Paul Levy: Dispelling Wetiko. Breaking the Curse of Evil - the psycho spiritual disease of the soul

Interviewed by Tim LynchJune 17, 2020
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Wetiko is an insidious mind virus that has installed itself in us ...

In this interview Paul articulates so vividly his profound experience - which has brought him into a knowingness that he fluently shares with us, to realise
that there is a very dark side that can be surmounted.You have to listen ...

Paul has a direct experience with wetiko - that also created so much suffering in him that it catalysed a spiritual awakening a few years later forcing
him into a psychiatric system and he recognised that this dark energy was carried by his father as it is in one's psyche and this he said, nearly drove
him totally crazy.

So he spent years studying, going to therapy, doing art, connecting with his dreams, studying Carl Jung, Buddhist practice, shamanism, studying alchemy
- anything and everything that he could find to help him deal with the overwhelming suffering that he was experiencing.He sees now that the trauma
and the abuse and the wounding that he originally got from his father - that it was like receiving a transfusion of the Wetiko virus directly into
his soul ... and he became very sick.

He said he developed a shamanic sickness - and being in his mid twenties he had no idea what was going on.

The thing that saved him was when he had a spiritual awakening - and he was so ecstatic because he realise that he was having a collectively shared dream
and that it was more than like a dream but the experience we are sharing 'is a dream' - that as a result he became so excited and so enthusiastic at
this awakening that it actually got him into deep trouble - and this is what got him hospitalised.

Yet what saved him was that we - all of us are immersed and part of an actual dream.

Quantum Reality

This then goes into Quantum physics and deeper into the realm behind reality ... Listen

That the act of observing this universe at this level - influences it - every time. This is important information.

Revelations from quantum physics are the medicine for wetiko - that we are able to create change for the positive.

'We - each one of us - , have this enormous creative power that if we are ''' more conscious'' of it - that we are literally creating moment by moment
our experience - of ourselves and of the experience of the world- but if we are not awake to that - well, that power in a sense boomerangs etc... and
this is what is happening in the world at present - and that is what we are seeing writ large on the world stage - it's taking down the planet and
our children's future with it.

An example of Wetiko is people supporting policies that are actually killing them - like GE, glyphosate, 5G etc

Another example of Wetiko - is that they accuse people of what they themselves are doing …

Kundalini Awakening

Listen to Paul tell of his 'kundalini' awakening - when he was 24 years of age and he describes it as going from a 25 watt bulb to a quadrillion watt bulb
and he said he was lucky it did not kill him - the energy that he tapped into was tapping into the 'source.'(the universe).

Listen to how he experienced this awakening ... that in actual fact we are all creative by nature ...

We are unlimited when we break out of the dream spell ...

Whilst at the same time - all of the trauma that he had experienced was being un-installed in his operating system - but he was so unprepared for it ...

Hear of the physically impossible things that happened as a result of experiencing this heightened state of being - that when some very 'still' Buddhist
teachers arrived and the 'field expanded' and that miracles happened.

We are part of a vast collective dream

He says that we are all having a collective dream - that we as a humanity can tap into the field and start co-creating a new reality in which we see ourselves
as extensions of a new paradigm that we can 'dream' into being.

Paul goes on to say that when babies take their first breath in coming into this world - they are domesticated, they are indoctrinated, they are conditioned
... told what is right and wrong ... but when we become aware and shine our light, we are basically told - that is not OK - LISTEN

TO THE DEGREE that when we are told to close down - we internalise this in our head and end up becoming our own control system ... But now ... as we are
doing it to ourselves - we can undo it. Listen - there is heaps in here …
Wetiko is a daimonic or daemonic energy - not just personal ... but trans personal ...and archetypal and it can take over a human being ... it can literally possess someone ....

Wetiko he says is a quantum phenomena ...


Courage - he connects as the open heart of compassion ... he says to have the most courage is to have an undefended heart.

He talks of light - sometimes manifesting as a wave other times as a particle- but I will leave this up to you to listen to this interview for yourself.He sees Wetiko as a Revelation and we are Halfway through it.

That the CORONA:19 virus is a lower dimensional reflectionof the Wetiko mind virus- Listen

Wetiko is a multi dimensional phenomena

Other facets to this important interview

The CORONA virus is also impelling us to wake up.

Wetiko only has Power over us when we don't see it ...

In the Bible they talk about a ‘counterfeit spirit.’ It is an impostor and it - Wetiko is a vampire ... it’s the living dead and does not have a life of its own …

Paul says; We as humans are all shaman in training - but we just do not recognise this ...

We are in the birth canal as a humanity - on a journey to an ‘omega point …’

On this planet today, we are suffering from a sickness of diss-association in an increasingly polarised world and that this is happening inwardly and not only individually and collectively as a species - that from a dreaming point of view that this is an expression that there is something that's been birthed through us and we are simultaneouslythe new being that is being given birth to - we are the mothers of the being and we are the midwives - we are all of it.

Paul talks of community which is an exceptionally important to the Tibetan way of life

Talks of quantum physics and dreamsand of our creative power.

We learn that in Tibetan Buddhism - all of life is a preparation for the moment of death - that you be open in anhearted compassionate state - and each day is sort of a microcosm of a greater fractal of that.

He says have courage and do not underestimate the power of compassion.

This interview really allows us to receive a greater understanding of the world that surrounds us and that actually penetrates us. Paul, as you can hear from the timbre of his voice, is in many ways an Adept, and articulates profoundly what he has experienced. We can learn much from this kind and passionate interview.

Any search on the web, or of youtube will bring up interviews of Paul.


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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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