Roy Harlow: Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. What is it? Will it benefit children of today and tomorrow?

Interviewed by Tim LynchMay 29, 2019
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What they say they are doing - nobody can complain. But, what they are actually planning and what it means when you understand their point of view and
their goals - you see that it is completely different than the ‘catch phrases’ they are using - especially when ‘they’ bring it forward to the peoples

The whole gamut of Roy’s interview is that corporations and the elite, are in lockstep with big ‘global’ governance aim - to lure us, “we the people” -
into ‘agreements.’

Agenda 21 which was in 9 parts has now morphed to Agenda 2030 - of 13 points - since 1992 and its signing by 178 countries at the Earth Summit (United Nations Conference on Environment and Development) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is being overseen by the UN, other multilateral organizations, and individual governments around the world - that can be enacted at local, national, and global levels.

So essentially the agenda is looking at our planet earth and the whole biosphere to see what measures can be taken to stop pollution, the destruction of
habitat, the halting of species extinction and the uncontrolled exploitation and extraction of non renewable resources everywhere. This includes the
rampant use of bio-technology and dealing with radioactive waste.

So who could argue that these all need to be urgently addressed for the future of all children and grandchildren?

Agenda 21 also focuses on population growth, poverty, health and the disenfranchisement of the poor. Indigenous peoples, women, NGO’s and their place in
this Agenda, plus multinational corporations, farmers and communities from villages all the way up to now what we call super cities of the world.

Finally where does science fit into this mix?

The Document

Agenda 21 is a 350-page document divided into 40 chapters that have been grouped into 4 sections:[citation needed]

Section I: Social and Economic Dimensions is directed toward combating poverty, especially in developing countries, changing consumption patterns, promoting health, achieving a more sustainable population, and sustainable settlement in decision making.[citation needed]

The interview starts with Roy immediately stating that this is not a people friendly agenda. That it is a depopulation agenda - he does not mince words.
He emphatically states that the wording is so compelling that any ordinary person would only want to countenance such sentiment. It reads well and
sounds good - it appeals to common sense - but look at the deeper levels of it. Who is calling the shots?

So I ask him, what is it that he thinks/sees is problematic?

The word Sustainable

The big one he says is the word Sustainable - it is a word that can conjure up many different meanings.

A sustainable business is just one that is able to continue doing business for as long as it takes. Which every business wants to do anyway.

You can have sustainable forests or a fishery, that you keep maintaining at a certain rate or level - but it’s only maintaining - where it needs to be regenerated- where it needs to be cherished as nature - not just using it as a resource.

The word sustainability has been superseded by the word Regeneration - as regeneration means to put back more. That there is an eternal
component to it. Regeneration has an optimism and can also be seen as a sacred act.

Of replenishing nature, of giving back whole heartedly.

However Agenda 21 does not talk in terms of regeneration of the biosphere.

Energy and Energy Production.

Energy production today involves the largest planetary change that we have upon us and we are being held hostage by vested interests of the massive fossil
fuel and oil cartel. They do not and will not budge an inch, from their extractive and polluting industrial ways. They are controlling the agenda.

Big Oil & Fossil Fuel Thwart & Constrain - new energy systems.It is known that from leading edge physics and its point of view,
you can receive more energy out than you put into a system - yet the status quo says - oh, the 'perpetual motion machine' - and they scoff and demonise
this in total - including the inventors as well - there is a constant refusal to acknowledge that this is possible (listen to Alvin Crosby’s interview
of two weeks ago, where he proved that it’s attainable with water).

So yes, ordinary everyday physics proves it’s possible. The whole universe is structured as 'an over unity device’ - the sun continues to put out endless
amounts of energy. How can this be? So the whole science and the physics is showing us, that there are other equations.

See The Thrive Movie -

3 minute trailer. This tells us exceptionally clearly what the challenge is.

Roy states there are numerous desktop type ‘energy machines’ being produced - however he says the challenge is around scaling them up to be able to service
the greater population. Yet, when someone does find the ‘over unity’ toroidal donut equation and produces a viable unit - they then go and
patent it - because they inherently know that it’s very difficult to find that ‘unique mathematical combination.’ But, what invariably happens, that
there at the patents office - this 'key global - nodal point’ - sitting in a very strategic ‘location’ are officials that are tasked to scrutinise
all such 'gifts to humanity’ - where it then is essentially suppressed - usually with such hefty fees etc - and this has been happening since the 1930’s.

Yet, the Deep State for want of a far better word - control the narrative and the agenda - that is ... ‘don’t subvert or compete with the status quo!’

Roy mentions magnets and magnetism saying the energy behind what is magnetic - is a science that we know so little about - actions and reactions and forces
and energies and that it is a ‘complete science’ - which we have in essence ignored. It works in tandem with gravity, electricity, it works into generation
and yet magnetism is not taught!

Nikola Tesla is mentioned and his quote “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the
previous centuries of its existence.”

Invisible Forces

Roy says that this is a very important point - as it is invisible forces that are taking humanities lives away as of right now - in this era.

That science does not study and research the invisible is fraught with danger and in fact what we may think as toys are in actuality - weapons.

With Roy emphasising that we have to learn and study these invisible forces and like every other thing in the universe, energy can be
used for good or used for bad. He says we have had these invisible systems suppressed from our knowing. Yet covertly, ‘the powers that be
are researching and advancing these technologies in secret and they are using them to help consolidate their power whilst using these technologies
against us.

With Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 he asserts that inside these ’nice goals’ - and the ‘catch phrases’ they say - is how all their newly acquired advantages,
are used against us. Though not mentioned in this interview - the plan to deploy 5 G wireless - was not the subject of Roy’s interview, he knows a
huge amount about it - however he had too many other subjects he wanted to speak to.

Microwaves are detrimental to biological beings.

He firmly said - that microwaves are not good for humans - end of story. No matter what level, what intensity, what frequency - microwaves are not good
for human beings!

We today are immersed in them. ‘We are living in a microwave oven’ and now we have wifi all over us - with the addition of satellites above - following
us … there are so many things that are impacting our life. All being on the invisible platform of vibratory and frequency impact - on our consciousness
and our health. Look at today’s increasing health statistics.

Walter Russell - unknown genius.

Another one of the invisibles comes up with Fukushima in Japan and the continuous belching into the Pacific Ocean of nuclear radiation still today. Roy
mentions that Walter Russell and his wife Tao wrote a book in the 1950s called ‘Atomic Suicide’ about the impact of radiation and playing with the
hidden building blocks of the Universe. In this book Walter Russell a poly math - stated that nuclear energy is wrong! That it creates a danger at
every level that it is used. Listen

He mentions that ‘nuclear situations’ can appear where matter disassociates and starts to fall apart - because all of nature is based on balance - the dynamics of the atom - the electron and the neutron inside the atom etc. So the imperative is recognising that our science is running far ahead of our collective consciousness and this is why we today are in the disconnected un-peaceful situation we have on earth. Because ‘we’ the ordinary person doing life, have been separated away from the decision making process - and for some time.


Nikola Tesla to Walter Russell “lock up this (Cosmic) knowledge in a safe for 1,000 years until man is ready for it.”

With other facets of the Agenda 21

It was George Herbert Bush, ex head of the CIA who was Vice President of the US for 8 years and President for 4 years who initiated this document and signed
off on it. Then Roy says that it was Margaret Evans, Mayor of Hamilton here in NZ who signed it and adopted it to make Hamilton a model city for Agenda

He says that via the UN they have been altering, changing and controlling Hamilton from that time. It’s a model - an example city. Waitakere also signed
it with Bob Harvey being the mayor - listen to my interview of him here:  

Roy said that they were lured by the wording by the ‘catchphrases’ in the document as to something good - but Roy says look at Hamilton as a result. There
are no 4 lane roads - there are traffic islands everywhere - they are called ‘Margaret’ islands - named after the Mayor - because there are so many
- parking is restricted … Hamilton is such a difficult city to pass through (I agree I bypass it) - Roy maintains that with the way
the traffic is controlled - it slows down our ability to be productive humans. Listen

He says this is happening globally - this is Agenda 21 - they slow down our ability to be productive humans. He says that Transit NZ is
influenced by Hamilton Council. Listen

He talks about our best food produced in NZ is exported - and he said that is true of every nation that is under the control of the globalist government.
Many to most of the globalist governments export their own food and import somebody else’s food production.

Clipping the ticket

WHY? Because they get to ‘clip the ticket’ - plus they get to control the food chain as well as accelerate the prices. He said if we did not sell all of
our food overseas and instead ate the best (being high quality export grade) and then just sold the balance - 'they’ would not be able to control our
food chain regime.

That cheeses can be traded between Britain and Holland and yet they are basically the same type of cheese. (Remember the term Coals to Newcastle) - But,
as you can readily see, the standard of food in NZ supermarkets now has become so low - it is as if we are buying 2nd or 3rd grade food, whilst for
example in the UK, superb apples can be sold that are juicy and crisp and like kiwifruit - have no blemishes.

Meanwhile NZers ever since Sue Kedgely left Parliament have had no champion of quality food standards.

Dumbing us down

Roy says, that part of the Agenda is that it dumbs us down - that we become subservient. (and eventually we become homogenised) … easier to control..
Marginalised …

Roy goes on that those who we elect, our Government Representatives, Members of Parliament - are just as much a victim as you and I.

They are drinking sanitised water, eating food that has glyphosate in it, they are being impacted by wifi and a variety of invisibles …they are
just as susceptible to the deception as you and I.

He says the MPs have to be very special and a very focused individual, as well as exceptional capable at protecting themselves to be able to stand up to
this barrage coming at them from all quarters - just to be able to survive.

An example. Goal number 11 from Agenda 2030

Now that can mean a lot says Roy!

Which means ban all gun ownership of private citizens (Globally).

Which means only obedient government officers can have or use them.

And he says it could enslave a class of people as impoverished.

Which mean criminalise those living in rural areas.

And institute protected areas … where the Government claims that it is owned by the people -but, they do not allow people to live there.

Force humans into densely populated tightly packed controlled cities …

Where they are under surveillance 24/7/365 and they are subjected to easy manipulation by the authorities

(Tim - says but I want to go out and be - in nature and regenerate) - Roy says we are of the earth and if she is our mother then we need to be in harmony
with her … and cities restrict us. He says this is another aspect of the invisible attack.

That cities have become wifi and microwave hot spots and as such having an imbalanced vibratory rate, that our psychic balance is totally thrown out as
there is no quietness and stillness due to so little nature. Like stands of dense bush and many trees with birdlife.

Food Codes and Irradiation.

Other subject covered is that irradiated food is coming into the country - that irradiation degrades its nutrition, plus only having tiny labels to tell
us it’s irradiated by Caesium 137.

Labels on food is coded - as it is easier to hide what is in food and how it has been treated. Note that no supermarket has a large sign
on the wall somewhere, telling us the numbers and what they mean and as a result most NZers seem to not care or even question …

Why do we in NZ still have no labels regarding GMO. What was it that watered down Steffan Browning’s Food Labelling Bill that went through Parliament?

Depopulation being the ultimate goal.

The fertility of the earth is what is being attacked …

Note - the falling fertility levels …

Yet, the Chinese have worked out a way to make deserts fertile. There are ways if there is the will to regenerate and grow green spaces.

Changing Dietary Needs - having less meat.

He says the catchphrase ‘that there are too many people on earth’ - can be countered, if we slowed down eating meat and started eating less and less -
there would be no difficulty in our population surviving and thriving. Scientific research says that is very doable - ‘but, the will to stop eating
meat is lacking.’

Cannabis is mentioned as it is used now for many herbal cures. That using cannabis in agriculture can lead to far healthier products and wholesome soil
as well as sequesting Co2 down from the atmosphere.

Loving Care and our Relationship with Existence.

This whole conversation then morphs to what is it to be human and Roy talks of the wonderful virtues than can flow forth from a loving caring, compassionate
human to one that when we awaken to our potential as a living, soul based humanity - we can live in joy once we courageously open up to our divine

Roy goes on to speak so eloquently of us as a family of humanity that can support and work together with other kin and it does not have anything to do
with race, colour, gender of wealth - just a firm commitment to the truth and then making a connection to the light behind each others eyes.

He talks about our heart - our inner self, our consciousness - we have to make this leap of faith …it’s about our being and our extension to God.

That the spiritual perspective has to override the material perspective because the spiritual perspective is on the eternal platform and the physical perspective
is on the material platform. And the eternal is superior in every decision .

This was a very full-on interview of a committed and very focussed communicator

Roy Harlow

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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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