Robin Kelly MD: Covid Cover, 5G Deployment Govt Corporate Lockstep with Media Silence

Interviewed by Tim LynchSeptember 2, 2020
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Since this interview that took place on Monday 31st, we find that the CDC, the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention in the US have now stated that only 6% of US deaths have been from COVID19 alone. The other 94% had at least one other health issue at the time (or more) then along came the coronavirus that led to their death. This was basically due to their now weakened - immune system.

This fact has been known to many people like ‘silenced' frontline doctors and activists for some time now - but denied or censored by omission by MSM, hence the uproar today - as to question how large is this coverup by the so-called health ‘authorities?’

Tim covers this subject a little more at the end of this interview where he adds to this narrative.

With regard to this Interview:

It’s obvious that everything to do with vaccines, in particular, is difficult for all doctors - globally. The reason being is Big Pharma - as it controls
both Medicine and Doctors, especially if they speak out on issues, specifically with alternatives or doubts. This is when the ‘controlled' Medical
Association' will instantly 'strike Doctors off' from practising if they dare to question.

But … ironically the Russian/Putin vaccination is getting widespread condemnation and scepticism because it has been rolled out so early.

Note the majority of people that Dr Kelly meets, would be happy with a ‘safe' vaccine. They simply are not convinced by a rapid roll-out under Bill Gates"
- no difference from distrusting Putin. A ‘clean' vaccine with no embryo remnants or nanoparticles is what is required.

Masks - Dr Fauci in the USA. First, health officials said we shouldn't wear face masks.
Now, many are saying we must wear masks if we want to protect the economy, reopen the country etc … Mixed
messaging for the global public?

Hydroxychloroquine & Zinc. The video touting Hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment for patients infected with COVID-19 quickly
went viral, gathering over 15 million views on Facebook alone. YouTube took it down and NZ authorities do not call for it to be used - even though
it has been around for 60 years. Donald Trump took it at the start of the crisis and you can see him at news conferences with Dr Fauci and others standing
beside him all wearing masks. What gives? Do your own research.

The Media - we have media news interspersed by openly deceptive advertising about all sorts of things. So the narrative is we are presented
by fact/lie/fact lie. For example - NZer Sir Ernest Rutherford, who split the atom, is now lip-synching his approval of 5G. Our media is also dependent
on advertising which is Machiavellian. When is TV lying - when is it telling the truth?

Questioning the Media?

The idea of open honest media is that because of the impositions on our lives and livelihood, we need our state broadcaster TVONE, TV3 and Radio NZ to
produce a daily 2 hourly advertisement free, balanced debate on the pros and cons of lockdown, the pros and cons of the Great Reset, the pros and cons
of mandatory vaccination - not crappy dating reality TV, etc.

We need to trust the public to make up their own minds armed with balanced information. In fact, if 'mainstream media' is to survive it must do this and
not whinge about people getting their information from social media.

Media experts need to be retired from comments after 2 months - the reason being they tend to defend their original statements whether right or wrong.
This is not healthy.

Media experts need to declare their conflicts of interest. This is exceptionally important.

Big Tech is now completely entwined with tertiary education and of course all mainstream media.

MSM is the propaganda wing of big tech (and big pharma.) The corruption has become ‘normalised' in NZ.

Big tech is completely entwined with the Royal Society, Callaghan Innovation, MacDiarmid Institute, and all Universities and media outlets. Deals with
Huawei, etc have happened and the repercussions have yet to become obvious.

The Crown Entity status of Callaghan Innovation - a Govt/big tech collaboration. No matter which party is in, has to be far more transparent.

The planned Elon Musk brain implants without any knowledge of how the brain works have to be questioned. The theory that consciousness is an epiphenomenon
of the brain - rather than the Hameroff /Penrose theory that our brain microtubules are foundries where the quantum world collapses - I.e we are filters
of consciousness.

That by encircling the world with 100k satellites - and 5G - when we now know there is a circulating world microbiome in the troposphere.

How viruses and all life have coexisted for billions of years. How they are vital for life and integrated into our DNA. Mammals would reject their off-spring
without placental retroviruses. This hits at the military narrative 'let's eliminate the virus'...the virus is bad, we are good etc.

Human unknowingness

So all this adds up to human arrogance - advancing while denying their ignorance. Ignorance of the workings of the brain, the lack of realisation of the
interconnectedness of all things, the microbiome, Schumann resonances etc.

Selectively using the precautionary principle only when politically and financially advantageous - i.e why lockdown but no caution with 5G?

The State imposition and control of the patient/doctor relationship - and overriding of Doctors years of experience and clinical knowingness plus the doctors'
duty of care when treating the individuality of the patient.

Metaphysical Understandings?

The last few moments of this interview opens up to extend into the holistic notion of soul and spirituality and that this COVID crisis - has through all
manner of means, compelled people to question their very existence and why are they a human and living on this planet surrounded by time and space.
That … at the very core of our being 'we can visualise our inner candle' that illuminates us to expound on the idea 'we are spiritual beings
having an earth experience.' Worth pondering?

At the end of this enjoyable interview, Tim adds a little more about Senator Scott Jensen

MD - of Minnesota, who went to social media saying that COVID death numbers have been totally exaggerated especially for the elderly as these people were
already suffering from other comorbidity ailments, such as heart problems and cancer etc and were in many cases near death. Yet, they were classified
as dying of Covid.

Please note it is now very difficult to find the full video statement he made as Youtube and Twitter may have taken it down. Make sure that you follow
this up, as he has since been censured by the Medical Authorities.

Dear Reader - This is our time to stand for truth, especially in taking care of our children of today and tomorrow - as well as our biosphere.

Dr Simone Gold. The banning of her and Hydroxychloroquine.

Making nonsense of the nonsense - satire

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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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