Roy Harlow: The Multi Tiered Disinformation Narrative that is Assaulting Our Planet & People

Interviewed by Tim LynchJuly 15, 2020
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As of today, across the English speaking world we are the moving target of an unremitting onslaught from global media. The majority coming out of the six US main corporate conglomerates with the British BBC carrying on the offensive, from the other side of the Atlantic. Feeding this out into the commonwealth of nations, from basically the same hyped up song sheet of fear, fraud and semi truths. It is becoming difficult to discern what truth is and what fiction is. This 'filters' down to the likes of the ABC in Australia, CBC Television in Canada and Television NZ here in this country.

How do we make up our mind, after taking in information from so many sources?

In this interview, Roy says that one of the things that he can point to universally is that during the Covid lockdown people had the opportunity to
reflect on life and that is “how am I spending my time?”

What are my priorities and what do I really value? He says that on an individual level that this is a good thing.

If it took the lockdown to force everyone to put their phone down and stop and go through that exercise - he says OK - let's see that as the good coming
from this lockdown.

And if it helps everybody come to the platform of a deeper understanding of themselves and a firmer understanding of their relationship with society and
Roys says - he thinks this is a good thing.

Asking the question - what is it that matters to me? Roy says - looking after ‘number one’ - but says, that quickly gets old - we know that we
can take care of ourselves and being born into this country offers us a great opportunity - ‘you are not for want’ - unless you are foolish about our
resources - but using these resources correctly - so that you make a positive contribution - not only to yourself - but to the whole human society - is really waking up to the ‘selfless’ side of reality.

However, Roy says that we are all trained by the media and schools to be selfish - and he thinks that that is part of the transition that humanity must
go through now. That we must recognise that selfishness has caused all of this - ‘them and us’ - mentality, and if we can come above that to a universal point of view - we can then put that to rest and all of us, individually and collectively - can achieve a 'higher conscious - perspective.'

Coming Together as a Nation
We today, could still be isolated in this country for a certain amount of time to come and this interview covers how we in NZ need to come together and cooperate at grass roots with our neighbours, neighbourhood and community. However, Roy states that there is also a force that is trying to herd us - it’s treating us very much like cattle are treated - or lower animal species are treated. This force is stating that what we require is to be rationed or controlled - in what we know, including our freedom of movement - and our freedom of action and choice is all being controlled.

Multitudes of techniques are being involved here. You do not have to have a policeman on a street corner - the people in general will say, Hey! stop that
- you! That’s not accepted here! So that we have a trained society and we have an overview of force - we have a Deep State - that is trying to make
us less than our potential. That if we are now going to be cut off - in that sense - not so so much from the rest of the world - but from independence
- we have to stop and take a look and if I get my independence back - I am not going to surrender it again, because I now understand its value and
I have learned how to use it for a better cause as well as a better level of understanding.

Tim says - Once freedoms are given away - it's very difficult to get them back. That if we have our freedoms taken away by legislation - there has to be
in it, a sunset clause - and a date where it ends and we have to have Parliament come to either continue that particular policy - or better, to open
up our freedoms once again.

However Roy sees it in an inverse way - he says the freedoms and the Rights are already God given - this legislation is an artificial attempt to suppress what’s actually - already ours.

Note every time the NZ Parliament is Opened there is a Prayer to God that asks and reminds all MP’s to be honest and fair in the NZ Parliamentary Process of Governance.

Stating, It isn’t that they are going to be given back - it’s we’re going to stop the false suppression. The Deep State and the Bankers and the Media who
all work together to keep us enslaved - they are trying to make us think - we can’t change it. And that they have changed it, and it’s actually the
other way around. They can’t change it - we have God given rights - their legislation voting 3/4 % or 50% or just over half or unanimous decision -
this voting saying your rights are now gone - are an illusion. Saying this is something that they are trying to impose upon us - this is the
narrative - this is the disinformation narrative - writ - we have these independences - they can’t be taken away from us - only if we succumb.

That NZers from the Grass roots - need to reclaim our rights.

Roys states - It’s not that they are taken away - you are just not claiming them. You are being made to think by this disinformation narrative
that they have control of our rights and they award them to you and you should be grateful and we will take away what we want and we will return what
we choose. - But, this is not true! The rights are there, they have been there for a long time - many many centuries older than this

Or any of the current Governments - This goes back to the Magna Carta - this goes back to Aristotle - this is all the way back - God given rights have
been recognised by intelligent men on the planet. That we today have artificial leaders - people who pretend to be leaders - saying - we can take your
rights away and we can control you and we can educate you as we see fit - and we can financially enslave you!

That the ’system’ is actually trying to herd, operate - run us - control us.

But think of the people who recognise this - they will naturally unify - and turn against it.

We as a species - we are in a position where we have experienced much enjoyment - a level of economic achievement - however we are now on a platform of - having to survive as a species. So who is going to lead us into a future where freedom is also one of the greatest disciplines that we must recognise and treasure?

We have to understand that the media - the politicians - the banks and their policies - the perceived social authorities of our society. Such as when school
will start - when it won’t - what you can do - your health and this and that and the other thing - that there are various foolish or innocent collaborators
who believe they are doing the right thing - because they believe the narrative - but they are actively supporting a system that is taking away freedoms.
Now - each of these categories are guilty of creating the same deception. Listen to this interview - this gets interesting …

The No Smacking Law for example - it was voted down by the people - a huge petition signed it from all over the country - but the Government ignored it. Our elected representatives - ignored it.

What this shows is that the Government our duly elected servants have stopped caring about the people’s opinion. Why?

Because they have another agenda - that is averse to our agenda.

Roy says our agenda is to survive - to be helpful - to be honest - to be compassionate to be stewards of the planet - to be upright in our dealings and
honest - as a standard - teaching our children not to lie - that’s what we want … - but the government is of so much disinformation - for chidden
it is fuzzy in their mind - what is the truth - and when do I lie?

That the Gender issues that are messing up young minds - is all part of the same narrative.

That when people watch something on TV, hear it on radio or read it in a newspaper - this Mainstream news is all fed from basically one source. With tentacles
that come from the Deep State. Thus there is no independent news now. The 6 main media Corporations in the US and the BBC across that Atlantic.

This is to confuse the population - to muddy the waters and come back to … divide and conquer …

  • GE
  • Disney
  • Time Warner
  • Viacom
  • CBS
  • News Corp

These corporations control as much as 90 percent of all the media in the United States. Consequently, this creates a sort of echo chamber in the media
world, from television to radio to news.

While independent media outlets still exist (and there are a lot of them), the major outlets are almost all owned by these six conglomerates.
To be clear, “media” in this context does not refer just to news outlets — it refers to any medium that controls the distribution of information.
So here, “media” includes 24-hour news stations, newspapers, publishing houses, Internet utilities, and even video game developers.

The 7 corporations - are similar to the 6 banks that control money … whilst the WHO are working to control Health - and yet.. all of these are just one entity, at the top end of the pyramid.

We are being sold 2nd and 3rd rate food that we produce in our own country, here in NZ

Roy says the needs of the people are being restricted to ‘we’ the people. NZ produces some of the best quality, nutritious food on earth - but it is all
exported and we NZers get second grade food in our supermarkets and then there are smaller independent fruit and vegetables shops that get 3rd grade
produce. We are being fed poor quality food and even substandard food, like last year's fruit that has been sitting in cool storage for 10 months -
and we are not calling out the system and mechanisms that allow this unhealthy tactic to be used against us. So we have unhealthy elderly and children
and this is a growing cost on our national health system.

We have oil resources onshore and offshore and we are selling that for a pittance - and buying fuel from other countries for a higher

Importing and exporting the same food items that are produced in both countries

We are being pushed and inserted into the Globalist structure where you don’t get to buy local food (Agenda21 and Agenda2030) - and we end up buying food
from some place - elsewhere. Yet, local fresh food in season is best for health. But this is being done because governments get to ‘clip the ticket’
and the old saying ‘sending coals to Newcastle’ is where something is supplied to a place where it is already plentiful, and vice versa. That this
practice is rife - globally - is total madness. But, it is deliberately ignored by the captains of industry and all the major political parties. This
practice is superfluous and unnecessary.

Farmers now are having to really struggle due to this madness - whilst the politicians look the other way.

This is why most children of farmers don’t want to become farmers - because they see their parents working their hands to the bone - 24/7 - so the children
are forgoing the farm … meanwhile corporations circle like buzzards - ready through easy loans due to ‘connections’ to get their hands on low
interest cash and buy up swathes of farms and the outcome - families leave the land and rural communities get depleted and the ‘managers’ with no stake
or connection to the local community come in and run the farm like a corporate entity and extract every bit of juice etc out of the tired and over
stretched soil.

However - Roy says that now even the corporate farms are in massive debt - and that they can be easily swallowed by the bankers - and taken into foreign

You have to take the time to listen - I am only 18 minutes into this interview.

He talks of Coca Cola taking so much of our water … all our logs go to China - with no value added - just logs with bark still on them.

… and on and on and on.

Roy talks about businesses being suppressed by regulatory restriction. Stopping us from becoming competitive and prosperous.

Listen to him talking about the little business person - striving - but not being able to pay expensive compliance costs - whereas the Corporates can get
free passes - a citation only - where the little person gets hit with costs - listen …

Regulations are against the little guy … we need to cut them.

When you listen to this interview - you will learn that the political process is following a plan - and at the moment it includes all Parliamentary Political
Parties and they are following a plan that is dictated from above - from a non nationalistic platform - being the globalist mentality to take
over we humans on this planet - and though these political leaders can talk convincingly - but … they are actually scripted. They are following
somebody else’s plan …and if they instigate a plan against their populaces - they get rewarded - and really well.

The structure of our society is a pyramid - the controllers - ‘shape’ the agenda at the top and people on the bottom layer take the hit and do the hard
yakker (work) and the middle and upper reaches of the pyramid are the corporations and they are the collaborators who collude with the top.

But from a higher perspective Roy says that from a Godly point of view - if we turn the pyramid upside down - the real people would be on top - saying
the God loves the individual - all of us are his children as sons and daughters and he says that the people who are at the top of the present day pyramid
are exploiters and says the Lord has no love for them.

Listen - Roy talks about strength and how unity is strength - and the controllers do not want an empowered ‘grass roots’ movement.

The interview mentions the numerous Laws that were passed under urgency during Covid giving the Government more power and that took away our rights, ‘without’ consultation. This is the problem when we let ‘our elected servants’ run away with their own agenda - because we have become so complacent and lazy and let them
get away with what ‘they want to do’ or are … told what they need to do.

The NZ Constitution is being rewritten at this very moment - but there is no draft for ordinary NZ to see or have a say - it has been taken out of the
hands of ‘we’ the people.

There is a Food Safety Act

In this legislation you can find that the Government has a clause in there that can, if the situation requires, bring a halt to local people from sharing
food. In a case of salmonella for example - there is a definite and valid case for this - but could COVID be used in this situation as well? Just saying ...

People Taking Control at a GrassRoots Level.

New Zealanders as a people have to organise and the best place is to come together at Farmers Markets that are throughout NZ and these
oases are nodal points for connectivity across the nation - and Roy says that the organisers of these events have a major responsibility in making sure that as a leader of society they have a very important role to play.

Farmers markets facilitate personal connections and bonds of mutual benefits between farmers, shoppers, and communities.

That every domestically made product or service has to be catered for at the farmers market so as to cross pollinate with all peoples who want a more healthier
life for their children.

Note, that Socrates in Ancient Greece used to frequent the ‘agora’ - (an assembly and marketplace) so as to encourage,
exhort and inspire people to question everything - it was his place of choice to frequent and to wake up people and get them thinking. This is how
it needs to be in NZ today - from now on.

Farmers Markets - to showcase all products and items made in NZ.

Let NZers make any product with their own ingenuity and creativity - not source anything from overseas and elsewhere. This is the time for novel products
and resourceful invention. NZers have an extremely high number of patents per population, globally so this is so important for us to be innovative.
It’s not about the organiser just getting a fee for a booth or sales site. It’s about instilling connection and unconventional brilliance in every
market place in NZ where all the creative input from the surrounding area and region can come to a safe market place and make known what inspiration
and processes and creations they wish to share.

Sell at Farmers Market under the criteria - Is this made here in NZ? You may be looking for an agent to sell your product or wanting a franchise
etc etc - then this could be the place. Ask others who have high standing in the local community to verify good honest working relationships - so that
goodwill and genuine trade can exist and be carried out.

Farmers Market Categories:

  • Organic gardening
  • Permaculture
  • Biodynamic Farming
  • Community gardens. There are 100 community gardens in Auckland at the moment.
  • Holistic Health and its many Preventative and Natural modalities
  • Transition Towns - following up on what this network has been championing for 12 years.
  • Food co-operatives. Buying in bulk enables discounts for groups of individuals.
  • Op shops - Selling Second hand pre loved clothing’s or household goods
  • Time Banks + Green Dollars and Savings Coops -Living Economies
  • Homeschooling Sharing tips and information in your area or region
  • Mens sheds. Repairing furniture and tools, electrical goods etc. Plus making furniture etc
  • Women's cooperatives. Knitting and baking for the community. Educating on child education etc.
  • Waste Minimisation and Zero Waste. Composting etc. Intervention before household items end up in a landfill
  • Car boot sales may also be facilitated.
  • Compassionate Animal Husbandry. Taking care of animals and teaching techniques to milk, shear, breed etc
  • Grass roots activism - organising around a shared commitment to educate the public about an issue etc.
  • Fun.

Other Subject Matter covered in this interview. 

Netflix can be a great distraction for today's society, with so much titillation and seductive material to side track and divert minds from important needs
and issues.

Transhumanism - For people who are afraid of death - trans-humanism is the new opiate and lifeline to transplanting your consciousness into a machine.
Google has focused a lot of attention on this.

Those kids with no metaphysical or spiritual understanding have been heavily influenced into wanting to go into trans-humanism and be enticed into leaving
their consciousness in the cloud and computer networks somewhere in hyperspace.

Cubs, Scouts, Brownies and Guides - For children growing up these are excellent easy ways to learn survival skills like 1st Aid, cooking, building shelter,
lighting fires safely, teamwork and team spirit. Being honest and doing a good turn

Talked on Zero Waste and many other subjects.

Including Tall Poppy Syndrome - how it is predominant here in NZ.

The Wayseer Manifestos - link as mentioned in the interview

That the ‘deep state’ has in many ways never allowed America to reach its potential and that it has been bled dry by constant wars and division.

“We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press
destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.”

Chris Hedges Pulitzer Prize winner on the state of America.

Roy finishes asking us to look into our heart to see what we want in this lifetime - and to look within for answers.


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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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