important in our rapidly changing future. Where once the British army after World War Two said of New Zealanders as being 'long lean and ranging' -
today if it came to describing the average NZ man as quite possibly - being the inverse of that.

Such is the deliberate dumbing down of the NZ schooling system at the hands of the elite from so called halls of higher education. Note that NZ has become
the greatest failure at student maths. Well of course we won the race to the bottom - because very few parents are not interested - deferring to 'trusting
the system' when we can not trust the system.

Now if you put an old person into a survival situation - well … they will say no problem. The women can preserve all types of food. Can sew and
make clothes and grow food in a garden. The men can build a protective wall around the property, make a fire, build shelter, dig drainage and pipe
in water. These skills are still here - but in 10 years' time - they will all nearly be gone.

Global Media Lockstep with Corporations and Governments

The biggest problem and challenge facing us is the deception of the global media - Roy covers this deception that they are engaged in. That the NZ government
'gave' to NZ media radio, TV and Press $50 million (yes I repeat this) so as to give the population of this fair country the information that they
need to hear and take on.

The Covid controversy - Contrary information is now coming out world wide that directly opposes the storyline coming from MSM. We have the Great Barrington

As well as Robert Kennedy Jr - - who are exposing
the lies perpetrated by the doctors such as Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College in England who will be seen to be one of the most deceitful
scientists of the Covid era - for his shameful predictions that initiated the first global lockdown.

The Agenda

Roy states that the agenda is non human - non productive and especially assisting growth for maturing of the human species. They are stifling that and
engaging in reducing the human population - this is a massive attack on humanity and the 7.8 billions souls sharing breath as of this moment. But,
it is being done so stealthily that the normies - who are watching TV, the footy or the yachting - who will still eat industrial and factory food and
drink and think the Government is doing a good job - are hypnotised into not having to think any more - and the 'authorities' who should know better are keeping their head down and drawing their salary - letting this Agenda creep up on us as you read this.

Agenda21 and Agenda2030.

Roy says, Remember Pastor Martin Niemöller of Nazi Germany who is perhaps best known for the quotation:

First, they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out — because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Well in NZ , Australia, America, Europe and elsewhere the ACTIVISTS are speaking out. The Activists are the courageous ones - they are
prepared to speak up for the children of today and tomorrow

Who will speak out for them when they are silenced?

Roy then talks about two systems vying for global dominance.

There is Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset that is coming in under the cover of these Covid Crises - which uses the selling
point by 2030 we will own nothing and we will be happy. It includes ‘nice’ buzz words taking care of the environment - well what have they been doing
for the last 50 years? Compassion - when have they shown any empathy for anyone? And transhumanism - the denial of our soul - the denial of the sacred
- to become a robot that will become part of the Borg.

Then there is the new Quantum Financial system that 195 countries have signed up to that will be completely gold-backed - as of now, 23 currencies have
been accepted. Because of the use of Gold - the monetary system will become stable and the value of the money won't change. They are eventually going
to take out the variations due to the exchange rates ...

This was signed in October 2019 - they are going to allow possible 10 cryptocurrencies - this has not been made public - so this may be new to you. This
will initiate the NESARA and GESARA programs and will replenish the public purse ... that has been robbed by the banking system for the last century.
Blockchain technologies will be integral within this system.

Note that the Swift system was canceled on the 1st of November ...

Watch this space.

Back to our neighbourhood and local community.

Sharing food as neighbours - it's so easy - what you have a surplus of - we can share across the fence - however, there is a Law here in NZ that states
that it is illegal to share food. It's in the books, the Statutes. I wonder who was the politician who shepherded this bill through Parliament? That
they then voted it in too. Under the Food Safety Act - The Govt as yet are not enforcing this Act - but it's on the books and 'a government' clamping
down on the nation could enforce it - though it would cause a mother of all backlashes ... kiwi's will be super incensed. So watch this space too.
Because what reason would they put this through as it does not recognise neighbourly behaviour - we the people need to research as to why our servants
in parliament in Wellington rammed that bill through - totally at odds with human nature!

But - we trusted our 'elected servants' and this is what they did behind our backs.

We talked about waking up at around 2.30am or 3am and many people are awake then. Roy in a previous interview raised the question that electronic pulses
are sent out at various times across local wireless systems at an in-audible frequency 'something' that penetrates our sleeping minds and wakes us
up. As if it is an experiment to keep humanity from falling deeper into sleep where we can become totally rested and enter deeper dream cycles. The
following day results in 'brain fog' - can follow.

Tim mentioned that he wears airline eye covers to keep himself in total darkness - due to street lights intruding into the room at night -

Listen to 5G suburban lighting - the authorities have taken away the golden light - that aids sleep and replaced it with a bluish stark light which is
more detrimental to sleep patterns.

That all analogue power meters have been replaced across the whole country with ‘smart metres’ and they took the analogue meters to the dump - so we can
now not go back to the safer older system.

There are heaps for you to learn from this deeply spiritual man - especially the last few moments at the end of this delightfully inspiring interview.

Roy Harlow

Some informative web browsing for you: - Dr Vernon Coleman PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING
YELLOW BADGES (10 MAR 2021) World Doctors Speak Out 2 minute clips by 12 medical professionals

- * Covid-19 mRNA-Not a Vaccine ** Dr. David Martin with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Dr. Judy Mikovits - Synthetic Pathogen

Kia kaha and Aroha - Keep your inner candle burning strongly


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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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