Nicky Crocker on Geomancy, Geopathic Stress, Dowsing and Health

Interviewed by Tim LynchDecember 2, 2015
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Nicky describes what a ‘Geomancer’ is and how that relates to what she does.  She has the ability to detect ‘Earth Energy’, particularly the Magnetic fields around the earth, also Geopathic Stress caused by underground water, and how this affects your health.

She finds the noxious earth energy using dowsing rods and explains how she uses these.

Nicky describes how Geopathic Stress (GS) doesn’t cause any of the illnesses mentioned but does lower the immune system, enabling disease, to affect us like Crohns Disease, Arthritis, High Blood pressure, Allergies, Depression etc therefore affecting people’s health.

John explains how he was affected by Geopathic Stress and even knowing about it for many years, had completely forgotten about it.  It had seriously lowered his immune system and John asks Nicky to explain how she found it in his home and and what she found.

In John’s home an area of Geopathic Stress lines were running down the whole length of his body, from head to toe, and another line crossed the bed affecting his wife’s legs, and then creating a ‘knot’ over his feet.  This is an area of increased energy and this was causing John a lot of issues.

Part II - (Is there any science to go with it and how does it work?)

John asks Nicky if she can explain exactly how she dowses a house.

She explains how she grids through a house or an office or apartment even 40 stories up in an apartment this energy can be detected. So by gridding through the property, she can identify where exactly the noxious energies are.

What happens then?  Do you have to move the furniture?

We moved the bed on a 90deg angle, which took him off the Geopathic Stress.

It caused John to have poor quality sleep, even though he was taking outstanding nutrients and supplements in his daily diet.  Sleep Disorders will have an affect on over 700 metabolic reactions in the body.

John explains what health affects he experienced including personal experience of people who have died of cancer and asks Nicky what other case studies she can describe and she goes into detail, including how it affects children and babies.

Do we need to look at where we are building our homes in relation to these energies?

She gives examples of how even homes in Christchurch is more affected because of the earthquake situation.

It is not as scary as many people think.  She is not going to say your house is so bad you have to sell your house, even though you have new house it can still be affected by GS.

It doesn’t matter how nice your house is, there will be Geopathic Stress in it somewhere.  Just make sure it is not where you spend time stationary.

Nicky says it is so important for everybody to have their homes or offices checked before they move in, and if they are already in, then have it done sooner than later.  You can just move things around, but you could also jump ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’ because you may put yourself in more harm.  So identifying exactly where these lines are in your home will make life a lot easier for you.

What if I can’t move the bed?  How much is your health worth to you?

Even a beautiful brand new home has Geopathic Stress in it, just make sure it is not where you want to spend time stationary.

John wants to know is there any science behind this and Nicky explains about the ‘Schumann Resonance’ which NASA acknowledge and use a special machine which helps creates this frequency of 7.83hertz.  However if you have one of the lines created by these grids and energies they could be as high as 250htz.

This is where issues like Arthritis, Psoriasis through to ADHD, learning difficulties and Cancer and Nicky gives examples of one of your customers who has had good news of a clear MRI after have been diagnosed with cancer.  Her bed had a Geopathic Stress ‘knot’, where two lines of energy cross directly in the location the cancer was in her body.

This same line affected the child who was sleeping in a neighboring bedroom, and had always since living there had disturbed sleep.  Once moved to a new ‘GS clear’ location, now sleeps through.

Nicky also describes how she ‘Distanced Dowsed’ a house in Bath St, Devonport where later she found the exact location she found a ‘knot’ of GS, was where a lady had died many years previous of bowel cancer.  She identified the side of the bed and the location of the body where this would have occurred.  The lines are still there years later.

80% if marriage break-up’s or divorces, one or both partners are sleeping on Geopathic Stress.

Part III - Diseases

John is interested in what other diseases are linked with Geopathic Stress.

He asks what about things like ‘Chronic Fatigue’?

Nicky gives an example of a case study she has dealt with of Chronic Fatigue and it was the ‘office’ situation rather than a bed that lowered the immune system that caused this.  John asks are there other diseases and also do you have situations where you can’t fix a situation?

Nicky talks about a situation with a family that had sleep deprivation, bed wetting and chronic depression to the point the child had not been to school for over 18months.

She tells of the dramatic change in those living there after only one week.

You don’t need to sell your house; you just need to know where the ‘noxious’ energy is in your home, before it affects your health and life, as you know it.

What areas are of concern?  Lounge? Bedroom? Yes all of these, but of course it also affects other things like cars, electronics etc.

It can also be the cause of an injury that has occurred outside the home, but it goes back to the location of the body that has GS crossing it.

It can affect things like high blood pressure, even relationship issues and marriage issues, so not just an illness in the body, but can really affect our personalities and how we react to situations.

It is responsible for things like insomnia, bed-wetting, loss of appetite, feeling lethargic, aggression or sudden irritability, blood pressure either high or low, injuries and illnesses that take a long time to heal.

It is even responsible for behavioral issues, ADHD, IBS, stomach ulcers, loss of sex drive, even miscarriages and cot death.

John wants to know does it affect things like ‘schools’ and Nicky describes how with statistics like 95% of cases of learning difficulties and ADHD are very linked to GS.

Are the Teacher’s being affected by where they are sitting and then being grumpy and taking it out on the children or the boss in his office?

Nicky talks about a lady she studied many years ago called Käthe Bachler, who was a teacher and noticed her students who sat in certain locations, term after term or year after year, even though they changed, it was the ‘location’ that seemed to be the constant with the bad behavior.  Her research covered over 11,000 people in over 3,000 places in 14 countries.

Nicky describes some of the ‘key’ signs to look out for, especially in the home and the office and situations you might expect to find.

Nicky provides a plan to advise where the GS is in your home if you have her in to dowse your house and on these plans is marked where the GS is in your home.

She also describes about the Energy Bombs™ that Clear Energy Homes ( has to help alleviate the Noxious Earth energy.

Crystals are used in all silicon chips that are used to run all our electronics around the world.

John asks about the link with underground water and arthritis?

Nicky suggests one of the first questions you need to ask yourself is ‘how do you sleep’?

Do you wake up feeling tired? Do you toss and turn during the night?  These are signs GS may affect you.

John wants to know does Geopathic Stress affect offices and work spaces as well?

Book through either or

Part IV – The Journey work

Nicky has been practicing ‘Journey’ work since 2004 from Brandon Bays. (

She uses this process to help people to deal with health issues based on the ‘Journey’ that Brandon developed over many years.

This process uses cellular memory and how it affects your health.

How Dis-Ease can be trapped in your body caused by a ‘situation’ that may have happened during a person’s life, and eve they aren’t aware may be an ‘issue’, in their current health situation.

She describes how ‘The Journey’ in the past works with issues like Crohns disease, cancer, and even eye issues Nicky had experienced herself.

By contacting either Global Health through the website ( or Nicky direct through her website ( to get help or advise if you think you may feel you may be affected with Geopathic Stress.

Check out the websites for more information.

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