Professor Paul Connett on the Dangers of Mandatory Flouridation of Our Public Water Supply

Interviewed by Tim LynchMay 18, 2016
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(Due to Public Concern, this is a Repeat)

For years health experts have been unable to agree on whether fluoride in the drinking water may be toxic to the developing human brain. Extremely high
levels of fluoride are known to cause neurotoxicity in adults, and negative impacts on memory and learning have been reported in rodent studies, but
little is known about the substance’s impact on children’s neurodevelopment.

 Despite many studies, the Government now appears to be planning to implement
mandatory fluoridation to the whole of New Zealand.

Currently, only around 50% of households are on fluoridated water, with only 23 out of 67 local councils still fluoridating, many voicing their growing
concerns about fluoridation risks and dangers. In response to more and more councillors and mayors deciding against fluoridation the Government is
now taking the decision away from local councils and communities and putting the power into the hands of District Health Boards (DHB), who are under
the direct control of central Government.

Auckland Council is not one of the councils supportive of fluoride free. Many residents of Huia and Onehunga
are currently up in arms about the addition of fluoride in their areas.

Watercare extended the Waikato Line through Pukekohe westwards to the Franklin
townships in 2014. No consultation or notification of fluoridation was made to the residents. So residents of the Franklin Ward townships of Buckland,
Patumahoe, Clarks Beach, Waiau Beach and Glenbrook Beach (who receive reticulated water) have been consuming fluoridated water since 2014 without their
knowledge, or the legally required consultation

Prof. Paul Connett, PhD, Emeritus Professor from St. Lawrence University USA is an, executive director of the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) and its parent
organization, the American Environmental Health Studies Project. He tells us of the dangers of fluoride and how he, a scientist, first came to this

a meta-analysis, researchers from Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and China Medical University in Shenyang for the first time combined 27 studies
and found strong indications that fluoride may adversely affect cognitive development in children.

Based on the findings, the authors say that this
risk should not be ignored, and that more research on fluoride’s impact on the developing brain is warranted.

Yet New Zealand Authorities are challenging
Councils ability to keep being fluoride free or remove fluoride from the water supply.

And isn’t it a basic human right NOT to be mass medicated,
even if some might think they are doing us a favour?
When the fluoridation of water began, there was little evidence for its long term safety (as
for GMOs) and since then little attempt has been made to monitor its health effects systematically.

Because there are so many unanswered health questions,
fluoridation of water must be considered an ongoing experimental procedure, and as such it is a violation of the Nuremberg Code, which forbids experimentation
on humans without their informed consent. In Europe, nearly all countries have either never fluoridated their water or have ceased doing so.

Yet the
incidence of tooth decay has declined just as much as in those countries that practice fluoridation. This fascinating interview with Dr Paul Connett,
will raise alarm bells about many aspects of the mass medication of the population by fluoride and he challenges us to do something about it.

Tooth decay is caused by poverty and a poor diet, not a lack of fluoride
Poverty is one of the biggest predictors of poor dental health. Many people do
not realise that they should never put any sweetened drink, or even flavoured milk, into a baby’s bottle. Leaving babies to suck on a bottle is the
cause of baby bottle tooth decay (early childhood caries). This is the main cause of children suffering extreme dental decay and needing tooth extractions,
and fluoride will not protect from that.

NOTE: This interview is a repeat but the information is still valid and so is worth a replay.

Join the NZ Nationwide Campaign . We need to stop mandatory fluoridation now!

50 reasons to oppose fluoride – go here;

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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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