Dr Jan Wright, Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment

Interviewed by Tim LynchMarch 18, 2009
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'Independent' means independent of the government of the day, so the PCE reports not to a Government Minister but to Parliament through:

  • the Speaker of the House
  • the Officers of Parliament Committee.

As an Officer of Parliament, the Commissioner's job is to hold the Government to account for its environmental policies and actions. The PCE is a policy reviewer standing outside the system of environmental management and reporting on it.

The Commissioner has wide powers to investigate and report on any matter where, in her opinion, the environment may be, or has been, adversely affected. Parliament or any parliamentary select committee may also ask her to report on environmental matters.

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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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