Lisa Er & Liz Gunn: This dynamic duo speak about new and necessary directions for New Zealand!!

Interviewed by Tim LynchMarch 6, 2019
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Lisa, was the ASB (Auckland Savings Bank) Business Women of the Year 2001 and ‘Her Business Magazine’ - business woman of the year for the North Island

Liz, is a former TVNZ Presenter and Radio NZ host and prior to working in the Media, she used her law degree to practise commercial litigation and to teach
the Law Professionals course at Auckland University.

Both Lisa and Liz have been immersed in current affairs, and in this passionate interview share some of their perspectives of what is happening in NZ today.

I enjoyed interviewing these two very capable women who are prepared to offer a broad critique of where we are going as a country.

Lisa leads with the insect disappearance both local and global and what this could foretell. She mentions that our planet will survive, but we as a species
may not and then goes on to say that we have to take action, by educating New Zealanders of the issues.

Liz talks about the lobbyists in NZ that convince the country to continue to use pesticides - that nature is taking the onslaught of a chemical assault
and that we are witnessing the decline in so many health indicators - from human to the vegetable and animals that as she and Lisa as mothers - wanting
healthy children have to become far more aware and then take action.

Liz cited a test report in Oakland California that located 14 chemical pesticides in all the people in the region - yet in one week when these tested people
moved to an organic diet there was a marked decrease in the amount of chemicals found in their bodies. Stating that if we take remedial action and
ingest quality organic food we can start to clean up our body.

She noted that chemicals increase the risk of autism, cancer, Parkinson’s disease and infertility.

So our body is very responsive when commit to turn things around with an organic diet. Note detox’s are vital if one wants to speed up the cleansing of
our body.

Liz, we have done well for centuries and millennia without sprays - so why have we been 'taken in' by chemical sprays? Lisa said that the liver from NZ
farm animals has to be destroyed as it cannot be sold for public or even animal consumption, due to the fact that it is contaminated with agricultural
farm fertilisers and chemicals. Note: GreenplanetFM’s radio interview of Debbie Swanwick originally of Soil and Health mentions that huge areas of
hectares in the Waikato are closed off due to toxic soils as a result of cadmium from super phosphates.

Lisa ups the conversation saying that she has just started a FaceBook Group called 'Survival Movement New Zealand'
- factoring the possibility of biodiversity collapse andpreparing our country for all contingencies, at the same time keeping us free from pollution
- including car exhaust fumes and cow farts.

Climate Effects

Realising there could be larger storms etc including drought, floods and in particular factor food shortages in there as well. Especially later into the
next decade.

Fuel - petrol and distribution of food across the country. (which we need to diversify as we can now grow most food here in NZ, except equatorial food.

Lisa mentions that NZ needs to find another agricultural or horticultural product to grow and Liz mentions that hemp could really be a major crop for NZ
as the climate is ideal for this very versatile cash crop. She mentions - and Cameron Sims a dear friend of hers who is out there showing the way with hemp, health and environment. Be it 'hemp heart' or oil with 3,6 and
9 Omega fats.

Liz also laments the fact that the baby boomers of NZ had so many freedoms, free university, (no conscription) and with Tim concurring - there appears
so much apparent selfishness today by many of the baby boomers. When we need to be getting alongside the 'millennials' and assist them to rescue, innovative
and regenerate cool green ideas and ideals.

Need for Conscious Action from the Current NZ Government

Liz states that Jacinda Adhern, our new female PM could have come through with a clean broom with really fresh policies and she says that the longer
we go, we seem to be watching a replay of Obama in America (hear! hear!) - when she thought Obama would bring through a JFK moment (John Fitzgerald
Kennedy) - (we all did) - but as we can see - nothing really came of Obama's presidency and he just more or less carried on like a Republican. Note,
no one from Wall Street and Goldman Sachs - was prosecuted or jailed. etc etc.

Foreign Relations

Venezuela comes up and Lisa says that the sanctions imposed by the USA has caused huge social problems and that is possibly one of the major reasons Venezuela
is struggling with upheaval! Liz then says have we not seen this all before a oil rich country that the US is going to rescue and turn it into a “democracy!”
Caveat Emptor - let the buyer beware!

Neo Liberalism comes up for some conscious criticism and it does fall short when we look at the state of the casino economy that is being run from New
York bankers, and London.

Business Matters

Lisa as a business woman always paid her employees above theminimum wage and that was near on 20 years ago when. For example, she paid the dishwashers
$2.00 above the minimum wage.

Covering more suitable business models, remuneration that is fair, share ownership by workers etc. Cooperatives and looking at Trust banks, Mutual Insurance
Societies,, Building societies, Trust Hotels, and farmers cooperatives - the big one today being Fonterra - while the NZ farmers now keep a very wary
eye on it, so as it will not be hijacked, by moneyed interests.

Also money creation by private banks creating money out of thin air - by doing a simple computer input of the money that is required to loan a citizen.
Lisa has done a number of radio interviews on this subject. (do a search)

This interview covers:

  • The Christchurch rebuild after the Earthquake. Many people are unhappy with what has happened.
  • Women run businesses. In most cases women have a duty of care that benefits society.
  • Employing unemployed who are emotional damaged is very challenging.
  • We have a situation were we have an underfunded NZ educational system. This is an urgent challenge as the youth of today will be our leaders of tomorrow.
  • Teaching self responsibility rather than victimhood. This was an important subject.
  • The teaching of 'garden to table' in South Auckland schools with children learning about food growing and preparation, is vital for healthy body and
    especially healthy minds.

Ihamatao in Mangere

A present day Maori land battle to keep their
land that is raging as you read this. As the land is being taken over by Fletcher building.

Pania Newton, Maori activist, is doing her best to save this sacred Maori land that goes back to the earliest arrivals from Hawaii, with its rich and fertile
soils and its deep Wairua, or soulful heritage for all Maori.

The huge vision is to save this land from Fletchers’ developers and then to turn this whenua into a food forest, which can be enjoyed by New Zealanders
of all ethnicity, and through which a sense of deep community can be built ...

Please sign up and register your support for keeping the land in Maori hands.

Health camps were situated all around NZ over 75 years ago that took in underprivileged children and fed and housed them well - and the kids could play
and explore nature. We then to our surprise find that it was started by Liz’s great Aunt, Dr Elisabeth Gunn after World War 1.

Underfunding health issues - especially with children was another concern that needs to be addressed in depth, across the whole of NZ.

Capital Gains Tax, NZ is one of the few developed countries that does not have a capital gains tax, especially with the buying and selling of houses.

Higher taxes were mentioned and agreed that there is room to tax the rich, where 60 years ago very well off people were paying 70 cents in the dollar tax
and even more.

Neo liberalism and selfishness and Socialism - sharing and cooperation?

Pulling together for the Earth, Papatunauku. (Maori for Mother Earth) Becoming aware that it's our Earth that is the provider of life. As our planet lends
us a body, free air, free rainwater and until recently a free food chain. The realisation that we have become disconnected from the source from which
we spring.

Transcending victimhood. This is a biggy. That there has to be far more loving relationships in parenting and modelling good values to our children.

Mike King - about youth suicide, that NZ has a massive problem with youth staking their lives, when in fact we have one of the best countries on earth
in which to live and bring up children. But, due to NZ becoming a Neo Liberal experiment, surreptitiously implemented by Roger Douglas Minister of
Finance for the 4th Labour Government in 1984. Then there was a resurgence of Neo Liberalism continued under the Key government for 3 terms, ending
in 2017.

Naturally, with the time constraints of one hour for this interview there was a great number of subjects that were never mentioned let alone covered. However,
if we love our children it is essential that all adults of NZ need to be looking to address the serious challenges that are present in out 21st century

That these issues be addressed and that the changes needed, have to come up from the grass roots - from the neighbourhood and localised community. It is
only when we come together as family, friends, neighbourhood and community can we realise the dynamics of connection, innovation, cooperation and collaboration.

Consciousness and Spirituality

Lisa, mentions that we have to become far more aware of our actions and consciously more cognizant of our choices for the future. Liz then asks about the
deeper question of why are we here and what is our purpose in this lifetime? She then states her belief that we live beyond the death of our physical
body, and Lisa concurs and I, as the interviewer jump in and agree with them both.

This is a subject that I dearly want to do a program or three on in the near future. That the imperative is that all our decisions have to be conscious
ones, and that for the future of our civilisation, service to self needs to fall away as we collaborate as a global family into service towards the

At heart most kiwis, want a far better world to live in, especially for all children. However we have to realise that deep change can only happen when
the people, lead - for when we do - that is when the politicians follow.

Note that when ordinary people across Aotearoa NZ came together in groups and small organisations and cooperatively worked together at a local level where
suburbs, councils, towns, cities and regions finally enacted Nuclear Free Zones, that when they numbered over 67% of the population, then, and only
then, did it give the ‘mandate’ to Prime Minister David Lange (of the Labour Party) the power to make it Law across the whole nation that NZ became
a "Nuclear Free Country."

This ideal is slowly coming into being to NZ to become a GE and GMO Free country with all of Northland now classified as GE Free as well as the Hastings
District in the Hawkes Bay. Though new technologies like CRISPR – are being deployed to get around laws and GE Free areas.

Though this was not mentioned in this interview, Both Lisa, Liz (and Tim) know of, or are in some way supporting a move towards a "5G Wireless Free Country" as the information coming from courageous scientists, and academics state that this technology is detrimental
to not only human health but all biological health across all of nature - globally.

When you listen to this interview of Lisa and Liz, you realise how fortunate that we have two passionate and compassionate women not only supporting this
program, but also that as they live here in NZ they are dedicated to doing their constant best to ensure that we have a free, regenerating environment,
community that will be here for all children and biota …

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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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