Paul Wardell: Unknown Health Effects & Electro-Sensitivity, 5G & the 4th Industrial Revolution

Interviewed by Tim LynchSeptember 30, 2020
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At that time human biology and the Schumann resonance for our planet was roughly 7.83cycles and all biota on earth were all in harmony. It was not until
the Soviets put a man in space that cosmonauts and later astronauts had to have a little power pack attached to them running this frequency because
if they are removed from this frequency of 7.83cycles - they will rapidly become very ill and eventually die.

So other than lightning and the Schumann resonance there was ‘nothing’ above this, so all the way up to invisible light there was ‘nothing’ and all was
in harmony. But now we humans have almost completely ‘filled up’ all that ‘frequency’ range or space, with ‘artificial, mostly digital signals.’ Like
being inside a ‘low powered’ microwave oven.

The Coming of Radiation

This all came about via the industrial revolution that leads to the so-called ‘enlightenment’ as we found the atom once again that the ancient Greeks had
mentioned plus electricity and radio wireless and X rays etc and with it came the periodic table - the understanding of wavelengths and today we now
have a multitude of ‘layered’ (ordered) frequencies all around us at present. This has resulted in many ways of an unrelenting (unknowing) technocratic
industry that has built up, but especially over the last 30 years, with a ubiquitous global enterprise of using microwave radiation 24/7/365. However, what this rush has done is that it’s having a knock-on effect regarding health - to not only humans, our families, but to animals, and pets, plus birds, insects, and trees.

Where it all started with innocence and unknowingness - since the end of the Second World War certain scientific groups even within the world's militaries
have realised that there are consequences. That in more recent times the commercialisation of these radio waves has meant that a great amount
of money can be made from exploiting this ‘medium’ hence the ubiquitous mobile phones as just one of the new technologies that are on the global market
these days.

Yet we are falling very short of ‘independent research’ done to find out the safety of this technology, however, Paul does tell us how the military took
this tech to such a level that it was deemed by the US and allies to be the way forward using /national security’ as the reason to extract as much
operability out of this expanding realm. He also says that the industry itself conducts its own safety standards and critics say that this is like
having the fox guard the henhouse.

And the big question we need to ask … w is why not enough safety information in the public arena?


He also mentions electricity which scientists do not have a full explanation as to what it is other than we can use it. Research the battle between DC
- Direct Current that Edison used as against the - AC Alternating Current that Tesla brought to the world - that today powers every home basically
on our planet. Yet, there is also such a thing as ‘dirty’ electricity and that is the radiation that it gives off - even in the average home today.
Which is being ignored by the Electrical industry as well as Government and health officials.

Paul says in his days at school, he is 62 now and when he went to school hardly anyone was ill. Maybe a couple of kids would pull their inhaler out after
a run around the paddock, that was it. Now he challenges us to go into any school in NZ and check out the health of those children - stating that there
will in all probability be over 50% having an issue.

Dirty Electricity

Paul talks about a modern family home that he visited with various meters and found that it was overloaded with dirty electricity - that the two infants
had been unknowingly living inside a wireless storm and were behaving erratically and waking up 3 to 4 times at night - even having video baby monitors.
So after registering on his metres all the high amounts of radiation in the house they turned off the monitors and the power to the wifi and modem
etc so that only the fridge was on at night etc - and within days the children became happy, healthy little infants. This shocked the parents - because
they had no idea and this example is important no it is imperative for all parents to check out what is happening in our home and do it sooner than
later. Following Building Biology and Ecology guidelines are important. Especially for building a safe home. (this was an abridged piece here. Clock
radios emit radiation beside your bed etc. - Listen

Meanwhile academics and so-called scientists defer to archaic guidelines as well as with the deployment of 5G - they fall back on the WHO, the same organisation
that is run by Dr Tedros with all its contentious connections etc, to Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates and all that is COVID.

ECO - The word has been misappropriated

The word eco in new buildings is being abused - it is more about economy than ecology. It's a star ratings system etc - = how can we save money - but doesn’t
encompass health … (where are you at the NZ Green Party?) CFL light bulbs - compact fluorescent light bulbs have issues and now we have migrated
onto LED lights - WARNING - not good for your health - as it does not give out a balanced spectrum of light. Do your own research
….’white’ is not a native colour for LED.

The human body is electrical - yes we are cellular, but we are also atomic and subatomic beings.

Humans are exceptionally electrical in our own bodies far much more than orthodox medical Doctors will be trained to understand or that the conventional
medical system gives us credit for. (remember we are an energy field of atoms harmoniously oscillating in time and space in harmony with the Shumann
resonance and this new technology of LED - is oscillating at exceptionally high frequencies - (you have to listen to this. These latest light bulb technologies are not good for your/our health

Paul says some people are more sensitive than others … But at a basic level - we are biological beings and that electricity is part of our makeup at a subatomic level - so we are all being affected.

It, gradually over time decreases our immunity system - it erodes our health and vitality … search GS meter Graham & Stetzer meters - check
this out.

People especially in the Western world are becoming more unhealthier - earlier - hence the increase of people now becoming electro sensitive. Being able
to pick up the wireless wavs wherever there is intense radio waves or computer usage etc.

Working in an office full of technology - can wear you out over time …. especially in a city office block

Saying - Sitting with a computer beside your desk and cables with your feet touching them - may be up to 10 or 20 or 30 volts - and that is very negative to your health - day in day out ….

Also mentioned.

Solar power comes in for questioning as the ‘inverters’ are the problem - there is a huge output of dirty electricity - you have to be
awake to where your inverter is put. It is not biologically safe. Shield it or keep it away from the house.

Microwave ovens are toxic …. because the shear strength of the magnetron that is inside the unit -and then there is the poor shielding
that is around it. (I, Tim have never owned a microwave oven.)

Mobile Phones

That now we have gone from 1G to 2G to 3G, 4G and going into 5G the tech corporations are becoming very clever and sophisticated as to how they pulse and
modulate these frequencies … and they have had to do that to carry the increasing amount of data that they can now ’ship’ through the air waves
- throughout busy cities, malls, sport and rock stadiums big events - where many people are intensely gathered - NOTE you/we are in the middle of it all.

So that the effect on our human biology is that the increased velocity of data - is becoming stronger and stronger and … even stronger - but worse and worse for the human inhabitants of this planet, not to mention flora and fauna and all biota inhabiting the biosphere.

Listen … that during the 2nd World War where radar played a huge part for the Allies in winning the war against the Nazis. It was when
radar operators began to die due to the intensive frequencies that they were experimenting with.

But he said that this was not the first case of electro sensitivity as it all started in the 1890’s with the first case - when they started having telegraph
along the railway lines that some of the telegraph operators began to become ill - Listen

Plus the old telephone exchanges where the operators connected all the calls by pulling and pushing in plugs to give the connection - they too were affected
by electro sensitivity and became ill.

Unknown to Us

After the 2nd World War - the Russians said that this new technology of radar was quite harmful and they went one direction and the US went another way,
with the Americans saying that military superiority was imperative, for both their communications and weapons. That unknown to you and I, there was
quite a debate between both of these two countries ‘behind the scenes’ and even today the Russians standards are 100 x less than the Western standards
- and China as well - which means their technologies in their countries are 100 times safer than what is being unleashed on the Western world. Which
translates - that less is better for everyone's health, but we in the West are being ignored and overridden. Hence this radio program and all the 5G
interviews are being done.

So that those two countries that are not known for good human rights have far more stringent safety guidelines for their own populations, than we in NZ and Australia - and the West have.

The Thermal Argument with 5G

Listen to how the heating or thermal effect was focussed on and never expanded upon - hence we have the fraught and cunningly employed idea that
5G only affects the skin - they based their standards on the ‘thermal effect’ on the largest organ of our body. Thus it has become dogma. That our
NZ Govt and Health Department has totally bought into. (So it’s just not Covid)

You will have to listen as there is too much to convey.

The multi Governmental agency that overlooks this - note there are no Medical MD or biological professionals on these boards.

They are essentially all technocrats.

There are thousands and thousands of studies showing a biological effect - but all are being ignored.

In the US there have not been any in-depth studies of this issue for probably 30 to 40 years.

ICNIRP the International Commission For Non Ionising for Radiation Protection

- is a non elected old boy network - and is corrupt as they come. www.icnirp They are the insiders
who make the rules

So now with a military standard, the US tech people have decided to make consumer devices - phones based on a military standard. Listen

In NZ the Building Biology and Ecology guidelines are slightly concerning at 10 microwatts per square meter and significant concern at
1,000 watts per square meter - but the NZ Government Standard is 10 million microwatts per square metre - so this is how much the NZ authorities care
about New Zealanders health.

Testing of NZ Cell towers and in one instance in a residential area Paul got 200,000 microwatts per square meter. Saying - this is outrageous.

Listen to autism growing in the USA - 1970 about 1 in 10,000 and when it became more prevalent it became known as a rich white
person's disease Then in the 1990s’ - about 1 in a thousand about 5 years ago it became one in 50 and it’s now trending to 1 on 25.

But, what has happened since that time is cellular networks and microwave radiation and wifi etc has massively expanded over the country listen …

To laptops - men and badly damaged sperm. Plus cell phones in men's trouser pockets Could this be the reason for the enormous increase
in autism?

2020 hindsight is going to be too late for a lot of people … your choice … please network this to all your loved ones, family, and friends

The 4th Industrial Revolution

We are inside it now and it is ubiquitous

Listen and learn about the battle between the power companies and the Telcos - as to who is going to win the gateway to your home? This is fascinating

5G is not here yet - we are being conned - it's only 4 and 3/4 G but they are saying that it is 5G and it is safe - don’t be conned.

The current 4.3/4 system has increased from 5 megahertz to 100 megahertz yet cary 10 x more data - plus extreme fast speed - but there is only a certain amount of connections that they can facilitate per tower - so that means they are going to need a lot more towers in the street. Like 20 times.

Don’t allow trees to be cut down in the cities and towns in NZ

THIS MILLIMETRE WAVE TECHNOLOGY IS 100% unproven to be safe.

The military is using 5G as a doorway to crowd control systems and as a weapon.

This is a new technology and satellites are going to be beaming down millimetre waves too.

The Bio Initiative Report - Paul says is good

There is so much in this interview - but you dear reader have to now take the initiative especially, if you love you children

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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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