Jodie Bruning warns us of the discoveries she made while researching 'clean food and standards'

Interviewed by Tim LynchSeptember 14, 2016
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Jodie grew up to lose both parents due to cancer and she herself, developed hyperthyroidism and had to take medication that left her lacking in energy.

She didn’t really get her brain and life back until when she saw a herbalist – then her mind started to clear and she started looking at nutrition – which
lead to cleaning up her diet.

It was a slow process because she was still fatigued and tired with two young children though getting better all the time. Having a Degree in Agribusiness
she has had a keen interest in food production. But realised that industrial factory farming was denaturing food.

Supermarket foods

Supermarket foods today are problematic as there are so many ‘snack bargains’ available and in many ways we are reluctant or unable to address this addictive
behaviour. Mainstream media is basically failing in addressing this due to vested interests and advertising revenue from the ‘food’ industry. Especially
in relation to very recent new chemicals being introduced into food, since most of these chemicals were not around 20 years ago and thus we were not
eating them way back then.

Michael Moore the documentary maker in the US has put on record how big food researchers, explore ‘crave-ability’ and scan people’s brains to see the dopamine
spurt when exposed to certain food, - how it sounds and tastes - as scientists want to know what is going on at deeper levels within our brain using
hard science.

The addiction’s are more than sugar, they are carbohydrates – wheat, potatoes and salt in that mix – and we are not addressing the addictive nature of
these foods. Because to the snack food industry - with addictive foods, you will always get a repeat purchase.

The other fact of the matter is - that Main Stream Media ‘MSM’ in many cases state that chronic illness that’s in the world today - has a genetic factor
when it could actually be up to 85% plus related to diet and exposures and we know that most exposures comes in through the mouth.

That wheat may have two fungicide treatments and insecticide treatments, plus it will have a coating before it sprouts into a plant (see neonicotinoids)
but there is no scientific research on all of this.

Plus, there are chemicals in bread to keep it as fresh as possible. Including the possibility of soy and corn products – as seen on a great amount of supermarket
food packaging and many of these may have been derived from GMO sources as well.

Most mum’s will possibly only read one article every few years to warn them of what is in food – but it usually happens only when a child becomes ill,
or the parents go down with an ailment, will they then start to look at what they are eating – meanwhile their life becomes very stressful and they
suffer a drop in energy – losing momentum for vibrant living and well being.

We need an active and diverse media in NZ but regrettably this it is not happening. That we have to wake up to the fact that we do not have ‘conscious’
media in NZ - especially covering the multiple interrelationships around products and their safety.

What is the Government doing?

Governments are supposedly to be trusted, however we are rapidly noticing that they are not taking the electorate into consideration when once they did.
There are fiduciary obligations that should not be breached.

The NZEPA - Environmental Protection Authority is poorly funded (just like in the USA where it is deliberately underfunded) That the NZ EPA, just can not keep up with the onslaught of chemicals
and new products and flora and fauna entering NZ that they just can not research and check out prior to being allowed into our environment or market

Plus, with trade and the need for the economic wheels to keep turning – there has become a slow compromise of standards, as overworked EPA can not keep
up with their responsibilities and activity that is continuously increasing. This is because the guidelines - the protocols that the scientists have
to asses, in this case pesticides are both outdated and have an exceptionally narrow focus.

This has resulted in that ‘we’ are not engaging in the in-depth studies of insecticides, pesticides and fungicides. They are NOT LOOKING at the full formulation.
Most farmers know that the full formulation is more toxic. None of these full formulations when sprayed on a crop, are looked at from a combined formulation.
They are all only looked at separately. This means that when you mix all the effects of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides together - the accumulative
effect of all three - have a knock on effect that has not been researched or studied.

So we have an underfunded Government scientific institution given a contract with very limited scope that they ‘only stay within the parameters of what
they have been given to study.’ They are not told to look outside these areas – so they are not really looking out for the public good, for in many
ways the perception is they are just ticking the boxes.

Therefore we have children today being exposed to a huge onslaught of chemicals (Remember the slogan Clean Green NZ) – plus the sugar load – no wonder
our children are become sicker at a younger age due to this toxic overload - especially from wheat products. So though we seem to live longer (with
more drugs to keep us alive) we are having more young becoming ill as a result to all these chemical exposures.

Note, that the biotech corporations give the Government their specs and data and there are definitely limitations with the data offered, solely because
they want to get their product onto the market as soon as possible and they are not always forthcoming with data that could compromise them.

Doctors are not able to speak out as ‘big Pharma’ is looking over their every move and doctors risk losing their license if they become critical of the
chemicals that are persuasive in the food chain. As a result doctors in NZ are 15 years behind with what is truly going on. They are doing their best,
but without Government sanctioning of top quality, honest food education, their task in many ways is like being the ambulance at the bottom of the

There is a need for honest Government talking about clean food – no junk food advertising – that we are today so far from a responsible Government.

The 2016 NZ Government Health Strategy came out recently but it was more like a communication strategy talking about prevention but they never mentioned
what prevention was - they never talked about clean food or the tsunami of sugar addiction.

This interview mentions the challenges to communicate to NZers, especially mothers about ‘good practice’ and safe eating and it is a huge task - as most
magazines sell the sizzle - the hype of fancy dishes looking and smelling tempting and delicious. Not their health contents.

Mothers are endeavoring to share and use FaceBook to communicate their needs and it is not helping parents fast enough to find the answers because they
are often looking in the wrong place - when the game is to simply clean up your eating act and take in more organic produce that has never been sprayed
or been fed chemicals. MSM – just won’t go there. (Just like in the USA)


That Glyphosate is sprayed now on our pastures and it’s on our food crops, on our pathways, it’s in our drains, along our roadsides, around our parks and
no Council is testing for ‘Roundup’s - glyphosate in the groundwater – ‘none’ nor are they looking for it in our drains, creeks and river systems –

Even Monsanto’s studies in Europe have found it in Europe’s groundwater and river systems.

Recently 41 Green MP’s from 14 countries in the European Union were tested for Glyphosate in their urine and all 41 averaged 4 times the allowable amount
for the EU and the Green MPs would eat and drink more organic food than the average European, by far.

We are just not looking at the fungicides and insecticides and the run-off from the land into the drains, creeks and rivers – So the question being asked
is - where is the hard science testing for all these chemicals and the cumulative effects of them?

Most farmers are not told of the hidden dangers especially of the cumulative effect. Only when insects, bird and marine life become affected will we see
that this matches the ill health that children are starting to be impacted by.

There is hidden secret science that is being kept from us because MSM are basically in the hands of big business.

Is Glyphosate in NZ milk products? Evidently no one in NZ is using the ‘latest leading edge technology’ to test for glyphosate in milk
that has passed through the mammalian system.

See Monica Kruger – European study

Basically science and the systems that the NZ Government have set up are failing people in NZ, and by default overseas buyers of our produce?

Note that Glyphosate can be sprayed on wheat crops – so do some research yourself.

As well as oil seeds – canola and your vegetable oils like soy used in convenience foods most are GMO’s and have been sprayed with Roundup.

Baby formulas and infant formulas, become very problematic when there is no robust testing.

In the NZ dairy industry – we need transparent protocols because Glyphosate is being used on NZ pastures before stock is grazed on it. NZ farmers are being
TOLD that it is SAFE – so when one day the newsflashes on at 6PM screaming out that overseas somewhere - tests have found glyphosate in the milk –
we can then look to Monsanto’s scientists for accountability.

This could be impacting animal health, sperm and egg levels causing deformities – we have not seen the tests.

Bread – what is it doing to us and our children?

Because of chemicals in our food we can not always see what’s actually happening in our food. Because anti fungicides keep the fungus at bay, same as preservatives
in meat - stop it from spoiling early. We have to become far more aware.

Safer regulation makes for safer food – the EU has good regulation

ERPA in NZ is much closer to trade based interests than to Mothers …

Europe has recently made a recommendation in regard to Roundup and Glyphosate based herbicides that it should not be sprayed on food crops anymore and
the major adjuvants or ingredients in the formulation – called POEA – should be taken out of Roundup and it should never be used around parks and where
children congregate or play.

These recommendations are light years ahead of the NZ EPA and country wide regulations.

Julia Rutledge professor

How do we get the message out?

Talk with your friends over a cup of tea and coffee, at cafes, at school events, at sports in weekends.

Use FB appropriately plus link to good alternative media and be adroit - put your needs out among your friends.

Web search – put blog in front and after a few pages of commercial posts you get to some very interesting info

Listen to Ted talks or other programs – even GPFM.

When it comes to children eating industrial farmed food we are at present in a global emergency.

It is that developing babies, to infants, to children all the way up through their teens whose health is in balance. This is the critical time in the formation
of all of their organs and growing body.

For adults it is different we are in essence fully formed so it is not as critical when compared to growing children.

So the imperative is to get organised to make sure we have a healthy future for all children and grandchildren.


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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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