Phillip J Watt: How do we amplify the much needed spiritual and systemic changes that characterise our emerging global culture?

Interviewed by Tim LynchApril 6, 2017
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Phil is passionate about and dedicated to capturing and amplifying the much needed spiritual and systemic changes that characterise our emerging global

Looking at the issues he says, “Some people still have no idea that there are people and families who have more influence in the direction of humanity’s
future than those who work within the government apparatus. Yet of those who understand the power that both old and new money yields, many still find
it hard to believe that the people who really run the show behind the scenes do not have humanity’s best interests at heart. To them I say, just have
a good look around. Put aside the strong evidence of a Satanist ideology and pedophilic tendencies within the uber elite, and pay wise attention to
not just the system itself, but the health and prosperity of the people".

First, the system. The money supply is a scam in which currency is created out of nothing, where the profits go back to those who create it instead of
the people and their community needs.

Food is tainted, as is water. Medicine is in general a toxic soup of adulterated elements too, which struggle to resolve the symptoms, let alone cure the
fundamental issues. Now of course there are many natural ingredients that can be highly effective against the widespread dis-ease which permeates our
so-called modern world, but they’ve been so effectively suppressed simply because the people would manage their own healing on a local level.

And that is outside of the desired control of those who are hellbent on their power trip of ruling the world. This theme is present through all of this,

Then there’s the mainstream media, which is a monopolized mess of propaganda and hypnotism. Now it is true that you will get some truth through these
channels, but in the most part, information that reveals the big realities, especially regarding the theft of various elements of the system, will
not be televised for society’s benefit.

Each and every one of us has surely seen how the corporatized media works for their own interests, right?

Then of course there’s the government. Big money, through their lobbyists, ensure that macro policy design supports their agenda. Its crony capitalism
on steroids with a political puppet arsenal that makes Pinocchio look like he’s just had a hit of truth serum.

Take for example Australia’s Prime Minister. As an ex-managing director of Goldman Sachs, which is a banking institution deeply embedded into the banksterism
that exists today, his appointment is such a massive conflict of interest that it is dumbfounding that the Aussies don’t physically escort him
out of Parliament house. To add the final blow, he is also deeply in the pocket of the pharmaceutical drug dealers which have literally killed
millions of people, as well as destroyed many more people’s lives through addiction and increased sickness.

Yeah, sounds legit.

So what does the public education system do regarding all this? Well, it maintains and perpetuates this status quo, of course.

Enter the people. There are three S’s which characterize humanity’s internal world today, which are sadness, stress and sickness. Ask nine out of ten
people and they’ll be either in one or more of these states, or simply completely disconnected from themselves and their purpose.

Contentment is rare. Common sense is uncommon. The authentic, empowered man or woman is nearly non-existent. Of course on the surface people seem ‘fine’,
but peak into their lives and it soon becomes pretty clear that it’s whirlwind of bitterness, smallness, hatred, jealousy and competition.

That’s not to say that our fellow men and women aren’t mostly good-natured and caring, but damn we’re lost in a web of bullshit. We’re all part of
this to some degree or another, but very few seem seriously motivated to get out of the sick race and genuinely surround themselves with good vibes
and good lives.

Why? There are many reasons, but to simplify it, it comes down to indoctrination, ignorance, laziness and fear. People just don’t understand, and they
don’t want to understand, because it means much more than just changing their lives. It also means authentically facing themselves and the outside
world, which means completely redesigning themselves and their concepts of reality.

So instead, many people find solace in giving back in some little way without having to do the hard work. One example is giving money to charity, without
focusing on the core systemic areas that would actually deal with the problems. It’s so unfortunate too, because many charities and foundations
are very much embedded and even complicit in suppression of the truth.

After all, there’s no need for that organization to exist if they solved the cause they were fighting for.

In any case, the world we live in is not one of general health, happiness and harmony. Instead, we have sickness, sadness and stress. And that doesn't
even account for the super S of scarcity, instead of abundance. So even if the ruling class genuinely had good intentions when it comes to the
care of you and your family and friends, they’ve clearly failed.

Either which way, it looks like we’re going to have to step up our vibration of consciousness and sort this mess out for ourselves, especially in our
own lives. Or not; I guess time will tell.

Phillip J. Watt lives on the Mid North Coast of NSW Australia. He is an activist for individual and collective change and has devoted his career to
supporting this evolution. Phil best identifies as a truthseeker, writer, self-help guide, organic farmer and activist who has lived a life of
self-determination and built a strong repertoire based in leadership, teamwork and seeking the essential knowledge and skills to holistically support
himself, his family and his clientele.

Phil's written and film work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. His love for spreading empowering messages evolved
into being a leading writer for independent on-line media dedicated to mindful, holistic, progressive, well-informed and adventurous living. He
is also an online and in person presenter of information relating to the truth and freedom network.

Phil is passionate about and dedicated to capturing and amplifying the much needed spiritual and systemic changes that characterise our emerging global
culture. He has a background working in multifaceted areas including journalism, policy development, security, project management, social work,
operations management and providing individual and relationship guidance. He also has the privilege of interviewing a variety of progressive leaders
on his YouTube Channel.

Follow him on Facebook @ Phillip J. Watt, watch his interviews with an array of inspiring guests at 'The Conscious Society' YouTube Channel, read his
latest work at his new website and visit his
personal development website

This interview is sponsored by The Awareness Party

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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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