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Kia Ora and welcome to you all, sharing breath as of this moment, on our

As of September 2021 we are now in the next collaborative iteration of our planets transmutation.

At this very moment humanity globally are stirring en-mass, like never before.

We are now embedded in this drawn out journey along the birth canal - from the old paradigm to the new. As we all know, births are often painful and messy, and at this moment we collectively are in a contraction where certain forces are being played out as we, the 7.8 billion souls push hard to shed the old and break out into the new realm that has been heralded as a totally new archetype and pattern.

We are exiting the last 2,000 years of the Piscean Age, with one foot behind us and the other in the Aquarian Age ahead of us. we are clearly realising we are between radically contrasting value systems. Hence the world challenges as of this moment. However this momentum is now unstoppable - a new reality awaits us. Where over he last 2,000 years of the water sign we have shed much in the ways of tears as we battled and eventually roamed the 7 seas to realise we live on a round planet surrounded by water. To one where we know that water evaporates into the air - and as flight that as an Aquarian sign enables us to travel vast distances in a matter of hours, but more so send information across time and space instantaneously - in some ways we are changing from a vertical hierarchical structure of the past to a more horizontal system opening the world up to more equality.

This renewed impetus will reveal so much that was hidden over the last 2000 years plus that has been like an iceberg, with only 10% exposed - where all will be disclosed. - Especially, all that has been hidden and denied.
From ancient civilisations and history, exo politics and unidentified aerial phenomenon to new energy and propulsion systems and holistic health, plus healing modalities and technologies. From innovative forms of regenerative and organic agriculture to interspecies communication with possibly the great apes and cetaceans. Of natural law and education to finance and win win win economic ways.
We will learn of our cosmic inheritance and that there is a greater reality that we are an intimate extension of. That in the words of Nikola Tesla - that when human kind starts to research and study the invisible - humanity will make more progress in ten years than the whole of recorded history.

So be ready to unlock the secrets of being and becoming and dare I say it God consciousness and as previously mentioned - we are souls surrounded by eternity and infinity in every direction and as there is now a vast repository of people having 'near death and out of the body experiences' - where do souls come from and how do they come into being?

Yes, we are spiritually evolving as a species, growing into the light of our own true selves - that all that may be required is a change of heart and that in reality ... realise that love underpins it all.

We are now entering this realm and the rebirth of civilisation. Just remember, our life is a prayer and that both nature and the universe are both - a work of art and are intrinsically sacred.

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