Dr Eben Alexander: Atheist neurosurgeon has a near death experience, transforms overnight - to believe!

Interviewed by Tim LynchDecember 9, 2020
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This whole story has got the medical world completely at odds with itself. It has not been able to grasp the situation at all.

Eben Alexander, MD, was an academic neurosurgeon for over 25 years, including 15 years at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital, and
Harvard Medical School in Boston, - with a passionate interest in physics and cosmology.

He is the author of the New York Times #1 bestseller Proof of Heaven and The Map of Heaven.
His third book, co-authored with Karen Newell, Living in a Mindful Universe, was released in October
2017. http://ebenalexander.com/

Listen to this latest interview but also do a youtube search and do some binge watching - you will find that he is proof that you can transcend death -
but more so - finally recognises that all people who have a Near Death Experience (NDE) and an Out of Body Experience (OBE) - are able to remember
what they see, hear and experience - even as they look down from the ceiling where they have ‘floated’ - as they see the doctors and surgeons frantically
working to stabilise their body and keep it alive - remembering exactly what they say, what they do, even if it is to go out of the theatre, beyond
the hospital - everyone and everything is carefully noticed. That when finally they find themselves mysteriously returned to their body again - they
recall EVERYTHING that transpired. That their spiritual body - ‘essence’ - call it what you wish - can still remember everything - even without a body.

Scientists like Rupert Sheldrake and others have stated that our memory is not stored in our brain or our body. That our spiritual body that oscillates
at a far higher frequency has the capacity to be far more knowing, than what present day science can measure within the limitation of its instruments.
This is where the new paranormal science is taking us. This is evolutionary science taking us to the next level - to the unseen.

It is opening the door to the new paradigm that we have been entering for the last 40 years, but have been too reluctant as a Western civilisation to fully
embrace it - due to the mind set, or should we say set mind - of the scientific establishment. Who as a body of hard nosed skeptics - emphatically
state that the universe and the big bang happened all by fluke or chance. That we are all a pure accident and that somehow lightening and chemistry
and water, warmth and light coincidentally brought life into being and we wriggled our way out of the swamp onto horses and carts and up to the moon
- that is all somehow held together in ‘a vacuum’ and we are born to reproduce and to die and that’s it - game over …

This is so far from the truth and like the 10 million people in the USA over the last century who have experienced OBE and ND Experiences - and the compelling-ness
of all these occurrences that have been at many levels ‘censored’ by the MSM, or if not censored, in many cases made fun of and been put down as hallucinations
or delusions. That MSM has been part of an orchestrated campaign to keep the human experience locked down and keep us trapped in our bodies to basically
die an ignominious death and be forgotten.

What Dr. Eben has done, is parted the veil or even obliterated the silkiest of shrouds beyond death to reveal and uncover the magnificence of the universe
(and God) in all its dimensions, dominions, and realms of high frequency colour, sound, geometry and ordered splendour. So unimaginable and profound
- that the vastness of existence within the inner planes and realms - is beyond our faculties to comprehend …

He says that right now there is a revolution happening between science and spirit that is occurring and is quickening and we are near a gigantic breakthrough
… and the science of consciousness - that in essence, our souls are eternal. That we are Love and are Loved.

His Message:

The message he was given in his journey was … You are deeply loved and cherished forever - you have nothing to fear - you are taken care of …
the lessons being, of kindness - compassion and unconditional love … also mercy, acceptance and forgiveness - these deep and profound principles
… that are to govern our choices …

Also covered is experiencing our life review - 20% to 50% of people have a life review - where they go back to main events in their life where we harbour
residual lessons to be taught and learned … and the interesting thing is when you talk to near death experiencers in this situation - they do
not describe about experiencing their life review from their own viewpoint - but from the perspective of those around them who were affected by their
actions and even their thoughts.

Listen it is important … especially in understanding karma.

He was told that he would be taught many things … ‘but you will be going back …’

Reincarnation comes up as an important lesson in soul growth - this may shake out those who have had an orthodox upbringing in their own particular Abrahamic
religion - however there are so many cycles in life - from the carbon cycle to the nitrogen cycle, the sulphur and the potassium and oxygen cycles
including seasonal cycles, moon cycles and cycling constellations to the Galactic Cycle and beyond …. So why not a cycle of the soul? - Plato and Pythagoras were aware of this and it is far more predominant in the Western world than is commonly known.

That our souls come back again and again in a process of refinement - until we can release ourselves from the ‘wheel of rebirth’ …

Other Topics Covered.

Indra's net = Eastern traditions … reincarnation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indra%27s_net

Listen to Eben mention the power of Prayer …

If you are a skeptic and atheist and a nonbeliever - just take one hour out of your valuable life today and have a listen to this man - as his experience
totally flips the medical version of life and confounds the naysayers in science too. Yet, he says he is more of a scientist today than he has ever

That his memories have become more complex (detailed) after the coma than they were before …

That memories are not stored in the brain - see Sheldrake.org and others …

Briefly covered were:

 Telepathy, precognition, psychokinesis - the ability to manipulate matter at a distance - distance healing are all mentioned though
quickly - and shared death experiences …

Uvadops.org - University of Virginia - PAST LIFE research with children and
reincarnation - Started by Dr Ian Stevenson and he says with reincarnation - this is where the world is heading (I heartily agree - Tim) ….
it’s the science of consciousness.

He mentions Captain Edgar Mitchell 6th Man on the moon and https://noetic.org/

Eben states that the days of scientists saying that NDE’s are nonsense and don’t occur are over …

Because the only scientists who make such statements are the ones who don’t study or research any of the voluminous evidence that is available - globally.

Eben, says the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross with her lifetime research and 20,000 interviews of NDE and OBE experiences - was absolutely essential in helping
him connect the dots in relation to his experience and he gives her kudos for the mapping of the territory that she did all those years ago.

Now there are 100’s of scientists who are fully onboard following up on consciousness and the invisible realms today. https://www.ekrfoundation.org/elisabeth-kubler-ross/

He says https://galileocommission.org/ - is a very good resource …

Meditation is big with him - going within …

https://www.sacredacoustics.com/ Karen Newell, co-author with him on his new book.

This is all about Understanding the Destiny of Humanity …

We have to let go of the false sense of separation

We are all in this together - and it is truly all about Love …

He stresses Pierre Teilhard de CHARDIN - and his book The Phenomenon of Man -

(1881–1955), French Jesuit philosopher and palaeontologist. He is best known for his theory, blending science and Christianity, that man is evolving mentally and socially towards a perfect spiritual state. The Roman Catholic Church declared his views were unorthodox and his major works (e.g. The Phenomenon of Man, 1955) were published posthumously. He was basically shunned by the Roman Church. Yet, humanity is converging on the Omega Point and the Cosmic Christ and that humanity is still tracking on Teilhard’s timeline.


Love and compassion and kindness …

He mentions all the planetary challenges we face within the biosphere - pollution, war, deforestation, climate, avarice - - you name it …

The Golden Rule - treat others like you would like to be treated

Treating animals humanely is important - because they too, have a very rich spiritual existence.

Towards the end of the interview I asked Dr. Eben:

“There are no accidents in the universe?” He paused and said in relationship to him - “no, there are no accidents” I then posited - “therefore what happened to you has to be part of the plan to waken up humanity - ‘Gods plan if you will'' - “that what happened to you and how you are today assisting hugely in the awakening of humanity could be seen as a dispensation for humanity? - Or that in fact this was your assignment - this was your mission, to go through this journey and share your profound story that we are all eternal beings …’

I did not get to complete this below piece as we became engaged in talking about the above.

“That you, Eben incarnated into our world - studied the body and brain function, become an expert in this field and that in this age of modern medicine
have medical science show on the screens and high tech apparatus that in this ND experience your brain had been predominantly destroyed - that you
were basically clinically dead - yet you can have a miraculous recovery - and come back today in full consciousness, sharing joy and goodwill.”

“That this event had to BE” - and that this wonderful interview today could come as an extension of your mission.”

We also briefly mentioned that humanity ‘has to remember their inner candle, and keep it alive.’

This interview is a very important message for all souls on earth that live within the biosphere. That we all share the invisible breath that keeps
our sacred bodies alive. That this invisible breath is shared by all biota - humans and all animals and - especially trees, vegetation and plankton
that convert our breathed out C02 back to Oxygen in a magnificent loop of connectivity.

Anima mundi - Latin for World Soul


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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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