Dr Jim Salinger Global Warming Yet, hot days / cool nights over last summer. A revealing interview!

Interviewed by Tim LynchOctober 16, 2013
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Ex head of NIWA NZ's National Institute of Water and Atmosphere as well as a member of, IPCC, and UN Climate Recipient for the Nobel Peace Prize 2007.

This interview also stretches the boundaries of Government action and inaction, Media and denial, having a holistic view point, including questions of geo engineering and chemtrails.

NOTE: Expression of predisposition. I do believe that our planet is warming, and in fever, as per the auditory Gaian introduction to this particular program. (Tim).

This interview is a critical overview of most of the challenges coming to face the 7 billion plus of humanity including the mega trillions of biota in our biosphere.

Our planet Gaia's, fever at present is such that she is shivering and icing up again at the North and South Poles, but towards both the tropic of Cancer and Capricorn our planet is increasingly suffering from heat with both Europe, the USA and Australia breaking record temperatures. And when 'she sweats' with flash flooding - it's also wrecking havoc across her surface.

Just like we breathe in and out and the tides ebb and flow, Jim says that the icing at the Poles are a temporary phase, more so in the Arctic and we will see more melting, in particular other extremes, but not necessarily as fast as originally anticipated.

This was one of the 'significant factors' that I wanted to cover in this interview. Statements that could be classified as alarmist, especially in the short term.

Starting with my last radio interview with Jim back in November 2009 … on the same day of the email hacking and leaking (his included) around Professor Phil Jones of East Anglia University in UK - The emails showed they had problems with the fact that global warming temperatures were not increasingly rising … like a wall chart graph for sales of a very exceptional company.

That though continuous increases of Co2 were being produced, this was not translating as 'startling' temperature rises across the board, but instead the Co2 was being absorbed into the upper atmosphere and deeper into the oceans - and this seems to be one of the challenges still prevalent today. Slower rises in global temperatures.

Also, the science is still young and compared with 40 years ago, there were very few scientists studying our planet as a whole, James Lovelock, the Father of the Gaia Hypothesis, now a Theory was one of the first scientists to do this. He was seen as a poly math, one who is adept in many scientific disciplines and integrating them into a holistic web of relationships. i.e Geophysiology.

So we discuss the number of scientists engaged with climate change and in particular global warming.  What institutions and research centers. Are they paid to do this?  What percentage of them are?  Who calls the shots as to how they are paid? Corporations putting money into universities?

The good news is that more scientists are finally engaging in holistic ways of seeing our planet as a whole super system. This being the next evolutionary step in our planetary world view.

For example, this would include Geology such as mineralogy, petrology & pedology,  Hydrology, covering oceanology, limnology including glaciology & the cryosphere.  Then the Atmospheric sciences of meteorology, climatology, atmospheric chemistry, and atmospheric physics. As well as disciplines in magnetic and gravity fields. These are but a very few of the many differing (and growing) disciplines that compile the 'earth sciences.'

I then 'pushed the river' in a number of instances because many of the dire warnings about rapid ice loss and more hurricanes that Al Gore many years ago warned us was coming and have not happened - and I said that this plays into the hands of the denialists.

For example in 2007, Al Gore predicted no Arctic ice In 2013 -  stating US Navy calculations and that I watched him say this on Utube last night. Then I mentioned James Lovelock who fearing the worst in writing his last two books "The Revenge of Gaia ". and The Fading face of Gaia - he too says that he was alarmist ….   He said that Australian Tim Flannery and Al Gore were also.

So what was the story?

That the melting and global heating was not as rapid as they first 'thought.'

Then I asked Jim why the New Zealand Royal Society was not out there actively supporting calls to halt the warming of our planet? Because they mention very little about global warming on their web site.  Last posted article: 23 Sep 2010. That was three years ago. They covered acidic oceans … but that was over 4 years ago. In my estimation they seem to be a cozy little club …. and defer to the rest of the world.

Then I jumped over to NZ media especially Leighton Smith on News Talk ZB who brazenly ridicules global warming and has a quarter of a million listeners nationwide and he would be Jim's greatest nemesis on NZ's airwaves. Jim jumps in here and makes some strong points!  And then there is Ian Wishart of Investigate Magazine, who has sold huge number of books in his large seller 'Air Con. If it is so important ... WHY ARE NZ SCIENTISTS NOT ADDRESSING THESE PEOPLE?

And that few New Zealanders are championing climate change. To the degree that the present NZ government is pushing for the extraction of oil, and gas by fracking as well as coal mining?  Why are the Scientific community not calling the government to account?

Why is the NZ Government laughing behind the back of the global warming scientific fraternity whilst the Act party, who have been supported by NZ's richest men laughs openly at global warming as a total joke?

Brian Fallow, one of the very few aware NZ journalists said in this last month, that the Government's refusal to do much of anything to curb New Zealand's emissions is as economically myopic as it is morally contemptible.

Then we have Rupert Murdoch who runs so much of the global media … he is anti global warming, and recently had a swipe at Al Gore …  The multi billionaires the Koch Brothers who are so loaded with fossil fuel money and support numerous anti warming organizations are getting away with buying media coverage, as well as keeping the pressure on to keep mining and drilling for fossil fuels.


Then there is Exxon Mobil. Doing the same and over the past decade, they have spent US$207 billion to buy back their own shares. This means if they can own or control 51% of their Corporation, they can do exactly whatever they want. Dictatorship of their own entity!

We also covered the challenges for NZ. Increasing sea levels - such as Auckland Metro Magazines January 2008 publication showing a number of frightening pictorial scenarios of Auckland being drowned in various levels of inundation by rising oceans. Note, both Auckland's main motorways are lest than a metre above sea level.

Then we covered fisheries and fish migrating towards the south more and more, then soil and 'biological farming' that Graeme Sait is a champion of as well as Arden Andersen, which Jim was not aware of as a major new initiative to change soil health as well as keep carbon in the soil.


Then livestock and flatulence as well as GE and GMO's (Jim expressed no keenness to run with this)  and other subject matter to finally get to geo engineering.

I asked Jim about geo engineering, and he said that the UN will be putting out a statement next year about this. He said he was reluctant to engage in this method, that nature should be able to work within her own means to sort things out, not by mans tinkering.

Next chemtrails and Jim said that they were ice coming off the wings of aircraft at altitude. However, I stated that then they should dissipate after a short time, why do they remain in the atmosphere for hours on end sometimes stretching nearly from horizon to horizon?

As an ex Air NZ flight crew member myself for 17 years, I felt that I had seen enough aircraft 'vapor trails' over the years to notice how they peter out and disappear after 10 minutes or so, but these stay for several hours and that I had been up in New Mexico in the USA in July this year and photographed them from the backyard of the place I was staying at in Sante Fe.

I cover this more in depth in Earth Files at the end of this write up.

In closing Jim said, that we all have to get educated, and work towards a changing world, that the young Zero Generation , the youth of today is who he has faith in and that we need to become involved in the discussion as our future and children future are most definitely at stake.

EARTHFILES for this week.

That there is an increasingly ardent call by people and groups of citizens especially across America that the atmosphere is being clouded by long stretching aircraft chemtrails from horizon to horizon is gathering momentum.

The question; is a covert operation to curtail global warming, by spraying nano particles into the upper atmosphere to reflect sunlight back into space - happening?  This being an emergency measure to halt overheating? And this is why hurricanes have been minimized and why James Lovelocks computations that global warming was going to be rampant by this time has not occurred, but has been held at bay, or limited by this chemtrail action?

Physicians are also talking about health concerns relating to breathing difficulties around the sudden spike in super fine particles of both aluminum and barium being found in both the environment and increasingly in health tests.

This vexing question is certainly raising more questions than answers and so am giving just one web site that you can scrutinize to peruse for yourself.


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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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