Guy McPherson: Pursuing Love and Excellence During Catastrophic Climate Change on our Beloved Planet

Interviewed by Tim LynchNovember 30, 2016
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In the intro before we went to air - I asked Guy if he was open to me looking at ALL possibilities and to even humour me in my indulgences.

So read on dear reader - this is a very unique interview and I will summarise what subjects I was unable to totally cover at the end.

I knew this was going to be an insightful interview, because Guy had already laid down the parameters of his argument:

That in 10 years humanity on our planet would become extinct.

Well, I am 12 years older than Guy and have heard statements like this before... but 10 years!

Then he opened the door to take him up on his following statement on his website: Nature Bats Last

As always, I’m open to alternative views. In fact, I’m begging for them, considering the gravity of this particular situation.

I was ready for Guy, but I needed another hour to be able to build out a more compelling case for a global shift in consciousness. Or to at least seed
the ideal.

One of my first interviews (that I do not have a record of) was with NZ’s top scientist for 2004, Peter Barrett. At that time he was Director of the Antarctic
Research Centre at Victoria University of Wellington.

In his acceptance speech for the Marsden medal for exceptional scientific achievement he stated: “We have to change our ways because continuous growth
and business as usual on our planet, will cause us to become extinct within the next 100 years."

Well, the status quo in Wellington were not happy and he was asked to recant and offer up another statement, which he duly did, and stated: “the end of
civilisation as we know it!"

That same year I also interviewed James Lovelock, instigator of the Gaia hypothesis, that our planet is a super organism. He too implied that we had reached
a tipping point.

His two subsequent books The Vanishing Face of Gaia and The Revenge of Gaia were grim and pessimistic outlooks at what was happening due the sustained
abuse and avarice that we humans have been engaged in, especially over the last 70 years in exploiting our great sustainer.

He too said that we would not make it into the next century.

He said “Enjoy life while you can. Because if you’re lucky, it’s going to be 20 years before it hits the fan.”

That was early 2008, however he later stated in 2012 that he was an alarmist. He still maintains that by the end of this century 80% of the population
will be wiped out.

When hearing Guys pronouncement last week that "humanity would become extinct in 10 years time", I was already case hardened. As a ‘trooper’ it did not
phase me - I was/am ready.

I've been steeled for this since 1975, when I read the Doomsday Book by a Gordon Rattray Taylor. This book covered the fate of what we as a humanity were
doing to our planet.

In one nights reading it shocked the daylights out of me altering me substantially to this day.

His foreboding narrative of the future of Planet Earth painted a collision course with the death of humanity, into a morbid, lifeless, Martian outlook.

So I opened up with the recent Paul Henry morning TV3 show where ‘NZ’s loose canon and fervent denier of so many things’ was totally gob smacked.

For this was the first time of hearing of his 10 years death sentence to his future dreams, unfinished diatribes and indulgences. He was like a goldfish
blowing bubbles, yet looking very closely at Guy, you could see his eyes intently staring out at the world.

The original 4 minute sound bite interview turned into a 10 minute one, as Paul wavered all breaks for advertising. He wanted more information about his
starkly shortened future!

In short, Guy maintains that planetary temperatures are all locked in already. We have blown the thermostat of our planet and we can’t do anything now.

It’s like giving the command for an oil supertanker that has been at top speed to stop! This takes something like 120 miles or so to bring it to a complete
halt, as its momentum is so powerful.

Guy encourages us to go back to the land, take action and protest this takeover, such as in South Dakota at Black Rock.

“It’s the right thing to do”, he says.

People today suffer from NDD or ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’. We have lost our connection and don’t know where much of our food comes from. Hence our lack
of consciousness of our living planet.

There are always consequences. Year after year we have failed to solve the problem of growth at all costs. Not to mention the poisons we produce due to
extraction of resources from the bounty of the land we inhabit.

We have had the warnings time and time again and we took no action.

We have all been born into the situation to find we are now born into captivity!

Lack of Connection

Kevin says the 1% are not burdened with empathy, to care about what they do. It’s a huge social disconnection that when they make decisions, they hurt
the world.

My question to Guy:

"Do you think we have sociopaths running the high end of our planet?"

Yes, we have. He could argue that we are all part of the problem because we (in my words) have all become consumers, consuming ourselves and our common
future. That basically 95% of us always vote on our bank balance and what’s in it for Me?

Kevin then jumped in and stoically stated that he wanted to be the last person planting the last tree on our planet, before the lights go out. I then leapt
in and said I would be there with him! Ready to eat of the fruit of that tree!

We are Slow Learners

Then I introduce the concept that:

50 Years ago we heard that we would destroy our civilisation possibly in around 100 years or so - if we did not change our ways.

20 years ago they revised it to possibly 40 years.

15 years it was down to 30 years.

Now Guy today is saying about 10 years to go...

It nearly rhymes with.

50 years ago the human race were only using 10% of their potential.

20 years ago they then said it was 7%.

5 years ago it was down to 5%.

2 years ago it was we were only using 2% of our potential.

So we are using less and less of our potential … to find out we're using less and less of our potential …

What is going to happen in 5 years time?

Guy jumped in and said yes, we have totally lost our way.

Changing the Whole Focus: From Disaster to Changing of Human Consciousness.

Without grinding into what is actually happening … temperatures rising, droughts, catastrophic events, etc. (I was even going to ask him about Geo
engineering however our time was short and this is covered in my summary at the end.)

I decided to beat a path to the inner self, to our potential as a human and what can we as a humanity do, seeing the situation in Guys words was so dire.

Albert Einstein said that we cannot solve the problems with the same consciousness that caused them in the first place.

Where do you see yourself in relationship to this Guy? And he says he is all for it, but we have not done anything about it.

Next, Nikola Tesla said "when mankind starts researching the invisible he will make more progress in 10 years that he will have in the whole of civilisation".

Guy says that there is a lot that we do not know, because it is invisible and we have not learnt enough to become more evolved.

Tesla talked about the ‘luminous akasha’ as to where he tapped into Akashic Records . Akasha is a sanskrit word that Buddhists believe in “a permanency
of records in the Akasa” and “the potential capacity of man to read the same".

What do you think Tesla was saying here? (listen to the interview for more).

We are one Molecular Unified Energy Field.

What about the fact that our planet is one unified molecular field that we are all connected - you to me in the gigantic sphere of atomic frequency - the
air molecules between us, our bodies and this building is all one field oscillating at a particular frequency.

Guys says "we are that".

This is fact YES? We are “one field".

We Humans are the Nerve Endings of Our Planet

I mention that James Lovelock says that we humans are the nerve endings for Gaia, Mother Earth and that when someone stands up in the Amazon with a sign
saying “No more deforestation!” they are a nerve ending telling the world that the Amazon is wanting help.

Same for someone standing up in Palestine with a sign saying “We want Peace”. This again is another nerve ending communicating with all other nerve endings
that we need to change, stop war and heal for Peace.

Well the planet is inflamed and the ones who are hearing the Earth’s call and feeling this calling deeply, are coming in with compassionate mindfulness
to be a part of ‘her immune response!"

Guy says that he is open to a miracle - and that we need to ‘Passionately Pursue a Life of Excellence’

We have the saying the ‘anima mundi' which is Latin for World Soul? So for arguments sake we could be all connected at the energy unified field?

We share the one breath - all of us.

This is all unseen and is invisible.

Kevin adds that the Nuclear power stations in the US are still going and there are dangers of invisible radiation escaping. The US government has now extended
the power station’s licenses by many more years. Even though virtually all have passed their use by date.

They are now extremely dangerous because the cost of decommissioning them is outrageously enormous.

The Japanese reactors at Fukushima are equally dangerous because they have been idle and out of action for 5 years. They are now being recommissioned,
and this is fraught with problems.

Guy says of Tesla and regarding ‘the invisible' that there is so much we do not know. He talks of 'dark matter' and that science is now recognising there
are many other Universes other than our own. It’s a Multi verse.

And he says about a change of consciousness - is there enough time for a change of consciousness? … Mass consciousness? He says he does not know,
but is open to it for sure.

Also mentioned are Walter Russell (the American mystic) and Viktor Schauberger, who have seen into the invisible.

Schauberger, (known as the 'father of water'), was able to lie down beside rivers and ‘become one with them’ in consciousness.

Meditation was mentioned as a way of being able to find solace from the outside world as well as heal from grief, which is what many people are experiencing
as we learn of the plight of our home planet, mother earth.

The conversation then moves to Elisabeth Kubler-Ross where 1600 people came to listen to her tell of her research at the Auckland Town Hall. She had interviewed 20,000 people who had had ‘near death and
out of the body’ experiences that we were more than a mere body.

This was to extend the conversation beyond the limitations of seeing the world from a 3 dimensional world devoid of spirit or soul.

That there is far more to existence than this world of the so called 5 senses.

I mention names like:

Who have all studied death and Guy agrees that death and dying plus sex are taboo subjects.

Also there are books like Super Nature - Dr Lyall Watson, prolific author of many books on life

The Secret Life of Plants and the Secrets of the Soil by Peter Thompkins & Christopher Bird. These books on nature extend our knowingness about how
‘alive’ nature is.

And we are now running out of time, to extend our view of the human capacity to learn and grow.

Guy says that finding joy and to be open to allow joy to find us is so important. Find your tribe. Go back to grass roots working with your neighbourhood.
Pursue excellence. These are the best things we can do at present.

Guy says that extinction is a natural process and we are in the 6th great extinction.

Kevin says, that now he knows his time is limited, it has freed him up immensely. He can do far more things that benefit the community that he is part
of, on the island that he lives on. And there is no better time than the now.

Guys says, if we had made the change during the cultural or flower power revolution in 1966-67 it may have made a difference to the world if it had spread.

However, our children and grandchildren are not being factored into our future.

This interview covers many other heartfelt subjects and is well worth the listen as it is sprinkled with little gems.

In Summary:

So that was it, we ran out of time.

However, I also wanted to cover the other unknowing capacities of the human being such as:

The story of savants

There was the 'Mega Savant' Kim Peek, best
known by the movie character he inspired the “Rain Man” played by Dustin Hoffman in the 1988 film of the same name. Fast absorption was no problem
for Peek, who could just as easily read and memorise a telephone book as a compendium of Shakespearean plays. Kim could take in 10,000 words-per-minute
reading two pages at a time—the left page with his left eye and the right page with his right eye.

If a human can do this, can not any other human, once we tap into that aspect of our psyche?

Then there was fire walking - Fijians and Indians in South Asia and their diaspora in Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Réunion, South Africa, Malaysia and Singapore,
who celebrate the Thimithi festival.

David Willey, professor of physics with the University of Pittsburgh,
says he believes fire walking is explainable in terms of basic physics and is not supernatural nor paranormal. Willey notes that most fire walks occur
on coals that measure about 1,000 °F (538 °C), but he once recorded someone walking on 1,800 °F (980 °C) coals.

Mind over matter?

What about Speed reading?

Anne Jones, six times World Speed Reading Champion told the Guardian media that most of the time, she reads at speeds between 800 and 1,500 words per minute.
This is much higher than the average for a good reader given by fellow academics, of 200 to 400 words per minute.

Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was among the most intelligent U.S. Presidents and famous for his efficient reading skills. He would often take in an entire book before
breakfast. If time permitted after dinner, he’d read through a few more before bed.

Then his relative, President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Inspired by his fifth cousin, Franklin D. Roosevelt adopted old Teddy’s auto didactic approach and taught himself to speed read. He began by fixating on
two-to-three words at a time. He then pressed on to three-to-four, six-to-eight, and so on.

Eventually, America’s beloved four-term President could read whole paragraphs like ordinary folks read individual words.

Following in the Roosevelt’s footsteps, President John F. Kennedy made speed reading a personal priority during his tenure in the White House. With practice,
he cultivated a rate of 1,2000 wpm, as he wanted to be able to read two or three books daily. JFK wanted his brother Bobby to learn to speed read,
too, and the pair of Kennedy’s took classes together to that end.

So what is the capabilities of the human mind? This is the never ending question.

I also had many other questions about some yogi’s in India that I wanted to talk about. Information that’s not publicised in the main stream media such
as Paramahansa Yogananda and his astounding death.

ET Intervention?

Plus, in my pre-talk with Guy before the interview, I did even mention to him the ET situation. Captain Edgar Mitchell (6th man to walk on the moon) mentioned
on Campbell Live here in Auckland in 2008 that the US authorities have bodies and that they have been studied. So there is most definitely an Extra
Terrestrial equation that has to be at least discussed.

If our planet is in free fall and losing it and they have super energy technologies that can reverse all the heating and reflect sunlight back into space...
They could have reason to push into our world, defying the prime directive not to intervene in another planet’s evolution, however again I ran out
of time to bring this subject back up.

Post Thoughts on 10 years or not?

With the subject based on only 10 years to live as a species, I personally have another slightly optimistic opinion.

The Antarctic ice is close to 1.9 km (1.2 mi; 6,200 ft) in thickness and covering an area of almost 14 million square kilometres (5.4 million square miles)
containing 26.5 million cubic kilometres (6,400,000 cubic miles) of ice. It will take a long time to melt, as it is in darkness and cold for 4 to 6
months a year.

And Greenland has a mean altitude of ice at 2,135 metres (7,005 ft). The thickness is generally more than 2 km (1.2 mi) and over 3 km (1.9 mi) at its thickest
point and covers an area of 1,710,000 km2 (660,000 sq mi). And yes there is the slowing down of the Atlantic ocean gulf stream too.

There are many, many other contingencies to play out before I adhere to Guys 10 year statement, though he has far more up to date information than I.

I remain confident that I am still going to enjoy a long life of a degree of happiness, bearing in mind we are in such a majorly critical evolutionary

Yes, Geo Engineering! I was going to ask Guy about what is happening about Geo Engineering.

I see there is a large in-house disagreement between them and Mr.G Edward Griffin of ‘What in the World Are They Spraying?’. However as this is still unclear
- I decided against it.

Yes, we live in very interesting times!

Cosmology of Walter Russell

Viktor Schauberger - Discoveries of Water and Science

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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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