Roy Harlow: Owner Manager of the most ‘alternative’ radio station in New Zealand

Interviewed by Tim LynchAugust 22, 2018
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Yet he humbly focus’s his life on a message of care and due diligence and then broadcasts it across the silent airwaves to anyone who wishes to ‘tune in.’

The radio wave ecological footprint is zero, but the message is huge, global in fact, and Roy has no limits.

Mixing music, facts, anecdotes, humour and irony - RushFM finds a way to infiltrate your focus and enable you, if you want to take an in-breath, to recognise
truth from fiction, fact from fake the whys and whats - of … how does a human being live on a planet and in harmony with all life?

Roy has clearly set out goals:

  • What is factual, what is encouraging and uplifting
  • We need solutions and we need to laugh at ourselves and that differences are OK – it's good to have differences
  • Concerns about sameness – the “same swamp of sameness” as if we are all being homogenised – and been put through a blender until all things are the
    same – with the resulting - “group think!"

Yet RushFM does not focus on politics as such because politics is so fraught with deception and Roy does not want to present anything that is untrue.

As politicians change their mind. Like before elections they say this is there goal - then afterwards they change the goal posts under the pretext that
‘we have had to reassess the situation’ we have new information … stances are at first Yes – then 6 months later it is NO! Roy wants continuity
of stated purpose.

Station Axioms

Truthfulness – fairness – compassion – a positive contribution – these a writ components to life – politics is not.

What do you stand for? – Roy wants thinking individuals – he wants to stimulate the natural inclination with the people.

Roy’s observation of people today on 2018 is that there is an underlying level of anxiety that is more predominant now than ever before … listen

He says RushFM says things that catch people ‘on the edge’ … He wants people to express their
feelings – yet as peacefully as they can - he says it takes endeavour to express oneself

Saying - “it’s easy to be hard but it is hard to be gentle.”

Also - that we have been programmed with being PC. ‘Politically Correct’ so as to muffle our society. Not to question, be inquisitive and to wonder?

Then he talks Radio and Programs that he broadcasts.

Good high quality food, organic, non GE or GMO’s

Covering some of the major challenges of the 5 G Telephone Networks – Fluoride and the mass medication of the community1080 Poison – and the discussion
comes around to poisoning of your adversaries – That’s what we are doing to the human race.

This ever so subtle poisoning is all being done by minute parts per million – but we are still being poisoned – by poisoning rodents especially possums
– but the resulting leachate is ending up in our waterways. Listen

Vaccines that contain mercury and other substances like human cells. He mentions laconically - its cannibalism and has been introduced for years

Roundup and glyphosate sprayed on grass that is turned into silage and the cows are fed it – and then cows are milked that then goes to the factory …
for mass consumption at supermarkets - and we ask why more people especially children are unhealthy? Go organic immediately is the only current thing we can do.

Any person from another world looking in at our farmers – would have to find them guilty of poisoning people through the produce that they grow.

Roy’s question – How can you be your best as a human? – Especially if you ingest something (food or drink) that reduces your capacity as a human.Even though
we know what we are doing is basically insane – how can we just brush it off and pretend that is is not happening?

But. he says - “if these subtle poisons do not kill you - they definitely dumb you down.”

Professor Emeritus Paul Connett’s name comes up.Who says in an ordinary society there are 5% genius and 5% idiots and the rest of society are in the middle
but when we add fluoride to the water – it shifts the spectrum by 5% - which means instead of their being 5% genius’s there aren’t any - and there
are now 10% idiots in our society.

Polluted Water Systems

DOC - the Department of Conservation are dropping 1080 poison into the forests around Lake Taupo and the residue is finding its way via the catchment area
into the lake and river system - the Waikato – that flows in the direction of Auckland to then be pumped into the Auckland drinking water supply –
and the water is not been tested for any particulates or residue – and we wonder why at another level so many children have allergies? Roy mentions
that this 1080 has been filmed entering Lake Taupo. That some 14 communities source their drinking water downstream from its source – being Taupo,
the largest city being Hamilton.

Now these 14 communities along this river dispose of their “treated effluent” back into the Waikato River as well!!

Fourteen river bank communities are involved.

Not only this – but antidepressants plus birth control, heart medicine and a whole plethora of different medications are in this waterway – and just before
the Waikato flows out to the sea – Auckland Council’s Water Care – pumps and pipes water up to Auckland dams to then pipes it to householders in the
suburbs. That there are no steps taken to purify (filter) most of these medicinal residues out!

There is also a marked increase of estrogen in the water and Roy gives a tip for men – to take some fresh lemon drops in a glass of water every day – so
that it removes the estrogen and makes a man - a man again. Because the men are slowly feminising … 

This interview goes on to coverCell phones … hullo? Hypnosis? What’s really going on.People farmingCompartmentalism Depopulation 

Scalar waves EMF frequency influences on animal brain wave patterns

Telephone towers have 300,000 watts Our mobile phone only uses only 3 or 4 watts

This interview then goes right off the charts …

Listen it is well worth your while ...

Note that Doctors will never speak out against the profligate use of drugs, because the Pharmaceutical Corporations who control the whole industry - will
have you struck off!

Dentists will not speak out against fluoride, because the corporate Industry is lock stepped with big Pharma - so Dentist remain silent.

Water Scientists also remain speechless in relationship to 1080 poison - for fear of losing their job, due to pressure from higher up the system.

There is a lockdown on free speech in NZ – the word ‘gag’ is commonly used to close down free speech and this is becoming predominant.

This interview is of an honest man doing his best to relay the truth

Roy ends with a statement that humanity need to reconnect with God again.

We have laws to protect free speech. Section 14 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act says, "everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including
the freedom to seek, receive and impart information and opinions of any kind and in any form".

Section 61 of the Human Rights Act makes it an offence to express "threatening, abusive, or insulting" opinions likely to "excite hostility" or "bring
into contempt" any group of persons on the grounds of "colour, race, or ethnic or national origins".

The real issue is that the PC culture wars have been superseded by something much more dangerous. That is groupthink — as exhibited by the Prime
Minister, who made the blanket claim about the visiting alt-righters Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux, that New Zealand was "hostile to their views"
— and moral cowardice.

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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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