JJ & Desiree Hurtak - 'Keys of Enoch' Decoding our Blueprint and our Upward Spiral

Interviewed by Tim LynchAugust 13, 2014
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Covering vast themes as futurism, archaeology, theology, quantum realms, sound, remote viewing and the development of consciousness, this seems at odds to the nightly news of political intrigue, crime and the terrible mayhem and savagery thats happening in so many countries on earth today.

Yet, both he and his wife Desiree acknowledge, like many of us, that there is also an upward spiral taking place in the field of consciousness and expanding ones awareness and they see NZ as being a mystical island country, that initiated the template for woman to gain the right to vote, freeing up the divine feminine and anchoring this much needed - balancing archetype.

Also, that NZ being a country that instituted so many early social reforms that in many ways due to our isolation from the rest of our planet, allowed us to become an embryonic catalyst for new ideas, consciousness and spiritual insight. The emerging microcosm for the planetary macrocosm.

Though the book Keys of Enoch was written over 40 years ago, and has coded in it layers and layers of information that takes many years of self-reflection, meditation, prayer and silence to decode, they have between them just completed a new book called the Over Self Awakening of our higher (spiritual) self, which is an integral part of us, but at a higher level. This higher self, which we have forgotten or dissociated from for as long as we can remember is the key to our coming into alignment with our spiritual purpose so that we can in this life, finally manifest a destiny that breaks the spell that we have previously found ourselves in.

The fact that there are multiple crisiss across the board within our biosphere, from ecological, to economic to societal, it is during critical times like now that these evolutionary drivers for transformation, forces us to take the necessary steps to evolve our consciousness to initiate the desired change towards peace and right living. That this is happening now at this critical point in the earths evolution is likened to us entering the birth canal to a greater reality, and this is the thrust of what is happening to more and more people as they close their eyes, sit still and engage with their inner process.

As archaeologists they have notice that scattered in various sites globally there are vestiges of the mother principle many in statue form and that like the Black Madonna that Rupert Sheldrake has for a long time shown interest in (as well as Andrew Harvey) there is a hidden current, under the aegis of the holy spirit that has been silently with us all the time. Now certain researchers at Stanford University in California via remote viewing and remote healing  are overcoming the old paradigms of science that are traditionally male and scientifically orientated, and going beyond just the focussing on data, and not experience. So the current awakening is of the experiential self aligning to a higher resonant state through music, art and future science and in Teslas words, the study of the invisible that is making the Hurtaks work so exciting and compelling.

Covering sound work within the Great pyramid of Cheops on the Giza plateau especially around resonance and frequency overtones, both in the Kings Chamber and also in the Grand Gallery too.

That the geometry of the great pyramid encodes a key to life that we are beginning to decode. Russian experiments with numerous prisoners today are showing a change in consciousness when exposed to pyramid energies based on the specific degrees of the  geometric architecture of the Great pyramid aligned in the correct latitude and longitude.  Shows how archetypes can influence consciousness.

Chanting in the Grand Gallery in the Great Pyramid, built up the certain frequency that light that came into being. This James talks about in this interview. And many other things.

That when aligned our body is a resonant tuning fork and that when we get clear we can tap into the local and greater universe .

They emphasise again and again that it is the heart that is the most important part of the body and the love that it radiates from within.

Using Sound with Stephen Halpern. His early work Spectrum Suite and his new album Sacred Name and Sacred Codes uses sacred sound by using the name for God in all the worlds languages to realise that these names have an extremely deep resonant frequency and when we connect the dots, we see that there is a higher mind and magnificence behind all of existence. And the realisation is that our body temple is basically a tuning fork and vibratory musical vehicle for light.

This translated from the bodies chakras to what Christians texts call the seven seals  that extends into Revelation, John, Chapter 14 that we will sing a new song, is all to do with sound and frequency and that today we have the tools to decode and then embrace. Thus, announcing the orchestration of a new realm of consciousness to emerge. And, that the over-self can make itself known and extend itself into a far greater, more truer pattern.

What it is demonstrating is that we are architects of the new dawn, shaping a new destiny as we comprehend new insights into becoming multidimensional beings waking up and integrating into a magnificent universe.

On their web site www.Keysofenoch.com they have 30 albums relating to sacred sound from a wide variety of composers from around the world. That we are now realising that music and sound is one of the missing keys to higher awareness. What John the Divine would call a Christed humanity that has gone through the stages of dualism and suffering and isolation into one of partnership and one of networking in the realisation that we are essentially embryo Gods.

And the inner I am that I am of the human being dissolves into and becomes one with the, I Am That I Am of the Divine Mind.

Waking up humanity - and this quickening is happening globally more and more as people experience unique and profound circumstances that they are realising that we are far more than that ever thought we were

Challenges today are bringing us electronic pollution and the bombardment of our body temple as if we are living is a microwave oven

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Sinatra  and the need to understand grounding and walk barefooted closer to the earth.

Sacred language and supersoul music allows us to build up our subtle bodies, to a higher level so as to build immunity to the constant barrage of electromagnetic pollution that assails and assaults our body daily. This to combat the medical imbalance that is affecting young ones especially in our cities- globally.

Another part of the interview covers the realisation that we will find hundreds of more life affirming planets in our local quadrant of our galaxy, that we are also preparing ourselves for eventual contact with off planet beings many of them more spiritually advanced and who have conquered energy producing and social imbalances. This brings us into realising that we are on the verge of a greater galactic knowingness and being part of a cosmic family. That our prayers, meditations are being heard and that there is fast coming a time when the star nations are coming back, this message comes to us from numerous global indigenous tribes.

However the need for us to become far more balanced and reside in inner peace is still the challenge of the day and in particular the unconditional love that has to burst forth!  And that the quantum change to bring this shift into being, is still being refined and manifesting.

That we come from light and that we will return to light and that this is the message of many ancient cosmologies.

Other areas this interview covers.

From the Brazilian healer who has so much light coming through his body that NASA scientists can not explain this, such is the power of transformation - like lightening bolts

Rupert Sheldrake ESP seeing if you can guess who is calling on the phone, as we are all part of a grand unified field.

Covering new Russian and other scientific understanding of the DNA wave and that sound can alter our DNA.

What it is to surrender, and what it is to humble ourselves and work in cooperation for the betterment of the whole?  That working with holarchies with many people through our heart we become part of a more unified field.

What is forgiveness?

The Book Over Self Awakening introduces the coming of a global and universal human being.

The falling away of onion skins is used as an analogy for us to get there.

Music – sacred name sacred codes

That we are realigning every cell in our being and every atom as well meditation and prayer is so important and using the sacred names of God, the Divine Spirit and the the Feminine Principle opens us to an incandescence of that of an embryo God.

The Hurtaks have also worked with indigenous peoples in Brazil, and the Shavanti by representing them at the United Nations, in relationship to destroyed habitat and globalised expansion and their connection to mother earth, not only to Pachamama that is enshrined into countries legislation as in Ecuador and Bolivia. This leads directly to the connection with the sacred feminine within us. But more so to the deeper or overarching virtues of the Divine Mother and of the Holy Spirit, and the creative energy that comes forth from this understanding. Desiree mentions that the holy trinity actually embraces the divine feminine, and this is what has been lost, but is awakening as of now.

The fact that we here in NZ are immersed in the Pacifist Ocean that was originally called after a sea of peace underlies the need for us to recognise the critical challenges to living in accord with our neighbour, both locally and globally. Hence Nuclear Free NZ is proud to carry this mantle.


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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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