Murray Horton: Who owns New Zealand?

Interviewed by Tim LynchJuly 22, 2020
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We first cover some recent history, and the stopping of economic imperialism here in NZ on the far reaches of what was once the British Empire.

However it's about Offshore Corporations being able to profit from NZ resources and labour and taking all their profits away overseas and not really investing
in the NZ community at large.

For example, back in 1975 at the bottom of the South Island the Bluff aluminium smelter was built by the Rio Tinto Group an Anglo-Australian
multinational and the world's second largest metals
and mining corporation. This smelter was classified by CAFCA as the largest corporate bludger in NZ. They obtained cheap electricity from Governmentally
owned power stations - huge amounts - at a tiny fraction of what a NZ householder would pay for.

Murray also stated that CAFCA has a clear message – that it does not take immigration as a reason for the inequities of large amounts of money being taken
out of NZ, as this can be easily hijacked and if you are not careful, slip into racism – especially if you are not vigilant.

The concern is foreign big business and their domination of virtually all aspects of the NZ economy.

Like land sales, banks, news media etc – but virtually any sector of the NZ economy you care to think about is dominated by TransNational Corporations.
They used to be called MultiNational Corporations – because they increasingly operate in a huge number of countries, a number of them so global that
they are far larger than the NZ economy.

Oil corporations and Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft – the digital corporations – they are enormous and continue via software developments to expand
their influence whilst encroaching on ours.

NZ Needs to Become Self Sufficient

AIMs of CAFCA – that NZ should be a self sufficient economy and that if you are going to have foreign investment it has to be for the benefit of New Zealanders
not to simply for overseas investors to ‘fill their own pockets.'

For example; 2,000 workers at the Bluff smelter will be now out of work. Because it suits the Corporate interest to do that. That a corporation basically
does not have a social contract or obligation and they are doing nothing to improve NZ's debt situation. Thus CAFCA considers them to be a net liability
– not an asset.

He mentions also the film playing now in NZ called 'Island of the Empire' and it's about NZ’s military relationship with the United States that's been
updated with Murray starring (my words) way back in the mid 1980's featuring journalist Nicky Hager, ex Green MP Keith Locke and his sister Maire Leadbeater.
Plus ex Activist now Mayor of Invercargill - Tim Shadbolt.

Also mentioned, is the 30 year old campaign against the Five Eyes Waihopai - Echelon Listening outpost for the US - UK alliance – that vacuums up all our,
(meaning your) - telephone calls, fax’s, texts etc etc. And then saves them for later.

Green Rush - Murray mentions the excellent Radio NZ research on who owns our land.

The four largest private landowners in New Zealand are all foreign-owned forestry companies. This superb research by Radio NZ is an eye opener.

The information comes from an excellent RNZ investigation into land ownership in New Zealand.

Using Land Information New Zealand data, Companies Office searches and other research, RNZ compiled a list of what is believed are the 100 biggest private
landowners in New Zealand by area, not including the Crown and public entities (which control at least 28 percent of the land) or iwi (Maori).

Forestry – not the above radio NZ article which only focussed on land ownership and did not focus on leased land and that is more dominant. This is important
to realise - that it is not what is recorded - but what is obscured or hidden.

Foreign direct investment (ownership of companies) in New Zealand increased from $15.7 billion in March 1989 to $121.7 billion as of March 2019 - almost
eight times.

As a proportion of the total output of the economy, Gross Domestic Product, it has risen from 22% to 40%.

Statistics NZ data shows the countries where $100m or more in foreign direct investment was based as of March 2019 as being, in decreasing order: Australia,
Hong Kong, US, Japan, UK, Singapore, Canada, Netherlands, British Virgin Islands, China, Cayman Islands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany and France
(though the investments from some countries have been suppressed). These accounted for 93% of foreign direct investment in New Zealand.. Australia
alone accounts for 50% with $57 billion of the $113 billion total.

Murray continues, About You - the average NZ home owner.

The average house owner who owns less than 5 hectares of land and collectively owns about 1.5 % of NZ.

But, it gets worse - those who have around an acre of land with their house on it, such as Mum and Dad owned homes - the total comes to 0.5% of NZ.

Large units of Privately owned land in NZ

We have 4,600 people in NZ 0.1% of the total population that own half of the land owned by the 10 largest landowners.

Listen to this, because Murray says the present government is doing something about curtailing the sale of our land … Eugenie Sage, the Green, Minister
for Lands ‘outside’ of Government (not invited to Cabinet meetings) has actually said No to an overseas buyer. The Transnational mining
company Oceania Gold, who are mining in Waihi in the Coromandel (where there is a huge hole in the ground) was not allowed to expand its operations
to buy more farmland so as to use it to dump more toxic waste – however she was overruled by Labour Govt Cabinet Ministers. In this case the Finance
Minister David Parker who is basically at the top of the pecking order along with David Clark (also the Minister of Health ) who is associate Minister
of Finance. Both overruled her.

However Murray states that since 2017 that this Labour lead Govt, of NZ First and the Greens has been doing something substantive to slow down the sales
of land to overseas buyers.

The Government now has a watchdog type unit that is monitoring sales. Called the ‘Overseas Investment Office’ - you must first check in with the OSIO to
see if you can buy … listen or better still track the links below this article.

Banking: $10,000,000,000 of banking profits from New Zealanders annually - from 5 million people.

NZ's Four largest banks in NZ are Australian - These four Aussie banks constitute an enormous chunk of the NZ economy (and who is it who owns these Australian
Banks? Do they have links back to the UK or the US? Follow the money ….

They are taking out of the NZ economy $10.3 billion dollars profit which is a substantial amount from less than 5 Million people. In the decade from 2010
up until 2119 they made $84.4 billion in profits out of satisfied New Zealanders. Of which ¾ of this money left NZ.

We discuss how the ASB the Auckland Savings Bank, once a very successful ‘Trust’ bank was sold off to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia - which was then
privatised by the Conservative Howard, Australian Government.

In NZ the many ‘Trust’ Banks that were here - were absorbed into Westpac of Australia. Only Taranaki and Southland remained sovereign.

We learn that Jim Anderton of the Alliance Party managed to start Kiwi Bank totally against the wishes of Prime Minister Helen Clark and Finance Minister
Michael Cullen of the Labour Party.

In 2019 we learned of ‘other’ tax havens such as the Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Channel Islands which include Jersey and Guernsey, Dubai and United Arab
Emirates and Island of Man – but the value of all their holdings have been suppressed as quote unquote – Confidential.

That the NZ government refuses to let this information out.

Listen ... we can go on becoming serfs in our own country or we can ask every political candidate why is this so? Even Ex National PM John Key
mentioned that New Zealanders may become tenants in their own country. Not that he really made an effort to alleviate that.

We also learn in this interview, how Labour’s Minister of Finance, David Parker is now making it more streamlined for overseas investors to buy into NZ.
This is a shocker.

Note that any purchase in NZ that is under $100 million does NOT have to go through any Government oversight – and they do not show up in the statistics!

Murray gives an example – if the Auckland Sky tower went up for sale at $99.999 million dollars and someone from Russia, China or America wanted to buy
it – that sale would not figure in any of the NZ Government books – it would just go through as an ordinary real estate transaction. (hidden from Public
scrutiny) So you can see that the present Government has actually taken the goal posts away from the field altogether. This being done in plain sight
by our generously paid elected Representatives who have run away with their own agenda by refusing to represent the interest of ‘we the NZ public.’

Just like selling our house or a flat or whatever … but in Australia it’s considerably higher - they have a $520 million threshold – so the Australian
public are being shafted too.

That all sales under that $100 million threshold, 'fly under the radar' and the NZ Government (your Government) for decades has been complicit in this.
You would have to question that they are wanting to do away with our Sovereignty as a self-reliant nation!

Have a good focused listen. This is an Election Issue.

In 2017 the Government put in certain breaks to stop certain countries coming in and bulk buying houses – Have a listen ...

Australian and Singaporeans can buy a house in NZ today or many, because of the NZ/Singapore Free Trade Agreement and the Closer Economic Relations (CERA)
with Australia, respectively.

Note that recently the Australian Government convened a Royal Commission of Enquiry into their Banks (and the Insurance Industry) and have found very damning
evidence of wrongdoing – but the NZ Government has declined to do the same – though the 4 largest banks in NZ are Australian owned. Which
gives us cause to wonder …

We hear from Murray that over seas insurance corporations take in profits of $38 billion annually.

As there is an election here in September I asked Murray what questions we should ask Politicians in any public forum?

Every candidate be asked about* – why the Government rushed through the Temporary Overseas Investment (urgent measures ) Amendment Act – so that any foreigner
has to have it run by a Governmental National Interest Test.

This is to stave off in the situation that critical businesses and infrastructure cannot be bought out in a fire sale - if due to another Covid or other
national disaster that collapse the economy and then have a foreign entity or predator come in and scoop our assets up at a bargain basement price
– an then exit the country …

Now most countries globally have done the same and in Australia too.

So* ask our political candidates to make this 'National Interest Test' - permanent – be it a farm or the Auckland harbour bridge – it
has to go through that National Interest Test. Do you agree to that? That it be made permanent. Plus, to now make this to
apply to transnational investors already operating in this country.

Murray said that the Bluff Aluminium smelter would not have passed this test – saying they are a bunch of bludgers – he said if the National Interest Test
had been applied to all the overseas banks in NZ – they would have failed it too.

Also ask this question. Do you renounce the whole Neo Liberal Economic Model?This will let you see who is independent or who follows the
party line.

Also mentioned that farms are being bought up and converted to pine forests – do we not need to keep the rural sector populated and have schools – villages
and towns and the local infrastructure working sustainably - being robust?

Other subjects covered.

NZ sources so many of its medicines, pills etc from overseas - that a huge percentage come from India and this was compromised during the Covid lockdown
- because we had all our eggs in one basket. The US too had 95% of its antibiotics sourced from China. Trump has certainly put a halt to that.

Rio Tinto of Australia and what they did on the island of Bougainville was totally lacking in a social conscience.

US Bases at Christchurch? It is exempted from NZ Nuclear Free Law, and NZ politicians will tip toe around it, trusting New Zealanders will remain silent.

That NZ Legalised spying on NZ – by the J Key Government

The Global media program lies that NZ is an honest country, when it is definitely not.

Murray states that CAFCA is also for Progressive Nationalism Versus Globalism.

Wanting NZ to become as self sufficient and sustainable as possible.

To remind you all.

Find out that 10's of $Billions of holdings are hidden with direct NZ Government knowledge - so as to not be scrutinised by 'we the people.’

This is a giant scam and needs to become an election issue - and it will - with your help and assistance.

What I didn't get around to asking about:

Fishing companies in NZ.

TPPA. Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. Anything we need to know?

Water resources being sold off at a pittance to overseas entities. I have this link.

To Aotearoa Water Action IMPORTANT.

Selling into NZ – Products from China that overtime deteriorate in quality.

I apologise to readers, in my listening and poor note taking and writing them up coherently. It's just too time consuming and then to reread and rewrite so that they make sense takes hours and hours. Trusting you forgive me as it’s all voluntary.

By clicking on the three below links you will be able to see the bigger picture.

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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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