Bruce Lipton Talks About Cellular Fields, The Soul & Life After Life

Interviewed by Tim LynchMarch 11, 2015
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Is the brain necessary? In 1980, Roger Lewin published an article in Science, one of the worlds prestiges journal  - Is Your Brain Really Necessary? - about Dr John Lorber's studies on cerebral cortex losses.

John Lorber a professor of pediatrics at the University of Sheffield was working with patients and one was a graduate student working at the the same university, as a neurological doctor he was checking him for some neurological issues that when Lorber completed a scan of his brain he found that the young man had experienced the consequences of hydrocephalus – where a child’s head blows up large like a balloon and their heads are disproportionately large – a hydro hydrocephalus head increases because of fluid pressure that is excessive during embryology  - so excessive that the pressure of this fluid in the brain actually compresses the brain tissue so that it’s only form is a little margin of a millimetre or two thick of brain - with a large filled pool of fluid that causes the pressure – in this case this mans head was not necessarily blown out of proportion, but the xrays showed that the cerebrum was the corona of tissue underneath his skull just a few millimetres thick and the rest of the skull was just a big fluid filled compartment. Then Lorber made the statement that this person has virtually no brain yet, he is a graduate student with a very high IQ. How can we explain this?

Bruce goes on to elaborate on this theme. That cells can respond to energy fields that are signals in the environment that are not physical at all.

Oxford University bio-physicist C.W.F.McClare stated that cells can respond to physical chemical signals and cells can respond to energetic signals. That the cells respond with a 100% more efficiency in response to an energy signal than to a chemical signal.

Newtonian physics states that you have physical space and also empty space but they don’t count the empty space as being relevant whereas in quantum physics it states that everything is energy and the empty space is filled with energy. So when we break down the physical atom and take it apart to see what it is made out of and first it was made of electrons, protons and neutrons and when these are taken apart we find there are quarks and bosons and other exotic particles but, they are then found to be actually just energy … so what looks to be physical is actually an illusion, (a bit like a spinning aeroplane propeller, you can actually see through it, but it is certainly there.)

So quantum physics says energy is everything. The interview continues - covering auras, that can be seen by certain people and two people can sit close together and communicate without physically talking to each other, because their energies are being read by the brain.

And does the brain have structure of memory? You get a radio and you pull out the transistors and the radio program disappears and you say the radio program comes from the transistor but no, it was not in the transistor, it is just part of the network to receive the information – so consider the brain as a receiver and you take various pieces of the receiver out, you interfere with the reception, but is the memory in the structure?

An interesting insight to this is a book by M D Eben Alexander III - called - Proof of Heaven, A Neurosurgeon's Near-Death Experience and Journey into the Afterlife. An exceptionally interesting case study.

Covering generic human cells and the latest information on sharing other peoples cells and how they relate to our individual energy fields. Example: take some of your body cells and place them safely 40 kilometers away and you then elicit an emotional response somehow, and you’ll notice that at the exact same instant the cells 40 ks away start to show activity – how come? Because both groups of cells have tiny antenna that respond to the activity coming from the field. Basically we are TV sets and we are receivers. 

This subject then morphs onto what is reincarnation? … and even covers Bruce’s awakening to a greater reality, from that of a scientific mind-set when he connected all the dots, that - Bruce Almighty - unfolds and expressively tells what happened - all in this lovely interview.

Other subject Matter:
Covering how men who are encouraged to be tough and strong and are more insensitive than women, because women are encouraged to be more sensitive. Sensitivity being a key to being more receptive to intuitions etc.

Bruce opens up and takes us beyond the veil to a realisation as to quite possibly – why we are here and gives a juicy snippet on some of the hidden qualities of existence. That we need not wait till we die before we can go to heaven, that when we are present and in the moment this is when we can consciously evolve as in Conscious Evolution and create from this instant onwards!

We are energy beings, most indigenous people have known this for ages … it’s Western man who has forgotten.

Anita Moorjani (born Anita Shamdasani) is a New York Times best selling author of the book - Dying to be Me - speaker, and intercultural consultant. Talks about her miraculous recovery from death, when cancer had totally riddled her body, she then fell into a coma and had a near death experience and left her body. The recovery was spectacular - over a few days.

On another vein - Bruce also encourages us to sit in with a conversation with a 3 year old and ask them questions like; where were you before you came here? Many interesting answers eventuate, but soon after 5 years of age, they lose that memory.

World War II Fighter Pilot Reincarnation Case, James Leininger, Bruce Leininger ... As a small boy, James Leininger remembered a past lifetime as an American Pilot - do a web search.

Time for humanity to move into another level of who we are as a human and as a civilisation.

We especially in the Western world mindset have let go of spirituality and all kinds of meta physical concepts and instead live in this material plane world and look what we have done to it? We have brought it to the 6th mass extinction today the species loss is 1000 times more in volume and speed than normal.

This is where we can start to bring all the strings of possibility together. Where Cultural Creatives show how to be the change that we want to see in the world.

United we stand together - divided we will fall - come together now.

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Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch, is a New Zealander, who is fortunate in that he has whakapapa, or a bloodline that connects him to the Aotearoan Maori. He has been involved as an activist for over 40 years - within the ecological, educational, holistic, metaphysical, spiritual & nuclear free movements. He sees the urgency of the full spectrum challenges that are coming to meet us, and is putting his whole life into being an advocate for todays and tomorrows children. 'To Mobilise Consciousness.'

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