David Ford ~ Healer, Wilderness Guide, Political Candidate

Interviewed by Tim LynchApril 16, 2014
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One of a Solar Vision of the Era and of New Zealand.

There are many insights gathered when not part of the Party system.

David is perplexed by the lack of involvement by the average citizen in NZ - and that we need to take a stand and say enough is enough ... because we in the Western world live in a corporatocracy and the only power we really have outside the ballot box is the power to boycott. Corporations who do not have global goodwill as their vision, should be boycotted - but we have to be organised ...

To Initiate a discussion and then a action plan:

Bring forth the solar age here in NZ and with innovation and tax incentives we could lead the future. Note that Germany the leading country in solar energy, is closer to the North Pole than NZ is to the South Pole.

Solar collectors on every house roof, along with a small wind generator and compulsory insulation of all homes, thermo pane windows and walls with 6 inch (15 CM) insulation.

NZ has become a very expensive country that is now over regulated ... plus the need to build a functional union movement in this country once again, one that works more cooperatively with possible bonus issues and even shares being offered.

Also stop thinking BIG, and get back to local systems, simple and small scale individual solutions - community oriented initiatives. Where people are empowered to participate. Farmers Markets, cultural events, swap meets, localised workshops etc

Localised health, growing your own food organically and integrating more holistic health modalities into your lifestyle.

Overpopulation is our planet’s largest problem, as everything stems from that, pollution, hunger, control of and lack of resources etc. However, over population is not being broached by society as a whole, because economic growth and its current unsustainable model is dependent on a continuously expanding population base.

Look at extreme weather events .. this is amplifying and we need to start stratigizing solutions and actioning them. Insurance companies are realising that their losses are escalating due to increasing risks around floods, storms and hurricanes etc.

That Gaia, Mother Earth is subtly and not so subtly showing us that things are out of balance and the resulting extreme events are increasing.

If we could engender a mass awakening we could turn the planet around very quickly, but first we would have to turn off our TV sets and start re-engaging with each other at a localised level and build from there.

Why have we become separated from nature, why are we allowing destruction of both the fauna and flora of our planet? - Having been in the Alaskan wilderness and even meditated close up with grizzly bears in the boreal forests, David senses that we need to realise our interconnection with the web of life. Yet, people in high places are not speaking out for the biota and the biosphere as a whole. There are very few planetary champions supporting nature.

Where as 40 years ago when David lived with his family on their Mid Canterbury farm and before TV came here everyone sat around the table and dialogued and debated and discoursed with each other. This was about the topics of the day, and the things we either disagreed or agreed with. To even take the other side of the debate and argue from that side, as this was the entertainment of those days.

First, A coalition of left and right independents who are also unbiased, self supporting and insightful thinkers but agree to sign a contract saying that they will work for the greater good of the whole of NZ, the environment and other species and our future on behalf of our grand children.

For example, retain New Zealand's Nuclear Free status.

That we look to and plan towards Seven Generations into the Future.’ That all independent politicians sign such an agreement as a basis for a 'unified position.'

Party politics have become, that once you join a political party, you abandon your principles to your party and not to the public good and the future of NZ, because your following your parties policies which may not necessarily the best interest of the NZ. e.g the natural resource grab that is happening at this moment.

Have spirited discussions that come into informed decisions, are often better than ones own individual ideas - that being an aim of an independent movement. Working and communicating within the pubic domain.

What sort of vision should a leader offer their people? How do they factor humanity into it?

How is it that we in so many ways are eroding and closing down the magnificence of this jewel of a planet, when with some conscious decisions, education and policies we could turn this into a verdant garden?

Davids encounter when he was with singer Judy Collins, of talking with astronaut Neil Armstrong about his perceptions of life, when viewing the earth in the depths of space ... something very special.

Web search - the great american bubble machine that was in the Rolling Stone magazine,

No one has sued the journalist for defamation after fingering many of the money men, because his facts were correct.

This is about how Goldman Sachs has engineered the recent global economic collapse and that they have been donkey deep in every collapse since the Great Depression. But, more so they have infiltrated every Western government and that our Prime Minster has been able to enable ’them’ to sell our NZ state assets and that he is implicitly implicated at the highest levels by believing in the Neo Liberal Agenda.

This entails corporations taking over via unbridled capitalism with no Governmental regulations and causing the destruction of the common wheel, the natural resources of our environment, the rights of citizens to have secure futures, the rights of Unions to be involved in the mix (as they are in Germany.)

See TPPA the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement as a means to this corporate end.


Present day neo liberalism is Not serving the common person, the community, the environment and our planet and our children’s collective future ...

This interview covers many topics:

About how a Prime Minister should lead, and David mentions true blue Jim Bolger ex NZ National Party leader and NZ Prime Minister and his assessment of present day neo liberal capitalism in the USA as 'printing money and hoping!'

David once sat alongside Milton Friedman in first class and intensely discussed the failure of present day economics and it is in David’s opinion that the greatest downside of todays economic system is the slavery that has come about from the debt economy. That people who have mortgages are too afraid to stand up and be counted unless they may lose their jobs, and not get another and very possibly lose their house as a result.

A mass mobilisation is needed like the D Day mobilisation’ to educate ourselves on the dire consequences of leaving our common future to the 'political industrial extractive process' that is debasing our environment at a horrific pace.

Where all nations, all governments, all peoples and all businesses come together to re awaken, we seed and replant, re-clean and re-heal our ecologic and environmental systems, that include where we house our communities.

All the major political parties environmental policies are in the dark ages - our wetlands, being crucibles of bird and aquatic life.

The urgency of planting of trees, especially natives from today onwards for the next 60 - 100 years we can stabilise,the soils, halt erosion and sequester carbon from the atmosphere, build up native bird and animal life.

Starting in the school curriculum, teaching of civic responsibilities and long range thinking.

Having a Lower and an Upper House in Parliament, needs discussing and debating.

E col o gy eco-logos oikos (Greek) translate as house - came well before ... eco no ME

Research: Soil loss and the decline of civilisation - essentially all great civilisations in history decline because they destroy the environment


NZ’s fisheries and the many challenges around sustainability, our need to lock away many fisheries for a number of years to be able them to replenish and recover. For example Orange Roughy.

What we need is 'A Collective D Day Awakening' - a collective D Day Moment where we all Mobilise for the betterment of our local and global future.

And much more ...

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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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