Bruce Lipton on Love and 'The Honeymoon Effect'

Interviewed by Tim LynchFebruary 18, 2015
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The way forward through this, is to see humanity as one colossal super organism and awakening to a greater consciousness on earth is going to be the great decider!  This is an informative as well as entertaining interview that takes a seriously light-hearted journey through the honeymoon effect, out to the other side … and back.

With the emergence of his book the Biology of Belief and its equally radical sequel, Spontaneous Evolution, where Bruce awakens us to the realisation that we humans in most circumstances are the governor of both our own health and ultimately our destiny too, he also delves deeper into the essence of the great unknown force - that is Love.

Where his most recent book, the Honeymoon Effect ask the question, that when we at first become sooooo in love that we will do anything for our partner for over 6 months to a year to 2-3 years or longer, the joy and the euphoria falls away …until the mundane becomes the default setting … Where is the Love?  What happened?  … Ouch!     How can we fall back into Love again?

In this interview Bruce covers some clearly articulated pointers that allow us to realise that basically from our first in-breath, we are programmed by our environment at a very subtle level by our parents and whoever is closely associated with us as a baby, 95% of it subconsciously being so indistinct that it will only show up later in life. This 95% now being backed by science is what governs out regular day to day existence, it’s our subconscious that is the director.

The subconscious mind is not a creative mind, it is a habitual program. Something you repeat and learn and that you can easily redo without relearning it again, like riding a bike, reciting the alphabet, or your times tables, which are basically many, many different programs that we take on during our growing up. This takes place in the first 7 years of our life being essentially the building blocks for our future.

Covering deeper theta states that are associated with imagination and kids have a lot of imagination - as well as hypnosis which is also theta, so that a child in the first 7 years are down-loading the rules of life, the rules of family and the rules of culture … not by studying them but by simply observing them so that a child watches and learns how parents interact and like a video camera  records everything … just by

observing them.  After the age of 7 alpha or higher frequencies then kick in …

And how we then react to the world is how we have been programmed by other people and if they do not have a benign response … we can follow suit.

The other part of our brain the prefrontal cortex right behind our forehead  the conscious aspect 5-10% can think and create and have ideas and visions and this is the other aspect. The first 7 years of download is going to determine 95% of your life. By definition Bruce says our life is a print-out of our subconscious programs.

The Jesuits way back in history had the saying: - Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man - and it is their motto , as they knew that this person would be theirs for the rest of his life.

To reiterate:

Note that 95% of the day conscious mind is caught in thought thus during our day, 95% of that day our behaviour is controlled by the default programs in the subconscious. But we can’t see these because they are all downloaded subconsciously.  

But when we are In Love we become more healthy – we glow and have far more energy, for unbeknown to us our bodies release certain neuro chemicals into our bloodstream that enhances the growth and the vitality of the system, which is completely the opposite when we experience fear because the chemicals released by the brain in fear, shut down the system and you create a wall around you, and thus you become disconnected from something greater.

Result … we become a victim due to all the sub conscious programs that are limiting us.

Called - Self sabotage …

What can we do – we can reprogram ourselves with a positive outcome – splice in a new time line.

The secret is to stay present . Science has found that a person’s consciousness when we fall in love, does not go into thought but stays present and mindful and lives in the moment – this short circuits all the programming that we took on when we were young. It is the first time in our life we are not operating from our programming!

Stop thinking … because we default to negative programs … into the sub conscious …

Note the movie Regarding Henry – Harrison Ford – losing his memory and having to start all over again by putting in place a new belief system. In this case a far better more loving belief system, that turned into a win win - for all concerned.

Our programming starts in the last trimester of pregnancy then for the 1st 7 years. And when we are young we don’t really remember much at all, we were unconscious of those time periods except for snippets and slices of time.

Love expands you and joy bubbles up and life becomes exciting and the chemicals of Love are so profoundly different in shaping our lives than the chemical of fear.

That when we are in love, we can’t wait to experience the same love we had today to have it again tomorrow.  As Bruce says it is tantamount to experiencing heaven on earth.

Bruce then furthers the discussion on how we can turn it around, but more so, what are the feelings when we fall out of love. That there are reasons … and that we have taken on a program that plays out ever so subtly as it saps us of being conscious of what we are doing …  he then uses the Matrix as an analogy … which he elaborates on in a very articulate manner… Take the Blue pill and stop reading from now on … or take the Red pill - read on and then listen to this illuminating discourse!

This interview covers:

Virtues and values - that we are not hearing them being languaged or expressed so much in the family home or seeing them in action very much in daily life, where TV impinges on many children’s lives.

What makes us human and what is the character of human? The root word is humane, what is the meaning of  humane? It is compassion and caring for others …

What is happening today is our disconnection, we need to walk the walk - talk the talk and teach our children

Then we have a look at the big picture as how we as the human species live on our planet and that science is telling us we are already in the early stages of the 6th great extinction and that it is due to our behaviour and the only way out is to change our behaviour, which means change the programming, which translates for our whole civilisation to change its program and that means changing our sub conscious programming. (But if we are en-mass not aware of what our foot print is doing to our planet, then we have a shit load of work to do!)

Biologically pain is something out of harmony and pleasure was something that was in harmony but the church for over a thousand years has been saying that if it is pleasurable it has to be evil and sinful and if it Hurts it is Good for you and that you will become more pious and come closer to God. The difference is that this is a conscious story competing with a physiological evolutionary program – so how are we dealing with this? The answer right up until today is – Not very well.

Some hilarious moments ensued!

However what is happening today are new modalities and super learning systems that can allow us to download a totally new positive program in a matter of only 7 to 10 minutes and as time is the essence we need to embrace upping our awareness to rewire ourselves and that of 7.3 billion beings!

In a collective nature each human is equivalent of a cell in the body called a super organism called humanity  Humanity is endeavouring to evolve but the cells have been fighting themselves for centuries and at this moment humanity is experiencing self destruction which mean auto immune disease, i.e we are killing ourselves – so to let go of that self destruction we have to own that every other human is a cell in the same body – and how we treat a human is really how we would like to be treated yourself. For when we start doing that then the community of humans will manifest that super organism – and this would be the most positive evolutionary fate for our planet as of this moment . So when we start to recognise who we are there is a much brighter future in front of us.

A very entertaining and insightful interview!

Bruce Lipton


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