Hirini Reedy: Become an ‘Inner’ Peacemaker by Creating Sanctuaries and Cultivating Your Heartland

Interviewed by Tim LynchOctober 12, 2016
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In this ‘field’ he can contribute to the awakening that is happening as of this time.

He sees that our planet is dissolving old patterns and evolving to something new.

He sees how families have come into being and the family tree has spread to become now the canopy of our planet - that we have to look at families beyond
our physical blood lineage, our cultural face – and look at the family of life itself. The family tree. This necessitates the need to return to the
fundamentals to seeing ourselves as one huge family of many faces, many colours and many languages.

Being able to commune with all our extended whanau - ‘family’ so that we are having the spiritual recognition as well - as coming home to the practical
family of his Mum and Dad and seeing them as they change and become old and being with them as they ready to transition.

This includes seeing the challenges of modern day housing and elderly care and embracing the extended family and not putting them into an old people’s
homes – but to be able to be there for them. So that when they pass over – we can carry on the lineage and hopefully the dream of a better world to

Hirini shares with us poignant moments of his dear Mum and Dad - how dementia changes everything and that as a loving carer what he does to make their
life as bearable as possible. To shower them with aroha and love. He expresses his abiding respect for people who are are carers for sick and elderly
people. And that is something that will come to most of us to all understand.

Hongi - the Greeting of Connection

Hirini gives a very wide understanding of the hongi – the act of sharing breath – nose to nose – forehead to forehead – we are all breathers of life –
we birth into existence with our first breath and go out - on our out breath … it’s not the end of life – but the end of the body temple.

Hongi is the phenomenon of joining breath to breath, being to being - mind to mind – heart to heart - you are bringing communion about these aspects of
life itself – of family of community - of a greater being.

Hirini takes us through a deeper connection what hongi represent at a spiritual level that magnifies the knowingness that Maori have carried as a cultural
norm as well as a commitment to deep awareness of being. The momentary convergence of auras – the fields - third eye to third eye - etc. Today so many
people are not breathing properly so the ‘ha’ – (the breath) is emphasised by Hirini throughout this interview.

Breathing properly?

We as a humanity are not breathing deeply into our belly – Hirini uses breath and sounds and gives bird calls – to emphasis his connection to other animals
sharing breath and singing song and of his anatomy of sound that we too - can utter.

How to hold our breath without going into fear – when you are in situations where you have been forced to hold your breath in under water or smoke incidents
and the need to ‘surrender’ in such cases.

Then Hirini takes us through a breathing meditation which is very potent.

He then talks about shifting our consciousness to be able to travel or ask as other indigenous people do and call on another animal to assist you and become
an extension of our breath so as to tie-into-the-seasons –- the flows and the wave forms of creation itself. And in that moment we can attune to the
‘slip streams’ of other realities and actually make ‘that’ connection.

Hirini talks to the Abrahamic language I Am who I Am – and Hebrew and sings about travel to a different timeline from the travesties in the Middle East
to the Pacific (Pacifist) ocean heritage where Maori have navigated for over a thousand years and more.

He talks of the above different timeline and a different intonation - because the Abrahamic religions in his intuition - need the softer waters of the

Cleaning up our bloodline - Our Whakapapa

He talks about our incarnation – that we have to honour this life - and it’s about cleaning up our bloodlines – our whakapapa – so as to shift our evolution
into a higher realm of being. That we need to look at the possibilities of being mortal beings that have been housed in various vessels, temples, to
incarnate on this planet – especially to attain a sense of ancient memory - that we have chosen to be here - to be now at this crossing point.

He challenges us to go deep and far beyond appearances - where there is a substance where we can divine a certain knowingness that we can bring forth to
align the harmonies again.

We are at a time on earth today where we see the devolution of ‘old thought forms' of old ‘fossilised-beliefs’ that need to dissolve – to allow a new wave
to come through.

He talks about we all have to go beneath our surface and cultivate the ‘heartland’ to discover the essence of who we are. We have to do our own inner work
and purify our own internal dogma. Heal the ghosts and the wounded ancestors of the past. And it has to begin with our own individual self. The disciple
of thyself. Checking out both the Yin and Yang of the self. To finally emerge – being self resurrected - having gone through our own crucible of healing
what we have broken and now become free of.


Using the analogy of a caterpillar to a butterfly. Leaving that what is now not of use – behind – and what emerge as the crowning of our being is an illumined
and transcendent radiant self - that flowers - where we realise that we are not the body and that there is something far greater.

You will have to listen to this interview attune to Hirini’s words of oratory.

Awakening to our planet that lives beneath our feet.

What we need to do is connect and heal what is under our feet.

Hirini talks about our planet and how consciousness is rising and that we are all linked … and slowly the veils are becoming transparent and we
are seeing through the illusion.

People are questioning their relationships – their work - their looking at the economics of what is happening from a local to a global perspective – of
leadership - of elections and they are asking fundamental questions … is this it? Have we reached this point!

And we are all saying No – this is not it - and we realise that we have to look to our own inner guidance to find answers. That no external thing outside
us that is not in resonance with our higher ideals - us – will now have no more control over us as we now can start to solve the myriad challenges
that have manifested – so to awaken us up to a far greater reality.

Personal Responsibility

This continues with personal responsibility – holding the line – no matter what – committing to hold the line is becoming an imperative of having fierce
love and compassion – and hand in hand we can do it – as he makes a compelling call – karanga – to involve yourself in both the transformation of self,
but to stand for our planet and all her biota . Standing in the circle of the rainbow and holding the line. Becoming a disciple of thyself - cleaning
out the temple to spring forth anew and write a new narrative. Let your voice, your harmonics out - open your chest cavity let the fire the (ahi) within
your chest cavity out.

Creating Sanctuaries

Hirini says his job is to create sanctuaries – a place to feel safe and he has committed to find ways to keep us safe.

Aotearoa - can be and needs to be - A Peace Nation

He talks when he was working for the New Zealand Governor General and the implementation of initiatives to upgrade protocols that include Maori into the
military forces. He had the good fortune to have had the ear of both - including the Commander in Chief of the NZ Forces.

The interview covers the British Army regimental system of the military - it is a powerful system and a dominating one and it has colonised many places
globally - in its own image and it now needs to change and become more inclusive of all the imagery of the world. And that the warriors need to not
become Special Forces – but insteadSpiritual Forces.

He talks of Tu the God of war and also of the God of Peace and in this interview his dear old unwell Father comes into the room where Hirini is talking
on the phone for this interview and what takes place is very profound and very synchronistic – as Hirini masterfully shifts the energy. (listen to
this interview) 🙂

Saying that we today do not know how to make peace – because the god of war is getting far more media play and news reports – and the God of Peace is being
subverted by vested interests. The NZ Army now has the capacity to be used as ‘peacemakers’ and go into areas and disarm the combatants into having
a common song – to share food - to be able to hear the dreams of the antagonist and then put the options forward – otherwise we move precariously towards
a devastated planet or - an opportunity for children to grow and flourish.

The NZ Defence Forces have the ability to bring together opposing points of view and reconcile them.

New Paradigm Emerges

It’s not about nations now – it is about who are the ones who are to be the custodians of the future - of all biota and our planet. Our planetary magnificence
cannot continue to be turned into commodities – of pieces and units of production or continue to turn people into units of labour – all people are
sentient beings and part of the fabric of life and this planet.

And its Hirini’s dream that Aotearoa - New Zealand becomes the seed bed for this!

That we do not dream about it but turn it into a practical viable force. Starting from NOW!

We do not have the luxury of time – There are World War scenarios in the airwaves that are being ramped up by unconscious thought and disconnection!

So we have to have a Peace Star that rises from this part of our planet – from beneath the Southern Cross and the Southern Hemisphere light of consciousness
in action.

To awaken the dark minds and show them the way home - towards the light, so that even themselves – those of the darkness, actually become happy - because
they are now able to find a way home! So that we can bring peace.

This is part of Hirini’s work here. All our work - as he says. We are all connected.

The Military Industrial Machine is a huge monetary machine that is like a blind juggernaut.

Oath of Allegiance

Soldiers need to ‘swear allegiance’ to a greater Queen - to the Grand Mother of all Mothers - to that of our planet – going beyond what they have sworn

He says that “Making the person who makes an executive order to drop a bomb, go to the place where it is to be dropped and stand there and if they are
willing to accept that nuclear bomb falling on then – then they need to pull the trigger on themselves.” Otherwise let’s look at far more elegant options.

The Grand Mothers of Peace

That the Grandmother women are better peace savers - how do we co create with humanity to build the home? – the family and community to be more connected
and cohesive? HOME = Heaven on Mother Earth. H.O.M.E.

Hirini, emphatically asks you not to listen or read this posting and then just walk away and distract yourself with anything to keep you away from doing
what is best for our planet and the children of the future.

The little heaven resides in us – it is not an external place up somewhere - elsewhere – stop looking without because what you are looking for is inside
you. It’s in you.

Hirini then ramps it up as dynamic orator!

Turn yourself inside out to reveal the star that has been sleeping inside you! Anything less is not worthy. We must be that which we can be – and we have
to be FEARLESS and shed our old mental constructs and beliefs that have been handed down to us that no longer serve us!

Debt Amnesty

NZ with 4.65 million people and private and governmental debt is half a trillion dollars = $100,000 of debt for every person in NZ. How can this be?

Let us rid this – just like fruit falling from the tree it breaks down and rots then new shoots will grow up through it all…

He mentions debt bondage and new babies being born and that their names shunt them into a realm of being commodities.

He says we need to rename ourselves – shift the frequency of who we are - break the pattern - shatter the old thoughtform and transform like the proverbial
monarch body and discards that which no longer serves us.

When we change the name we change the story.

We are still shackled to the European systems and the Westminster type Government – outdated thought forms - old paradigm thinking.

A new look at Sovereignty – what role does the Queen play in our existence – on our currencies – her Head on every coin.

The money system has to be changed … get savvy and research where it is going the ‘TPPA Currency Declaration’.

Does this mean that the Reserve Bank Governor having now more power than Her Majesty? Just like the US Fed, having more power than any Branch of the US

So what does that mean for the Oaths? – All NZ Government Ministers of the Crown? – The Governor General whom have sworn allegiance? All military officers?
The Police? The Justice Department - Judges & Magistrates?

There seems to be no one in authority standing up to protect our currency - at all – everywhere it is noticeably silent! The bankers control the game!

He calls for us to be very innovative and find ways to transform the system - from out of the bones of the old debts there will arise a new conscious currency.
This too is Hirini’s dream to align with the fires of creation and adeptly touch the slip stream and it then it will magically do the work for us.
So that the currency is part of Creation’s dream itself.

Guardians of the Now to Protect the Future

As ex army Hirini says in the meantime we need Guardians. We need elder-kaumatua and guardians – some that are facing-out and some that are facing-in that
you have these sentinels in place for a space of safety so that nothing gets through, not even unwanted psychic energy so that new ideas are born into
a new sanctuary - creating the new seedlings – the new dream - the new embryo – the placenta is there for the embryo to grow - the nut furnishes the
seed when it ready to sprout. Or the yoke and albumen that feeds the germ cell of the egg that when timing prevails - eventually cracks the egg open.

We need to be able to grow into a planetary awareness yet be able to localise underneath our feet. Under all our feet - (you reader and you listener under
your feet).

Then Hirini speaks so very softly and yin-like and this is for you to listen to - as his poetic finale – magnificent.

He sings a chant with two different stones accompanying him. Stones that he rubs together to remind us of the physical plane that we are embedded in -
that we can also rise above.

He finishes with a delightful rendition of the Bell bird song. http://aiokoa.com

Hirini Reedy

A powerful orator - warrior of great standing - A unique and very different Polynesian being. At ease within his skin - his subtle bodies - his field.


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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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