Lisa Er & Tim Lynch: Choosing healthy options in a climate of despair and possibility

Interviewed by Tim LynchOctober 9, 2019
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Tim opens that he knows mothers who are not allowing their young infants and children to be in the room during TV news. As it’s too violent and overwhelming
for young sensitive minds. In today’s world, there is a need for them to play, acquire communication skills and keep their innocence for a little while
longer. However Lisa, as a mother of 3 boys, thinks that around 9 years of age they need to understand a little more about what is happening in their

The question then comes up - Where do you source your news from? Especially international news? - (Russia Today) good for what is going on around our planet, but not necessary as to what is happening in Russia. CNN is not necessarily good anymore.
Lisa, mentions El Jazeera - has some good things, but we realise it too has its weak points.

The Guardian - used to be relatively balanced but having a leftish viewpoint - that now having gone into the USA - has become very anti Russian so as to
build up it’s US viewership. Lisa said Guardian let Jullian Assange down badly.

The BBC did not even get a mention.

Lisa says news today focuses on the head not the heart.

Though the Guardian has relatively good ecology and environmental coverage. We then went free form and covered bees, as being the proverbial canary in the coal mine - being susceptible to 5G wireless radiation and becoming lost and not being able to navigate back to the hive. This being linked as a result of increasing
global wifi frequencies. Then there are neonicotinoids (and very possibly glyphosate) that are being used in the industrial, factory farming agriculture

That bees provide so much - including health products as well as pollination for food. Lisa emphasises that the birds and the bees plus the insect kingdom are going to be the proverbial mass canaries in the coal mine.

Lisa - saving insects due their drop off in numbers is very important - glyphosate yet again but also neonicotinoids - a chemical that
is used to coat the seed with this concoction and the plants grow up with this poison in them. This being deleterious - now there are basically no
insects on our car windscreens … no moths at night on our outside light. Insects are disappearing.

Superphosphate - leaving cadmium in the soil. NZ has a growing problem with too much superphosphate being spread across NZ farmland so as to speed
up the growth of grass, but leaving a deadly problem in the ground. - cadmium a heavy metal.

We covered illnesses - and Jodi Brunning’s recent GreenplanetFM interview - where she talked about many diseases and illnesses, bad tummy - intestine problems,
skin rashes and lack of sleep - all happening at once as in some sort of convergence - they have named it ‘co-morbidity’. That these are unknown illnesses
and there are increasing links to the agricultural chemicals we have in the food we eat and that are sprayed into our food chain.

Lisa said homeopathics - continues to work for her Tim talked about the British Royal Family and its continued use and success with it for 150 years, especially
in Germany and France. That it is deliberately maligned - but classical Homeopaths still being trained here in NZ. That we humans are wave-forms -
and so are homeopathic solutions.

By 1948 the Rockefeller/Morgan Financial empires had already invested $800 million to manipulate pubic education in matters of health and pharmacology.
Note; JD Rockefeller and his recently deceased 104 year old son David only relied on homeopaths to maintain their personal health. Ref. Heidelberg
University Clinic Department of Psychosomatic Medicine Chief Consultants.(Prof. Mitserlich and Dr Ruffler) opinion on Bruno Groning (24.10.51) BG-A

Neutrinos - instantly passing through all 7.7 billion of us.

Tim emphasised that there are trillions of invisible neutrinos zipping through us right at this moment, just under the speed of light. The come from our
sun and all stars - passing straight through our planet and out the other side in less than nano-seconds. That nothing is solid - our body is in many
ways a cellular hologram.

What do we do for our Great Sustainer?

Children are being brought up - to think that food comes from the supermarket - not really being taught how all of our food chain comes from nature - that
we now have a sanitised media - sales are more important that growing your own healthy organic produce. (we acknowledge that not everyone has land
on which to grow food).

Indigenous Connection

Lisa talks about indigenous peoples connection to nature and the source from where we spring. They know exactly where their food comes from.

Especially Maori and their connection - and their whakapapa - their umbilical cord linkage - following it back from their mother - through their ancestral
lineage going all the way back to the 7 canoes (waka) that brought them to Aotearoa NZ from across the Pacific, supposedly around the 1400’s. They
intuitively, sense and understand ‘connection’. Including to Mother earth - Papatuanku.

Where are today’s leaders in relationship to the future of children?

Tim asked about - where are the leaders of the world who are prepared to talk about the future of children? In particular his asking, ‘why can they
not factor children into all future legislation?’

Lisa - because of short term thinking and what is going to make them popular for the next election - only for 3 year terms (NZ) She talks about that humans
for some unknown reason do not ‘feel’ the future. Listen Brain does not get it but the heart does. 

What are we leaving for the future to sort out?

Greta Thunberg and the children of tomorrow.

David Suzuki’s daughter in 1992 - never got the media attention way back then at the 1992 Rio Conference - where her addressing the UN was equally poignant,
how did it take so long?

We wish Greta had mentioned the fossil fuel use - that the US military are the record user of fossil fuel.

But what about the $trillions being spent on the worlds military? - we could solve so many if not all of our ecological problems by diverting
military spending into environmental action.

And if Greta could have also mentioned Fukushima in Japan - that is belching nuclear radiation into the Pacific - our local ocean.

(However as a young girl on the global stage it is a momentous task to be able to stand up in a public venue and talk from the heart. Question to you dear
reader, could you stand up and without notes talk to 2000 people plus?)

That there is plastic garbage in the ocean and that there are many other ecological challenges that are outside, climate change.

Lisa mentions that the status quo have got too much focus on money to want to move on climate change.

Other non polluting energy systems that have been silenced

Tim - talks to other means - free energy devices that both Foster Gamble in the trailer to the - tells - that the tech is here. Dr Steven
Greer agrees - however this information is being silenced by big money, the fossil fuel and nuclear power lobbies and over arching vested interests.

Its ‘called censorship by omission.’

Tim - that we could also work towards research into little black boxes that could possibly capture neutrinos passing through our planet and that as these
neutrinos are now known to have mass - they may be very much like solar energy coming from the sun - hitting a highly refined ‘plate surface’ within
the little black box that then catalizers an energy transfer into electricity. But this concept too, is not in the public consciousness,
yet needs to be.

Being sanitised by MSM - and sanitised from academia and not let out in the public domain.

Lisa says that new ideas that do come out - will end up being taken over by a large energy combine, who will buy the inventor out with many millions and
then that corporation will sit on this tech break-through - having no intention what so-ever of taking this new revolutionary concept to the market
- or giving clean energy to the human race.

Serious Global use of Microwave Technology

Lisa talks about microwave tech that is being used right up to this moment - HAARP technologies being mentioned and then microwave weather wars and how
Mozambique was affected by a large tropical cyclone - a weather incident that culminated in yet another huge tropical storm that completely flooded
a whole area where coincidentally oil had just been discovered. Resulting in the local inhabitants being forced to flee the area and then the oil corporation
moved in. Lisa says is there a link? She also says people have to start talking about this - and doing one’s our own research. However note that Google
in the last 3 years have been, changing their algorithms to hide information from their search engines and essentially censor anyone wanting to find
out what is truly going on. This is a very serious matter for all activists but also mums and dads wanting to obtain more information
so as to advise their children in the best possible manner as to what is happening and what we can do to change the narrative for the better.

Back to the News!

Tims asks the question; who is the person who chooses everyday what is to be on the news? What is the criteria from which they make their choice?

Radio NZ was mentioned as having some good news (but I Tim, find it too conservative for myself).

Tim talked of young children unsupervised on the web - very dangerous and very seductive - keep them away from the dark web.

Trolling and blogs that are 60% true and 40% distortion …

Lisa says she uses her intuition with regard to a lot of information that she sees now on the web. As a woman she says what else can she fall back on,
but to use her sense of intuition to divine the truth.

Q and the Qanon phenomenon comes up - and who is Q or they?

Are they are right wing conspiracy theory - even if they say that the Rothschilds are at the top of the heap - and that Israel is to be left to last -
that Obama and the Clintons are going to face extremely serious charges in the coming future.

That Jeffrey Epstein being a Mossad agent was used to compromise people and leaders in high places and blackmail them so as to have them do what their
new masters deem as necessary?

The fact that Greta Thunberg has hit the headlines has also wiped Epstein and his nefarious activities out of the news and the global narrative, has been
noted - as well as taking 5G out of the public discourse too, is also noted.

Censorship by Omission?

Donald J Trump and his Executive Order EO 13818 signed on the 21st December 2017. Is it connected to Epstein being arrested and jailed - being the first
of many involved in people trafficking and pedophilia?

Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

To the many following this Executive Order they state that this is Trumps greatest initiative - the take down of human trafficking - that
goes all the way up to the top of global (sex) trafficking and all the darkness that goes with it. This is what the Epstein case was - just the top
of iceberg - and he got eliminated - by who we do not know? - But Epstein has been linked as a front of the Mossad. If you saw Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes
Wide Shut - you see how sex and blackmail closed down all the rich families to what is going on at the top of the upper strata of the West. Who knows
what is happening elsewhere? The Catholic Church and Cardinal George Pell, being sentenced to jail - was this just ‘near’ the top of the iceberg too?

5G - the Nuclear Free Moment for NZ?

5G Vodafone and their 1400 towers. Lisa says people power needs to block the putting up of the towers as per her information of what was happening in the
Coromandel. That these tower deployments need no authority to put up. They can be put up anywhere the teleco’s want with no public input - whatsoever.
That means right outside your home dramatically dropping the value of your house.

Telecommunications corporations are now the largest corporate entities on the planet.

Lisa thinks that the Government will not do anything about 5G - they are tied into the Agenda - so yet again it is:  Grassroots action for us all.

Notice how few letters to the editor questioning 5G get published in the NZ Herald? Yet, there is a gathering ground swell - nation wide.

Call to Action

October the 23rd near Smales Farm Takapuna on - Vodafone Placard demo- staff have been told that it is nothing to be of concern - just an upgrade to 4G.

Stop 5G Placard Protest.

Where - Vodafone.

74 Taharoto Rd, Takapuna, Auckland

When – Wednesday October 23rd

From - 11.30am - 2pm.

Parking may be difficult.

Buses to Smales Farm + two minute walk.

Bring – placards opposing 5G

Get creative!

Hope to see you all there and please share.

The World Media always wanting to frighten us 

Nuclear war coming up in the narrative between Pakistan & India - there is so much turmoil being fermented as of now.

Tim talked about how he was loosely affiliated in the early 1980’s with Beyond War a group in Palo Alto in California, USA.

The Beyond War Award[9] was created in 1983 and ran for eight years (1983-1990) to honor
the great efforts of humankind as it moves to build a world beyond war. The award attracted national and international attention through the nominating
and selection process.

  • Second Beyond War Award Ceremony 1984. The International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War received the second Beyond War Award. It was
    presented to the co-founders, Dr. Bernard Lown of the US and Dr. Yevgeni Chazov of the USSR, simultaneously through the use of a live satellite
    teleconference link or "spacebridge" between Moscow and San Francisco. This historic event was viewed live by over 75,000 people. Over 100 million
    Soviets subsequently saw the televised videotape. (Free Video at
  • Third Beyond War Award Ceremony 1985. The Beyond War Foundation presented its award to six world leaders, President Miguel de la Madrid in Mexico,
    President Raul Alfonsin of Argentina, Prime Minister Olof Palme in Sweden, First President Julius Nyerere (now retired) in Tanzania, Prime Minister
    Andreas Papandreou in Greece and Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in India, each in his respective country, at the same time on two-way television so
    they could all see and hear each other, and so the world could look on.[10]

What World Leader stands out today?

The big countries with Nuclear weapons won’t budge on their weapons.

Israel - has them in secret and ignores all calls to be more transparent.

The Atomic Energy commission are sent into Iran and North Korea - but not Israel

Survival Movement NZ on facebook

Food secure and resilience - listen to Lisa explain what is happening on this facebook forum

Alternative News Roberts David Steele ex CIA interviewed by an Australian
who gets a good number of dark questions answered.



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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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